The Lion's Roar: 19th September

What did the lion say today?

By Google Arts & Culture

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

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Our courage lies as weary of the sea
Our shadows in the waters were to meet

This humanity that falls and flies
Strange shadows of the night

That aspiration of their flight is born
And stretched on some bright light their crags

That struggle to the silent sky
And the soft sea with sunshine flows and stirs

The chess shall not endure the light of night
And there the stars are whitening on

Hope seems the shadow of the spirit's chime
The morning's silence is without a sigh

Loneliness has all this one can roam

Grow low and still and strong
The sun shone on the southern sea

My question would have seen the winter moon
And the bright sun had made the beeches

Hello of the seasons of the sun
I see the heavens of laughter through the sky

My bubble burns
And on the thicket stream

That roar on the steep banks of brooklyn hills
And the moss gleams and runs and drives

Exquisite things that shake the stars away
By the stern shadow of the sun they stand

Sticky with countless dreams
The solemn strain

No more the dawn of life is o'er the sky
The moon is sunk in the wind's last repose

Moist with the sun and sun
And the snow dark

No more the leaf of tempest lies alone
No more the shadow of the ruins fall

No more the wild winds on the seas are spread
The sun is scattered as the dawn begins

Your royalty hath still my fate
Ye who are here the fatal throng of life

Tilted and showered o'er the ground with signs
And to the forest shadows were subdued

Fluffy and strong in the strong sun below
And the dead trees are moving through the sky

Sticky and strong
And high and tall

Joe to the blood of the high gloom did sing
And the long light seemed shadow of the sea

Succ and strength from the still dark waves play
I see the water streaming o'er the sky

Salty and soft and soft and sweet
The moon is silent as the sun shall be

Succ as the morning star along the sun
The salt and silver star of evening shines

Lit on the hills the winter winds retire
And there the land of singing children roll

Lit with the sun the sunset's shadowy stream
And looks in earth and stars the free

Our gallantry of silver in the sky
The sun and stars were trampled to the sky

That love the spirit of the sky
For the stars are the days of old

Compassion through the shadow of the stars
The morning sun

A warmth and love that fade along the sky
The sun

This stability of sunshine flows
And the bright streams of morning bear the soul

A respect of the dark mid-night below
And the old charms of the sun's human heart

This munchkin of the meadows
And the shore

My shark beats with their strangers to the skies
The village stands on his dead grave

Vigorous eyes of glory that we may
The torrent leaves the shadow of the sea

London and stream the stream with beauty strews
The sun still waves the sun

London and sea that leap to rock and sea
For they are proud of their red eyes

Enchanting sun
And stars and stars and stars

Our magnificence and their souls begun
To look upon the spirit's first abode

That brilliance on the threshold of the sky
The wild sea-shadows of the spring are wan

My enlightenment shall be the greatest hand
The bright and dark remembering of the sky

Regency creeping o'er the steep of day
The waters cling to the soft blue of day

Our glory is the shadow of the sky
And soft as the shadows of the sun and sky

My humbleness is stretched from regions to the ground
The stranger stretches on

That grandeur through the stream they stand
In the wild water where the stars are brown

Resplendent streams that swell the stars above
On the still shadow of the sun the sky

Magical throngs and fires of endless things
The soul of pure and spiritual ray

Elegant through the rainy heavens they roam
And count them in the shady grove of

A mumble of the sun
Whose dark spray shone

Lonely and humbled by the breath of death
And sounds and shadows of the sunlight fair

A spectacle of terror in the skies
Where every spirit with the sun and sky

Vermeil and glory stretched upon the stream
The human soul

This public storm that shall be fraught with fire
The sun that shoots and shines about

Excreta many a sunlit star in sight
The tall river of the world shall fill the sky

This freedom of the land and from the sea
And the wild winds are darkened with the sun

My fluorescence of sorrow is the heart
And the dread spirits of the field have strove

That reverberation of the woods have found
The darkness of the day

Your mystery shall be the same delight

Fight like the fog
And start the farther bough

That ocean flows
And falls and glides along

Your fall is faded from the constant hour
And there are towers of phantoms

Exciting many a sight
The sound of heaven

This hitch the waters of the roofs of space
The tide of years behind the world did ride

My frog and world may reach my heart in woe
The changeful waters of the world is flown

This iceberg sees the spirit of the hills
The sun shoots on the stream

Your heaven is made for human hearts to snatch the sun
Rapture and sweetness spring to

Champion of the homeward couch
The breath of evening

Your inspire all the world with shadows flow
But ah

Eloquent but a dream of love and love
And thus the flowers and seas are strewn with gold

Charlton and sea
And hallowed bones of blood

Our triskaidekaphobia is the god
And in the midnight glory of the sky

That king and meadow rolls the stream away
The stormy waters roll along the sun

Saturated with the mountain's side
And the gay flowers that through the west did shine

The splendor of the sun and shadow lie
And the still moon is clouded with the spring

My colonialism with silent flame
Shoots on the stream that strews the sunset plain

That autumn yearned in his cold silence on his way
And so he would not stir his hands

Your despair in the morning drops the stream
The shadow of the stars is strewn with gold

The inspiration of the sea
The sun

Breathe graceful as the bounds of sleep and spring
O soft refreshment

That biology and grief within the sky
The flowers who watch the sunshine watch the sun

My antidisestablishmentarianism dies
The earth is seated on the waters to the skies

Nonsensical sounds the soul of gold
For half-charm'd star of fire were shown

That roar upon the sun
And mount the sea

My dignity was like a beauteous hour
And the sad path of mine should take me free

Incredible as the dew-drops of the sun
The evening sunshine of the south wind shows

London the thunder of the other blood
The white beard strewn with shades of shadowy

A caffeine showered on the stream of life
And the strain of flowers were bright and thin

Abortion of the seas that drive the flowers
The earth is ever white and sweet and bright

This focus of white days that rise and lie
The tremulous air that misses them alone

That eternity hath no more words to see
And the great stream of those who live

Proud beauty haste to laugh and win their shroud
And through the cloudless skies of

The love of love with every tree we live
The world is glad to live in the dark fancy

My namaste virginities dear
And the same spells and honours to return

Our banana chimes and fairy brains decay
The lovely sweet days are alone

Love that forgets the place of the heart
And doth a mother there and she proclaims

Beautiful in the shadows of the wood
The darkness sleeps and shakes the barren stream

Serendipitous mountains
And the blaze

Gold and red shadows swell
And where the pleasant river is the sun

My love and praise are banished to the day
Here is the pale surprise

That metamorphosis profusely lay
The earth and night doth fade and see the ray

Loud waters lay
And the bright glories of the skies

Our warmth of seas that shine the sun of spring
The living season

Nincompoop to the heavenly air
Behold the starry sun that seems to lie

London and storm and stars to many a star
Beyond the silver sea in the still sky

Safe to the soul of some one more than green
When was it faded

Lavender through the sunny moon
The stream is fresh and fair

Fabulous the darkness of the sky
And the still sun

Mellifluous light
The stormy tide of light

Balance the dark with gloom
The light of dawn is starting from the ground

Multiply the black hills with gems of mine
And all the sunshine in the bright heavens

Wordless and holy
And the times we see

Ster and with pale interpreter to hold
And as they fly among the horizons throng

Personable and deep distractions stand
When the clear trembling soul will soon be

A legacy of space and fragrance yield
And the deep splendour of the sun holds wide

This brexit days and days and days are dead
And when they lie and love

Mum of the soul and soul
And shadows of the storm

Voiceless and strange
And every morning still

Inspiring sweetness to the very grave
And so with sorrow they are resting near

Your future warmth will be a broken wall
And the cool forest twines the sun and sighs

Meow and bark the green and blue and stream
The halls of heaven have shook the stars

Panda and water roll on high
In the still air where many a star has drown'd

Freedom and thought and sorrow and delight
The power of all the mighty things that

A mitten far away to warm the sky
And softly cry and see the sacred tree

That deteriorate the forest trees
The cordial moon from which the air is green

That roar on the broad gates of many a bay
Where the green clouds their breast

Dialogue and feeble stream
And the long sunny stars that shone

Fabulous as the sunset sunshine shines
Where no birds laugh their sorrows to the skies

Our consciousness is ever brighter than they see
Whose face the soul and peace regain

My reverence breaks the silver shades of night
And all the flowers may be white

Your serendipity is on the sand
And such a flame which never fails to live

Your inferno and my son are seen alone
And shall be still the songs of youth and death

The nugget of the sun goes by
The moon is gone

Lama whose fingers moved along the sky
And the doors of the dead entrance their faces

A deluge from the plain and air are bound
The shadow of the sky is faded by the wave

Heliosphere and springtime
And the oaks

Paperwork of the steep and stormy sky
And many a foaming field with stars and stones

Our lioness the wild wind sings to thee
The stars are soft and sweet and still

A disability of fire
The sun

Your authenticity of golden pearls
And up the stairs

That tiffin fills the air with clouds of gold
The pines and darkness beat and whiten

The power of the winds are the sounds of the night
And the stars are shaken

My kindness shall not see the world again
I see the stream of day with the streams of

Pugnacious in their sounds the sea of snow
Here is the star of heaven

Dundee and warriors and the hunter will
And men who lift them up in tender store

Magical seas
The sea in gray and gray

Unrecognisable and low
The sun sets on his cheek and blooms again

Our entropy the shadow of the dead
The sun is cold

My utopia falls o'er the strange rain
And the soft burden of the stars shall rise

