Femina Musica Brasilis - Brazilian music created by women composers

A sample of Brazilian women composers

Adriana Calcanhotto by Relicário ComunicaçãoMusica Brasilis

Adriana Calcanhotto

Singer and Songwriter. Started her career in Porto Alegre, singing in clubs and bars. Launched the CD "Senhas" in 1992, in which the music "Mentiras" became part of the soundtrack of the drama "Renascer" (TV Globo), projecting her to the great national public.

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Cacilda Borges BarbosaMusica Brasilis

Cacilda Borges Barbosa

A former student of Francisco Braga, Cacilda was the director of the Music Service of Rio, founded by Villa-Lobos, during the 30s and 40s. She is the author of many didactic Works, like "Educação musical através do teclado".

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Chiquinha Gonzaga (2015) by Edinha DinizMusica Brasilis

Chiquinha Gonzaga

Songwriter, musician, and conductor, she was the most remarkable and expressive female personality in Brazilian music. When already consecrated as a songwriter, she composed the first marcha-rancho: "Ó abre alas"

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Clementina de JesusMusica Brasilis

Clementina de Jesus

She was discovered in 1963 and became part of the "Rosa de Ouro" show, which visited several states in Brazil and made her famous. In 1966, she launched her first solo LP, with a repertoire of jongo, corimá, sambas, and partido-alto.

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Dinorá de CarvalhoMusica Brasilis

Dinorá de Carvalho

As a pianist, she made performances in Brazil and Europe. She studied harmony and  counterpoint with Lamberto Baldi and Camargo Guarnieri. She was the first woman to join the Brazilian Music Academy and founded na orchestra composed only by woman.

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Fernanda AbreuMusica Brasilis

Fernanda Abreu

Singer and Songwriter. She started as one of the backvocals of the "Blitz" band. During the 90s, decided to go solo influenced by samba, disco music, rap and funk, abandoning her pop rock roots. Became famous after releasing "Rio 40 Graus", in 1992.

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Jocy de OliveiraMusica Brasilis

Jocy de Oliveira

Since the 60s she's the pioneer in the composition and construction of multimedia contents, using acoustic and electronic instruments. She wrote 9 operas and 5 books that were a popular and critical success and earned many prizes as a musician and writer.

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Ivete SangaloMusica Brasilis

Ivete Sangalo

Singer, Songwriter, and Instrumentalist. She was the lead vocalist of Banda Eva. In 1999 she started her solo career and is still in activity today. She earned over 150 national and international prizes for her voice, charisma, and stage presence.

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Ivone LaraMusica Brasilis

Ivone Lara

The queen of Samba, Ivone was one of the most remarkable figures in the samba history. She became famous after the release of "Os cinco bailes tradicionais da história do Rio", which made her the first woman composer to be part of the G.R.E.S. Império Serrano.

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Marisa RezendeMusica Brasilis

Marisa Rezende

Pianist and songwriter, Marisa got her master and doctor degrees In University of California and a PhD in the university of Keele, England. Her music was recorded in 10 CDs and she received the Villa-Lobos medal by her work.
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Marisa MonteMusica Brasilis

Marisa Monte

She studied piano and guitar as a child. In her youth, studied opera music but gave up in favor of learning Brazilian popular music. She was one of the most promising voices on MPB before releasing her first CD. Became famous after releasing "Mais", her 2nd CD.

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Paula TollerMusica Brasilis

Paula Toller

Singer and Songwriter. She started her career as the main vocalist of the Kid Abelha band in 1981. Their first show happened as an opening for the "Zé da Gaita and Jard's Macalé" show. In 2016, she left the band and started her solo career.

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Rita LeeMusica Brasilis

Rita Lee

Rita started her career as part of the "Mutantes" band. They were part of one of Gilberto Gil's shows for the 3rd MPB Music Festival in 1967.  In 1979, alongside her husband, Rita composed her greatest successes.

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Vanessa da MattaMusica Brasilis

Vanessa da Matta

Vanessa started her career at the age of 15 while studying in Uberlandia. Since 1992, she was part of many music groups and wrote famous compositions recorded by Ana Carolina and Maria Bethania. She launched her first solo CD "Vanessa da Matta" in 2002.

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Zélia DuncanMusica Brasilis

Zélia Duncan

Actress, Singer, and Songwriter, she started her career in 1981, presenting in the Funarte Hall, in Brasilia. In 1990, she recorded her first CD called "Outra Luz" and over the years kept releasing many other works that were popular and critical successes.

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From CHIQUINHA GONZAGA (1847-1935), a remarkable pianist, composer and conductor, to JOCY DE OLIVEIRA (1936), a pioneer in composing operas with multimedia resources, women composers are responsible for a major part of the Brazilian musical legacy.

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