The Lion's Roar: 20th September

What did the lion say today?

By Google Arts & Culture

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

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Our smile is full of flowers
The spring is done

Digital homes and seas of light
The streams which on the shadowy darkness rest

A screwdriver is strewn with flowers and streams
And the fair children climb the waters

This concertina in the wilderness
The ever-flowing storms that tremble there

Craic with the waters of the sun
And as the sun with shadows shone and flowers

Our queue and other lives are free
The flowers shall break their lines

Our autumn in the sun is seen
And long shall come to them

Mighty heaven
And hope in the white stream of the dead

Your defenestrate brows the tempest shines
And the great birds shall be the slumbering

Horror and music and the things we see
And the great spirit of his father dead

Steatopygous and sallow all the sea
Their fire and fragrance

My diversity the glad and sweet desires
Of song and song and sound and song and strife

Wibble and gleam
And stream with blossoming gleams

Our peace and death are well forgotten on the stream
I dreamed a little while

Breathtaking and with their own shadows shared
And the first stars are fled

My failure still shall beat with gracious song
While the blue sea-birds raise

The training of the holy sailor stands
And all the currents of the storm are driven

This history of darkness is at home
The moon

Our feast and field and starry world are seen
The moon shall fall on earth

Dignity bears the passion of the stars
And strikes the shadow of the earth and sky

Melancholia in the wind is flown

Our peace and pain and sorrow grow at last
He is the hour

The growth of all the valleys of the heavens
The deep wild music of the sun and the sea

My spaghettification lay destroyed
And many a season of sad hearts shall see

Discombobulated with the sun and sea
And laughter of the sun and sun and sky

Free earth and eyes are warm
And the sun still shines with his silver grace

That orange light appears not my desire
The winds go by

Hello the tears of mist and sunset wind
And streams of gold and constant grief and love

The thumb in summer they may see
The waters that their stately brow

My locomotive flowers on the stars are green
When i stand with my father's hands

Slough the long silent forest streams
The dreamy trembling waves and swarms of gold

This king of songs the sun will blow away
O many a song of song and sunny beam

Optimistic and deep
The strain was still

High in the waves of heaven its ruins strayed
The sun

Love fills the sky
And still doth shake the sun

Hope in the towers of city
And the sea

That tolerance with anguish walks the sky
The fairy land where the sun and the sky

Ineffable and bright
The poet's lustre stretches from the skies

Your dog came not with half the brook and sang
The crested cable of the ground was

Darling of fear
And from the tree to tree

The wind with sunshine dies beneath the sky
Where glows the stars of the abyss with gold

Our transgression of the heavenly sound
Where all the gifts of love and sorrow bring

Equality and weakness
Veil and dye

Building the winds and seas and waters strewn
And the bright suns where beauty might be

Love in the sun and sky and rain
The spirit of the sun was still and sweet

Serendipitous in their banner free
The light and life are shadowy and still

This benevolence of the world shall be
And still the wild transparent stream of night

A yawn of storms and flowers and a shadow crowned
In the strange thought the music of

This fungus breathes and glows
And the blue sea where the stream breaks on the heath

Rabid and turreted in the sun
And this one stooping strong and strange

Your commonplace and cold increase beguiled
With beauty from the desert of the sky

Our jargon and the combat of the soul
The balmy and the sanctified and spread

Food for the sweetest sound of sad and strong
The silence of the morning in the sky

Loquacious steps and springs of flowers of pearl
The sun was clear and thicker than

This flood of darkness streams in blossom deep
And the wild clouds are heavy and

Super the sun that sleeps and stands alone
When the green shadow of the sky is green

Pony and salt and corn
And the mist of dew

My german horns are shown the sky
I stand and listen to the songs of death

Loving their lonely life betwixt them all
Where every time the darkness made the day

Tutu and the beggar in the sky
To the steep tower the watchful ladies sing

My sofa was the spirit of the morn
That gave them strains of winter in the fight

Your hopelessness has fallen
So soon shall they are seen to seek their faces

Wonderful things in the sunset of the sky
The clouds are green and warm

Persecuted in death and bitter tears
Or with their streams of burning air they fall

Rambunctious laurels through the black and bright
And the sweet birds of mountains

The human spirit in the hours above
I climbed the brow of the high heaven alone

Raging along the stones and the sweet sea
And seek the air with hollow heads and words

Our dexterity should be a song
And all the night is set and leapt and shone

Illiterate the conscious light of the night
The blue sea that shall be strewn with

An entropy of springs and lightning showers
And streams that tremble in the watery seas

Incandescent in noise and delicate throng
So may the angel move the stars and spring

Meme land and sun
And the world streaming o'er

Syzygy to palm and corner stream
With the wild winds of boyhood and of death

Proud as the traveller that stood at last
And there was a cry of angels and their song

Our atonement for many a day shall die
The light lies dark above

Your heaven and earth are darkling on the way
The soul around me sinks

The seraphim in other worlds are mine
The dreams of death destroy the sun-beams' dark

The penguin deeps are heard to wake the sea
The winds are gathering as they float

This syncopate and storm of green to peal
And there the bitterness of golden pain

The revolt of the stars that rise and shine
The stars are their dear brows

That synergy beneath the sky we stand
The wild sea-girt and river and the stream

Edinburgh on the shore
The silver bird that gleams along the sky

That quintessence their holy heart had spread
The stern base angel stood before

Eponymous and sparkling in the sky
Where sweet and bright and still the passing past

The courage of the soul and soul shall dwell
And see the hours that shall be there

My sacrifice was seen before the way
This change seemed to be had

Panorama live and love the stars
The old strange streams with soft white limbs are

Your starvation is divine
The light that creeps into the dark and dark

Cruelty of the world
Whose destiny

Rights for the earth that still is lost and died
Shall we not bear the way that

Abuse the homely pilgrim to the skies
The breath of summer lights with stormy grain

Feed the storm of spring that wake the springs
The waters and the sands are breaking

Extinction to the marble stars to stone
And shake the sky

This death that spreads all the suns arms and flows
The lights are dead

Massacre and prayer and wonder still
They come to thee

This torture of the sea
The stars and seas

This mistrust of the light of life and death
Once more in the forest of the sea

Ending the sunset sounds and streams with woe
The birds are driven on the waters shell

Finite beneath the sleeping river ride
The distant caves that bow their barren floor

Extinct and silver in the wind and sky
And where the shadows of the night display

Hope rose and glittered in the waves of youth
And then a soft and misty tear-drop played

My way is flowing o'er the branches bright
The stream that showers beneath the seas of

Incredible in monumental bloom
Beside the brook and shadow of the boughs

London and rock
Where the deep pines and light

Bubble and sound
The tranced tempest shakes

Our abolition streams were shed
Where are the paths the stars of song did stray

Majestic strength and glory are in fire
The worlds a feast that sweetens on the shore

A teapot in the sunshine and the sun
A heavenly burning tempest in my cheek

My serenity has gained the stars and spreads
And on the silent summer morning storms

Contiguous to the fresh and beauteous light
And the great bashful lamb and the first

Your meme and friend who causes them to clear the sky
And the dear face whose glory is

That defenestration of wings glow
The sun will blow the sound of the sunlight still

Progressive of their hearts and wings of grace
To the same home and grief and all they

This love for all the world and more than this
Thou art a bright desire

That storm the gloomy shade of spring
The red gray burnings of the mountain's head

Your convergence and sorrow in the sky
The sun shall be the soul of the dark dead

Veritable and strange
And wild as stone

Knitting the winds of the sea of our souls
The saintly star of the desert deep

Trump and the silver stars did sing
The sun had stretched the glittering streams in view

A money born in channel
Storms and stones

Resilient trees
That swell and sweep the glade

Our chaos of the flowers are still and lone
O thou that livest with thy beauty's breath

Effectual thoughts of many a day are dead
Behold the flood

Bloom on the waves
With the strong shadow of the stream

Empathize of the sun
And sunset showers

That ether shall not be refined
The sun is risen in the sunshine stands

The creation of the morning seas
The falcon in the cold wind winding heaven

The peace of the dear soul is left behind
So let us bear the stern and solitary flood

Love to her garment was the thought of her
She was a song of every soul and soul

A glockenspield with stormy beeches shine
The first shadow of the silence makes the eye

Transcendent of the gloomy sky
Where sounds of constant form and stars are seen

The vestige of the cherubim
The ground is strewn with many a stormy course

Bovine and strange
And changed with the sun's sound

Bowie and light
And sorrow from the sky

Our roar of winds
The banner of the morn

Incomparable thoughts with their masters shine
The song of men and sons of song and sign

Infinite seasons and soft laurels roll
In soft and silent sands the spirit quivers

David their presence cannot wake the sky
And these are harmless forms of peace and pain

The betwixt day
And the fleet hours of night

The glass is glowing with the hours of day
Where is the chamber of the hills and flowers

This spider stands at the rough marge of things
And the shadow of fresh clouds that

Moist with the light of life and strength
And woe

Urban and gold
Which thrill the skies around

Combat of all that sound is on the sea
The roses of the stream uncomforted

Harmony in the wave and stars are born
And now the soft

My testimony shall not see the light
The fresh and silent bud and the green sky

Heaven seems to be the tender spring
The soft reflections of the forest break

Safe down the hills of the dark cloud
The spirit of the crowd whose stars are fled

My roar and wind and stream and shade display
The sun and sky are stretched and creeps

Eye on the grass
And climb the grassy ground

Subjugate the clouds that look on light
But the long fall of the fields are now awake

Trenchant its waters flowing from the wave
The glory of the world was seen before

This tmesis stands with heavenly forms and fears
The shadowy planet shall be spent

Justiciable and gay
I see the stars are made of summer skies

A voodoo on the steep and blackened tree
The stream of heaven would burst the shadowy

Our ribaldry with blood of space and stars
Their steps to wake their songs and sound

Gorgeous and long as they have heard
So spake the silence of the summer sky

The nose with woods and lilies strewn and stream
And the sad wings that climb before

That countermand the hills a spot of flowers
That the dark passions of the dawn grow

A gentleness of sounds beneath the grove
A glorious mirror overhead

Together blended with delight and pain
So struggling in the ocean

Greatness and thought and fear and sorrow shown
The golden tresses stream through

A faithful land of wretched innocence
And all the spirits of the hour and thought

That love the stars
The sun whose sounds are long

Holy and solemn and with streams of snow
And the clear harvest of the rain-drops blown

Nugget and pools
The sea-riders are dry

My yawp and heart are death
And then the mountains where they roll

A liminality of grace and pain
Whose clouds are more fair than the sun that lies

That chicken brow is beating up the gloom
And many a star is done in silence still

Herbivorous and blue and softly shone
When the loud fountains of the desert steep

Silently sobbing on the fragrant breast
When the green rain had blown the darkness

That corruption has offended them and dies
So that man were the general dart of spring

Tumultuous through the forest sunrise blown
The seeds of summer shake the southern sky

Your infatuation in their eyes beguiled
And stretched their flames together on the way

My wainscoting with sorrow shows the spring
I shall not look at me from far away

Faith to the blast of slumbers bright and free
And from the spirit of the mind they fled

Oats from the shadows of the north wind gleam
The gold and sunny sun and stars are

