The Magic of Czechia on 🌎 Maps

Street View celebrates 15 years with unique gallery with illustrations by Eliška Podzimková

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In the past year, the Czech Republic was even among the forty countries with the largest number of virtual visitors, surpassing even destinations such as Switzerland. 

On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the service, Street View captures the beauties of the Czech Republic in a unique gallery of images created by Google's collaboration with the Czech illustrator and photographer Eliška Podzimková.

Users most often searched for Prague Castle. The charm of the Czech Republic in images from Street View was captured in a unique art project by illustrator Eliška Podzimková.

🌎 Street View

Virtual display on Street View helps people in everyday life - for example, they can look ahead to see what a complicated intersection looks like, where to park in front of a polyclinic, or what the entrance to a restaurant they are going to for the first time looks like. In addition to practical use, thanks to Street View it is also possible to virtually travel the world and plan trips into the unknown.

While the first five cities were photographed in May 2007, today users can visit more than 100 countries and territories around the world through Street View.

In the Czech Republic, the most beautiful collections include, for example, a virtual walk through Klementine or an ascent to Pravčická Brána .

✨ The charm of the Czech Republic on Street View

Olomouc SV

On the occasion of the 15 anniversary of the service, Street View captures the beauties of the Czech Republic in a unique gallery of images created by Google's collaboration with the Czech illustrator and photographer Eliška Podzimková

Czechia has a wonderful collection of images on Street View. Eliška chose places that have their own story, inspire them to explore the world or are simply part of our surroundings. She supplemented these photos with her unique illustrations.


The collection of images invites you to a virtual as well as real journey through the Czech Republic and celebrates the beauty of everyday life captured on Street View.

📍 Šatov, Jihomoravský kraj, Czechia

“It was really fun for me to draw in the Street View images! When you imagine what a toy car can capture, there are no limits to imagination. And who knows what happens inside the National Museum when the last visitor closes the door?” Eliška Podzimková comments.

Národní muzeum fish

In one of the mages there are the premises of the National Museum just after the recent reconstruction. 

Národní muzeum fish

In her illustration it became the scene of a race of prehistoric fish running over obstacles.

Foglarův byt

The basis for the next illustration was a virtual tour of Jaroslav Foglar's apartment, which is recorded on Street View in its original form. “There is an open window in this shot...

Foglarův byt

...I thought to myself, what if Červenáček was looking at it, trying to reveal the secret instructions for getting the hedgehog out of the cage. After all, it was on this table that Jestřáb wrote his stories," explains Eliška. 

Travellers from different time periods in the illustrations visited Street View shots from the Krkonoše National Park and the main square in Olomouc. A photo with a picture from Moravian Šatov refers to the hidden treasures and traditions of the Czech Republic.


"Often, when I'm sick and I want to go on a trip, I browse Google Maps, and thanks to Street View, I can at least make the trip in the virtual world. 


It's a great and practical feature, and I really appreciate being being part of the project, adds the illustrator. 

Below are some of the beautiful and unique places in Czechia that you can search and visit on Street View Maps:

📍 Charles Bridge, Prague

📍 Starý Sedlec

📍 Lahovičky

📍 Quarry in Beroun

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🎨  Images designed by the artist Eliška Podzimková (www, IG, FB).
📑  You can read more on Street View in Czechia here.

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