Sign and words in the arts

Ritratto d'uomo in atto di scrivere (1840 - 1943) by Giovanni CarnovaliLa Galleria Nazionale

Writing as a symbol of status

In the academic tradition of portraiture, the presence of books or writing implements in paintings contributed to the depiction of the subject as an educated person, if not a scholar.

Discorso numero 4 (1974) by Vincenzo AgnettiLa Galleria Nazionale

In contemporary times, writing and allusions to alphabetic signs and symbols, even those
with obscure and mysterious origins, have characterized experimental art, with its predilection for semiotics.

Composizione (1950 - 1950) by Carla AccardiLa Galleria Nazionale

Louis Philippe To Miocene (1967) by Gianfranco BaruchelloLa Galleria Nazionale

Per un uomo alienato (1968) by Alighiero BoettiLa Galleria Nazionale

Cadavre exquis, André Breton , Valentine Hugo, Nusch Eluard, Paul Eluard, 1929, From the collection of: La Galleria Nazionale
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From the Surrealists' automatic writing (André Breton)...

Superficie 76 bis (1954 - 1958) by Giuseppe CapogrossiLa Galleria Nazionale

...to casual signs inspired by Japanese calligraphy (Giuseppe Capogrossi, Jean Fautrier);

Senza titolo (1960) by Jean FautrierLa Galleria Nazionale

Une tentative (Hebdomadaire n.16) (1967) by Jirì KolarLa Galleria Nazionale

Z-44 (1960) by Jannis KounellisLa Galleria Nazionale

from Jannis Kounellis's references to signage...

The gift (1990) by Joseph KosuthLa Galleria Nazionale

De iis quae ad speculum et in speculo (cortile Kosuth) (2005) by Joseph KosuthLa Galleria Nazionale

... to Joseph Kosuth's conceptual art...

This is a cod (1975) by Ugo NespoloLa Galleria Nazionale

Il grande linguaggio (1963) by Gastone NovelliLa Galleria Nazionale

Ennesima, Giulio Paolini, 1975 - 1988, From the collection of: La Galleria Nazionale
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Cicrus Transfigured (1957) by Mark TobeyLa Galleria Nazionale

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