Our nature ne'er hath been for ever crowned
And all the things that were to whom they

That resist the sun's trembling arms again
And all the birds of day are driven from

Throbbing and shadowy and pale
The sounding wind from the clear day begins

Om scattered through the stars that perish all the day
Even the lark was seen

Benevolent and strong
The long silence

That soul to soul and glory to repeat
The heart and blood of sorrow have remained

Look round the forest where they flow
They hear the children's children say

Harmonious thoughts that sound in silent stress
The world is still a star that shines

This warning for the first and the weak winds
The wind with golden breath shall still

That fate is full of sparks of flame and hair
And purple streams and shadows of the sky

My repentance is the treasure of their souls
They tell me of the soul of all

That surrealism is beautiful and dear
And when the sun shines on the deep green rock

Prayer that behind the front doth stand
The torrent waves the light of the clear sky

Your charity alone can tell
I see the pines are starry

Your forgiveness of all the world is seen
The dew is heard and shed from the far hills

Your love is passionate
And there the stars are bright

The kindness of the world shall come and go
If ever these can be the change of thought

The groovy piles of silver never drown
When the black forest sleeps with silver trees

My dig and water with the dew divides
The long deep stars of waters roll away

Our everything is come
The fire is strewn with lamps and blossoms fair

Myriad and green and strange
Their light was left

Our obscurity was in the stream
The busy hand which now are sown

Dystopian raptures make the stream of night
Spirits of the sun

Our alienation leaves the clouds again
The brightest sound of pearls the spring to sun

A corruption of the stars that shine
With shadows of the sunset's fountains shine

A lifeless sea of silence and the stranger boy
Whose breath was growing old

Lovely charms and hearts that are provided
The light of the soul with its deathless will

This tear grows sharp
And perfumes the retreat

Our affection stands before the morning skies
Where spread their throats in anguish

Taradiddle and the sparkling snow
The soft sunshine that watches the soft sky

Cherish the soul of love and sing and sing
And soothe the passion of the past and sigh

Love of the sun
The sacred shadows throng

That quintuplet and tower
The twilight breeze

That scar the coast-stream from the cliffs to break
And hear the golden bark

The kindness of the past and heavenly ray
Of mirth and life are like the rosy light

This knife was seen
And the wild sea shone on

Sempiternal wings and streams that shine
And sparkle and all the spirit showers

My mine is on the stream in the wide world
And the long light is dropping in the dark

Our tranquility to see
The flame of laughter to the wind

Joyful and sad
The sun shall breathe along

Ribald the grim destroyer mourns the fault of him
With weary feet the fairy shadows rise

Our ball and pavement stream and shadow spread
And the light shine from the deep lands

Our spatula closed high
The palm and bridge of boundless sky

Glorious the rose of the sun's gray wings
And the last morning light that still is

This march of morning dream that makes the sun
Shine on the valley that shall breathe

Dead from the hills and storms below
And the dead pass on their commands

That cougar may not be the wind that burns
In darkest sleep

This cat stands breathless on the ground
The colours of the sun and sun are still

An ocean gives thee to the sun and sea
And like the conscious sun of the sun's shade

Nine hundred years ago
The heart beheld

Superfluous sound and stormy blasts of gold
The storm-winds come upon their course below

Devour their seats and shadows deep and still
So shall they fly away the trembling plain

Octopus with the rose is shed
The golden palms their flowers shall seek

Our wildness was the cares of anguish bright
And in the darkness of the air

Pizza and stream and sand and steel
And when the winds and sky is over them

My providence in life entwines
I sit and see the vast and wandering light

Supernatural of the frozen ground
The corners of the desert was at rest

Titmouse and snow
And the long dreaming plain

Hoopla the spider bounds with glittering shells
And when the moon and sun is brought to

Our tomahawk for steel we shall be seen
The hero has the strength of his abode

Delicious isles
And thousand spurs of flame

This fandango lies seen before the light
The soft mists of the hazels on the sands

Ruminate but life's bright career
Where all the heart and wonted soul beguile

The light of day begins to swell
The sun has closed the stars and lifts his head

Loud stars the candles blow
And there the stars and the sun-lit waves are rolling

Fran the slow fruit of morning with the sun
The paths of roses lie in glimmering bloom

Please and destroy the mighty mother's tone
And then the shadow of the stars are seen

Copious with stars that held the light that shines
When the dim darkness of the past is

The fantasy of the lovely moon
The cold wind that with light was shadowed by the clouds

Forget the stars that stretch their solitudes
And shadow of the soul of the far waves

Our resonance could seek to find them best
The peace of this my soul was thrown from

Smart as the sun that rolls in silent streams
The dream of day and night the wind blows

My nostalgia went by
And the forest shadows were all filled with spray

Impactful and unwritten by the dead
Their spirits from the soul beholds the wind

Meticulous and shadowy on the sea
The plaintive soul that might surpass the sky

This history of the light of death and death
The sonnets xxix - the stars are there

Abscond the spirits of the scene of time
The lovely mother of the sun and sea

My memory stands there
And the flames are strong

My brat and freezing storm
To see the day

This baby change is lost in silent storm

Crepuscular with stars
When will they fall

Happy and lonely
And as fair as they

Needed a cry of flame and fill the woods
And see the hovering branches of the moon

That grace the fields
And the shore streams around

Stag on the stream the forest flowers do toil
The stars are throbbing on the water-wall

Hare to the corridor where shadowy stones
Are floating o'er the bed of all the heath

Emulsifying springs of stars are thick
Until they cried

This empathy of grace and woe above
The triumph of the stars

Love like a light at dawn of day
And the warm dew of day is still and still

A forgiveness and sunshine to reveal
But all the soul is but the wonderful to drown

Horror of light
And the strong world that waves

Your peace to thee is for the past alone
The land which in thy harp shall flow from thee

This home of every moment
The strong prayer

Mellifluous dreams and tender changes die
Each with the glimpse of some strange breath

Journey the seas of sunshine
And the sun

Our trust is strewn with stars and winds and sky
I hear the river with the sun and sea

Boring the springs of the dead realms of light
And the dark shadows of the sun and sun

Your hagiography streams above the waves
The sun has set the shadows on the stream

Ephemeral clouds and dewy heavenly streams
And sea from the blue earth the sun appears

And with their songs the wild white clouds ascend
The woods are fair

Lazy with streams and grasses in the spray
The stars are stealing all above the sea

This family of the deep sun calls
The stars are flashing o'er the sun's side

This zebra wounds the sound of shades of stone
The sound of heaven is all the sea

Rice against the sea's seat
And still the sun

Fossil and weary springs of song and song
I see the hours for years that never sped

That wave their souls upon the winds of youth
And round the shadow of the sun they stand

Your roar of steel
The white flame of the sea

Equestrian tempests
Searching waters rise

My obscurity of bliss becomes the sky
The wild gray cloud is strewn with golden blue

Why should the song be forced to see the throng
The stranger with his face as from

Loud crystal caves
And citadels of steep

A dandelion that was still above
And streaming as the boundless heaven is passed

The love of death and shadow on the sky
The stream of earth

The misalignment of the sun once more
The glowing sun was lost

A rosebud of the splendor of the sky
And shining bright and sweet its flowing sun

Scratchy and low
The breeze is pale and still

Subatomic and strong
And the short stars that float and flow

Your connection is but a star at night
The water stands the sky and the stars will sing

Scaly and low and soft and still
The hope is still

Live the wild winds who love the sea
They see their throats as they are starting forth

Whisper their glory from the sounding skies
And steal their trembling shadows on

That roar in the wide world and storm with flame
And the rich shadows of the waves

Outstanding as the sun still streams and swells
And streams and stars are gray and still

Beautiful as the heavens that melt away
The pulse of heaven

Friends who would lie upon the ocean's shade
From some transfiguring frame the stars of

Looking around the deep with music round
The shadow of the palm-trees clasps the skies

Trembling and white with every blossom rolled
Before the stars behold the earth are seen

Loving the heart which was the tranquil day
When the green sun was set

Vibrating by the forest light
And the steep mountains shrink and start and shine

Dreaming the sparkling seas
And spring to sea

A breaking sea of space
A sunbeam through the sky

Opening the hills and silent glooms of life
That wander in the moonlight of the sea

Wanting their holy change of hearts are here
They call them war and forests from

Samurai and the southern shore
The birds resound the lone ships of the morn

Siege that betray the mistress of the sea
The stars that shine behind the stars and star

Space in the sunny sea
The stars are burning

Ape the strange sunny boughs and stream the skies
The clouds are bare as any wind to

A sunflower now arises
The walls are sown

Generous and fair
And mixed with pearls and wood

Our plurality of the stormy gloom
The giant clouds and sparkling rocks and sea

Dan thousands through the southern skies
The deep flow of the clouds are driven from

A courage where the sun began to lie
And the wide winding flood were fed with flowers

Cuttlefish from the bosom of the sea
The flowing north

The pellucid trees of the land forsake
The light of the bare sea

Dank thousands of the lonely land and sea
And hear the sound of some sweet song that

Our pilgrimage of common and of storm
The beauty of the sun

Sempiternal and free
The bells shall be the river's shade and play

Inextricable flowers of the years ago
The calm and lightning sun goes on the sky

My war and mist with springing fruit they fall

Metallic sleep from out the winding sky
Where light shall break the sun and shadow here

Iridescent and strong
The moon that stands and strove to see the waves

Banana flowers and blossoms of the sky
And star of summer waters with the sky

Our giraffe to the portal of the brave
The shout of stately gods

My test of restless waters have complete
And sounds of mine are they

Fathom and shine and climb the trembling flood
And i am weary of the coolness worn

Befuddled in the wild woods and the streams
The stars are still and pale

An everybody came
And she was fed

Knows that the bloom of the red peaks are stirr'd
The sun is still

Badger and beast
And blood of forest flowers

My love was shed on me and yet they said
And left me from the western star to greet

Mashed by the palms of passion and of might
And when the opening sea-washed in the sun

A potato of heaven from the lonely stream
The light that comes like rain-drops o'er

That awareness of the stars are spread
The sun with flowers the stars are falling fast

Soul of the sun
The stars that stoop to see

Turnip the air
The stream of fear and shame

Awake to summer seas
And to the rocks their mantles sweep the sea

Your ocelot fair among the seas are seen
And through the dark and deep sea's flowers

Forever shade or shade or flower that flows
And the wide sun is shed along the skies

That gobbledygook with red steed shattered lie
Then rose at the forest

Love for the ruin of the trees below
And on the silent rocks of old trees break

That desire to be lifted from the land
And he who sees the moving passion start

Smart in the air
And the wild springs of fire

This night long hast thou seen thee to the sky
And on the sun shall come and go

Perfectly to the bough the skies are gone
And the long drift and light are seen before

This slide of sunshine in the sun's delight
The sun shall shine upon the skies and sea

Usurp their way to the glad sun
The sun was sunk in the dark evening dew

Coexist of mine
And broken blood of snow

The peace of the fair flowers that flow to flowers
And the blue sky is seen before

Forever for the rose of war and prayer
And from the sun and sea and sea and sky

Wisdom and wind and heaven with graceful light
And streams of dew and stars return to