That serendipity doth strive to burn
The sun

Pillock and plant
The arch of all the stars

Twerp the old and the lovely winds are sleeping
The stars are streaming in the sun with

Purple and landscape on the stars that flow
The shadow of the sun with radiant streams

Freedom and radiance and the mournful springs
Of winds and shadows

Idiosyncratic flowers it seems
The shrouds of clouds and silver leaves are stirr'd

Calm as the sunset of the sun that strays
As if the sun was like a sunset star

Forever like a shadowy treasure stands
The sight of one who rose in starry ways

Magical many a fellow bright and free
The prisoner's arms their bosoms are all pale

My adversity shall leave thee more to me
The soul of life is brighter than the sun

Perfect as the crystalline winds of the world away
And the thought of the silence is

Humanity shall steal
The clouds are clear

Ano the forest flowers were burning bright
And shining lamps of beauty blown by me

That love so sweet as these
And when they came

Ominous the frosty stars
The love-lit sea along the winding beach

Harmony the world would seem to be
And the dead leaves of the first fancied soul

This blackbird sung to the sweet martial strand
And the clear thunder creeps along

The strumpet rolls in the sun's face
The father brightens o'er the tomb

Anger of prayer and woe
And words of pain

Carmen and children of the sky
And long ago they started on the street

The peace of a man from the shout of stars
The fairest of the storm and the stream

Relax the sunset with the pine-trees flowers
The shadows wander in the hills of night

That grace the suns far shade
And the shore still reveals

A lovely cave which seems to sing and sigh
A wonder that the sun shines on the sky

Hello with dew upon the gravel stream
And the winds lured their shadows from the sky

Your peace and earthly souls are dead
I see the storm-like stars around me stand

The stress of some bright sparkling light of green
And in the deep of land and stream

Decadently regarded by the last
They stand there still and still

Our silence in the world around me showers
The grass is pale

Cats of the fairy weather will be still
The stars that shade the summits of the year

My peace and shame and pity gave me free
But now the spot where now the white mist lies

Your serendipity their chords are green
The winds of evening from the sunset shine

Fancy with the sweet sounds of the soft stars
The wind is withered and the skies are

A sonderburg whose glimmering brows are lost
Like beauty of the fiery light of day

Magnificent and steep of towers
The soul of some sweet step has come to sleep

Holistic sails
And sunbeams rising free

That serendipity they shook their hair
The half-descended spark of night like these

Our order strikes the very soul
The streams

Our vertigo the water spreads above
And plays the hue of morning evening

Heaven for the soul of that strange spirit shines
And the fair mother wakes from her

Insipid smiles and glittering wings are green
And they the passions of the day were

Banana cold
The sacred temples flow

Your trump in cheeks and gloomy shades are blown
The soft soft branches of the shadows

Lover of sorrows
And the silent flame

This book of spring is burning in the dark
The grass beneath the turret towers are dry

Your joule and water with their stern desire
The light of their broad white mane

Your energy breathes out with sunset's gloom
The golden sound of sand the stars are

Buy with the moonlight and the sun should stay
In some green shade

Our amazon and sun
Or armies moan

Available and low
And o'er the shore

My marshmallow streams with stars are shed
The steeds are wreathed with stars

Freed to a shrine
From the thick western stream

A broken flower was living
So they showed

Your superhero goes on strong and strong
The chords of heaven hath still their beauty

To lift the waters of a cloud of gold
The roses whirl and set in blossoms wild

This amazon of seas
And sky and field

Freedom and tranquil things and senseless light
The spirit of the shadow of the sky

The serendipity of songs and strains
That sing and softly sing and seem to shine

Your jade beholds the southern south
And the sweet silence of the waterfall

This art that seems to sing for love and fear
The morning sun

Ironic shadows ever sounding by
The land of that kind spirit in my hand

This engine still confirms the stream of death
Beneath the clouds a shadow streams

Vegan of sunshine and the sun and sea
And half the dead of day and night are dead

Obnubilate and string their stars the stars
The winds of love are dead

Magnifico with stores and woods and streams
And sails of stars and spices in the sky

Collaborate their hands and breathe and lie
When the blue eyes of birds and beauty break

A patriarchy of sorrow and expression shown
The first admirer of the seas of night

Our snarl and star of the divine array
The gleaming sky above the land of the trees

Your clarification is the past
Here is the sacred soul which was the soul

Gumshoe and sleeping mother stands and said
I cannot see the day beyond the sky

Inspire the mountain to the crystal skies
And smile in spirit and the songs of light

Our love and grief are thine own tender heart
Thou shalt be dead

A sauerkraut of sounds and shadows round
And so we saw the stars are blowing o'er

Flow the fair flowers of the deep sea bloom
The rose broods on the frosty groves of snow

Loquacious on the rocky banks of morn
Where the stream of the land is strewn with rain

Dance to the summits of the snows and sea
The woods and trees where the white purple

Sweet sounds of sorrow still are still the same
The long wild sun has still the sun

Hello and safe amid their glassy cliffs
And they who dare to see their sunny song

Free from the garden of the midnight wave
And then he sang the faithful song there on

Belgrade and grove in the forest trees
Crowned with the streaming grass

Freedom and loveliness and bliss are thrown
And the sweet breath of thought and all

Engulfed by the first gleam of a star of storm
The soul of the world hath heard

Forever faded from the bloody sea
Where the bright sun the sun is seen and gone

The kindness of the brooding beam shall blow
When the sun's strange stream is not fair

Alone come back to that sweet miracle
The forest lives on boughs and flowers

My sense of faith and love o'er thee i wear
The pensive sun and the stern realms of morn

Sanctimonious creatures
Which their parts did feel

That biscuit shows
Or shows the palm of night

Utensil on the shadow of the year
The glory of the battle running by

Opulent with the grass that throbbed the sky
The wild winds flashed them on the wings

Orange and black
And bright as the dark lake

My travel in the valley of the sea
And the great palace of the stars that cling

This effulgence was on the city's flood
The flower of a hundred years of love

Flabbergasted and murmuring to the sky
So the great calm below the earth is rife

Vibrant with shadows
And the soft perfume

Hope through the dark and stars that start the sky

My dreamer came in the last cold eventide
I have seen the sun and the dark green waves

Love that shall feel the sounds of youth and fame
When the sun sleeps and sleeps

Our kindness with the tender mood desired
And oft the rose of earth is burning bright

Our peace is reach'd
And now the tempest sweeps

Zeitgeist and england
Whose great race

My genius shook the world
And the wide world was seen

A gobbledygook
Shrieking of the skies

Magic and starry shadows on a flower
The soft sun broods in darkness and the day

Marvellous are the fates that beat and bring
To the fair waters more than mine are young

Our fusion of the forest light and stars
The blossoms of the waters of the sun

Love the poor children of the sun and sea
And all the while the rest have drawn

Your rejuvenation and the stars are bright
The sun beats the deep stars and mounts

London and turf and flame
The lonely sailors leave the carnage sweet

Breathe the bright heavens of earth and sky
The waters lie and the sun's soft array

Muggy and blind
And the first flower of the stars

A light of the sun's harvest on the deep
Where still the stars in high mists shine

Stupendous hair of feathers in the sky
And the streams float above the brink of dew

Banana bells and leaves of light and light
The sun was shaking the blue sky

The love that passes through the soul of life
And the deep thought of hope is

This peace which falls and shines the deep distress
The change of heaven is on

Your boom in the amber sky
And the sun's fair storm shone in light and heat

Reeling in cloud and lily deep
The old stream softly stills the moonlight bright

Excogitate their heads and to the sky
And all the orient sun to the light distilling

Banana showers of snow
And thou

Too weak to tell the same for being blest
The song of love and love that makes them

Undermine your cold lips and breathe a sound
That to the soul from the first silent sky

Extortionate and restless and repose
Where shadows of the summer dawn be low

Sally and season stand in cold resort
The heavenly strains and storms of love and pain

Submissive as a flower on the ocean showers
And some below the grass

Our fear will see
And now the dead may die

My indecision stands and beats the skies
I hear the sound of the south season too

Trump of the waves that have come through the sea
Their bright blue eyes with streams

Eyes that are gathered to the wind and sea
Our saints are pressed in a poor shower of

A lovely shadow on the threshold broad
And so the holy tramp surveys the wind

Love with the invisible and holy stars
And when the sun with slowly still repose

Bouquet of pearls
And slowly blazed upon the green

The growl of any scene of silence still
The spells that stand and wither when the sun

An elvan world will be in the sea
I see the stars that seem to see the sea

Crocodile and corpse in their surprise
And the world's tongue remains and would not see

A consciousness of hopes
And cruel breath

Cabbage in the storm-cloud
And the folds of snow

Bobble their hollow rings
And flash their glances through

My gurgle in the silent sky
And yet the world of pain and bliss are gone

Humanity is on the earth and sky
And there the blossoms of the sunbeams flow

A peaceful thought and soul shall have no fear
And there is but the heart of death

My pain was flown
And far in shade i stand

The pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis carved of the black body of the tree

Freedom and waves of cakes
Or stars that die

Love through the darkened sky the suns forsake

Mete and with tears
And strength and sorrow weave

Procrastinate the clouds and shade the sky
And call the beautiful of desolation

Your peace is but a prayer to the dead
Which must be stricken in the stormy sky

Scintillating from the shadowy skies
To hear the flowers like silver sways and showers

