Adam and Eve in Paradise

A short history of the original sin told in one painted panel

Painted beehive panel. Motif: Adam and Eva in ParadiseBeekeeping Museum in Radovljica

Adam and Eve in Paradise | Dated 1889

The serpent tries to persuade Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

The motif is based on the Old Testament of the Bible: God places the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden and forbids them to eat from the tree of knowledge.

The serpent tells Eve that by eating this fruit they will learn good and bad and be equal to God. 

Eve then takes the fruit, eats it... 

... and gives it to Adam. The depiction is taken from one of the similar biblical illustrations and is adapted to a longitudinal pictorial surface. 

The animals are still, the depiction of a small elephant is interesting, the fruit has become an apple...

...the two people are already dressed...

...although they are supposed to have only learnt the concept of nudity after eating the fruit.

Credits: Story

This story is based on the book 'Living Together. About Bees and Mankind' by Dr. Petra Bole.

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🖋 Text: Dr. Petra Bole  | 📸 Photography: Ivan Esenko

Credits: All media
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