Villa Borghese - Parco dei Daini by Giacomo Balla


Villa Borghese - Parco dei Daini (1910) by Giacomo BallaLa Galleria Nazionale

Villa Borghese is part of a modern urban theme: the relationship between the villa (what remains of the suburban countryside) and the city. 

Having just arrived in Rome, Giacomo Balla became distinct for his particular vision of the city at night and of surrounding nature.

The vision of the natural stage takes on a new deceptive significance, playing with the effect of presentation elements along with the use of individual panels focused on naturalistic details, which is reassembled according to a process similar to that of photographic montage. 

In fact, Balla uses 15 separate en plein air panels where he works at Villa Borghese to then reconstruct in the studio according to a visual predetermined by light.

Commonly but inaccurately named Parco dei Daini, (Fallow deer park) the work of art actually presents the square of the fountain at the back of the Galleria Borghese, close to Parco dei Daini.

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