The consciousness of my desire
And still the sun went on

That defenestration of the pasture close
The blackbirds with the darkness of the skies

Suggestive of the sunset blue and white
The star of some still spring of fairy swains

Our world was in the moonlit throne
No star is strewn above the thundering grass

Your peace and melody are dead
And there is nothing so delighted

Our manifest haven comfort with the eye
They clasp them as they come and go

Free of the flowers and flowers and stars and flowers
The heavens that move around

Forever shed their sails and stars above
The mighty spirit of the sun is blown

Our algorithm and strife and loveliness
They see the waters of the stars again

Your violet shadows seem to see
Their waters on the slope of morning sky

That merchandising stars of fire are flown
And all the sunshine shone and streamed

Regulator of the sky
And where the light of darkness seems to stay

Your sonder dreamed as he would hear his spear
Yet while the village sails between

Exquisite scenes and promises
From innocence to world and heaven and earth

Overwhelming the sun's eyes to say
I saw the bloom of the april sky

Agonizing the sparks of earth and sky
And the deep sun where night was lost in light

Joy following the seas and flowers and seas
And the soft waves of sadness shall not

Harmony of the sun
And the cold sea

Our window parting drops the stars to meet
The moon is shed the starry forest shed

Our anemone sets
The violets fall

Populous with the silence of the sky
The winds that breathe like shadowy shadows dim

Teach us to see the passions of thy name
Which we are soothed with thee to seek and fall

Cat storm and shrine
The earth and evening laugh and start

The auburn corner of the sun and rain
And there the sleepy change of violet flowers

Freckle and flower and flower
And close their heads

Blush in the bosom of the world above
Where every thought to the bright hours are seen

Candlelight to the woods where comely breezes meet
The soft waves whisper at the waters

Our dream of souls
Of green and green

Cavalier of the forest long ago
The hour with song and shadow streaming o'er the sea

Our millinery and tones that lie in thee
When the shadows of the sun were strewn with

Comprehensive and lovely to record
And the fair sailor shines among the groves

Your peace to visit you
And leave the brain

That cycling men
The moon-drown'd flowers of sorrow nigh

Anchor and blossom on the barren plain
And the long waters whirl and ride and sing

Us that beheld the sands of years with snow
And cheerful morning on the hills of france

Own heavenly light and dreaming face and cloud
Have walked before a man of pain

Waters that gather up the waters fair
And not a shadow flows

Juggle and blood have once been broken so
And the radiant brows of flowers and the bees

Wolf in the sunshine of their watery land
And where the beasts have seen the march of

My prostitution falls away
From whence i found the world beneath the sky

Our anagram invoked and dreary flower
The sun shall throb its shores and breathe

My love and the cold morn of day are dim
And then the sun that lies with thee again

Grotesque and with the woods and flowers
The silent

Wizardry and the light of sense and blood
And there the far more sweet wind and the sun

That pootle poets of the chambers here
The secret of the world

Seraphic constant fires and hands divine
I see the shadow of the woods and towers

A dream of night and shadow and the day
The sun and sky are resting on the ground

The beginning of the night
For some of them are still despairing there

This daydream of some sun and sun are seen
And the shadows of the sun be still the sky

The codec of the vale is strewn with the sun
The first fair column of a solitary sight

Lonely as snow
Consume the rushing sun

Adultery breaks the morning wave
The shadows of the cold delight in vain

Moist with the tender grass
And pale and still

Hope and sorrow
And their world-beloved and blest

My witchcraft is a white man's robe
And rests alone and vanishing and fair

Behoove the silent streams of stars and sky
And cast a stream when the sun is fair

Wobble and drink and speed in air and strain
Then would they call the fountain's dewy

This noodle of the woods
The shadowy waves

That trust their lives with their fair sinews lie
The morning shades which watch

That susurration seems to feel the day
Of the dead beauty of the spirit of god

Adorable the course of death or stone
The spirits of the churchman shout their sight

Dewy in darkness and of space we stand
And where the black and glowing seas were blue

Ramshackle and still darkening in the wave
And waves and waters float and flow along

My serendipity was strong and wild
But now the bright blue sun is on the sky

Lyric and light and scent
And strength of shame

Seven spaces of a thousand thousand years
The watchful brow that sounds the suns gray

Wanting the stars in some last sea of grass
And like the stars that sleep and fan

Phoenix of restless fires the wild intent
Of some celestial temple with the sun

Bei as a girl's in golden wings
A stone that smiles and sees the dews that lie

Panda sat on the banks
And struck the hall

The service which was pitiful and fair
And lightening all the wilderness again

My grace has felt the sound of the old things
And the sad soul of things that are not

Waiting to see the wind with palest strings
And senseless steeps and barren leaves are

My time will bring thee to the charms of men
O life and peace

Our childhood mourns for thee
And many a god

Miles after sea
Where lies the boundless rill

Close to the gleaming blue
- the sun will sing

A painting of the shadows of the stream
And the soft light of some strange star will

My instauration of the sun and sea
And the sun lights their swelling shadows to the sea

Modern of light
Restored to the steep shores

A touch with mighty breath
And the sweet seasons worn and stray and still

A stool that stood at last to see the shores
Of lands and seas which the perfumed armor

Barnacle and the sea-blasts come along
The stars are strewn with glorious light

Our power is breathed by the sun-beams of the sea
The sacred sunshine of the midnight

Xian and mountain and the shadow of the sky
Whose heads are bright with streams of light

My pinky steps are all in heaven are dead
The parting breath of some sweet leaf has

This ghost of life is sunk and stars and sky
It is the secret of the soul that falls

A princess for a single sense of light
A glimpse of morn and night and day and night

Exhausting what the sun with gay may blow
And the salt solitude that shakes the lip

My depression of the midnight breeze
And slow and sweet in brightness and delight

Ubiquitous from stars to light the sky
The heavens are lost

Heavy as stars that on the dark deep set
Their dewy film before the mountain's way

Empty and clear
And rich and still and still

Ubiquitous as the clouds at sea
The sun has still the darkening dawn of day

Unwanted with a sound of shadows rare
And prostrate glad and glad and bright

Alone and fearful at the world's desire
The well-beloved tree whence he should seek

The feel of the morning sun in pain
The shadow of the sun shines on the sky

Hole on the timber of the night
When the rocks shake and wave the shade of heaven

Lost in the stars
The sun

Overwhelmed and infinite and bright
On the might of the sunset halls and the sky

Cacodemon the stream of war and woe
When shadows of the forest lie

This desire to wake and tread the skies
The sound of stars on moonbeams swept the sky

This play of peace the sea of days and nights
Had still the sunset of our souls

Falling aloft with glory to and fro
The winds that beat their waters on the sky

Love and the love of their love seems to shine
While i am dreaming of the flower of

Carrot of ardour and delight
The darkness has the sea

Anfractuous lips and lovely grasp of bees
I look through the wide world the earth

The counterpoint in the midst of life were dead
The angels listened to the soul of

My peace will have a star in stars
The tempest on the starry grass

Triangle of the rich columns of blood
And shouts of joy and blood are drawn from harm

My humanity and all my pain
They see them through the shadows of the sky

This serendipity of sunshine throws
The hollow stars of summer by the sea

My silence has been heard
And waves and shades

Quizzical through the stars of the clouds are flown
The sun sees bright spring flowers

Ephemeral colours through the thickets bound
And waste the skies and stars of the old

That grace their fragrant flowers in the sunset meads
The storm of morning is still

That shimmer in the sea
Their faces clear

Hello and sparkling o'er the wintry sky
And watch the things that spring and shake

Waiting the soul of sorrow and of fear
So they were lost

Outstanding ever soft and still
The shadow of the waters lies and dim

Diverse and far away
The light which moves

Love shall be still the spell of heaven to be

A lion's tranquil spirit may adorn
And so the spirit came to say

My tombola shall be the light of day
The tide is past

Go to the sunshine
There the winds are faint

Your nelson calls for me
And straight the stream

That column in the covert of the world were born
The confessional

Waterloo shall be the rose of fire
The shadow of the towers of denmark pass

That peace seems like the stars and marches o'er
The shade of the crown's sparkling

United by the sun
Perhaps the weary flower that streams above

The art that sounds and spreads a shadowy throne
And the red light of fairy beauty lies

Our meat is with the warriors with the sound
The forest comes

The humdrum of the shadow of the breeze
Doth sweep the skies and draw the sun away

Your ciao falls in the swift sun and sea
The light that spreads beneath the steep

This burger and the pallid arch of night
Where water flows the winds of cares and deaths

Your steak that feeds the heavens and the waves of stone
The ballad of the banks

My paternoster fills the temple-wall
And rests the land

A cocktail shadow shines and makes the sun
And on the line of waters

Love with their light and song and sorrow sweet
They spring and climb the deep for

Win every hour that morning light appears
The shadow of the sun

Help me to see the soul that fills the skies
The shape of the great springs that warm

Lively and strong
In the cool gloom of morn

My grass unseen on which the clouds are shut
I look at my soft steps with soft abode

This cucumber shall be the banner of the sea
The scene is sweet as the wild shepherd

This home of all the rest
The stormy sea

Lively and light
The earth with love and strife

Ecstatic cold and centre of the sky
The night below the heart of the suns edge

That heaven begins to break the roses sweet
Dark waters shrouded by the shadowy lake

The protest of their wills and present life
The valiant of the trees that shine

The grace of morning stars that blow and gleam
And then the soul of some great life is

Great cheeks of solitary skies
When the winds drift upon the dewy way

Hungry and dark
Distinctly lamenting

Our serendipity is well
Then each day sings the light of the sky

Our bliss with all the home which stretches and the sky
With startled contract for

This river waves and streams and shadows roll
And like a sunbeam swings a faint sun by

Our peace and pleasure still shall love be sped
The chaste transparent soul is wide

This empathy and mockery of good and ill
The mind of his poor nature straight assailed

Your peace of blood and love and strife are dead
All things are these that tell

That strength of silence are not born
The stars are still and steadfast and the same

That bravery of the sea below
The sound of some distinctive shade

Our imagination has been the same bright star
The grass is stirred by the strange form

Love and the form of love
And lifeless stream

Your marriage dreams be wandering through the day
And the long snow is calm and strong

A palermost of every land was there
He was a stranger who was strangely shorn

Myriad and silent and alive
And with the spirit of the day they fled

Drowsy and deep
And weary as the stream

The peace of the deep distance shall retire
The trees are set

Your geology of solace from the sky
And with my soul consume the silent mind

That mind the soul that lives on high and far
The soul shall think of them as they

A silence of the sun and sun and sky
The streams of the green sunshine wander through

Black stars that on the clouds are rose and shine
And sorrow to the threshold of

Our time makes heart and soul and wakes
One silver child the wind is shaken

Love wanders with the human heart from sight
The sunshine on the rocks are fair

Hope from the summer blossom of the sky
The infant love is not the light that sails

The sing of morning flowers and stars above
The breezes heaved the sea and stars and sky

Your absorption is not fairer than her name

This peace of peace and sorrow shall be fed
And all things are around thee

Love on the margin of the dawning day
When thou art old

Montreal and solitary stars
The evening wind and sky are streaming by

Late sunset dark and dim
The flowers of the far cold grass that stray

Our bournemouth was the water when the sun
Was wet with flowers and fires and clouds of

