Kikuyu Traditional Medicine

Discover the work of the medicine man in the Kikuyu community

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Meet the Kikuyu

The Kikuyu community settled around the slopes of Mount Kenya, and were known as hunters and gatherers. Within that traditional community, the medicine man (mundu mugo) was a powerful person, whom people visited to learn the future, to be healed, or to be freed from ill omens.

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The work of the medicine man

The primary apparatus of the medicine man consisted of a series of gourds.

The most important of which was the divination gourd (mwano). 

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This gourd belonged to a medicine man and contained medicine used to heal the sick. 

It has a long neck, decorated with a woven leather strap and plant fibre handle.

It is sealed with a plant fibre lid, attached with leather to the neck.    

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