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group | The 12th Shanghai Biennale: Proregress (2018.11.10-2019.03.10) by Main Venue: 1st-3rd floors & Chimney, PSAPower Station of Art

Shanghai Biennale

First launched in 1996, the Shanghai Biennale is not only China's most established and influential international biennale of contemporary art, but also one of the most important biennales in Asia.

With its changing theme every two years, the biennale has always taken Shanghai as its primary focus, gathering the most talented and cutting-edge international curators and artists at the pinnacle of the industry, to explore the ultimate connection between urban life, contemporary art and the public. It has also become a large-scale biennale platform in Shanghai for the exchange and exhibition of contemporary art pieces.

group | The 11th Shanghai Biennale (2016-11-12/2017-03-12) by Chief Curator: Raqs Media CollectivePower Station of Art

The 11th Shanghai Biennale "Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counter-arguments, and Stories” was curated by Raqs Media Collective from India. It emphasized the possibilities of South-South dialogue within the current scenario of a highly interconnected world. In doing so, it sought to present artistic and discursive visions that go beyond and challenge the conventional division of the world between ‘East’ and ‘West’.

group | The 12th Shanghai Biennale: Proregress (2018.11.10-2019.03.10) by Main Venue: 1st-3rd floors & Chimney, PSAPower Station of Art

The 12th Shanghai Biennale: Proregress, among the many language discoveries that emerged from E. E. Cummings’ experiment in poetry, introduced in the XIXth section of W ViVa (1931), is a word made of the condensation of progress and regress. For the Chinese title, the curatorial team chose the concept of “禹步”(Yubu), the basic mystic dance step of Daoist ritual in ancient China. Chief Curator Medina indicates that this vigorous dance step implies values of artworks and inspirations for mankind, in an era of complexity. He noted, “This is also a way to suggest that, despite the anxieties that these artworks convey, they are all permeated by a creative coming and going of ideas, desires, and concepts. These works illustrate a commitment to transforming our sensibilities into new ways of living, mimicking the manner with which contemporary art and culture confront the complexities of our time.”

Emerging Curators Project 2016 (2016) by Organizer:PSAPower Station of Art

Emerging Curators Project

Power Station of Art’s “2017 Emerging Curators Project” enlistment guide (2017-11-25/2018-03-18) by Organizer: PSAPower Station of Art

Since its inception in 2014, the Power Station of Art’s Emerging Curators Project has now grown to be the contemporary art museum’s annual academic undertaking, whose mission is to explore present-day meanings of art exhibitions as well as new possibilities of curation.

group | Emerging Curators Project 2018, Location: Hall No.7, 5F, PSA, Organizer: Power Station of Art, Special Thanks to Swatch Ltd., Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Consulate General of France in Shanghai, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2018.11.02-2019.03.08, From the collection of: Power Station of Art
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Over the past five years, the project has been committing itself to identifying young Chinese curatorial and creative forces as well as providing them with an ideal stage of practices, comprehensive and profound academic guidance, a path to get in the public eye, and a sound growth environment.

group | Ordinary Metropolis--Shanghai: a Model of Urbanism (2016.07.09-10.09) by Curator: Zhang LiangPower Station of Art

“Architecture & City” Exhibitions

In 2014, PSA initiated its thematic program – “Architecture & City” Exhibitions and Researches, becoming the first contemporary art and cultural institution in China which incorporated urban architecture into its exhibition system.

group | In the Name of Architecture Pan-Design Practice of Atelier FCJZ, Co-Curators: Atelier FCJZ, 2016.03.26-05.29, From the collection of: Power Station of Art
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Through architecture as a comprehensive social device, PSA is hoping to tell stories between cities and their inhabitants, as well as explore the intricate relations between individual, space and power mechanism.

solo | BERNARD TSCHUMI - Architecture: Concept & Notation (2016-03-13/2016-06-19) by Curator: Bernard Tschumi ArchitectsPower Station of Art

Until now, the museum has held 15 exhibitions in this field including Piece by Piece: Renzo Piano Building Workshop (2015) and Shigeru Ban: Works and Humanitarian Activities (2017). Apart from these masters, PSA also presents works from emerging architects who are not very known by Chinese audience.

solo | Celebrating Habitat – The Real, The Virtual & The Imaginary (2017.07.29-10.29) by Curator: Khushnu P. HoofPower Station of Art

solo | Shigeru Ban-Works and Humanitarian Activities (2017.10.08-11.30) by Organizer: Power Station of Art; TOTO GALLERY·MAPower Station of Art

"Diverse Modernity" is an important aspect of the exhibitions, showcasing the influence of Western modernity on Asian society, such as Balkrishna Doshi: Celebrating Habitat – The Real, the Virtual & the Imaginary (2017).

group | The Rise of Modernity: The First Generation of Chinese Architects from the University of Pennsylvania (2018.08.18-10.14) by Location: 5 floor, PSAPower Station of Art

solo | Superstudio 50 (2017-12-16/2018-03-11) by Curator: Gabriele MastrigliPower Station of Art

Mobile Architecture: Yona Friedman (2015) and Superstudio 50 (2017).

solo | Toyo Ito: On the Stream (2017.04.22-07.23) by Architect: Ito ToyoPower Station of Art

“Architecture & City” exhibition series have the highest number of visitors, accounting for 40% of the total number of visitors in the year. It also ignited the enthusiasm for architectural art in the Chinese contemporary art scene. PSA plans to continue its research in architecture and urban space. On the one hand, it will focus on Asian architecture and young Chinese architects; on the other hand, it will organize thematic exhibitions, such as the golden age of French modernist architecture.