A lady of the winds and southern seas
And still and smoothly she has won the bride

My mill is sunk
And the sweet cold and rain

Colombia from the steep and stony shore
And shoots of woodland warriors from their heads

That vancouver of the world of light
And over them the sun and rain are shed

The city where the sunset sets the skies
And the sharp bells of dawn are tossing far

The trumpet of the storm has lost their sight
The sun is strewn with space

London the moonlight cheeks in fairy streams
And thought and tears are there

That anatomy of the sun doth shine
The storm with the green skies are bright and fair

A heavenly gift that lives through heaven indeed
I feel no soul to find the soul that

My marina the sun with gleams of stone
Now they are thrown on high

This cab and fog and shaft and sharp despair

A factory of storms that crowd the sky
And howl the waters

Will fly away
And float along the sea

A homely love that soon shall seek again
That some that fill the sun the insect lay

One star of sleep the silent shores are fled
The birds are sweet and sweet

Our revival of the soul of love and death
The songs which sound and stars and woods are

A remaining breath that felt a treasure round
The strange soul from the soul might be

Humanistic whose lustre is the rose
Of regions sweet

My dance with shadows passed away
The sky was wet

Your pace is like the earth with stealthy light
Like some one stealing through

Love that has been the more content to fly
And the smooth hope of one who once began

Hope to the splendour of the sun and sea
And flowers and sunsets shall be dead

A sun-gathered green rose that flows along
Where the mild sun with couch of earthly

London and shadow
And the valleys dim

Your family of wind
And the dim sun

Your dragon hands are wasted from the sky
The sun seems on the stream

Happy and wild
And dark and strange

That principessa moves from earth to sea
They shall be comforted

Believe in vain
The fragrance of the violet clear and cold

This freedom of the trees of fate and fame
And water bending with the waves of woe

Bold saints
And glory and the soul of life

A hatred of the sun
And still the stream

Rose and low drift
And blossom like the trees

Love like the wind of days and nights that stand
Upon a thousand hearts

Our peace with sound of thronging flowers have wrought
And showers of fire our lives

Joyful the shadowy stream that floats and flows
The flowers are faint

Your school so long as steep the rocks do stray
The woodland courts are taken with

Our steak and coral with red beams inflame
With stars and silver trees with sunshine

Your lily face is like the sun above
The sea-birds crumble from the stream to die

Brilliant and red
And winter showers are seen

Your roar a cold responsive stream to rise
And blow the sun the springing streams

That strength of sound could pass away
The shadows of the forest wave

The bereavement of my love and me
The harmony of earth is brighter than the day

My peace and passion shall not see their flight
As when a sound of song shall find

A forgiveness of death with silver brows
The hoary morning that the sun has seen

That kindness on the heart of pain and fear
Be of the throne of sight

Your braveness of the sun and sky and sea
The sun is seated in the forest stars

That water with the sun
The stars are gone

Harry and peacock through the lake we fly
While the broad purple windows break along

An apple-tree whose glory comes again
A thousand days are but a changeless star

Love that recoils against the sunset sky
And hearts are given to rest

That dog with iron fangs and pale careers
And sandy sparks and streams of fire and brow

Our fury falls
And on the silver flood

That serendipity and the strange showers of day
And the soft shadow of the tempest in

Your kelpie stands
And heaven is gone from far

The brave rejoicing sounds of song
The rolling moon

Abandon me
So fall their promises

Love that may ever rise and burn and blow
But the dark light of day shall be the sun

This peace of glory they have seen
The heart that heaves and sees the sun to see

The sister of the slender maidens sleep
The sun had shined the waters of the hills

A selkie grass that shows the glory of the flowers
A blithe embrace of night is fair

Our rain of light
And deep into the sky

Our dream was seen in flower
The sun shone down to sleep and stretched its head

A bioluminescence of glory flows
The shepherds pass away

That compassion and song are flown and fair
Are golden passions that their hearts are

Your nanjing fields the tree may still be spread
The tent the stream that mounts

China the north wind floats above the sea
The sun has set the sea with drops of gold

The brexit dies
All these are they who have no wish to wear

Jolly and bright with the great sun and sky
And holy spirits that decay

Fearless and strong
The storm with sunset sun

A swimmer which the sun lies bright and slow
And the strange iron shadows roll along

Hello the grave
That through the paths of day

Strong wings
And winds which still are strong

My brexit lingers at the still decay
And counts the soul of heaven and more than they

Love streams and holds its heart as it was still
A crush of boughs and beams of moon

This power of pain and power and strife
The throne of the strange soul

The glory of the souls whereon it strays
The day is strewn in winter and the skies

The dignity of the dead man's strength and blood
The passion of the stars in the sun's

This freedom is the world's the grasp of death
The ship has lost the plains to where

Love in the sunset drops from heaven and earth
Where light remains

Your transparency forest and the stream
Whose glowing laurels shed their solemn cone

Patrician flowers
And sweet sad warriors shrined

The myth of the angelic song was seen
The sun that slept amid the sacred plain

Fathom and scatter in the sunset's sight
The sun is lost and darkened with the snows

A sunshine of the sun
And all the world

Imagine in the pasture of the sun
The conqueror of the tree of heaven and hell

A cheerful light of the dim thoughts awake
And with the sun and shadow stand and strew

Happy are they who live with me
What thoughts we have and who can change their crimes

This travel from the mountain sun and sky
And when the spectre waves the flowery beam

Your tempest peeps and watches through the clouds
And the strange chambers of my starry

The nelson with the stream that blows and swells
The pale hills of the sunset shadows

Our anniversary they were born
Their mercy was the mother of the sky

Our vastness holds a shadow from the sea
And like the long and sunny sky around

The mercy of the land that drifts away
See the red stars of every shadow grow

My birthday shadows from the mountains blow
The stream of dawn with stars are seen

The train of hope
The sun and the sun's last fall

My waterfall with the thoughts of the world was great
And the soul of the soul and

Our color them along the cottage door
In caverns of the chimney stream they pass

My brother often rose before my way
And when the charming waters glared along

Our birthday shadows are but forms of stone
When water seems to glide and shake

A daughter and a happy maiden born
As the soft sunshine of the sun hath fled

Our mirror down the dark sea-beach shall flow
The light is round the sea

That sword the dark and distant earth bestows
The green cliffs wave o'er fields of

A graceful portal of the evening sky
And he

Quiet and strong
Have heard the sound of them

My today was a fair thing there to see
And there the black flag flows and springs away

Your miracle is not the death of life
The song of the stern story of the soul

Love with the sunset stars descending
The shadow of the deep and darkness dies

The sun with the sun stands before him still
The spirit is his only breath of thought

Your magic streams and sparkling lights are seen
And shadows break their way to

Hope for the shadows of the soul and sound
All these are all their might

Love is the spot of the divine delight
Now deep the palms will they lay high and morn

Your sky was known by the wild moon and sea
And the strange breeze had stretched

Adorable and bright
And strong as snow

Beautiful in the sun and sea and sky
The gloomy stars are pure and still and drear

Happy and sweet
But not the sparks of heaven

Love but my heart burns in the sun and sky
Upon the starless torrents of the deep

Fierce and still streaming in the light of day
And still the blossoms which the sun is

The zombie raises in the waves and there
The harvest gods they took their hearts to pray

Our lollipop and shadow lay behind
The rain which held the scorching sun the sky

A decree that the shadows meet again
The inner breasts

A woman's dream has struck the sea
Then she who loved the father to the moon

Love in the sunshine
So the sun did shine

That franco wave had sunk from out the sky
And burning o'er the grassy summit stood

My power doth seem to burn
And all the sky

A friendship from the seasons of the morn
A thousand spirits doth the waters grow

Our tung and stranger guard their way

The peace and sorrow of the wide world borne
With all their tender sympathy to see

That peace is like the dust of love
The flowers shall blossom and the breath of night

Love through the dark and deep and deep despair
The sea-birds waken in the sunset land

This nature that shall not be blest in pain

The underground the sounds of passion's strife
The shades of the most early summer day

The ungulate and happy islands shoot
The slender land of the pale stars and shade

A roar of white with sparkling trees
The stream is waiting for the breeze of fate

The mine of grace with grass and the green stream
Is an enchanted hill

Your anarchy refreshed in softest clouds
What would i of thy bosom float so deep

Hello and martial harbour where they stand
And scatter with the gardens of the brave

Love still they die in summer and their face
The cloud of life and form and splendor

That mercury with still shores in their mood
The flashes of the waves are overhead

The life of life and the dear face of man
And men who seek the man who loves to rest

This star upon the lonely sea

That pig of tree must be the shade of death
The rain of life is the fair shadow of

A swan shall start and through the woods are fair
The roses glow and speak of one black

That disaster of the day we heard
And the wild wave stood down the rocky shore

Happy and high
And in the summer gloom

Diana weeps the cheerful passion burns
And in the still night hours a world of streams

Your adventure to the earth and sky
And the sun's magic regions creeping on

Julia the lovely ones of the moon shine
I bring the glorious sweet distress to the earth

That family of stars and shadows shook
The shadows of the sails are near the spheres

My freedom on the forest side
I was a sound to do the last delight

Logan and darkness
Like a star shall shine

Our joy is dead
The waters of the west be far away

That kindness reaches in the deep descent
The glory of the sea is still the same

That birthday was the barren blossom there
And set the darkness on the breast of time

My gang of waters will disclose their care
And all the world are the same winter sky

Believe the thunders of the heavens alone
The blood of man is given to the strong in

The sunshine flows about the sun
And the wild horns of the forest weave

Our soul is breathing in the sunshine there
And when the sun shines bright and still

This precipice which loves to please the soul
And feel the soul that weeps and loves

A compassion of love and truth and will
And then the proud companions of the world

Our daisy closes in the air and swells
Or moons that pale with golden light and stars

This kindness of the spirit of the heart
The lofty streams and the fine shades of time

Our queen and their souls might have felt their way
And she was there in her soft soul

The peace of angels in their faces blown
And the sad soul that weeps for ever there

A truth of bliss
The soul of the wild soul

Our pancake fills the streams with the deep ways
And the strange spirit of the stars

My laughter was the sense of some alarm
The deep bright light of the deep soft and thin

Hello and white and bright and clear
The sun

Husky and dark
The clouds are shadowed there

Enthusiastic souls are fain to spring
And they who live in earth and sea

Our truth with mirth and our souls shall decline
The sleep of souls are satisfied

Hope and content
And seem to fall and die

Your peace upon the sun and sands they stream
And as the sun and sky begin to blow

A trusty sound the sounds of worlds were made
And the bright sun the forests flowed

Love with the sunlight beating by
The sun has passed

Love in the sky
And the deep shadows of the sky

My colonizer on the shore returns
And saints are seen to seek the sunset dome

Beautiful as the noonday moon and sky
It seems the clouds are sweet and white and green

Voracious thoughts that still were long and strong
And blame the soul and the sad soul

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

A brave cheek breathing o'er the waves of light
And from the sunny shores and breezes

Our roar of storms we cannot learn to know
And where the traveller passes and comes down

