Can You Find Van Gogh in the Chicago Institute?

Gogh get him!

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Self-Portrait(1887) - 作者: Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890)The Art Institute of Chicago

Today we're looking for one of the most recognisable faces in Art History. While he's known for sunflowers and landscapes, Vincent van Gogh saw himself as a portrait painter. With little money to spend on models, he practiced by painting himself.

His 1887 Self Portrait is held at the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the largest permanent collections in the United States. The Institute was founded as both a museum and school for the fine arts in 1879. You have to wonder if van Gogh ever guessed he'd end up here?

With a collection of more than 260,000 artworks and artifacts, the museum has particularly strong holdings in Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painting, early twentieth-century European painting and sculpture, contemporary art, Japanese prints, and photography.

We're in the Impressionist galleries, so van Gogh won't be too far from here. Point and click to explore the museum, and keep your eyes open!

Here he is! Vincent van Gogh's Self Portrait of 1887. Let's take a closer look…

Self-Portrait(1887) - 作者: Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890)The Art Institute of Chicago

He painted his first-known self portrait in 1886. By the time he made this work he was under the influence of Neo-Impressionist color theory, which celebrated the contrast of complementary colors.

The bluey-green tone of the background complements the orangey-red of the artist's head, while the intensity of the colour is enhanced by the brushwork. The painting's energy and turbulence hint to the tormented life of the artist.

Thanks for joining today's scavenger hunt. There's plenty more to do, but, while you're here, why not join Chicago's finest residents, take a day off, and look around the rest of the Institute?

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