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Science Center、Tropical Rain Forest Greenhouse、Theaters

By National Museum of Natural Science

National Museum of Natural Science (Taichung, Taiwan)

Science CenterNational Museum of Natural Science

Science Center

The Science Center includes Exploring Science, The World of Semiconductor, Legends of the Universe, and The Fantastic World of Matter exhibit areas, as well as the Children's Discovery Room.

Science CenterNational Museum of Natural Science

The goal of the museum's Science Center is to encourage visitors to interact with the exhibits. With this hands-on approach, it is hoped that visitors will develop an interest in science. By actively exploring, the public can seek answers to their questions about science and nature.

Botanical GardenNational Museum of Natural Science

Tropical Rain Forest Greenhouse

This giant, glass greenhouse features six sets of columns and seven circular beams, and is the most prominent landmark in the Botanical Garden.

Botanical GardenNational Museum of Natural Science

Inside, the exhibition area is divided into several sections including towering trees, man and plants, tropical flowering trees, orchids, palm slopes, river valley wetlands and fish of the Amazon River. This very large greenhouse contains 300 species of rain forest plants to simulate the complex rain forest environment including Ceiba pentandra, Hevea brasiliensis and Cecropia peltata, as well as coffee and cocoa trees.

Botanical GardenNational Museum of Natural Science

Space TheaterNational Museum of Natural Science


The Space Theatre and the 3-D Theater.

The Space Theater opened to the public in August of 1986 as part of the first phase of construction of this museum. Originally it was equipped with 15/70 IMAX film projection system from Canada and space simulating system from GOTO Optical Institute in Japan. In 1990, it broke attendance records with more than 660,000 audience members. In July of 2015, the Space Theater was updated with Digistar 5 digital theater and planetarium systems from E&S in the US, allowing for a more flexible and lively theater and planetarium experience.

3-D TheaterNational Museum of Natural Science

The 3-D Theater possesses 417 seats, arranged in stair formation. The equipment consists of 3-D multimedia projection system.The newly installed SONY 4K SRX-T615 equipment significantly enhances 3-D image quality with a resolution of 26,542,080
(4096 x 2160 x 3) pixels, luminous flux of 13,500 lumens and contrast ratio of 12,000:1. This high resolution, high luminous flux and high contrast ratio system is complemented by a 7.1CH Dolby surround sound system which is in line with current trends in global 3-D digital imaging and provides an improved 3-D theater experience.

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