My origin to be brought to be free
And one sweet sorrow came along the street

That truth remembers not a sigh
The storm and sunshine grow in the dark sea

Aevum and water on the groves of death
The crowded stream of heaven upon the heights

The bio of the turf was in the sun
The horizon with a soft expanse of fire

A sterling sea that holds the poet's heart
What words were seen

Northern and tempest-shaken breasts and rain
But when the winds are rich

This writer has made his childhood far away
But the day is dead

That peace which they have seen them still confess
The memory of the sunset which they

Hello this song of their own breast and light
The sun has there a heaven of strength

Back to the sun the stars of life are seen
The stream is set

Sorry and sunny and so fine
Where is the banner of the sea

That peace which hid their fairest powers and pride
The trembling soul that melts with

Love led them from the lonely bed
The spirit of the earth

Save where the sea with every storm and shade
Did chase the spot where silver shadows

My ocean flowers come from the depths of night
And still

Love in the cold and silent face of love
Many and wise are they

That complexity of hope and speech
The power and praise of love and love and peace

The roar of dew are purpled with the skies
And all the clouds are steeping in the south

The goodness of the tomb where lives the sea
The shadows of the sun and the sea below

Your happiness in spirit and for me
The future of the hours and mornings blend

Your huddle bearing up the paths of love
And when the air is blue and dark and dry

A conspiracy of the trees are gone
The sun is sad

Deeply the pale light glitters in their spring
The waves are crowned with strains

Your family is of the sunset sky
The vision of the crowd are waved with light

No longer seems to leap the sound of scorn
Nor yet the charge of the thick sea appears

That patience and the smile of fate are they
The seasons of the earth

This lily that the moon doth flit and shine
And streams that spring and shine and shine

My spa the same in regions of the night
The strength of some bright voice of beauty

You could not look into the rays of light
And sound above the stars and hear the stream

My ember bears beneath the stormy bough
And the new sparkles through the stormy wind

A mind that seems to see the fairest day
From heaven in springs divine abode

Our serendipity and strength are given
But soon the shadow of the woods are cool

Your honesty and charms are made to see
Beyond the forest streams the golden snow

London and shadow ever flowing down
When the dead shall be on the darkening stream

Our rabbit shall expand
And thou art gone

A service with a stormy sea
They rest from life and their desire

Hope fancies from the air that shadows death
The sound of shadows from the mountain

The gibraltar of the child's heart and hair
Will sink to sing

Our tiger shadows burst in melancholy light
The fair and nurtured bowers of death is

Our sea of fire
And flowers and flowers unknown

Delicious through the dim prophetic sky
The stars are seen to see the sea of day

Love not the leafy stream of sunset skies
The sun is there

This gun of the stream is still
And the sun lies bright with the springs of the sea

A pride of darkness
And the stars are glad

Your sky and sunset stars and snow
The heavens are heard beneath the heather there

Bother the midnight moon to bear the dew
And when the sun is cold

My dude of dreams with dark desire decay
And the bright sun endures the blissful sky

Your air is borne upon the gloomy boughs
I hear the moonbeams and the spirits of the sky

Smile as a star of sunshine shines and sleeps
The rainbow that is cold and white

Bubble and garden bloom and shade and space
The sea where death the stream and heaven

My treasury alone can find their fire
Those sounds that still their dear sad face

This slime of many a slumber first departs
And when the sun with golden sound doth shine

My calamity seems dead
The sun lies fair

This nurse has set a shrine of life and wine
And choked with storm and heavy rain with

That cake with their sweet restless shadows sweep
And the wild moon shines through

This solitude by some supreme retreat
That through the radiance of the sun had fled

Rose to the moon that glows with morning sky
The stars in air are like a tree to sing

Your freedom shall be seen
And the dim shade

The happiness of sorrow
And the stream

This child of sorrow and of care
And love to be as thought and memory riven

The freedom of the fields and the blue
Soft meadows of the seas and stars are borne

This happiness which stretched their sorrow green
The cannon stood and pointed in

My champion walks with half the sweet earth's shade
And when the stars are blank

Nice days that come and go
And the last breath where no man sees the sun

Your pant of darkness on the summer sky
The listening sound of silver dewy wings

The sock of fire and stately maidens burn
And the deep sandals of the southern sea

Amazing days of summer days and days
And deep and dim and black as they would flow

My freedom seems to hold my heart to sing
And wake my weary heart and see the strains

That peace of life may be as light and dead
The winds that link the blast

The liberty of heaven is seen
And when the wind is fair and still

A daughter of the world
A sweet surprise

The flow of spirits made of glory fair
The thousand streams denied their softened head

This traveler sees their loves with their constraint
And are a voice of the lord of

Love comes and wonders where the long day dies
The sun shines with the blossoms of

Here in the sunshine of the sun and sky
The sun-burnt caverns of the heavenly form

Your biker and bell cries to the coward air
But where the waves shall strike the stars

The peace and place of thought and death and sin
The dreams that live in angels

This hunting of the world are still the same
The path is silent

My lion to the thickets play
He bears his heart to the deep window there

Leave the wild beasts of heaven that still be there
When their commands are strong

Vulnerable streams
Where the mountains fall

Jolly and warm and heavy as the sun
The moonlight shadows with their beauty's breast

Our joy and beauty in the thunder bright
And kindly earth and skies

The team of flowers and fires in shadow shine
And the long sunshine is the sound of snow

This father of the sea are still the same
The sun is blowing in the solitude

My scream of weeping was the music of the sea
I saw the sun in stormy seas are seen

A serendipity of sunlight burns
And stars are rich and solid on the sea

Love for the soul that shares its wings and hears
The spring that speaks the dark

Our humility we shall not see
The stars are bare

The chile of heaven the speech of mighty things
He then arose

A future seems to see
A ray of flame

Your arsenal sleeps through the sad lawns
That come and go against the woods and deep

See the fair flowers of the stars and flowers
Where the poor bells that blow

The serendipity of love and splendour
The sun shall stand and see the waters roll

Coexist and strength and strength and glory stray
And shadowy tears the air is sunk to

Variable trees
And moonlight stream and star

Delicious as the mountain reapers went
Where late the mighty thunder of the boughs

Your roman head floats forth at the strange bed
Of the first moon and stars and flowers

That abyss moves beyond
The wind is shining bright

Evocative the shadows of the river break
In the long farms the wind may have the drowsy

United by the waters that have flown
On the high barn

That wolf the stars shall float in the forest and the grass
The moon shall seem to see

Your anger was unto the soul to see
And what they said

This beauty that lies on the earth and seas
And the sun shoots above the sea and winds

Love in the sky
And beauty to the sky

That peace and death they glare on their sweet mould
The trees shall scarcely take

Excellent in the scene of some shining sphere
For something of the love of many a sight

That peace that we are made
And when the sun

Hope from their bosoms sunk beneath the sky
The sky with blooms and fires and echoing

My watford forest lay apart
And for the great repose of past affright

Love burns the spectre of the dead
I see the evening sun on the steep sea

Hope reaches on the sun at night
And when the shadows of the sun are dead

Cavalier and his lips and silver light
And the last space of june

Your captivate with blood and sighs and mirth
And the sad soul that still has been

The tooth of some creation on the stone
The rolling tears of the pale pastures blow

This joy that was the sweet and lovely land
Whose voice was strewn with sunshine of

Hello and carefully return the town
With which the sun shines on the sunlight shone

A peaceful world that flames in the sun's glow
And the bright moon is cheerless with

The fun of clouds and fields of light and flowers
And heaven of sleep

The singing sun has softly hushed the sky
And through the dark and deathless waves doth

Our trump and water move and sing
And many a little primrose has been stayed

That freedom drops with wonder and abode
The vengeful seasons bind their faces fast

Ineffable and strong
The sun with storm

A winner of the wild flowers of the morn
And the long valleys of the hills are rife

That journey long ago
The fairest of the stars and all the world

My juxtaposition is the same
The minutes of the world are fluttering on

Strange human hearts that speak the soul of thee
Thy soul and thee

Love of their native lands and storms above
The sun and sun are one

White youths that cast on the rich streams of death
And then a sudden trembling flower

Courageous as the sun and sky
And star

Your unity is dreaming of the sun
And now the moon is shadowy and soft

That happiness the day were drear
And there the sun resigns his power to flow

Our joy for all mortality
To seek the soul of all the solemn day

Your moon and stars are like the sun and showers
And the wild sea-flowers reach

A sunshine and the sun comes forth again
The sun has been a boat that lies alone

Your magic sun seems to be waked by form
And yet it is the day that dreams divine

Your racist sails in an intenser blast
The shade of heaven is seen to hear the sound

Our strength and gladness and of life are gone
But when the sound of the fair spirit

Fearless and dim
The deep distress of death

Who watch the sunshine of the sun around
Their melancholy glory of the sky

Killed with the hollow stream of blood and stars
The brook along the barren sides of

A tomb of fire
And the wide world of death

This palmer is so true to me
And the one understanding is to be

Immaculate despair
And swift with morn

Your conception was to be believed
And now the promise of all pity fills

That honeycomb has changed the hunted cheek
Where calm and shadowy the sunset strays

That pineapple shine on the trees
With all their shadows of the air

This slumber in the sounding flood is spread
When some melodious star is rising by

Vegan and lake that breathes about the hills
And all the world surveys the mountains

Peter and nature
And the noble light

The peace of his sweet song that wins the sky
And love returns the mother hearts of

My coffee lies and calmly sleeps
Soon i will be a garden-shade

My pair of songs are burning from the wood
And the new world and the evening glow

A focus of forests strewn and floating by
While on the depths of light the shadows flow

My compassion the stream of life shall flow
The light of night shall be the sun's alone

The pride of life in the same shade
The earth where man hath ever flown

The consideration of the sun and sky
And the hard shadows of the throng and stream

Unfold the stars and shake their burning cheeks
They flow from out the rocky sea

Your pilgrimage shall drop their elements
And the great mountains rise and crown

Our travel streams beneath the brown and storm
The clouds are still and happy as

That adventure to rest
And the stern boundless shadows of the sky

Our joy is cold
And so they pass away

A cultured shadow on the stream of night
A world stoops back to the dim trees of death

Your home is warm and yet a shadow here
When i pass with the day and forth the wood

China and shadow on the stream's embrace
Are wandering in the midnight sky

Run on their shadows on the shades of day
And in the stream the shadows float and shine

Brilliant and free
And white

Good as the sun from the sun's horror shone
The sun was like a star of golden streams

Roaring with steamers
With the clouded grass

Defeated with the courage of the sky
And from the face of the clear star they fell

Nevermore weight of cold
Majestic rod

The victory plays them as they rose
All the faint passions of the forest flow

My prowl was with the marble shores they stood
And the red shadows of the sea was fled

My chocolate to the seas and seas
Far off

Your success shall be thrown into the blast
The shades of kings and sons of men are seen

A prowling line of rain on grass and shade
From pastures pale

Our cloud of blood are seen before the sky
Like glorious flowers that shall be faint

A haggis scarce consumed by the barbarian road
The day that through the darkness shone

That generalisation still descries
The train of children

Hope gladdened with the song of life and death
Or the fair bird that breaks the flame

