The Bodoni Printing Manual

The origin of the Bodoni font type

Manuale tipografico del cavaliere Giambattista Bodoni (1818) by Giambattista BodoniPalazzo della Pilotta

Contains a complete selection of the Bodoni characters, the apex of his creativity, an unequalled masterpiece of typographical science.

The genius of typography worked at this masterpiece throughout his entire life but was not able to finish it; the work was published five years after his death by his widow Margherita Dall’Aglio.

Divided into two volumes, the first one contains characters in the bureaucratic style, English and Latin lower case letters;

Studi per caratteri by Giambattista BodoniPalazzo della Pilotta

the second consists of the Greek characters, exotic, gothic and Russian characters as well as a thousand different frieze border designs and musical characters.

In total there are 276 different characters all cast exclusively for this work and a collection of 665 different alphabets.

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