Linen from Pistoia

“A combination of household linens and lingerie marks the economic turning point for a region linked to the traditional art of embroidery: Pistoia and its linen district”

LettoOriginal Source: Camera di Commercio di Pistoia

Pistoia’s fortune in the embroidery sector… 

..."in white" and "on white"...

...began in the nineteenth century as a consequence of the growing demand for linens for personal use and household trousseaus, enriched with complex embroidery that emphasised their value and the social status of those who owned them.

BiancheriaOriginal Source: Camera di Commercio di Pistoia

The cloistered convents and monasteries, followed later by the women’s educational conservatories, ensured the survival of the customs, traditions, types, styles and methods of the “needlework”, which were linked to secular tastes and ecclesiastical splendour.

CusciniOriginal Source: Camera di Commercio di Pistoia

This has led to the presence of a district within the region...

...that deals with home linens, thanks to which Tuscany represent 11.3% of the total Italian production.

Appesi, Original Source: Camera di Commercio di Pistoia
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For the past six years, the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia has organised Immagine Italia &Co., a trade fair for the industry.

PiumeOriginal Source: Camera di Commercio di Pistoia

The project began in the Pistoia area upon request and as a response to the local businesses. Since its first year, it has become an initiative with national and international appeal. 

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