Marked with a White Stone

Delightful and unique experiences in Paris

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Arc de Triomphe 2 (2019-10-01/2019-10-01) by Il Vagabiondo

When talking about Paris: the days spent in the French capital are marked with a white stone. The French capital is all about delightful experiences and breathtaking views.

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Arc de Triomphe

Located at the end of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe is an emblematic symbol of the capital of France that commemorates some victories of the French army under Napoleon I.

The monument, covered by travertine stone, has witnessed key historical events including Napoleon I’s funeral and the victory parades to celebrate the end of both World Wars.

The four Neoclassical pillars have reliefs representing the values of triumph, peace, and resistance, along with the participation of the volunteers in the army.

Arc de Triomphe 5, Florian Wehde, 2018-11-29/2018-11-29
Arc de Triomphe 6, Cyril Mazarin, 2019-03-23/2019-03-23
Arc de Triomphe 13, Bastien Nvs, 2020-11-02/2020-11-02
Arc de Triomphe 12, Bastien Nvs, 2020-11-01/2020-11-01
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Arc de Triomphe 4 (2020-09-06/2020-09-06) by Sthephan Louis

The Arc de Triomphe stands 162 ft tall, 150 ft wide, and 72 ft deep.

Its architect was Jean Chalgrin. He was inspired by the Arch of Titus in Rome, Italy.

Did you know that a few weeks after the end of World War I, Charles Godefroy flew his Nieuport fighter through the Arc de Triomphe? The event was even caught on tape.

Arc de Triomphe 3 (2018-03-13/2018-03-13) by Rodrigo Kugnharski

The privileged position and height of the Arc de Triomphe allow a great view of the twelve avenues that surround it.

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Sacre Coeur

The Basilica of the Sacré Cœur is located on the summit of the hill of Montmartre, on the right side of the Seine.

Before its construction, it was already considered a sacred place because it was the nearest point to the sky.

The travertine stone exudes calcite on contact with rainwater, making it white and the bell tower houses the famous Savoyarde, one of the largest bells in the world.

Sacre Coeur 3, Pauline Fedec, 2021-02-26/2021-02-26
Sacre Coeur 1, Efe Yagiz Soyzal, 2019-11-17/2019-11-17
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Sacre Coeur 4 (2019-02-23/2019-02-23) by George Zvanelli

The Sacred-Cœur’s entrance hall ceiling boasts an extraordinary apse mosaic that is one of the largest mosaic works in the world.

Sacre Coeur 2 (2020-08-08/2020-08-08) by Alice Mîndru

The Sacred-Cœur is a neoclassical construction with elements of Roman and Byzantine architecture and was built with travertine and limestone.

Sacre-Cœur: The real name of the famous bell “Savoyarde” is Francoise-Marguerite and it is accompanied by four other bells: FelicityLouiseNicole and Elisabeth.

Did you know that the Sacre-Cœur is the second most visited church in Paris after Notre Dame?

Observing and learning about these two iconic sites of the city of Paris make you feel that you were marked with a white stone.

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