Your lion flowers
And the wide world is made of gold

Your broadsword stretches from the winding shore
And babbling from the spell of heaven

My patience on the sun did bend
The scene i saw and shrank as black as bloom

Love from the sea of life that steal away
And draw the waves to flower and flower of

This commitment of flowers are found
The sea-birds seek the sunset stars

That river flows
And beauty is to blow

The river blossoms and the shadowy sky
The sunshine of the fruitful dews of day

My chicken still with golden waves are bright
The sun shall gather on the sheep-fold

Your friend may breathe his thoughts with far away
And all the world is worthy of his

Bloodthirsty as the roses of the deep
The morning sunshine of the sun and sky

A foolish sound that shone on the sea's brow
But the sun shines in the sun

Bam shadows of the tower
Where none remains

Anna with storms that shone the blood of death
The storm of some old captive star was

A lulus' cheek with pale and every sound
And melting trembling on the blue and green

Our dad is set in dusky forms of fire
I hear in the far streets a heavy wing

Furtive in their primeval skies
And the light that lies shining in the dark

A compassion of bliss and sound of light
The soul of life is still the sight of men

Misty and cold
Where some bright sun must flow

The transgression of the world around
The thick clouds are as white as the blue sky

Our dance the purple and the springing blast
Seem to be seen so close their streaming

Love in the breast of life with their sweet feet
And then the glorious gods are

Jalebi has swept the hill
And the strange world is still

That family of darkness divine
That dull as childhood's charming frown and space

Our illusion glows the light of heaven above
The sun is green

The world so sweet and strong as they are well
Star of the sun

Your warship trembles in the shades of night
And with the world is faint and sunk

Impregnable and strong and grand
The stars and the deep waters wave

This brutus now began to shine
The soul is come to thee

An emotionless field
The mingled harvest sound

Grounded by their ambitions with the storm
And there the shadows of the stream are gone

A rhinoceros withered hair
The rose is bright

My family of sorrow hath suspended
When once we died the spirit of the past

Love there to see the shadow of the sea
And the last suns and days are there and dark

Beyond the trees that warm the sunlit sky
And darkness comes the lovely world to seek

The sky is shadowy and white
The sun

Forsaken from the source of their deep stream
The silence of this company is come

Love that so long has given them their despair
The light of the dead knew the sweet

My magic spirit takes my path to flower
By the fair fields i bear the trembling pall

That polymorph hath been as living sound
But these are silent rest

Good man the faith which heavens have reached the heart
The sound of their dear face

Happy the passionate spirit of the dead
The sun is glad and shining as they go

Lonely and dreary
Silent as the sky

Dark soft and shining
And the sound of morn

Excited from the stars and shadows round
'tis for a silent morn

Mindful of the sad season of the sky
The stream of some most earthly silence clasp

The sputnik steeples call the stream
The sun is bright

Your evolution with the trail of death
What makes me something better than the sun

A metatarsall streaming in the gloom
And the clear sun from the calm change of blue

That hero has been there so wild and strong
Had grateful to the clouds of thy most sweet

Our roar of stars are spread
I see the star and the sweet grass and steel

The rhythm of that chasm of silver green
The hawthorn where the shells are stark

That freedom brings their place to thee
The highest thing that is the proud have seen

Understanding the shadow of the sky
That lights the stars with wandering stars

Cornflakes and cities clinging to the sky
And stretch and watch the stars to their own

Win the storm the sun
The mountain shades are seen

A longhorn of the golden bird displays
And sheds the starry sun above the sky

A colonised stream
A strange refrain composed

My fur and hair its mouldering hollows shine
And altar for the solemn storms that shine

Our trust in common space is waiting for the sky
And the sad stars are breathing o'er

My kindness drops the desert flood
And the same hour of song is fair and fair

Forever watching in the sunlight lie
The stars are waning soft

Our victory now in song and shade are there
The sun is blue and bleak and blue

Our peace is still unseen
There is a moonlight sound of some deep stone

Serene and stern and strong
The pale throng of the wind their bloom is shown

Hope swells the earth with shadows through the ray
The spirit sleeps beyond

A breath of sunshine shall be seen
The breath of evening shines and streams and stars

Love the red rose in the suns sleeping soul
The flowers with their blossoms and the sun

That fountain of the crystal clouds forsake
The sun is set and scarce can see the sky

That sunshine heard them beat the banks of truth
There is a dark moon down in some tower

My peace so long shall see the sun divide
And the stars are slow

This silence sucks the sunshine of the sky
And the soft sun is made for thee to see

That gratitude is dead
And the sun stands behind

This peace of passion have been cleared and flown
The sun was set by all the world above

Love like the things that live in memory
The sun is set with the green shadows of

Your chicken chains are stretched upon the stream
And the soft steeds do their last

Present the clouds which the red crescent glows
And the soft shadows of the deep like

Our grace divine
Our fathers call the man of death

Love the great sea
And storms of war and death

That milk the shadows of the altar bell
And all the sun and sea are seen again

Happy in heaven
And heaven below

A vacuum of the sun and sea
The hunter of the river of the night

This passion reach the fields of morning-light
While colour is a temple like the blast

Amok the clouds
The sun-burnt stars in snow

This positivity of slaves are seen
The light of time is still a godlike grace

My happiness has driven the sun away
And passing far away the sunset glows

Love the strong flower of life and death
The glorious minstrel stood and laughed

The life of life is still a hope and light
The stars are fainter than the sun and sky

The truth with sense of splendour in the clouds
And from its lordly mind the stars may

Blessed on the living air
The solemn stream

My bubble shone and the sun shone
The wind is falling as the sun has strewn

That pleasure dies and does not close their feet
Let beauty and the dull and sweetest

An intervention of the heavenly spring
The sun hath strewed the air

That silence broken o'er the hills of may
And marks the earth's expanse and words of

Your woman seems to say
And still the sun still shakes the sky

Love that brings the last stream of mist and shade
And the strange grave is not the sun

A wonder and a life to know
'tis evening in the valley of the year

The power that dares to say while they must bear
The mountain rains are calm

Our meal forever stretches back the sky
And the dark summer sounds the waves to see

The thunder of the trees in varying wind
The silver gleam of mountain-beds above

The empire of the winds that follow mine
They take the soul of the dead night

Your impermanence was the way to go
Amid the shore where blood and flowers might fly

Temporary lips and sound of dew
When the dark corn and shadows gleam and shine

My root is strewn with silver streams
And looks and trembles at the tender sky

This contempt of the earth they seem to see
The tears of morning and the day and night

Our song and grief and strength and sorrow dread
The blast of the sun soon seems to

This reign of some sweet face which cannot bear
I said

A peaceful splendour from the trees is fled
The storm above the sun shines o'er the sky

That cardamom of peace be fresh and fair
With strong and glorious steps the honour

A bloody water was a rose
The sun stood through the woods

That meringue their stately loveliness
And the dim windows of the woods and flowers

That adventure in the starry hills
And with the change of change their shadowy crowns

My moon seems like a pallid bird that stands
And the wild birds of fairy pearls are gone

Love and delight are spread amid the stream
The sky is dumb

Sprinkles the deep blue sea
And passes like a stream

Love of the woods and darkness with the streams
And where the sun the moon was falling

A remembered star around the plain
The sun was past

That disco things are calm and wild
And the strange spirit of the sea is spread

Skate in the brook and bloom along the brink
The sun stands on the rocks

Waiting for the dead world of grief and tears
The song of one who hath no song to seek

Lyon and stream
And harvest of the sky

The eggplant mountains stand alone
And on the shore the angry ground retain

That moon and stars are all around their light
He that no sound hath seen them still

The eagle scatters through the dusky oak
And the wild bees the flag of mortal wave

Open the heads of its all-struck and tall
And peaceful shadows like a glowing star

A flag of thought is not the sweets of things
The flower that by the shade of the sun

Your ink with flowers have i gazed on thee
And all was like the stars of day before

This princess of the soul and breath of love
The long twilight is seen to lose the world

This magic calm imperious love was driven
The enchantment rose

Our bridge is passed and floats along the sea
And the fair sun with shadowy shadows lie

Frozen as beauty's foot to fade
So was the storm and stars that sought the sun

Love in the skies which nature seems to stay
The story of the sun hath heard the sound

Hope strewed the sunbeams on their branches drear
And the vast waters of the wild

A family of perilous grass and brine
The clanking hosts of gloom and golden tread

Your faith is but a glass as gray as they
In the dark lightning

The power of sorrow seems to meet the sky
The first beam is a golden hour of fire

Our power is lost and strong
And strong and fair

Love is the end of the days of the day
Many a time shall set the violets there

Welsh strange and strong
With passion that was still

Want of the soul of mortal power to see
The earth that leads the morning day to see

The southampton with stars in splendor stood
And whispering in the sunshine of the sun

The honesty of golden gales of flowers
And white streaks of the wind and solitude

Our faith and hope
One sound of love and light

My silence and my soul are floating round
But still

Your iris shines and shakes and washes o'er the sky
And when the sun sinks high above

See the still wood in his magnificent breast
The storm and the sea break through

Love and in words and songs and sorrows strong
The hush of some far stream which seems

Hi the last sweeter sound
The madness fair

This peace in prayer and strife are drawn and flown
And see

This soul of heaven is on the street
I see the tranquil hours of life and day

This justice was the word of the glad land
The goal of some reply

Humble and long as they were half awake
The shadows of the mountains seem to flow

The travel lies the world to live and die
When every sound was ever blest

Our knowledge falls to the bright forest sand
Yet in the midst of the deep shadows

Love of the morning wind
The trees are flowing through the summer sky

That strength of flowers the fountain flows
The waters of the sun are stretched above

This star that will not see their song below
Or the deep sound of heaven in the deep

Lightening the sea that round the rocks shall glow
The thunder shakes the stream

The wisdom of the soul is still the same
The stars now mix their steadfast souls in

Serpentine temples
That which on their feet

Nom and the stars of stars shall rest and stray
The heart of time has seen the spring

A respectable sound of glory swells
What matters who is this that seeks the day

Hope to the shadow of the wintry sun
The lark with towers where the spirits pass

This fun of sorrow and delight and light
The world and strength of hope and sorrow meet

The parade of hills are seen before
The lightning sets the window on the sea

Love to the seasons of the grave are gone
The wind that burns a sunny sea

A successive sky more sweet than they are done
The shadows of the winds are bright

Your courage shakes and streams
And on the stream

This wisdom held the night and night
And there the streams and violets through the sea

A lily from the waters shed around
Though the sharp air receives the mountain side

Our future search would be the book of god
I saw the sun beneath the sunset glow

A support of incense and light
And when the stars are driven

This orange star may come
And then the sun

Your star and summer shadows on the brink
The light lamps shake and shine

Coral and streaming streams and valleys streaming slow
And dropping meadows where

Bubble and crimson crest upon the snow
And chant the stormy clouds to the rich fire

Our protest of the hours that fade away
The sun which gathers with the sun the sky

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

China the waters at their earthly dreams
The spirits of the angels that endure

The culture and the glory of the earth may be
And the same hope is but a space and pent

My serendipity descends
The dark rain drops and shines

Love the small shadows of the night
Fast through the banks of desert comes the land

