Starting the Year in Vietnam

Hai Tang Pagoda, Cham Island by Tran Tuan VietQuang Binh Tourism Department

1. Visiting Pagoda and Temples in respect to the ancestors

When the spring is coming, many Vietnamese go to the pagodas and temples to pray for health, peace and happiness. 

The Mieu Temple, the view from the Pavilion of SplendorQuang Binh Tourism Department

2. Admiring palaces architecture...

The "one poem and one picture" decoration in Thai Hoa palaceQuang Binh Tourism Department

...and its architectural features covered in poetry.

Did you know that Hue has a unique tradition on covering palaces and tombs with poetry? Leaders in Hue has generations of literary tradition like no other can be seen in the world. 

A mirror-painting picture of emperor Thieu Tri by Tran Tuan VietQuang Binh Tourism Department

Selling flower lanterns in Hoi An 2 by Tran Tuan VietQuang Binh Tourism Department

3. Build your own lantern ...

Releasing flower lantern on Hoai River by Tran Tuan VietQuang Binh Tourism Department

and go to Lantern Festival.

Vietnamese always believe that the full moon is a significant time in the lunar month. Hoi An Lantern Festival is full of colorful lanterns that are lit with candles and placed on the Hoai River with a wish for happiness, luck, and love. 

A Vietnamese lady wearing the poem conical hatQuang Binh Tourism Department

4. Dressing up in Áo dài

Áo dài  is a Vietnamese national clothing set, worn by both sexes but now most commonly worn by women. In its current form, it is a long, split tunic dress worn over trousers. Áo translates as shirt Dài means "long".

Meridian GateQuang Binh Tourism Department

Traditional 'non la' in the middle of Hoi AnQuang Binh Tourism Department

5. Don't forget your conical hat !

The conical hats is called nón lá  will keep you cool while strolling around your favorite place in Vietnam. 

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