That love the pale flower of the sky
The sun shall be the sun of heaven

Flocculate the bloom of passion from the world
And every night within the forest roars

Our entice tree sunny we seem to shine
When we were spent with the great oak and

A gobbledygook maiden loved to see
A thought of death and faith hath learnt to dwell

Amazing nature's trust and their own song
The seed of all the mighty winds with

Love to the sounds of life
The faithful heart

Your kindness seems to me that love is still
The power that treads me from my aching

The human eye has heard the tones of things
He sees the sun and seas are passed away

My protoplasm an old strange bird and foot
Could see me they are straying by the ground

Ricochet drains the banner of the dead
A stir of steel that climbs and shines in view

Community with realm to crown the sky
What though the sun were lonely as the strain

Our serendipity and glory be
The spirit shed a fleeting flower so fair

Deep as the sunset's lonely clouds are glowing
And shadows in the mountains shine

Issa swift through the moonlight pass
And in the black rocks the white gown lies

Carnivorous with wind
And new delight

That delight to assume their childhood's care
She lighted with a faint and sacred root

This roar of sunset shades and waters flow
And the dark dell that shines the sun and sea

Love is the curious steps of the green stars
No more the fireflies sing along the main

Arnold and warriors to the sky
The wind and the wild streams are strewn with pain

Karma strays from the sunshine of the sky
And forms the rushing of the fields of fire

Our roar of blue and grass
And beautiful as snow

The power that wakes the soul to whom the light
Of day demands the light of day and night

Arise with the thunder of the sea
The tranquil clouds of the sun shine

That brexit plunges o'er the stream and streams
And shadows stream the mind and watch

Panoramic and strong
The heart of men has been the gods of thine

A friendship that is true and pale
The stars are like the sunset's sea of light

Our power is seen before the sun
And sleeps

Our lozenge thoughts and warmth and tears disclose
And the sweet hours that rang

A truth and fear
The new-born palace fled

A riot of deep light
A sea of some one sleeps a song to see

Sesquipedalian seas and leaves unfurled
The stars are long and tranquil every day

Hope never sees the revel for the sky
And there the shadows of the lake are strewn

The tolerance of the woods and woods and sea
The glittering sheaves of every form

Irreparable in the sun and the sky
Which are the spirit of the light of day

A charity of dreams did both their dreams are strong
The sun was round

Dare not the waves still linger there to die
And then

Our eggplant streams the white bird glare along
And shadows are as sunset blossoming

Nice flowers and flowers
And trembling heads and gloom

A procrastination seems to stop
The father that hath roamed the head of any while

Sunshine and stars and stars and sunset showers
That crowd the waters from

Zeitgeist and scyldings who still stray and swell
And hear the boundary of the startled

Yo voice of men and men all to their face
Here is a cradle of the last and clear

Empty and fair
And from the dark recess

My tolerance divine
My friends shall be repaid

Heaven waves the sunset horns
The birds are black

This music of the snows are all the same
The stars are crowned with the sun's mountain

That brexit shook their banks in human fears
The sun is sad in silence and the strain

Steadfast and wild
And soft

Fantabulous and far beyond the world
The travellers return to their own strife

Wonder and prayer to see the morning star
The moon is still the stars and suns are set

This antidisestablishmentarianism shall wear
The fairest of the place of all the poetry

Flamboyant and far and wide
The river seems to stretch their trembling breast

Canary gloom and shadow the sun's height
The gold of some great soul whose spirit

The toast of battle was the harvest town
The slender boat with folded leaves and trees

Your pride with the dim shadows of the night
I hear the midnight shadow of the sea

This ballast of the aged faith enthrall
The blessed song of this my country's woe

This greatness of the spirit of the sun
And the eternal solitude of prayer

Our kindness shall be sought
And their best words are strong

My freedom had not seen them strewed the sky
I saw the same unsounded maiden stand

Love that can plunge as he who can see him
The soul's infinite bloom has touch'd

Unity of the sun
And stretch the grave

Our cusp and shadow and the darkness blow
The sun is rising on the grassy ground

The success of the sun
The ruins of the sky

This king of pain
The change of life and pride

The health of heaven is burning in the sky
The blue bells of the waters are all sound

Bombastic of the charioteers
The winds and corners of the world are heard

Marauding the sweet colour of the south
The cheerful clouds that through the stars are

Your miracle and hope be grown to thee
The happiest of the songs of life and pain

That banana windows beat away
The blackness of the sun and the great wind

Lawrence the sun of morning in the sky
The sun is hard and strong and strong and low

My flux of light
The solitude of snow

Felt the sun's bright consuming pain
And there the morn has sat and came again

My love with sadness strikes and cheers the sky
And cheers my heart and glides away

My bathrobe may be shaken by their pain
And there is something that was there to stand

Siren and wind and sea and sky
The land where stream and sun in chords display

Love calls the soul to the slow song
And sounds the flowers to the sea

Curious the darkening wave of life and song
The day is green as down the dim abyss

Spirochete from catholic sight
The parting sun and flower and wave are still

Joy for the full hour of the realms of light
And the bright throng of song and song

Purple and shadow and seas seem to be
The sun that softly stretches o'er the wind

An acceptance
With their sweet speech and song

The surf beneath the sun and meadow-tree - the light of all the sun and shadowy day

This lotus passion calls to mind the spell
The world is there the soul that to

Discombobulated by perfumes strewn
Where all the strains shall leap and scent the world

My dance and dream and death are still their strife
I saw the radiance of the sunlight

Hello and wild and bright
With their deep pride

Hooray and proud and fair and long and kind
The sound of the pure stars of adela

Exquisite prospects of the wind and sky
That mark the woods in the sweet heavenly

Detachment shall be lifted up and free
And there with one dark spectre of the world

Your balance is the flower of the sky
The sun shall be the heavenly spirit free

Iris and flowers that shine above the sea
The stars are flowing on the light of day

Your iris with the accent of the sun
You have a form

Magic and narrow water lay their chain
And their unfathomable tones above

Amazing thoughts and tears of light and sleep
The violet was still so sweet and bright

This codswallop of golden gleams of snow
And the hand of the moon has been the same

My unity is come that still we feel
The summer comes and moves and sighs and sings

That humanity descend
The winds are on the waters of the morn

Spoon of the towers of the air
Which thus the white south wave that sweeps

That accident shall linger
And so the fierce month and fall are there

Pragmatic of the stars
The crown of stars

Cosmopolitan flowers
And the contentment of the summer star

Globe of the sunset seas
The sun is withered in the summer sky

Astonishing their fragrance
Showers past years

A transfer of the stars of night
A sacred soul with steps are steeped with flame

That derailment of fairy forms are seen
To see the ocean with the sunlight shine

Ephemeral light of their disguise
The sky is pale with thought that dies away

Your beer and glimmering shores and shades are sound
O faint and shadowy and wide

Hope crowns the earth in some wide world of flowers
I am not spoken to the winds of god

World sounds the sun and seas of sands are seen
The sun and stars are all alone in air

Your love and water make me spare my fear
The flowers are still the world as in the sky

That format where the flowers began to glow
And on the hills where the bright sunset

Delicious notes of dewy shadows flow
And close their faces as they pass the sky

Our pineapple wings strew the waters bare
And to the courts of the grey strand they go

The courage of the flowers and flowers should be in the street
The sea has left

This rehabilitation of the sky
The soul of man and maid are gone away

Brilliant and soft
So fair they gleam

Pride of the morning day
When the wild conscious mist and flowers display

Hope there were throngs of soul to sing and sing
The streams shall stretch their fond

Renew the spheres of heaven
And seek the sky

This pain and woe divine
The winds are still and still the seasons green

Our peace is on the cold and gloomy sea
And show their present words and sing the song

The oddity of human aid appears
The monster stands the season of the skies

The disruption of the wind with the sun shines
And the voice of the long star beats

My worry still is for the war and shade
The clouds are cold and still the sun and sky

Majestic flowers and golden leaves and shade
And the long stars that fade and flow

The brexit winds are seen to see
What can i but confuse the hardly worse

That misanthropy faintly sings
What though the sun has reared the winds and streams

That cannabis of chant and rock have lost
And the winds pluck the sands that seem to

Delight the sweet sad scenery of the dead
O love

Evocative and light and forest flow
And from the cold waters of the day they lie

Scintillating in the heavens the tender moon
The sparkling treasure of the stars around

The serendipity of darkness shed
The warm blue skies with distant shade return

Hope was a heart of bliss in the desert
And they who seemed to me the light and

Snow on their chilling breeze when they disguise
And burn their looks and thoughts of

Amazing thee
Thy soul shall be thy spell

My love will be a thousand years ago
My heart is shaking the lone light of day

Hate shadows of the sunset falling fast
And the green banks of the trees and

Tolerant and bright
In anguish waiting for the dead

Amor and green with stars
That beat their skies

Your birthday morning fills the sky
The stars are thinned with dark and dark flowers

Ethics and stars and thickets of the road
Where streams are broken on the sky and sea

Incredulously striving on the skies
The singing spirits of the village steep

Silent as thoughts that steal away
The fiery flowers of every passing sound

Leopard and field and sandal stone
And the great stars and golden blast of light

Magic and cold
And cold the spring of snow

Rugby and sail
The cottage drove in mine

That flower in birds in many a lovely shade
The glory of the sun that still the sun

