2012 Nebuta Floats

22 Floats

Ushiwakamaru and the Giant Tengu (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Hakuko Tonosaki and Aomori City Hall Nebuta Executive CommitteeAomori Nebuta Matsuri

The Splendor of Oshu Hiraizumi - Aterui and Kiyohara (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Sakuryu Chiba and Sunroad AomoriAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Nebuta Grand Award
Great Creator Award
Nebuta Operation and Haneto Performance Award

Izanaki Defeats the Fire God (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Remmei Kitamura and Aomori Prefecture Sheet Metal Industry UnionAomori Nebuta Matsuri

The Tiger of Echigo - Uesugi Kenshin (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Gako Oshiro and Prefectural Office Nebuta Executive CommitteeAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Nankobo Tenkai (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Wasei Akimoto and Tohoku Electric Power Nebuta Enthusiasts AssociationAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Rashomon (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Ryusei Uchiyama and Aomori PTA FederationAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Hard Battle - Kawanakajima (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Ryusei Uchiyama and Junior Chamber International AomoriAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Hero of the Northeast - Aterui (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Hiroo Takenami and JR Nebuta Executive ProjectAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Governor Award
Highest Creator Award

Battle of Takuroku (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Asako Kitamura and Aomori Citizen's Nebuta Executive CommitteeAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Great Creator Award

The Might of Tametomo - Defeating the Pox Demon (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Remmei Kitamura and Hitachi Combined Nebuta CommitteeAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Mayor Award
Great Creator Award
Musical Performance Award

Arhat (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Hiroo Takenami and Aomori RyoyukaiAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Head of Tourism Convention Association Award

Selection for the Eight Views - Seiran - Miyamoto Musashi (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Takashi Kitamura and Yamato Transport Nebuta Executive CommitteeAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Head of Chamber of Commerce Award

Prince Shotoku and Emperor Suiko (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Masahiro Yanagiya and Nippon Express Nebuta Executive CommitteeAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Legend of Tsugaru Fujimi Lake - Tsuru no Maihashi (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Sakuryu Chiba and Firefighter Branch #2 Nebuta Association/Asahi BeerAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Brave Onikaga (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Makoto Suwa and Nebuta Enthusiasts AssociationAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Deva King Haja (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Hiroo Takenami and Maruha Nichiro Nebuta AssociationAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Himiko Battles Kunanokuni (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Takashi Kitamura and Aomori Yamada GakuenAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Benkei's Prayer (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Shunichi Kitamura and NTT Group NebutaAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Nunobiki Falls - Akugenta Yoshihira (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Remmei Kitamura and Panasonic Nebuta AssociationAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Minamoto no Yorimasa Defeats a Fabulous Beast (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Takashi Kitamura and Nigumi/ToshibaAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Yoshitsune Heads North - Dragon Horses Cross the Sea (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Toshiaki Soma and Watashitachi Ichido and Our Nebuta Creation Executive CommitteeAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Hachinoki (2012-08-02/2012-08-07) by Yoshihiro Ariga and Aomori Self-Defense Force Nebuta Supporters AssociationAomori Nebuta Matsuri

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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