The UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Partnership

Who we are and what we do

AIDS Quilt 41 (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Who we are

The UK AIDS Memorial Quilt partnership is a consortium of seven HIV charities working on behalf of the HIV voluntary and community sector in the UK to conserve the Memorial Quilt and make it available for public viewing for as large an audience as possible.

St. John's Waterloo 2AIDS Quilt UK

The partner charities

George House Trust
Positive East
Positively UK
The Food Chain
The Terrence Higgins Trust
Waverley Care

Food ChainAIDS Quilt UK

The Food Chain

The Food Chain ensures people living with HIV in London can access the nutrition they need to get well, stay well and lead healthy, independent lives. We deliver meals and groceries, offer cookery and nutrition classes and communal eating opportunities to people living with HIV.


George House Trust

George House Trust’s vision is for a world where HIV holds no one back. We provide a range of information, advice, services and support to people living with HIV so that they can live healthy and confidently.

THT logoAIDS Quilt UK

Terrence Higgins Trust

Terrence Higgins Trust is at the forefront of the fight against HIV and improving the nation’s sexual health. We are working towards a future free of HIV transmissions and where everyone has good sexual health.

Sahir Logo editAIDS Quilt UK


Sahir is a proud and vibrant Merseyside-based charity, empowering and flying the flag for our LGBTQIA+ communities and supporting people living with HIV.

Waverley Care LogoAIDS Quilt UK

Waverley Care

Waverley Care is Scotland’s leading HIV and hepatitis C charity, and everything we do is guided by the experiences of the people we work with. Our vision is for a Scotland living with or at risk of HIV can expect to be treated with acceptance, support and respect. 


Positively UK

Positively UK is a charity ran for and by individuals living with HIV. Our mission is to empower, support, and advocate for the rights of people living with HIV, breaking down stigma and ensuring access to quality care. HIV does not have to limit your life.

PE logo profileAIDS Quilt UK

Positive East

Positive East helps people living with HIV in London. We provide free HIV testing, counselling and support, housing and benefits advice as well as health and wellbeing programmes, and volunteering opportunities. Our aim is to help people with HIV to live full, productive lives.

Quilt section WHAIDS Quilt UK

What We Do

The partnership continues the tradition of remembrance and celebration of the lives lost to HIV in the past and today. We work to reduce HIV related stigma through public displays, discussion and activities.

Every time  a Quilt panel is displayed, it creates a platform for the voices of people living with HIV today. 
Our long-term aim is to find a permanent home for the Quilt panels where they may be cared for and made available for exhibition across the UK in the future.

People and ParliamentAIDS Quilt UK

Westminster Hall November 2017

To commemorate 30 years of HIV and AIDS a selection of Quilts were displayed in Westminster Hall.

Westminster Hall Display3, From the collection of: AIDS Quilt UK
Quilts in display in Westminster Hall, From the collection of: AIDS Quilt UK
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A panel 'In memory of all the lost futures' (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

About the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt

The UK Aids Memorial Quilt is a precious artefact. Each of the panels commemorates lives lost to the Aids epidemic during the 1980s and 90s.It is a public naming of the names of loved ones lost, and a memorial for the many who went unnamed too.

A panel 'For All Those Affected by AIDS' (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

The UK quilt is part of an international movement  to raise awareness of the impact of the Aids epidemic and ensure that these lives would never be forgotten. It is a reminder that HIV is still with us and that lives are still lost.

A panel for Fiona Johnson, 1989/1996, From the collection of: AIDS Quilt UK
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The UK Quilt contains 42 twelve foot by twelve foot large blocks, each comprising up to 8 smaller panels. 

A Quilt for the London Lighthouse, 1989/1996, From the collection of: AIDS Quilt UK
AIDS Quilt 2, 1989/1996, From the collection of: AIDS Quilt UK
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Lives remembered include the writer, Bruce Chatwin;  the actors, Ian Charleson and Denham Elliot; gay rights activist, Mark Ashton; artist Keith Haring; ice skater John Curry, the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and singer Freddie Mercury, along with the hundreds of others.

Westminster Hall Display 1, From the collection of: AIDS Quilt UK
A panel commemorating the Quilts Project, 1989/1996, From the collection of: AIDS Quilt UK
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Along with the panels, the collection includes testimonials, photos, and personal documents that tell the story behind many of the lives represented. Approximately 384 people from all around the UK are commemorated here.  There are also panels commemorating the many people who's family wished them to remain anonymous

If you would like to support the work of the Partnership in any way, please contact

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