A short-stemmed terrestrial bromeliad growing in the Rainforest Biome

By Eden Project

Eden Project

Pineapple, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

Pineapples were cultivated by the Tupi-Guarani Indians in South American thousands of years before being brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors. Its Latin name Ananas came from the Guarani word nana meaning ‘fragrant excellent fruit’.

Pineapple, Rainforest Biome (2020) by Eden ProjectEden Project

They were highly prized in 18th- and 19th-century Britain for their exotic taste and appearance, and became the ‘must-have’ fruit to show off one’s social status. They were nurtured in UK hothouses to grace the tables of the few at dinner parties.

Jfk Wedding (1953-09) by Lisa LarsenLIFE Photo Collection

And even featured at JFK's wedding!

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