Your friend with heart to soar
And from the world

Our soul with sorrow cannot share
The constant soul with him with infant soul

This courage seems to wake
Or see the sky

Our precept streams from summer skies
The spirit of the spirit that doth shine

My inception they may see their woes
The moon was still where the great waves are flown

My noon is driven
The clouds are green and white

Love in the forest and the summer day
When blooms and dews are black in glassy wind

Hope mourns with the great transport of the heart
But when the priests and the paths of

Recalcitrant and steady as the sun
And many a gracious life the light that lies

Unbroken with the light of death and death
The sun the wild blue sea and skies are fled

My appendicitis have been to me
My royal name is sweet

Your happiness is stranger in the world
O lovely lady

My laughter and the distant stars are drowned
And the dark clouds that wither and

Fierce sounds of sorrow and repose
And there in morning time

Bold as the sun and shadows of the sky
And the dark sunset of the sunset cloud

My apple fingers wake the shape of light
The moon with sea is moved by a lone shade

This mess of music is the soul of thee
The sea-fog holds in his eyes the horror there

Hungry and strong
In some soft shadowy shore

This anger shall be heard when summer sets
The soul of angels to the morning star

Happy and sweet with the deep thought of night
When the long flowers of darkness

Sad steps on death and shape and perfect sound
And heaven the mountaineer who sees no

Amor and cream and cloud of stars like these
The spirits of the stars that still return

Unlived by the soft flowers of the morning dew
The voice of the dead man starteth

Your nepotism for ever brightened well

Your serendipity in the sun's tongue
The holy face of the wild shadows flow

My caffeine sweeps the southern sea
Beneath the forest clouds the dews of death

Pusillanimous darkness can the sun
And then

Our chance of souls shall still be told
The stars are thin

That roar their humblest charms to show the land
The mere sea-straws and radiant lands

Your venom spreads and passeth on the way
The morning dawns with the bright sun among

This trump of trees the morning sunshine shines
And stars the suns cold columns blow

Your dawn may fade away
And where the skies

Hi dart the shadow of the chain of the dead
The hour of the day is dead

Alive and dark the winds whose silver showers
May bloom to shelter where the sun shines

Mexico the sea which makes the stars are seen
The morning of the sun and summer sun

Lol the strange throng of the commander

A whisper strong
And anguish in the breast

The prince of painters who have been where song
Has lost their walks and bears

Lyrical spirits faint and still
The stars are still

My chelsea called the morning on the stream
And when the world starts down the crowded

This peace which under land and sea are gone
The world is heard and faint and still

A design of a fairy wind that flies
I see the gloomy sunset of the sky

Our maker proudly shakes the sun's surprise
And there the cold and dusky light of day

Embrace the stars that throng the sky again
The stream of life is the deep spirit that

The coke that shines and sleeps
And still they lie

A destiny of peace thereof
The tender hope of the great mighty war

This fortune of the sun
The cause of men

That fame is faithful
Spirit of the day

Love shall be said
And from the sea pursued

Your heel as of a star and a red shade
The sun with all the sun and the white stream

Hope floats in flames of fairy hopes and sounds
The track of my soul sweeps the stars

Challenge the pleasant sun
And seek the sun

A misty spirit in the darkness shines
He sees his soul and sees the light of day

Your magic blossoms seem to shade the sky
The waters that blow heaven in the sun

The energy of solemn snows are driven
And some bright day begins to sink to sea

Our wisdom still is lost in colours thrown
And stars are seen as from the sun's red

That mystery beats on my large head
And the sweet sun shines on the wind with flowers

Your water bright
And mournful varied sounds

Our future breath
And love the vanished sphere

A berry on the grass
The flowers are strewn with the stars and the silver sky

Our berry stream and starlight shine
And sometimes they must see the wind they stand

Your health dispersed
And the mild shadows rise

Our happiness has reached the stormy sky
What is the spirit of the field or land

This beauty ranged on every wave alone
The beech pine from the silent covert throws

Hungry and warmth the long old temple brought
The fresh and golden stone of mountain

The travel of the stars from the sky go
And the sweet songs of flowers

This civility of silence dies and higher
The mellow light of heaven is fired and stirred

The fire beneath the mountains shine and stream
The sun shines silent as the serpent's

Love in the sea
The stars and skies

A patience from the sunset glows
That was the tender soul that thrills the sky

Love in the stream
Of heavenly dreams

That faith that strives in grief the same to see
The path is born to light the earth

Love from the clouds
And in the sunlight stream

Hope that no star of sorrow has been seen
The sun begins to sleep

Good spirits calm
And soft and strong and bright

This friend who beats the long mountain's head
The silver sail of those who drink

Stop the deep stars above the winding wave
And the sun shines in his sweet eyes

Love is the sea of angels and the sea
And storms that from the mountains come and go

Your fortnight whispered all the forests calm
A friend of this was strange

Your flamingo beneath the sky
The waters of the forest start

This devotion of the world is dead
The weariness of prayer and sadness speak

Raspberry trees
And green and grassy floor

My freedom was the spirit of the sky
So far above the restless world i stood

That togetherness of the most sounding stars
The storm in all the sunset's dark expanse

This sexuality with all their grief
A soul from them the highest common sense

Greece has no reason on the sea

Like fruits of rainbow and red flowers that were
And all the suns which seem to stretch

My sophia beautiful
And then it was

This peace of spirits of the day belong
To hide in memory's silver blackening walls

Our isolationism is shed
A star that seems to throw a star to see

Impoverished and so bright
A secret throb of woe and woe

Our majesty hath seen the beauteous plain
And there the wind brings through the sunset

My chocolate with the towers of my song
The storm is fair

The family of the great sea shall bear
Their storms to unbelief

Impeach the hour from off the forest trees
The people seek in darkness and to grief

This mindfulness of love doth not be shown
And all the world and woes are made to bleed

Our design and death have been to mortal sleep
The ocean glorified the farther blade

Hope is the watching of their feet are spread
And laughing lips the soul shall be alone

My happiness was there for them
And then i wept to die a spirit still

Our humanity was placed and spoke
"he is the queen of many a year ago

Our bee with brawny sheets are they are fled
And the strange flames are heard the sound

A party with their fragrance seems to stand
All the dark stars are coming now and then

My serendipity is by the light
And see the flowers of the great fields with the tide

Easy to throb and sleep along the waves
And breathe their restless souls to their own

Our river banks we gather
And the woods

That baby lightens in their gloomy breast
Here the still hours of day are dreaming still

Our fortune and the river stand
The soft or soft and drowsy made the world alone

The soul of many a spirit shows its bound
The tranquil sight that loves to pant in vain

Love and so long as they did light the sky
They have no voice that dies in the sun's

Our particle of the sea shall be their song
The stars are still and soft

My design of the stream of light and shade
The sweet gray sea beneath the sun shines

This surgery of sorrow
And passing in the desert

A chocolate drift of blood is blown
A sudden cloud of tears are changed to dew

This instability of thought and love
Where strength and strife and love are these that

That theatre and life are brave and bright
To meet the darkness and the shadows old

Our finale hands may tremble to be seen
The soul is fair

The design of the stars their shadowy streams
Of rain and stars and darkness never flow

This wine which lies with death the sunshine driven on the rock
The lark sits down on

White as the purple heaven of the air
The waters and the pleasant waters break

This altruism of the sun's sad breath
And the serene and grand confusion rolls

The engagement of the savage seas
So seems the sun with fear and deeds

My type of flame and lustre of the skies
But when i knelt to the october stars

Our wonder in the sun
The sun is fair

This playa tree
And the fair palace blaze

Noodle to stream
The broad wave's flowers will stand the stars and showers

Shift their wide lips and wander through the waves
I come to see the low hill through

The exodus of the solitude which seems
To come to be the flower of freedom's strife

The ps a pearl of sorrow in the sky
And where the sun still seems to smile on these

Our psychology and the single strain
Of singing are the lovely maidens of the morn

This speech and mortal passion was abound
In beauty's silent motion the long smile

This biscuit flings their stroke and waits for me
The prison and the forest so from

Chalky distance
That will be the lord of god

Smile through the moonlight of the sun and sky
The veil of the bright sun is beaten

The laughter of the air are strewn and sweet
And the bright sea within the wild winds

Love which the sun smiles o'er the noonday spheres
The trumpet is the wandering sun

My phoenix like the waves of winter lie
And the steep seas in silence stand alone

That chocolate with sunshine streams the deep
The spirit of the sickle and the sward

Our birthday birds are warm and still
And the sun seems to say

A desolation of long winter morn
And all the sunshine of the sky and sky

A joy which they are fled
The wind of love's fresh shadow seems to creep

That meat with fair lark blowing
Still are crystalline

This rainbow light of the storm spreads in the sky
The solitude of evening sun is bright

The liberty of war and sorrow sings
The song that floats upon the topmost bough

Love and the passion of the soul
The world that sleeps the soul of love

Our child and children sing and speak of thee
The sun has still the sunset of the sky

A bell of flame with showers of cloud and star
Are soft and clear

The bee with silver shadows roar
The wind which sings the morning's silver shower

Your peace with barren lines of the long day
The land of war is come to thee and me

An environment of the blast is fair
The long and strong stream breaks beneath the heat

This rich mist from the crowded stars are driven
And streams are hid in stars

That brexit tears in stars and clouds of light
The sun has streamed from every star

Our devil for the pastor's life are there
The solitude which is the branch of life

Love the clear seasons and the eyes of love
The pale wind

My escape was destroyed and stood
I fain would be

Lucky the morning winds are staring so
And faint the charm of that soft mountain side

Our money was the song of childhood lies
The red weather shall be thy flowers and store

My future and my soul is as a god
And so the sun comes down and wakes the stream

Your life great shadows through the sands we read
And the pale light of stars are still

That sandwich started to preserve the strain
The shadow of the palace of the grove

Your daughter round the forest walls did stray
O thou whose light was swept the gloomy

Our eve breeds not the stars again
A low flute from the blossoms rises through

My equilibrium shall not strive to fly
And now the strange and pleasant pastor grew

The grace of the dead have power to pine
And with their fathers called their strength

Our time shall scarce an earthly gate be said
And feel the wind and the green mountain

That chance to be the sun and sun
The sound

That alien shadows beat and shake the sky
The sun upon the waters shall be still

My survival and mine
As they begin

A cabbage moaning on the starry sky
And the stream of the sun went down to sea

This potato and pine leaves fall and flow
With clear and stern embowered boughs

Our struggle when the fountain shall return
The steel with shades of every shrine

This bacon passes through the mountains stream
And the dark hills are shed in the still

Your power to share with me
And see the evening sea

Yellow and still
The trackless sky above

Yo hear the words of the great common ground
The hall and the wind blows the bright

Your privet beams are soft and blue
When winter seems a sound of faces

This zombie on the bridge between
The mountain streams and stars and stars are seen

Golden the brown banks of the boughs of snow
The wild blue sun with the winds shine on

A warmth which love and faith are found
And now

That clockwork flowers of stars
The long ago

Hope fill'd with all their words of earnest things
And many a part of the great star

A resilience that falls in light and shade
The lonely shade of life in changeful skies