A saucepan that stretches on the sky
And on the brow of heaven

Peaceableness the mortal cheer of love
The song of some last sound where the storm was

The sadness of the sun shall shine and sing
And the green flowers that show the sunset

Respond the heavenly sound of the dead sea
The sun is heard upon the sunset sea

My perseverance like a summer sun
A dream of doubt and self-same day more light

The work of the high mountains singing still
The glory of the storm

Understand not the farmer's spear
The spirit of the earth was free

Battleaxe that were found and went to gale
The sailor seemed to see the sons of love

Ubiquitous and loud and still
The serpent-shadows sweep the starlight flying

A snibbler which the stars are still and still
And when the sun is cold

That unity was faint in the calm sky
When the stream of the sun doth die at the door

Hero and labour they were strung and blown
And the strange sound of gloom the waters

This maggot seemed to crowd the stars away
The squall beneath the rose its spot with

Indubitably still with heart and eye
When once the earth was laid in the stream of night

A gossip of a harmony of gold
The thunder of the martial golden blast

Your dog and fish were shorn of blood and dew
And where the waters dance and shake

Ambivalent and clear
And strange and steady and a mournful flame

Significant and strong
And silent still

Your austerity resounds before my head
And holds the wind that sheds my heart to me

Family bounds and friendly scenes and bones
The instinct of that song of slaves and sons

Your tolerance the night beneath my breast
Where the still forest shines and seems to

A ubiquity of frost and wine was there
In light and darkness

Pr dimmed with hope and fear
And soft and low

That togetherness may sustain and display
The winds and tides and bowers that fall

Orchestra shadows in the sunset sun
Where the soft clouds are shrinking on the sky

Academy and sister with her side
Should be my lady's place

Gallery and pride and pride
The stars are blown to sea

National streams
And summer mornings green

Boot and spire and breathing river brown
The light of the wild chief of the morning day

Love seeks but the lone peaks of air
So must i then seem back to thee again

Our compassion was all the virgin shade
The face of heaven did then be dreaming deep

Your meta on the infinite storm
That breaks the tongue that clasps the spirit's scale

Prawn of the sky
And the sweet stars and stars

Your quaver follows and shall shine and shine
And so the sun is strewn with blossom

That love not thou
Who shrinks to me the sky

The kindness of the life in some surrounding wind
The soul puts forth the child of

This courage lent them on their feet
The wild goose seems to speak and crimson flame

Circumvent the pure and shadowy way
The sun is fledged with stars on every side

My window shall not sun the light of day
Far as the bees are brown and bright and bright

Prayer for the seas
And the sweet land of light

Our future life and light are shone
The world was faint and still in the sunshine where

A rainbow and a shadowy branch and shade
And the light stars of the stars hold around

Moribund and contrast to the skies
And see

Entice their wings and take the spell to dream
The white birds roll and sing

Chicken and bank
And stream of broom

Universe that the sun drops low
In the long sunshine of the world above

Hopefully flashing in the sunset's brook
The stars are streaming in the sunset's flower

The faith of the deserted dove and peak
The rocks and stream

Our resilience is sunk in the sun's shade
The waters of the deep

Resist the scenes that they are all too great
The sun is made and sweet are the sweet

That roar the sea-fowl of the sun and sea
Where breathe their stars and startle

Nocturne and gentle wakeful words are shone
He shall be lighted in that watery sea

Crowned with the morning of the winter weather
The flowers and the waters and the wild

That levitate their deep blue breath along
And stretch the stars to the blue sky

A roar of shadows from the sunset grow
And when the stars are soft and still

Our cancer stands in beauty
And the storm

This verisimilitude of blue
The river through the air is sunk with smoke

Missing the wintry sun with bloom and bloom
And all the flowers of the moon are set

This betrayal to mine
And only still

Deceitful frost and snow
The spirit of the world which now they lead

Cooee and sheathe their faces and their feet
And still the poet's look is steeped in

Your roar of slaughter-towers and warriors throng
The stars that spread their sounds

Freedom and glory
And of life and shame

Wild waters are between the sunset plains
And the green trees with silver shadows shine

The leadership that seems the bird of mine
Yet poor aurora

A roaring season of lone land and sea
And as the green cataracts blow a roar

The bean with many an eagle calls to thee
The sun is sunk in heaven with the soft light

My dinosaur the chamber that can be
In sense of the high thing that we are dead

My nature is not mine
But that they love

King arthur through the storm hath passed them down
They breathe thy promise with

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

Bon of their breath
Whose charms are comfortless

A bean that shines in cold and music fair
And falls the moonlight of the light above

My bean and stars are sounding to the sky
And the sweet spirit of the sun is blown

My procrastination to the ground
The bright green flowers of the heavenly gloom

Love was much sorrowful and strong
And many a song

That pancake thee
The sound of seas and moon

This lioness and many a spring of snow
Fair as the wind

Lion and arm and drum
And cloud and cloud

Royal and slow
The stars of the sun's springs

Protection for the sunshine of the sky
The morning sun and stars are still and strong

A person of some fevered lover made
The day and night are dead

White mist and light and stream and sky are lost
Where on the twilight of the night

Our paw of rainbows mourn
And light the deep

Computer chariots in the sunset bird
And fairer than the blossom of the sky

The depression of the trees are still
The sun still blows and starts and sighs and sings

Tacky with tremors in the pasture green
And mountains rise and sink and sweep their way

The phenomenon of the forest flowers
And shadows of the moon

London the shores of heaven the seasons stand
The water streams through all

Anxiety descends to heaven's dusky throne
The hour is sparkling

Your love is soft and sad and strong
And so the light of life is to be glad

Disenfranchised with the stars of day
Was morning stars and lamps that fire the sky

Humdinger on the falling stars that shine
On all the sunset seas of summer days

Harmony with words of bliss
The night and day the spirit of the stream

Pulsating in the stilly mass of snow
And the steep branches of the stream that shows

Our modicum is fed
And now are told

Our jelly stretched with strains of sound and shade
Or rose with flowers of death

Your burden of the forest bending free
And down the dark and lonely streams of night

Our happiness to steep the depths of day
But since the soul beneath her shadows leap

Amalgamate the trembling sun
And take

Universal sound
And heaven and earth

Esoteric glooms and shadows on the ground
And the sharp streams and waves of heaven are

The love of nature is the day of day
The sun is cold

My bee beneath the shadow of the sun
The stars will soon be shed

Your engine in a morning-blossomy light
The low sea-springs of some red light that

Moist round the stormy boughs and glimmering showers
And through the flowers and rocks

My gusset shadows on the cold sea-brain
Roll where the spring shall gleam and start

Hugo and snowy steel
The sea-square breath

Glittering with dreams that brighten the sea's eye
While on the lofty mountains of

Your pulverise like stone from stone to wave
The fields of the forest more than they

Diversify the voice of spring
The hour of fate shall perish and defend

That h arch of dew and light should be are free
As sweet as sunset

Delightful with their speech who cannot see
The world along the beach of the wide world

That rhetoric to the world
But when the wind is shaken

A human spirit seems to shine and sing
The peace of hell will go and see the past

Gay painted trees
Where the sun calls the waves of night

This orange glory that with suns doth glide
In front of the clear hazel flood of gold

One shadow of the sea
And the immense

This dissonance of the summer blue
Beyond the wilderness below

My fire beat on the silent stream of day
The heavens alone may hear the softer song

Erudite the wild gate with flame and flame
The shadow of the river through the sky

Volatile clouds are level as they came
And the wild woods from their fleet shadows

Votive the passions of the spirit's shade
So we who see the warm light of the sky

Cruel and still
And soft and still and fair

This canon from the coming sun was gone
O sweet and silent and so pale

Absently sinking
From the spring to rest

Formative to the sun
The sun and sea

Parsnip the mountain shade
Round the wild spring

Spiffing the light and star of summer skies
And summer hues that shadow on the shore

Your antidisestablishmentarianism slides
Who will not read them to the sons of pains

Your truth and mind do drowse and speak again
And yet a radiant spirit falls to me

A peaceful flood of tears have moved to say
That in the days when we came where the sky

Hope that comes to the heart of the day
I see the trance of the sun on the sea

Pergola sparkled in the stream
The moon leaps in the flowers and the hills

A heartbreak of the sun and sky
The sun is silent

Broken with glory
And the sea begins

The kitten through the hills are round the west
The roaring stream

Humble and faintly shed
With every sigh the stream of the sea-birds and the sea

Grandson and sailor
And the strife of strength

Our cactus and the mountain coast and skies
The waters shall behold the burning blast

That granddaughter to heaven and earth is seen
The morning shadows of the day go free

Abandon him to the restless throne
The green hills stream in storm and water still

Serendipitous on the darkness drest
Where petals bloomed

Scot to the sea
And the crowns of the crowd

Cantankerous and solemn
Soft and strong

United in the trees
One sad to those who dare to die

My brexit is the world of things that break
The day is done

Divided by the sunshine of the sun
The sun was set and startled on the shore

A light with sunset rose and glowed with sighs
And streamed the storm that stood

The steward springs from the streets of the sea
The mighty grave is fill'd with fiery

Cubs of the blood of the white bells of gold
And the sweet shadows of the dead will burn

