The Fabulous Ceramics of Leng Yunling

A Song of Clay and Fire by Leng Yunling

By Soyim


Tea Storer of Goat Year by Leng YunlingSoyim

Leng Yunling

The ceramic artist Leng Yunling’s artworks feature a combination of modern beauty as displayed by lines and ancient charm shown by colors. She has crafted so many amazing pieces with her efforts and emotions by firing clay in the kiln.

Moon Reflection on Ripples Moon Reflection on Ripples by Leng YunlingSoyim

Moon Reflection on Ripples Item IISoyim

The artist has expressed the poetic and pictorial splendor of nature by giving full play to the specialties of ceramics, and unveiled her own carefree mindset with the amiable form and colors of this piece, by watching which the viewers may feel the pure, calming atmosphere just like being placed in the soothing moonlight under a clear dark blue sky, with the gentle breeze stirring the waters and the gauze garments of people.

Birth of World by Leng YunlingSoyim

Birth of the World. With her ingenious skills, the artisan shows on this piece of artwork the rudiments of the world after the separation between Heaven and Earth described in Chinese mythology. This item exudes a sense of solemnity and unrestrained magnificence.

Impression by Leng YunlingSoyim

Impression. On this piece of artwork, the artisan has created a mysterious and magical impression by use of techniques including glaze crawling, inlaying and openwork carving.

High Mountains and Flowing Waters by Leng YunlingSoyim

High Mountains and Flowing Waters. Based on a perfect combination of the elegant curvy lines characteristic of flowing waters and the magnificent form of towering mountains, this artwork attaches greater importance to the lines of tension created when a flat plane meets another, as well as the meditation-inducing spaces constructed by lines and inflection planes.

Mountains & Waters Series Mountains & Waters Series by Leng YunlingSoyim

Mountains & Waters Series. This series of porcelains with purely handmade paintings can serve as highly-decorative environmental ornaments.

Mountains & Waters Series Item IISoyim

Mountains & Waters Series Item IIISoyim

When conveyed via the medium of porcelain, the ink painting looks more refreshing and elegant with the beauty of mountains and waters accentuated on the glazed surface of porcelain, thus creating an intoxicating atmosphere for the viewers.

Elegant Bamboo by Leng YunlingSoyim

Though born in Jiangnan of China, an area where the women are known for their feminine beauty, Leng Yunling has endowed some of her artworks with toughness and muscularity apart from the pieces that feature the charm of gentleness and sweetness. The log-baking technique she uses has allowed her to get nearer to the original nature of materials by shrugging off sumptuous ornaments in a powerful, forceful manner. The artist who is adept at both potteries and ceramics is reserved, tough, and persevere, just like the pieces she has created.

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