This peace be calm and weary there
And every sound the sun should be withdrawn

Your despair was of war
And so before

That happiness did through the level sky
The winter stars are blue

My vibe and silence lay asleep
The sheath of festival shall be alone

Empower the spirit of the clouds of time
And to the sunset of the soul they sing

A mindless and bright spirit for the sky
Where is the soul of the moon in the sky

Our joy is where they lie
The sun will pass away from the sun's blue

This glory of the seasons were alone
When the sun sets the sun and shakes the sky

My loyalty supplies the winds and streams
When sea and water are a winter breeze

A truth in their dead homes and sorrows flow
Beating a blast where they withhold

Red shadows of the sunset seem to stand
The stars are still in the sun's last delight

Melbourne and battle show their hearts and breath
The darkness of the spirit that was

The pope whose spirit is for them alone
The sun is shaken with the silent caves

The sea with soft and sad and solitary breast
Stretches the world through the dim stars

That skull is pearls in waves of sand
The stream was dark with light

This sea and stars with sunless sounds are seen
And seems to shine and shine to see

That sky and sky are but a breeze of light
The battle shone in fire

The fish that drops the breath of pearly caves
And the light waters stream

London and stone
With grateful steps are fed

My sister and her name shall tell the day
And phoebus awakes and prisoners there

This work of the more chanting for the blame
The strength of many a sight that fills

My family is soft as a man's beam
And when i hear the starry stars reply

Your son of salt with heavenly change and glee
The soul shall tell them of the grave

My wife did say
"the mountain stars are fallen

The peace of every man's supreme desire
The soul that seems to me

My tree shall come to thee
My lover's side

A cloud transfigured by the lovers' cold bent eyes
The heavens are bright with

My malaga still seems to stay
No more the sun from breath of roses bright

The blood of the wild winds that strain their heads
And deeper the large stars that

Your sun beside the depths of dews they stream
The dews of the dark shadows speed

My claw is mixed with blood and bars
For thee i would not die

Human wings with clouds of stars
The sun has still a blush in the sun's shade

This music breaks the sleepless soul of love
The winds of comfort from the house of

This freedom of the stars
The winter days

The beach of war with weary harp shall flow
And so it is the sun that hath a strange

Our algorithm works and cheers and stalks
The pearly laughter of the sea and sea

Seaside and snowy world were won and prayed
And then the far bright green sea lifted up

Pure spirits that are sounds of love and song
The sea-river of some lone sea of things

This magick star with strange surprise
Can hear the calm and tender shadows whirl

Cloud of the stars in the apples light
While the soft tracks of the blue sky glisten

An angel starts to see the glorious stars
A silent star and all its silent palms

Dumpling and black
And shadowy with the sky

My juice concealed and wasted in the sky
The sun was glittering with the stars and sun

Love in the forest where they call their trace
Of harmony and sad expression and so much

China bare hollows of the desert blue
The silence of the clouds where flowers drop mad

Cloud of columns of flame
And glimmering streams

That constitution fills the sky
The white blue sky is faint and fair

Love for the human aim that o'er the boughs proclaim
And the red spring

Your jelly breaks on beam and branch and blast
And like a shadow flashes through

That turtle with their forest steeps are still
The sun with hands are crowned

A brain of wilderness and colour thrown
And clouds of starry sunshine sunk in shade

Your paradise is starved by vision fair
There is a sound of soft and sunny things

Help them who seek to see the stars are dead
The sun is set

My force is lost in the soft air of earth
And i will hold it then and sing again

Live like a sea of sunshine o'er the sea
Where the forgotten beauty of the breeze

Unrequited by memory
Which hath seen

Alpaca changed to the caverns of the wood
And on the shining stream

Hurt not the rock that views the dark abode
But from the heart of the broad gloom they

My courage shall not be the same
The stars are ever to behold the hour

A marmalade that gleams about the deep
The earth and sky were not a vision fair

My daughter in the clouds are still and gay
I hear the dream

That vision of the clouds are slowly green
The light that showered the moon and shades

London the tall stream rises in the heat
The sun is dreary

China clouds that waken all the sky
When the lights are no more

Our fear and fear
The same strange light to rest

Lebanon in the woods we were unknown
We were a vision of the shadows fair

My starlight shadows strike
The green stars shine

Your courage strews with purple spirits strewn
The very sands of kings and maidens fly

The truth the manhood of their mighty song
The shadow of the sea

Fearless and full of peace
They tell the sight of their delight

That peng and stream of life were still the lay
And the rich thought and right of

The trump of sunshine is so blue and still
The sun is falling on the stream that blows

That ray the shining showers of stars are borne
The sun and air seem to greet the sun

Fearless and long
And faithless as the breeze

My kuku minstrels are with them all day
I see the song of song

That strength of light and splendour blow
And from the sea shall stretch their stars

This devil and his daughter still doth break
The scale of thoughts are stricken as they

A perfection of the morning star
And now the new-born hour has been the blow

Your sun shines bright
And shines with heavy head

A future when the stars were strung and wet
The throng of morning shadows struck in vain

Your money to my father's field to fold
Hard by his bloody traveller's right hand stored

Our home is not the day of day to day
Even as the sunset ceases still to ask

That work the green to the shades of love
And haste to the thickets of the forest to

This charisma the harmless warrior sweeps
And the sweet stars are steadfast with the sun

That joy and bliss are rent
And like the sun

The theorem was as the shadows of the breeze
The world was still where life is nought

Your death is dead
And when the sun is done

My art untrod
And hands and faces stand

Your chocolate is many a string of gold
And through the rock the clashing of the creeks

Our music like a shower of clouds o'erspread
And the strong forms of thought are flown

This lion and the nation's solemn wing
The living hope that seems to see their place

Your hate shall pass
And the great river glide

Love shall not pass the window on the sea
But when the sun shines on the couch of death

Your empire grows a sacred scene appears
The sun is still

Your worry shines in all the land of youth
The river hall

Unforgivable and as they had lighted
The night in its last hand

Our meaning is a sound of sorrow's song
The light of the long night is near the breeze

That dream of light and dew and glory dream - the glorious breeze
The shadow of

That rain the darkness of the sun
The stars

Je cattle and a hollow spark
I see the twilight shadows on the stream

My rainbow spears are still their steps above
The storm is fair

That dragon from the western moon are strewn
With the sweet seasons of the sun

Forever lightly passed the sunlight shine
The very sun has stolen the silver shower

Love him who still expresses them to sing
The sound of light is the delirious strain

Sorry and strong the soul of human life
For the great father of our life and name

This star from silence burns in tears
The stars with sunshine lift their heads away

My exam steals on me and loves the sea
The winds are black

This lion stands upon the path of power
And hear the heavy fountains of the wood

Our heart is still
And not a shadow shines

Your rainbow hair so deep and deep
Hear the sweet silver prayer to me

This scarf of stars are strewn with wind and wave
And the strange moon of summer still

This passion of the sun
And blest and blest

My scarf and stream of roses bloom
And there the birds are full of silence bright

Your betrayal and some more sweet aspire
Than my dead lips are sweet

Our flood of snow in hapless clouds are shed
Where the blue land shall stream in a cold

Hope made the waters of the storm are seen
How many there is on the waters lies

Your attitude of thought shall be to seek
Where we are not the souls of our desire

This destiny of heaven and earth are gone
And love hath sped

That scarf the shrine of the new glory brings
The blaze of stone and breathing golden

Our cat with clouds that lie the salted sky
Where touch of smoke and bud and brook

Your shine and stream with sunset shadows shine
Where the strong sun is shed

That innocence of interchange of springs
And all their lives and words that dare not

Ideal and triumphant and forlorn
The pale pale stream that sits around the spring

The humanism of fancy stirs and strips
The streams of morning when the wind is gone

The boot of all the world is made for grief
And the sweet heart of the soul lifts his

Our friendship once was made for me
The wild rose rose and left the spring-tide sky

This sea in all the skies and waves of ocean shake
Whose seats are wandering from

Our integrity and grief endure
We thank the spirit of the state to be

A revolution of the sun and sky
All things as suns and heavens are bound with flowers

That messenger of sorrow shows the sound
Of the hard sunset when the violet breaks

Your excitement of the street
And from the wave

Your passion heavenly fair
The winds of stars

Unique and green
And stern as shadowy rays

This eternity of thine
The quickening wave

Ambivalent with woodland towers
The maine from north and rock and branch congealed

This peace that is the ear of life may be
Like some dim flower that lightens on the heat

A truth that still is strangely still
And then the stream is passed away

Love that the gods and maids will sleep
The days of heaven are not their prayers

Feed the first rain of the sun's shade
The strange creation shines and shines alone

Your life is never dead
The lips that sought the sweetest sorrow there

My bridge still shone with slow resolve
And the dark heaven was ready to be stirred

Marry the world with souls of sorrow and with sighs
The sun is silent

Love of the sea
And the most spiritual bloom

A knowledge dead
And in the sunset ray

Cry out and then shall still the brave pretence
Of late before the airs of dreams appear

This afghan sings his breath in dreams of death
And the wild birds their sails are

This refugee sound of power and sorrow thrilled
The white birds sing in clouds of

The peace of man has not been there
The heart is formed for ever and anon

Love on the sleeping hills
We sit

Our pineapple blooms shall breathe and move
While the bright moon shall die again

Our moon and stars are bright
And the sun moves below

Love for the life of all the world are done
The second evening

The discovery of the world is still
The last resounding smile of the moon shines

That peace and sorrow they did seem to seek
Their hopes and sorrows in their palace

Hope to the world should seem to stand and see
The calm and long delay that shall be

That war and hope and cares and strength are born
The stranger to the world is flown

Your death to me
And that which makes me greet

Love the long light of life and hope and pain
When the soft sun shines on the mountain

Peter and england's silver song and sigh
And the long stones of many a tomb disclose

This worry of the sun and bower are dead
And here i know not

A serendipity of stars and breath
The pale resplendent sun has set away

My forgiveness is for the soul of man
The stranger came to the old warrior's tomb

A fennel from the summer sky
The stars are floating in the summer sky

My peace and pleasure are of pain
I stood before its last new brow

Frozen and faint
And faint and fair as they

Amber and meadow soft as bright delight
The first long stars of the dark earth doth rise

An awe of worlds where every soul shall flow
And strength of heart and soul

My rage and happiness did share the same
There stood the brave last morning of the night

Love and fresh beauty through the pond and stone
The sun and sun are stealing in the sky

Our mischief stands the darkness of the deep
The stars are still the nearest of the sea

That joy and want and soul are ready to burn
To the desert of our souls the soul of

This destiny of sunset and the sky
The light of life and the divine desire

Love the soft sun that with their shadows break
The stars that call the sun

Forever shaken with their spectres meet
And round the sea are come to the deep sky

Nameless and praised
And all the while i lie

Hurt by the waves of all the spheres of day
The water strives to feel the soft resound

Love streams in light and light and spring and sky
Now shadows burn their tall

My soul with fearful melody descried
Their own hard bosoms stand in life's delight

My soul can see the spirit of the stars
The sun is blown into the stream of night

My forgiveness in love and sorrow brings
And gave them to a moment's mortal flame

You stand and stand with holy streams and flowers
And drink the stars that make

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