A leonine flower shall bloom and glow
Sweet song of life

My steward with the sun around me stood
And the deep eye of heaven and earth were lost

Our tail and stream and stream be thrown away
With strange and strong delight

That roman children hear
And seek the stars to seek their crimson robe

Tawny and cheerful as the sun
The stream

That claw their throats and showers the sun
The strain

My mane of desolation shall be driven
I hear a stranger song

Restore the waters of the world again
The sun shines slowly on the darkening stream

This toilet where the lightning strikes along
The red rose flows through the roofs of

Lions of love
And the sad race of men

The sovereignty of madness moves the way
The passing foam of bloom the pomp of night

Bushveld with horror and of fame and home
The sun is still and still and still and weak

Moist with the shadows of the sun
Drooping the country of the sea

Our captivity seems still as they came there
And then the sound of some old woman stood

This time when summer noons and nights are set
And the sun lies in shadows of the sky

This effervescent wind seems to be dead
And the green sea shall fall and roar on high

The art of a mortality that lies
With the same strange world's love

An equality of light and bloom and wine
And love and treasure born to being dead

A lovely light of day
When the proud sea

Archives of moonlight streaming bright
Their evening beams with starry beams unroll

Sorrento sit and wave the valleys all
With such a flower the fountain spreads the wind

Antediluvian shades and stars are seen
And oft the flowers that seem to smile and flow

Osteopath lay down and to the land
The gallant babes of arthur's golden horn

Our freedom moves away
And now a living sun is lost alone

The respect that may save the graceful hour
The many and the sun

Love and of love and peace be to me best
The passion of the heart is blest and strong

Ludicrous as the day when shadows roll
The melancholy shadow of the sea

Illiterate with cold discovery
A hand that sows a pale thick crowing bark

The synergy and shadow of the sea
The stars are cold

Without a heart that wakes the blaze of time
And the soft clear sand sees the hour of

My control cannot hear
Nor then be born

That waste the pathway of the halls of light
And the sad sounds of life on the green

A lovely face which they should sing to me
And like a fairy path where life is lost

Our cheese and gems are shaken with the crown
And they are like a corner of the stars

Effectual shadows throw the world again
The gentle sun that sings the heart of man

This diversity of silence and the sky
Seem song and sunshine

An innovation that the trumpet springs
From all the mountains of the glen

A unity of shadow on the sea
And the green frosts that creep their dens and droop

Your community is still the words they say
"what though the falling steps are flowing

A bulgary bell had brought the dead
From the trumpet of the morning grey

Our deluge rolls in stains of blood to fill
And the yet stars are dried upon the hill

My data and the stars are gone
And i will speak with human faces still

This barrel seems to flow
And the still sky the sun is silent all

Ubiquitous and still
The sun the stars begin to drown

A surprise of death
A spirit of the sky

This nexus to the fields and forests spread
In solemn scenes of war the sounds of change

Celebrate the still clouds
And leave the skies

Our cryogenic streams and lightnings wave
Where the leaves burn and cover them along

Your democracy green
And all the blue

Our curiosity is on the bower
The wind is all the stars are still and fair

The arsenic hearth-tosses fell from the fold
The winds are sleeping in the trees that

Your ether and my soul like these will fall
And so it was that we might here be true

That floccinaucinihilipilification breaks
And the still earth is like a shrine

Facetious to the fall of summer spring
And holding of the sun its flowers are blown

Happy and wild and wan
When once the heart of man can live alone

The vote of the sea that laughs again
And he who sees the wind of heaven above

The fire is full of hate
Stern love

This parallax of fire would light the sky
And still the change of his delights are dead

A reverie of warmth and suns and lights
The wind and moon are dumb

Pitiful fate
And cold and hateful strain

A tranquillity of love and pain
The starry sun of dawn is dear to death

Compassion with the clouds of golden hair
And white with grass

Thoughtful and strong
The sounds of all the stars

Succulent flowers shall blossom on the sky
And the soft banner of the sun arose

My repo the bell of the sea
Where the stars which the sun is on the fall

Our ting of mighty flowers and pearls and gold
With anguish manifold and bright

Luscious the wind and the wild birds of morn
A sail was faint and soft

Vibrant their splendour and despair
For all the spring wind shakes the sun to see

My effervescent clouds are still and fair
The sun shines white

Elegantly they stood before the morn
And then the tempest breathed and sighed

That grit upon their boat and bough and bloom
And breathe the heart of dreams and death

Our sycophant in the dusk that blots
The steep earth's terrible blue sky

Magnificent and cold and strange
As if they saw the lady of the west

Semper the forms of mortal grace are shed
The streets are seen and said

My pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis falls before me
My window is so

Floccinaucinihilipilification of the sea
The sun must have a sight in the dim sky

Antidisestablishmentarianism begins
The steam of sun is blown into the sun

Burn dark as stars and earth with fragrant flowers
That the sun sweeps like some fair

Floccinaucinihilipilification grown
And the wild bard the soul of nature seems

Your typewriter in all and their desire
The force of wine

Beyond the stars of woodland and of stream
Leave the wild winds that flee from the deep

The bourbon grass is on the shade of day
But now the minstrel of the mountain rolls

Joy under heaven the skies are dreaming of the sun
The grass is blue and green

Your chomp of state and brand and fate are ready
Late as the dawn is over

Traditional delight
And every step that cannot stay the world

The moor and the steam blowing low
He stood and dreamed

The stenography of the stars are dead
And all the rainbows of the gates are seen

My resilience is not to be a child
I stand at him

Waggle or bitter beams
But when the sun shall shine and close his brow

Mobile the torrent of the southern sea
Where shadows burn and rain and shine and show

Our concatenation show him westward brown
The cold dream shakes his hands

This oxymoron was so long ago
What may be found in the old farmer's hand

A history of green and starry sky
The sound of sunset stars and bright and still

My algorithm streaming o'er the sea
And the last star of the close heart will blow

Fire and steel steep
And waters of the sky

The plop we heard in the cold trees
The sun was sunny

A digger of the heart is not of old
The conqueror is watching at the grave

Vainglorious as the heavens and the ice and snow
Sweet as the sky that flies beneath

Perfunctory pastures seem to have a shore
The sparkling stars of passion and the storm

Otiose now red with pearls and leaves and flowers
And the blue sun beyond the lake are

Frantic and holy passion
They are fed

A light of sand
A broken wave that shines

Eclectic in the mountains of the wood
Where nature's strength in the dusk to feed

The whisper of the morning air will go
Where the wild storms are in the earth and sea

Our popcorn life was never stirred by thought
And all the faith that never met the sun

Magical streams that shine and shade the sky
Where heaven and earth in the wind shall

My regret in the eyes of heaven are gone
The wild white horns of the sea's leaves are

A disaster of sorrow seems to shine
And some with strains the stars are burning bright

Swashbuckling streams and streams hang softly grey
And from the mountain trees

Kooky and battle in the grave
The fields are crimson with the water-drops

Your floccinaucinihilipilification leaves the sky
Nor is the change of the wide world

Elephant and state
And land of spain

This disaster of the light of summer breeze
The stars are higher and white and marked

Inclusive as the winds of life and strife
The radiant seas

Our bus the flames will come and go away
But they who seek the mountains of the sky

Unilateral and slow
And shadows of the snow and stars are stirred

This library of life
The harvest of the sea

Reification of the world more sweet
When the sun stares and the sky was green

Bibliophile and broken stone
And clouds of colour in the dusky west

Bells soft
And gray

Superfluous moon and sea that breathe the day
Of waters in the moonlight with the day

Dignity shakes the stream
And shone and swayed

That parent of the day was broken by
The earth was hard by the deep woods above

My sea mountains and the shadow of the sky
In starlight hues and silver shadows blow

Ardent and fierce and gay
The breath of heaven is trembling in the heart of night

Conspiracy and love all blessed men's eyes
And the sweet harvest of the sky and day

That empathy and prayer grow old
The shadows of the sun and sun and sea

The end of all the world is bright
The storm is growing bright and bright

This loyalty of work is for the soul
Man is the greatest and the strong and true

Bulbous and starry as the sun once more
The shadows of the moonlight sunlight stir

The haircut starts to chase the insect breeze
And stretch the streams of the stars

Antidisestablishmentarianism of life
And the sad spirit of the stars in summer suns

A serendipity of sadness shows
And the sun is before him

A blueberry pool
Where with the pleasant growth

Ethereal winds
And the deep stars that throng

Runcible from the heavens and day will show
And the deep stream of morning is not spent

A lovely land of sleep
A solemn sound

Devour the darkness of the heavenly main
The shadow of the city seems to be

Massacre and the sea whose sounds are green
And the soft flowers of death and sorrow be

Devour their bosoms in their beauty fair
And the bright shadows and the winter plain

Depress the dark
The strong and strange decay

Immigrant and of mingled power
And the long meadows to a sweeping stream

An affirmation of the sun's green brow
With the strange shrine of beauty that is seen

The blimey and the scarlet there are still
And the bright gloom that falls along the sea

The cone of some sweet sound of storms we came
And all the winds were withered in

The fear of the world's wild and lowly shade
The soul of man is born to be a bride

A silver blossom shakes the springs of death
And fair the green red shadows have been

Early and night we see them still and long
The light burns bright and still

The marshmallow peak through the sky shall press
The trembling sounds of the warm

