Become a Puzzle-Master with David Kwong

Can you solve these fiendish brain-teasers designed by puzzle masters David Kwong and Dave Shukan?

By Google Arts & Culture

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David Kwong and Dave Shukan want to challenge you to become a puzzle master! Scroll on to meet Kwong himself, in a video originally posted to Google Arts & Culture's Instagram, and he'll introduce a series of fiendish puzzles to tease your brain. Good luck...

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One more thing. Solving Puzzle 4 requires your previous answers, so screenshot this answer sheet and fill it in as you go. Ready?

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Did you solve the puzzle in the video? Scroll on for Puzzle 2...

David Kwong

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Did you solve Puzzle 2? Well, Puzzle 3 is another picture puzzle with a one-word solution. This image and the next explain the rules. Once you're ready, scroll on to tackle the six clues...

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GAC Puzzle Post 4A - Slide 6

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Once you've solved the first three puzzles, get your final answer by identifying the word which links all three. Hint: it's a word that commonly follows each of the three words you've already got...

If you've solved it, congratulations! You're a puzzle master! Why not get your friends and family to challenge themselves with these brainteasers?Β 

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