solo | PSA COLLECTION SERIES:Franklin Chow—Zigzagging my way home (2018.08.04-10.17) by Location: 3rd floor, PSAPower Station of Art

PSA Collection Series

PSA Collection series of exhibitions are based on in-depth case studies and presentations by local artists. PSA also expands its collections with high-quality donations, laying the foundation for Chinese contemporary art scene.

solo |Yu Youhan PSA Collection Series (2016-12-24/2017-03-26) by Curator:Gong YanPower Station of Art

PSA has carried out further systematic planning of its collection and launched the “China Contemporary Art Collection Series Exhibition” since 2015, holding exhibitions such as “Yu Youhan” in 2016 and “Li Shan” in 2017.

solo | PSA Collection Series - Li Shan (2017-08-26/2017-11-26) by Curator: Gong YanPower Station of Art

Ms Gong Yan, the Director of PSA says that "PSA not only focuses on star artists, but also provides a platform to those undervalued ones, especially helps them to express their thoughts."

Luis Chan | PSA Collection Series (2019.03.21-06.23) by Curator: Kuiyi ShenPower Station of Art

PSA continues to enrich its collection scale. At present, PSA has collected works from artists such as Cai Guoqiang, Datong Dazhang, Li Shan, Yu Youhan and Una Friedman and so on.

thonik: Why We Design (2019.03.29-06.02) by thonik:Nikki Gonnissen、Thomas WiddershovenPower Station of Art

Power Station of Design

solo | Lars Müller BOOKS Analogue Reality, Co-Organiser: DNP Foundation for Culture Promotion, Sponsor: HUAXIE INT'L FINE ART, Curator: Lars Müller, 2016.06.24-08.07, From the collection of: Power Station of Art
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IN&OUT Masayoshi Nakajo (2018.03.17-05.20) by Artist: Masayoshi NakajoPower Station of Art

The psD space was established in 2016. The design and social theaters were introduced into the art museum and formed an organism, presenting a more comprehensive and vivid contemporary picture and thinking pedigree in the museum.

solo | Visible X Invisible KAZUHIRO YAMANAKA (2017.03.03-05.02) by Curation Team: Kazuhiro YAMANAKA OfficePower Station of Art

group | Bijoux en jeu Swiss Contemporary Jewelry Design (2017-12-14/2018-03-04) by Organizer: Power Station of Art (PSA)Power Station of Art

group | HON: Niki de Saint Phalle & Shen Yuan (2018.08.18-10.14) by Curator: Gong YanPower Station of Art

International Collaboration

solo | Bâton Serpent III: Spur Track To The Left (2016-03-18/2016-06-19) by Curator:Hou Han RuPower Station of Art

PSA has always maintained close cooperation with major international art and cultural institutions. It has held “Electric Field: Beyond Surrealism – Exhibition of the Centre Pompidou in France” and “Andy Warhol: Eternal 15 minutes”, aiming to present more high-level exhibitions to Chinese audience and raise awareness of PSA brand globally.

group | Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, A Beautiful Elsewhere, Curator: Hervé Chandès、Grazia Quaroni、Fei Dawei, Venue: PSA exhibition room on 5th and 7th floor, Organizer: Power Station of Art (PSA), Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, 2018.04.25-07.29, From the collection of: Power Station of Art
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Christian Boltanski: Storage Memory (2018-04-25/2018-07-08) by Venue: 1F,2F and Chimney, Power Station of ArtPower Station of Art

PSA's attitude towards the selection of foreign artists is: selecting artists who are famous in the international art world but never had large scale solo exhibitions in China. In 2018, PSA presented French artist Christian Boltanski's solo exhibition to the Chinese public.

group | Body Media II, Co-Curators: Gong Yan、 Richard Castelli, Artists: Wu Juehui、Aaajiao、Susanne Wagner、François Willème、Paul Harrison、John Wood 、Manuel Vason、Pilvi Takala、Shiro Takatani、Sumito Sakakibara、Chiharu Shiota、Christian Partos、One Life Remains、Till Nowak、Julien Maire、Manon Labrècque、Ulf Langheinrich 、Kurt Hentschläger、George Hladík、Hu Weiyi、Mark Formanek、Jalila Essaïdi、Emmanuel Carlier、Jean Michel Bruyère、Sachiko Abe, Organizer: PSA, 2017.04.29-07.30, From the collection of: Power Station of Art
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Hélène Binet: Dialoghi, Works from 1988 to 2018, Photographer: Hélène Binet, Organizer: Power Station of Art (PSA), 2019.04.19-07.21, From the collection of: Power Station of Art
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group | Snacks, Curator: Gong Yan, Artists: Wen Ling、Marcel Dzama、Dai Jianyong (Coca)、Si Wei、Feng Li、Lolo &Sosaku 、Yu Ji、Tang Yan 、Dong Pan、Nathan Zhou、Tomoko Sawada 、Xiang Yata 、Morag Myerscough, Luke Morgan 、Dagua×Li Shanshan 、Zhang Hui 、Zhang Da 、Yuichi Yokoyama 、Escif、Jan Bucquoy 、Giufà、Christophe Demaître 、Dick Ng、Yan Cong、Liao Guohe、Xie Shaojie、Yeung HokTak、Craig Au Yeung Ying Chai 、Boris Hoppek、Eduardo Kac、Olivier de Sagazan、Wang Yiquan、Jin Ningning、Hiroshi Watanabe 、Chen Zhe、Shen Wei 、Boonsri Tangtrongsin、Brandon Ballengée, Organizer: PSA, Sponsor: TOTO, 2016.07.16-10.16, From the collection of: Power Station of Art
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