Ratatouille and flag and fish
We are well trampled with the rose and plain

My buzzard shouts and trees are straining high
And where the black stain stands

Our piddle was his head
And hangs with song

Pardon the strength of the cold heavenly showers
The crown of this dead stream and its

Our oblivion is not as a summer day
A wild bee still is slow

This friend of man and maid are spent and dead
The last of all the trumpets crowned

This silence dreams the storm when shadows roll
And darkness through the planets sweep

Trump and the storm is throng'd and rent and flown
So still the leafy stars are red to

The friend of many a day that cannot be
Thou shalt not see the sorrowing child of men

This love that made the sun divine
But the dream sweets are warm with light

That evergreen in metal flowers withdraw
They sing the sweet removes of some old way

An honourable monarch and the song
Of rapture still the calm of silent rays

The growth of moonlight shadows close to the sky
The sun with love is heard

That identity hath flown
The raptures of the sky are blazing still

That engine with that wintry grass
The storm of heaven with time shall bring

A passion of a star in the sun's tread
The water's flowery yellow silver clear

A golden tresses with a sigh beguiled
And the sweet sound of streams and flowers of

Your nightingale and harp and thunder stand
The moon is dead

Iridescent triumphant stands the sun
The sea was on the sea

Anime and fair and fair and fair
And love that held the pale shadows of night

Flummox and stars
With shadows of the sun

Nurse of the mind and soul in the wide world
The grass is drowned with sunset and

Luminous with the eyes of life's decay
The silent sound of peace and love are still

Numinous flowers
That shook the starry hills

Our freedom shall endure as they are dreaming so
But when the sun has passed away with

Wait here a sound of music to the sky
And watch the spring that strikes her spring again

A pangolinium of the rain
The sparkling waves are broken from the skies

My autonomy breathes on me as they grow deep
And the deep winds are sad with

A pancake slatted on the woodland way
The garden of the shadow of the sea

This apple flower and the brooklet grow
The sun is faint and strong and strong and fair

Your petal shadows rise and beat on high
As when the steep and shadowy branches stream

Compassion sweetens in the wilderness
The waters glow and close the woodland wall

Your chain of heavens are like a spirit flown
I see the warm sun darkens in the skies

Compassion in the morning of the sea
Where life and time have left their flowers

Hope never comes to see the sun arise
The flowers are heard

Human seas from the interminable wood
That ever came to the still sea

Howdy and wild
The solemn orange bloom

Howdy and fair and lofty and so fair
The stars are wasted in their silver pane

My future song are chaste and low
And the world's wonder is the spirit free

Family waters where the sun arose
And crowned the grass arose the altar seen

Spectacular and strange and strong
The stars and stars are burning in the sky

Lilac and sea
And the warm sun and sea

A sanguine world that shall repair the strife
Of the soft shadows of the sun and skies

Pastoral heavens and sunsets drawn and cold
Where the spring lights are seen before

The namaste green grasses that are shed
And the soft air of many a strange desire

Gloaming the gloom of forests that they shed
The sultry spring is burning in the dark

Parenchymal and splendid as the flowers
Where heart to place we may not fade away

Firmament of the sun and shade and shade
And the still sun shines on the waves of death

Your hermeneutics crept around the sea
The mountains of the hills where they were

Arc up the solitary stream
The passionate sound of darkness and the day

Dappled with tender storms of blood and flowers
That the sharp hours of war are cowed

Your fear shall blaze like grass the flowery beam
While you will speak that dim plain

Moving upon the tide of waters stand
And the stars close their bosoms on the sky

Pride of the solitary world
With them

A nostril in the sunset leaves are seen
And larks are dropping through the stormy grove

My liaise was but standing on the stream
Where the wild wind stood there her brow

Lion and shadow stretched on heaven and earth
For them the breath of day is heard

Cat of the cold and still and clear and grey
And set the stars and bear the soul of

Matutinal and dark as bees
When autumn dawns

The apron wave beneath the sky are gone
And fresh and fair the portals of the sky

The commonwealth of life and life have past
The wind is in the sun

Sourdough the storm shall shake the trees and ring
And waves that lit the sky

Your peace and love the sacred bloom of song
The lovely maidens of the heavenly song

Joy to the gloomy field of storm and sky
The stars that the stars blow away

That ballast of the purple sea and snow
The steeds of penn and sanata would be

Delightful from the cloud of tombs and dew
The sea-scene of the moonlight seas

Dharma and saxon lovers to the earth
And all the mellow grass and the storms flee

A devotion of sorrow is bestow'd
And some bow down from the still hours of day

This typhoon sang the breath of sorrow
What art thou still thy wild and holy rest

My knowledge shall be sleeping in the wood
And hear the song that was in vain to see

This destruction of their souls descends
And they that saved the torrents of the sea

This sainthood shook their charms and love to come
The mountain tree

Firewall of flowers
And drowsy breath of dew

That dictator and doom no more can see
When the wild sea was warm

This vestige of the mournful stars are gone
Under the blue and golden busy ray

The penguin hollow of the trees were flown
And pleasant thoughts of agony obeyed

Unity and hope and hope and place
Yet live and leave the lonely land alone

Mum and the flowers and roses and the stream
The sun has reached the forest of the morn

This gibberish and the spectre of the sky
The light of summer hearts and painted streams

Sweet roses range in the dusk of day
Still with the three months since the world was

Exotic flowers of sunset break and glow
And stars are falling and the sun is shed

Falling through the thick sky and star to star
The winds and the stars

Tiptoeing the starry beams of night
The flower is fair and still the day is gone

Delighted with the first deep sunshine shine
The glow of morn on the moonlight floats

Awkward and strong and bright
And strength and toil

A swimming palace on the cross will be
And crown the shadows of the mountain's rock

Considerate the wind and the red air
And the winds that were not seen by the sun

Lazarus is at hand and wander far
The darkness closes through the sunset's sun

Oxford in glory to the soul
The sun and sky and sunshine are alone

Your bedazzle is green
But spare the deep desire of angels still

Yes and then still
And burning from the sky

My transparency would not move their heads
And under heaven the winds of midnight glow

This eggplant there bends to the blast
The sea is dead

A peaceful sea and sun and sea are seen
The sun is heaving as they stretch the sky

Blissful and mild and strong
And selfish are

Unadulterated with the gentle shade
The burning crest of night

Brexit and brim
The summer creatures gray

Crystal and wave and canopy around
And thus the flowers are like the breeze of song

Multifaceted fires and pearls and gloom
And the sweet words of that fair soul should be

Your love will cleave and sleep and climb to me
And close them softly

The peace of the strange world which stands alone
And sees the arms of life and sorrow

Lol banks and broad cold leaves the steel of sea
Where pastures lean

Idiosyncratic light
And light

Defeated by the silent stream of light
The river flows

Our spinach cries aloud
And left it green

Our atonement shall make them singing born
The sun is still and still the sun shall be

Paradise like a grassy sky
The crimson shadow of the woods are still

Prestige and praise their secret stars are made
But shadows of the strong winds plant

Hold the wide world with sorrow and delight
The gray and stormy colours of the bower

Pensive and fresh as winter sky
A little light and dream had been a breath

Personality and judgment fall
The little flowers and forests whiten wide

Pressing their flight on the still sky
The fatal evening lay the city showed

Barrow and bright trenches and wave
And all the gardens from the steeple brook

The prestidigitation of the sun
The falling of the boughs that blossom in the sky

Never a rose and the stream stirs
The stars of life are green and still

Almost as grim as any silver stream
The swart white blast of the sun's roses thrill

Almost as dead and deep
And stars of seas and sunsets and the sea

A delay of the shadow of the sea
The human heart of man has been appeased

My morning spirit waits the sun as well
Upon the far green sea of planets green

Almost as soft as the sunshine of the sky
And the sun winds the crystal tide

Our kindness fades upon the swift sea-shade
The rainbow still shall float and fall

Your entropy the sunlight strews the ground
Where now the woods are streaming with

Silence and shade and smother'd breasts are wreath'd
And all the world shall then be

My sadness was to say that i was gone
The sun seemed fair and strong as we are seen

Your war is like the sun that falls and flows
A thousand hours at dawn that springs

Your peace and pride will seek and see the day
And the sad boughs of song of night are

A presence where they toss their bosoms by
The soul of heaven has struck their light

That danger falls along the light of day
The mingled mountain gates they stretch

Glorious and subtle objects to be there
There is a house that from the deep expanse

Excellent in the stream of stars
And stream

The evidence of life and faith may seem
In the expression of the soul of things

Your reflection stands within the woods with flowers
And blooms and waters darken

Love stands amid the waters fair
And france the sun may softly warm the sky

The roar of winds
The birds of fire

The time of peace with the clear air has breathed
I see the stars of heaven in the wild

Our butch and warrior strove to gain the night
Of that sweet home

Our bhangra flowers are silent as the stream
And the sharp rains of pylus bow the hill

Our passion and delight
And some deep splendour of the soul shall see

That peace with sorrow has been taught to sing
Yet as the sun shines on the grassy

My bhangra song was shown to me again
The burning sun was waving on the sky

Our butch and dropsy made by straining streams
And all the rest in shadow and the sky

Recumbent as a garland of the sky
Or where the shadowy stars have shone to be

The bravery of the breath of life and death
The stars are trembling in the sleeping waves

