The art of sports photography: “With the means to hand”

By The Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum

Selection of photographs from the “My DIY sports venue” competition. Images created by the participants from 15 countries, all highly inspired by sport and photography to depict a sporting activity, however improvised, using whatever was around, the sheer refreshing pleasure of playing!

On the edge (2017) by ©DailfThe Olympic Museum

On the edge
Bord à bord

Stand-alone by ©Anna BiretThe Olympic Museum

Installation autonome

A good innings (2017) by ©Florent BachelierThe Olympic Museum

A good innings
Hors champ

Frozen (2017) by ©AntoineBThe Olympic Museum


I’m ready! (2017) by ©Mathis TeisThe Olympic Museum

I’m ready!
Je suis prêt !

In the frame (2017) by ©Tisa ArlesThe Olympic Museum

In the frame
Plein cadre

When darkness falls (2017) by ©LainonThe Olympic Museum

When darkness falls
Jusqu’au bout de la nuit

Balancing act by ©Gruet FlorianThe Olympic Museum

Balancing act
Au fil de l’eau

I’m not scared (2017) by ©CedriclopezphotoThe Olympic Museum

I’m not scared
Même pas peur

Improvisation (2017) by ©NicolasDSThe Olympic Museum

Système D

Anywhere (2017) by ©Abdelhamid bouikhessayenThe Olympic Museum

N’importe où

Watch out! (2017) by ©QpinczonThe Olympic Museum

Watch out!
Danger imminent

Football stripes (2017) by ©ChevalierThe Olympic Museum

Football stripes
Partition de foot

Yellow square (2017) by ©Stephane GuillaumeThe Olympic Museum

Yellow square
Carré jaune

De Stijl basketball (2017) by ©Antoine DThe Olympic Museum

De Stijl basketball
Basket De Stijl

False start (2017) by ©EmmanuellemThe Olympic Museum

False start
Faux départ

About to bite the dust (2017) by ©IgnattThe Olympic Museum

About to bite the dust
Prêts à mordre la poussière

Copy-paste (2017) by ©MarianneGirardetThe Olympic Museum


Open air (2017) by ©IgnattThe Olympic Museum

Open air
A ciel ouvert

Odds and ends (2017) by ©Anthony Thomas-TrophismeThe Olympic Museum

Odds and ends

Out of the shadows (2017) by ©Antoine DThe Olympic Museum

Out of the shadows
Plus vite que ton ombre

On the right track (2017) by ©Clement dlrThe Olympic Museum

On the right track
Sur la bonne voie

Three places at once (2017) by ©ApietrasThe Olympic Museum

Three places at once
Le don d’ubiquité

Generation Y (2017) by ©SambaThe Olympic Museum

Generation Y
Génération « Y »

Credits: All media
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