The best murals from the Town of Lioni

Discover the murals of the Angelo Garofalo Biennale. The Bag Out is a public art festival that takes place in Lioni, Italy. The artists are inspired by themes related to the territory and local history.

PietasCollettivo Boca

Francisco Bosoletti has created the work "Pietas", with which he turns his attentive gaze towards the margins of societies, consciences and territories as a plea and, at the same time, a complaint.

Not title Not title (2018/2018) by Dale GrimshawCollettivo Boca

Dale Grimshaw's work is bravely figurative and is inspired by his strong humanitarian spirit. His mural to Lioni urges us to resist and fight for a docile and defenseless land.

Connessioni Connessioni (2018/2018) by Case MaclaimCollettivo Boca

Case Maclaim has decided to talk about the bonds we are looking for with our native land, our roots and new generations.

Por Angelo Por Angelo (2018/2018) by Mohamed LGhachanCollettivo Boca

The work of Mohamed l'Ghacham in Lioni (Av) has the title "Por Angelo!" in honor of the Lionese artist Angelo Garofalo to whom the Biennale is entitled.

Not title Not title (2016/2016) by MoneylessCollettivo Boca

This Moneyless work fully expresses the intimate connection of pictorial art with the architecture synthesized in solid-color backgrounds that design and reshape the facade.

Not title Not title (2016/2016) by HyuroCollettivo Boca

Hyuro has created an interesting work inspired by the architectural and social reconstruction of the town of Lioni (Av) after the 1980 earthquake.

Las Flautistas Las Flautistas (2016/2016) by Milu CorrechCollettivo Boca

"Las Falutistas" by MIlu Correch represents a reinterpretation of the myth of the Titans, the primordial force of the still virgin world of the regulatory force of the gods.

Not title Not title (2016/2016) by Sebas VelascoCollettivo Boca

Here is the homage of S. Velasco to the community of Lioni (Av). Genuineness, truth and melancholy for an impact mural that speaks of a country strongly linked to traditions and those who live there.

Crollo Crollo (2016/2016) by EimeCollettivo Boca

"Crollo" is the eloquent title chosen by the Portuguese artist Eime for his mural at Lioni, Daniel worked in the heart of the town and was inspired by the tragedy of the 1980 earthquake.

L'infinito negli occhi L'infinito negli occhi (2014/2014) by MilloCollettivo Boca

Often the artists who took part in Lioni are inspired by the wound of the 1980 earthquake. Millo left a message of hope in the country with his work.

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The Angelo Garofalo Biennale is an artistic event born in 2003 in the town of Lioni in homage to the late artist Angelo Garofalo. The Biennale Bag Out is sponsored by the Municipality of Lioni (Av) and supported by the association La prediletta APS.The event is curated by Dario Garofalo and the artistic director Antonio Sena.

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