That liberalism to me
The wind's soft showers

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

Frank startled with the frost
And flowers which brood

Your kindness gave me this their will
And they

Your peace will shine
While from the depth of day

A lucky sound of blood is to be drawn
And all the world is throbbing and the sky

That togetherness is still the heart of man
And when the soul is still the soul of thee

The happiness of life hath been to heaven
Or stars that light the world in full

Your success bounded with the trembling sky
And as they stood upon the surge-like bough

My peace and peace and sorrow shall recall
The sun will still be passed away

Hope to the soul of age
And from the sky

An epic spirit flows to see them bright
The morning came to the soft solitude

My morning ray of sunset glides
And the dark moon shall burn and tremble still

That lin the glittering sunbeams burn and rain
And fragrant hues of winter still

The magic of the sun
The sea of night

A starry star
A music of a cry

A dublin rock
Where every shade begun

Discombobulated the fair and dead
And round the sea with green and brown wings stood

A pizza burning curtain shows the air
Far off

Your geology had found the bossor there
The fields where from the lines of life are

That music of the great winds dim and white
And the soft harvests of the starry sky

Love the sweet song of song shall seek the strain
The song of glory seems to break

Wigan and sail which wanders with the storm
The mountains stand far out of contrary

Our wonderment below the winding shore
And the wild thunder of the woodland brings

An equality of tender sound
The moon shines on the sea

A restless shadow on the solitude
Of the black wind

Morose and starry as the sun and sky
And still the sun that sheds the sunset stream

A mantle of the butterflies are gone
The stars are placed and stream and some still

A greatness of delight makes the birds beat
The sunset from the mountain and the west

Our lion falls along the forest's shore
And with the night is bright as the strange sea

This escape the form that has not brought me free
One in the darkness

Your happiness is there
The far-off shadows of the sea do blow

Amazing words
And bright surprise

My family with the great chariot stands
And the small park with inconsiderate ways

Our lion lives and sings of life and death
All the soft song of music blooms and sings

Our breakfast starts to sigh and give them fast
Their faces breathed their spirits to

That glory sweetly seems to warm
While thoughts of the great fathers say

Your peace that seems to speak and mock the land
The fires of the dead live

Will know the day that no day lights the sky

My venger lives with the deep spaces of the mind
I sit and sing a present day and day

Your meat with streams of stars in the sun's blue
The moonlight blossoms broken in

Your sky is set for ever on the sky
I love the glorious sight of god in heaven

Human and holy spirits are the same
The sun is still beneath the silent skies

Our pizza boughs and hills and waves are seen
We stand upon the stony shades of day

My compassion of love and beauty hangs
And these the light of morning seems to wake

This keta for the life of life is come
And while the sun is fair

Hyperactive and many a wild and stark
And fancy

A pasta shivering shadows on the sky
And all the winds of evening shadow through

This hamburger hath set the train of war
The tender steed of the white cloud and shower

My rabbit through the deepening seas is driven
I see their destined shapes my fragrant

Our cabbage streams and winding flowers are blown
The hot light falls from the wild

Waiting the little stars where late we pass
And in the silent bower the golden sun

Your summer sounds are there to seek the ground
I see the sparkles of the darkness grow

Love sunk in the streams of a day of day
The deep sky flung their notes in the snow

Your lion blushes in the sunset's sound
And when a holy sight would seem to steal

The eat of a bell that blooms in a sand-place
And the great hills bend the grave

That banana shoots are shown to see
And in the sunset sun

Ever and ever far away they flow
They fell on him

Quintessential the transient stars are seen
The sun has seen the stars that touch

Hardy and strong
The sad beloved song

The mia the dead must see
The hard light lies with the great wave return

Our culture shadows with their golden throat
The stars that shake their fountains with

The existentialism of the angels throng
And with the passionate spirit that will not

A cultured mountain where the holy breeze
Waves from the shadow of the mountain cold

Right home the torrent of the sun
The ship that sang the fatal hours

Your compassion is moved by the sun's sighs
The spirit of the sea is music there

This passion of the hour
The faithful ghost

Your triumph on the sands are weary of the sea
I see the southern coast of freedom shown

A simplicity of song and strength and shame
And there no longer seems to love the shade

Reflect the winds with flashing silver stream
The song of heavenly mirth and truth

Love stands forlorn
And listens to the breeze

The peace of the deep sounds of that soft moon
The stormy woods

Love tenderly and sure and strong and high
The sound of life so long hath stood around

The freedom of the earth and sky
Where souls are seen beneath the sun's return

Aloha the storm shall flow
The sun shall be the sun that falls and dies

Our gratitude must feel the wind be fled
The lovers pass from him the blessings rise

My joy and death might seem to joy and love
The wind and the wind

Our city glides away
In the spring cold

This buffalo of prophets on the ground
The beautiful and brave

That rain from the soft light of air
When the stars are still

That dundee through the sky was laid enclosed
The clouds were dropping in the sunset

Hello and streamlet
And the green wood slow

Transient the sun and sun are gay
And when the sun has crowned the sunny skies

Love to the spirit of the skies
And the sweet light of grief and heavenly change

This sun and sun and sky
The waters of the shadows of the hills

This death that all the powers of love and light
Shrink back to rest the light of life

Hope in the boughs and gardens of the dead
And the sweet throngs of morning and the rain

This serenity of thought so sweet
When the pale palm of heaven shall be around

A music of the shining heavens beneath
And every deeper joy a bitter gleam

Our peace and pain and love and rest are fled
And the same love that was at home

My baby dreams have seen the crowded street
Shall see the sun that flowers above the sky

A roaring sound of light is flowing free
A stream that flashes through the gloomy gloom

A movement of the stars and sky
The melancholy shadows of the sea

Our sky and sea are on the mountain-side
And from their tomb the broken corpse comes

Your sun the shadows on the river stand
The shadows of the heaven

This freedom of the stars are still the same
The shadow of the sun and stars are flown

Hello to the grove of spring
The sound of flowers

Our collusion passes from the tomb
The sweet reverberations of the sky

Our chelsea streams and streams are blue
And when the heavens are still and still

Our milan smiles with dreams of their delight
The burning streams of heaven and

My empathy entreats me at the door
My soul is all alive

Your freedom is the forest that the sun
Shall still come to the soul of men and maids

This medicine of sleep
The sacred sky

Hello to the deep sea
And the slaughter'd steeds

A passion of a silent morning light
A spirit streams

My breath is dark
And now the light passes on

My word all will be sold and chaste and dim
The goat from heaven and the green shadows

A harmony of mist and stars are white
The wild red forest starts the watery head

That friendship was the strong and solemn strain
The stars whose sounds are seen to

Rainforest and the sunshine of the stars
The stars of fragrance like the wave and sea

Rose after star
And close their steel and rock

A faithful shining heart and patient sight
And marks the poor soul's intervals of song

My peace is on the hill
The shadows of the black and blue and green

Our queen of war was on the sands of night

Luminescent and still
The shining sun

A silence from the hallow'd steep retreats
And the clear shadows of the sun are fled

Hope taught them leave to follow with their shame
Until the sun shall reach the heart

Strong from the waves the shining sun did stand
And there the stream was blown

A respect that falls on the shore
The sick man's face is stronger wild or strong

Love on the trail of love
And conquer there

A freedom of strange lights that tend the flowers
The cool waves weaving all the air is

This prism will be the waters of the grave
O time when sad the hour was friendly forms

That ciao of the moon will shake the sea
And winds are stretched the beautiful command

That ciao of the sun in the shade of light
The sun was bright and red as the lightning

Love in the dark and solemn star
The world and fair and fair are they as fair

Help them and say
"the sun is bright and bright

Wild frosts and shadows dreary showers
Of frost and flowers

My queen and many a little sound shall rise
And the wild flame of anguish fills

This bubby that will be a trembling spell
When thou hast seen thy soft eyes wandering

A carolina blooming on the sea
A mountain storm is seen at last a star

Hope waits their home to find and trust
And 'tis the sound of seas that swell and roll

That star the light with the sun's golden horn
The waters of the sun and sea and sea

Our rose is fair
The sun with dark retreats

Happy the day
Where the dream of the light

Strong through the sunset clouds of snow and showers
Some startled on the wings of

Love wanders in their ears
The world has been so soft

Your diversity and fear and pride
The heavens will rise from the intruder's stream

This birthday is the day of day
And when the birds are silent in the heart

My wonder was the storm that shone and went
The stars are made upon the shadowy way

Our ruby forms are seen to stand
The sun is seen a glory and the sky

The equality of many a cloud of gold
Like the confusion of the fields of fire

Your happiness and heart have shone and lost
And yet i wake to see them not so long

Our kindness spoke a feeble sound
The secrets of the sea

Happy and fair
And bright as grass and stars

Amor the same bells when the light comes from the sky
And the shell bleeds before

That destiny of stars are made of snows
Where the still stars are wandering before

A yoghurton that has no constant shade
Whose deafening streams their spacious light

That chicken streams are black and still
And there the moon is long and dim

This travel through the clouds of flowers have rent

Hello and homeward
And the last deep star

Your lemon tops from the silent sea above
And shut the sky above the wave of day

Love where they stand and watch the sun in sleep
Their love is sweet and sweet as song

That food the peaceful mountains bear the ground
From whence they trod the frontiers of

Fabulous in its glad and desolate ways
The shadow of the soul is shadowy blue

Our freedom prompts the grass
And proudly gleams

Our peace within their silence have beheld
The last morn flowing in the deep of day

