Meanwhile, Somewhere Else

A short story about what happened while the King was crowned.

By The Royal Armoury, Sweden

The King's Helmet (1535/1545) by Kunz Konrad LochnerThe Royal Armoury, Sweden


One would think that the world would stand still when a King is crowned, that everyone would gawk at the ceremony and stop whatever they were doing in the first place. But that is of course imaginary. A great number of things happen at the same time. But what? Cut-outs from various newspapers in Stockholm gives us a taste of what.

Gustav III, King of Sweden (1780 - 1789) by Lorens PaschThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

Coronation of Gustav III, 29 May 1772.

Last Friday, coronation day, an honest Lady lost a Girandole, set with topaz and three red stones as pendants, between St Clara church and Gråmunkegränd. Anyone who finds it and returns it to house N:o 16 Drottninggatan, right across the English Minister’s residence, will receive an honest reward. The owner wishes to pay for it, if it is pawned. (Dagligt Allehanda, 2 June 1772.)

The person who, at the Royal Coronation Banquet at the Town hall, has mistakenly taken a hat with silver braid and black cockade together with a shoe buckle studded with brilliants, without leaving anything instead, would kindly return the items, or, if the righteous person who knows anything about it will divulge it to the porter at the Town hall, and receive a reward of 16 Daler. (Dagligt Allehanda, 2 June 1772.)

Coronation Ointment (1772) by unknownThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

An honest man has, in the crowd at the celebrations, lost somewhere in between 8 and 9 000 Daler in smaller and larger bank notes together with some important documents. The numbers on the bank notes have been written down by the owner and the bank has stopped payment. It is assumed, that any righteous man should announce it, should he gain knowledge about the notes. (Dagligt Allehanda, 2 June 1772.)

King Gustav IV Adolf (1794/1794) by Jonas ForslundThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

Coronation of Gustav IV Adolf, 3 April 1800.

On the night between the 2nd and 3rd thieves have burgled a house called the Baker’s hut, half a mile outside the North custom, and stolen 11 fine and two coarse linen sheets, two fine table cloths, three coarse napkins, two meerschaum pipes with silver mountings and a bottle case without bottles, but four bottle lids. Anyone who can give information about the thieves or the stolen goods should report to house n:o 5 on the corner of South- and Hornsgatan, first floor. An honest reward shall be forthcoming. (Dagligt Allehanda, 5 April 1800.)

A large ham, green of salt, was stolen a couple of days ago. And, from the same place, a smaller silver spoon, very dented, was stolen or perhaps thrown out with the water. If any righteous has taken one or the other and leave notification of it in the house n:o 36 Wästerlånggatan a reward will be received. (Dagligt Allehanda, 10 April 1800)

King Karl XIII's Coronation Robe (1809) by F. SundströmThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

Coronation of Karl XIII, 29 June 1809.

A round hat with red lining, silver braid, green plume and a green and white cockade, belonging to one of the musicians of the Bourgeois Guard, was lost at the troop review on Thursday. The finder could kindly return it for a reward at the Winer’s Guild house. (Dagligt Allehanda, 3 July 1809.)

King Karl XIII's Coronation Dress (1809) by F. SundströmThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

An English patent shoe buckle of gold with the marking Boulton & Smith was lost when entering or exiting the Hall of State at the coronation. The finder should be kind enough to leave it at n:o 12 Storkyrkobrinken, second floor. (Dagligt Allehanda, 3 July 1809.)

King Karl XIV Johan (1831) by Olof Johan SödermarkThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

Coronation of Karl XIV Johan, 11 May 1818.

The undersigned have the pleasure of announcing to the honourable public of the Capital that he, on his return, will be displaying the small Italian Dwarf Family. The scene will be in the house on the corner of Gustaf Adolf Square and Regeringsgatan. Price: 1st class 16 Shilling, 2nd class 8 Shilling. Tourniaire. (Dagligt Allehanda, 13 May 1818)

King Karl XIV Johan's Coronation Dress (1818) by Carl KaedingThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

A tiny pug bitch with long ears ran away at noon on the 11th inst. An honest reward will be forthcoming to the one who has taken care of it and return it to the small Italian Dwarf Family. (Dagligt Allehanda, 16 May 1818)

Coronation Ointment (1818) by unknownThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

A black rooster and four hens, two black and two speckled, are missing on the 11th inst. In the afternoon from the house n:o 5 in the block Jupiter Major at the corner of Maria- and Repslagargatan. The person who has taken them is urged to return them for a reward at the same building. (Dagligt Allehanda, 16 May 1818)

Oscar I, King of Sweden and Norway (1844) by Erik WahlbergsonThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

Coronation of Oscar I, 28 September 1844.

Daguerre-portraiture continues every day in Mr. Davidson’s south pavilion between 8 and 12. Samples are to be seen at Mr. Rylander’s book shop at the bazaar and at Mr. Davidson. Prices from 4 to 8 per piece. P. Lindberg, portraitist. (Aftonbladet, 1 October)

A red enamelled Order was lost at the coronation ceremony, either in the cathedral or in the process to and from the church. The finder may leave it at n:o 8 Jacobs gränd, first floor, for a reward. (Aftonbladet, 30 September)

Court and Police notes: The last two weeks have 500 new cases been handled by the police. Ninety people charged with drunkenness, 50 for quarrels and fights, 36 people for theft. A maid, Christina Thelin, was found dead in the lake at Conradsberg last Saturday. An unknown man was found dead in the water by the Ballast point. Several people were charged by the police for having taken one too many for their own good this Saturday. The police withheld the charges this time “for the coronation day’s sake. (Aftonbladet, 30 September)

Karl XV, King of Sweden and Norway (c. 1860) by Carl Fredrik KiörboeThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

Coronation of Karl XV, 3 May 1860.

A blue En-tous-cas (a small parasol) was lost the 3 May on a platform for the audience at Logården by dropping it into a fruit stand that temporarily stood underneath. Reward is given if returned to N:o 23 Drottninggatan, first floor. (Stockholms Dagblad, 7 May)

King Karl XV's Uniform (1860) by KaedingsThe Royal Armoury, Sweden

Court and Police Notes: No reports of accidents or unrest have been reported to the police in the large crowds at the coronation or at the fireworks. A couple of wallets with insignificant amounts of money have been stolen. In the morning an accident happened at Munkbro harbour when Master Carl Gustaf Preutz, captaining the ship “Hold on a minute” from Ekolsund, fell into the water and, although he was quickly saved and a surgeon was called, his life was forfeit. (Aftonbladet, 4 May)

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