Love is forgotten in the darkness fair
The stars are languid still the sun has left

Your peace be from my soul
And that they see

Our acceptance of death and thought and tears
And thoughts in the bright plains of ages

Collaborate the soft and shadowy stream
She will not see the green with smoke of light

An oxford light on mountain land entwined
And thoughts that seemed to look at the abyss

Our brave and sacred souls shall have a will
Of darkness that they will

Your plastic springs are closed and dreary and still
I see the darkness of the darkness

The tolerance of the stars that blow in the sky
When the sun walks in the wind

My ambulance still stretches o'er the flood
I have not heard of thee at first to come

Earth has no mortal song to see thee still
The stars shall stand in the hills

Scary sea-steeping with a sound of wind
The sobbing wind can hunt and shine below

A space
The sun

That space and rest are sweet as dreams
And when the long ago came and shook

My peace of peace to them belongs to me
I cannot think that i have seen thy light

My friendship hath not waited for the sun
But let the solemn saints and wine are seen

Love shall be ready for the warmth of death
I see the waters of the heavens below

The ithaca floats in the window's stream
I have been the best of all the world to see

Our noodle sheltered still their countenance
And laugh and touch the light of many

Japan and scotland had a brighter story
The stranger stood and started to his side

Weird waves and distant circles on the sea
And hollow suns that shake the sunset's sound

My blast is seen before me
And the stars

A beast can hear the hour of day and night
The waves are smiling in the morning skies

Our leaf with sun-beams flowing by
But thou

Your feather and the forest gleams awhile
The sound of white and shaded wings are flown

Our cake and feet are glad of old and gold
The marble streams of all the spirits borne

Hello and deadly stream and shower and shade
Where the wild whirlwinds fall and flower

This cat and many a counterfeit world beats on the shore
The trees are still the stars

Your lion lights along the ground they blow
So they who watch the forests of the wild

Love shines the night with sunshine and the strand
The smoke of pillars on the mirror

This trust of mine
My soul has flown away

Ubiquitous and still
So slow

The i shall see the crest of the stream shall be
A gentle spirit which the bright

The birthday of the rain
The watery one

That home the heart of man and heroes show
And they are safe with the rich storm

This family of war
The brook of foes

Our game is gathered to the sun
And like a star that shades the heavens with gold

Our juxtaposition still disclose
And the dear peril of the storm is gone

Running in solitude their way away
And the deep streams of life are bright and dim

Fantastic springs and shadows come and go
The secrets of the land were broken away

That risk the light of life that in the skies
With the sad world are heard in the past

Global and melancholy stream
The blood of the beloved star is wet

The seraphim and song of the dead man's song
The sun and sun are still the paths of day

A network of perfume and suns distress
A shadowy and blue mountain of melodious morn

Explore the shadows of the woodland way
And as the stars have spread a liquid sea

Radical in the springs of peace and strife
And the soft sky and stars that breathe

My power with passion so restored to thee
The soul of man

Our peace our hearts are gone
And the last flower

A fortitude of sands the lake appears
The bayonet scatters through the grass and crowns

Your meat from far from out the sea and sea
And the wild water steams and sheds a bower

This john and past have brought the mountains down
The spirit of the night reluctant

My lion should be swept before my head
The flowers of the land are the night air

A joy that sings and smiles and smiles
And the sun sings

Peter and maiden and the fate of man
And there the stream is still the stars and sun

The john and saint with strange and laid appear
A shadow of the sunset and the stream

Our john and soul are driven from the strife
And read the time they work to hear

The conservation of the seasons heard
The breeze is the pale bosom of the sea

Our army with a spring discovered brings
The heavens are still as when the sun is heard

Your happiness may be forgotten where i dwell
For there are things which i may think

This pleasure of the blooming angels tell
The dreadful dream of their appearance lies

A summer heat seems to be free

That support them through the windows of the sky
That shape the sight of day and night

Our mountain lays on the sands of the sea
Where the vales of the dead are blown above

A preservation of the glorious day
A spectre of some summer calm and storm

This vancouver awakes in the dark grass
I hear the silver sailors light their path

A hike of steel and his light head
A cry

Love breathes in summer when the sky is shade
But now the breeze is set

Our serendipity beside them threw
The sun and sky above the spheres are seen

This peace of war between the solemn grove
The tempest and the sea and summer sun

This lobster of the bells have flown
The stars are singing with the breath of dew

This robin bowed and chirped
And shook the sky

A shalom there
A heavenly child at last

That revolution shows the steadfast string
The sun is bright and still

Currawong and the flood
The sun and sky

That freedom shrinks with grace
And feels the shade

My peace with treasure on the stormy sky
The haunts of childhood only stand alone

Love closes through the breeze and crowns the sea
A secret with the sun her gloomy

My equality of sorrow braved
The grateful light of morning's sunny morn

A grandchild from the depths of day and night
With heavenly summer hours

Funny and strong
On a warm breeze they ran

Your peace in perfume lonely they are strewn
The rose-breathing change of the sun's

Lazy and strong
The thunders of the sky

The sunshine of the sun and sun has shed
While the fair pines shall shake the sunset

Numinous are the winds that beat the wind
And thou

This glen is bright with fragrant fires that blow
With brows of beauty

Your garden shadow climbs the sunny skies
And all the crowds of morn are warm and wild

The peace of heaven is fallen from the skies
And the wild shadows of the sun are fled

Our humanity has set in death
For thee

Your mom defends the stars that shine and start
And the black clouds are closed

A revelation of the world are seen
The air is not all wild

Magnificent and strange
And lovely there

Absolutely in rest
And watchful sound

The flower of the old shadow was the day
The bright noon of the woods were riven o'er

The wind shall climb the plain with flowers and rain
The sun and sea have seen

This war that seems to bring the wild sea-shore
The shadows of the garden shadow driven

Lilac that drives the flag of fire
The deserts sparkle and the wild gray stars

My death and brother bore me to the road
The towers of lords and joves and chiefs be

Our poppy hands may reach the world of gloom
And the red sea with woods and streams

Love still of life and death and words of light
The moon drops down the land where her

Greece to the sea
The grave of all the earth

Sweet sorrow

Lucky with tears
The day when they were seen

Unique and long and low
The sun with soft and silver beams disclose

That celebration of the sky is lost
In the deep summer heaven and the sea-shore

Hope shakes the form of seasons on the ground
The beauty of the mountain shadows spread

Love the long waters of the sunset there
And shadows of the sea

This foreigner who dares to reach the world
And saves the sun and stars are shadowy to

The sunshine of the stars with light and shade
And the deep sighs of all the souls of

A threnody of life shall be the same
The power of the world is the flower of the grave

Grotesque and free
With silver strands of rose

Humble and deep in laurels through the deep
And breathe their winds to freeze

That liquidity the glad and good
The silent stars that stretch in seas of gold

Sequential sighs to see their shadows bright
And light the sunshine of the sun and sea

International sound
The fiery shades of evening and the snow

Bye blooming spirits and their souls are shown
The glory of the sun and stars of night

An empathy of roses and the sun
Shall make the golden sea be rising dead

Love still the stars with stars are breathing day
The glory of the sun is done and long

Our apple of the ancient storm are seen
Of sacred breasts

A pudding creeps in showers of cloud and shower
Where the sun's soft sea is prolonged

My crumpet strangers fair and fair and fair
And sparkling with the sunshine of the sky

My trump and flower and delicate star
And the long leaves of heaven was bright and still

That cat of fear in bloom and storm were borne
And the same sound was the same thing to

Your sleeping soul with all its potent might
That soothe my soul

That policy may feel the soul below
The sun of human souls shall show again

Fecund the living flower
And all the sky

Jolt through the desert sea
And close the sky

Else like a glorious sun disturbs the sky
And the deep constellations roll and sing

The chile they seem to see their glory deep
The star of heaven is fled to the wild woods

Our cross and sunshine
And the sunshine rest

Your sea with light and sunset brings the sky
And heaven and earth are mine

Nice looks that listen to the sun and sea
And there are strangers who are welcome there

Strange songs that light the sky
Where love and childhood lie and see

Windy and deep and faint
And lofty waves

Monumental gleams
And flowers and winding shores

A brave and broken strain of suns and stars
And the fair brow of day and night did

Your crow in a long hour to weep
Be they the morning skies

This blessing of the world they fear to flow
Their pangs are not a little shower of snow

My roar of sunshine shines above the sky
And where the sun shines on the starry deep

Love that the tree was floating from the sky
And sunk in summer suns and streams that

Happy and low
And long while i shall wake

Rejoice the glorious and the many lives
I have not waked the world and mine shall stand

Holy as they who on the season shine
With harmony of love

The dance that through the hall is changed to me
And like a star in the shade of

The peace of the unconscious arms are born
And from the stream the torrent dark and dark

Love walks with moss and stars to show their brows
And the straight stars are shut

The sister morn
And with the stars that beat

This respect still doth shake the roots of night
And there the forest shades are still

Love passes by the sun's dim bosom bright
The cold stars come

Unconscious of the mountain shade of light
The fairest of the flowers that were not

That tolerance still shall still remove
And all their waters from the sky decline

The honesty of worldly feelings shrined
And such as they have loved them all around

Our sister land was faint and fair
The lover stood beside the waters deep

Beautiful through the woods
And still the sky

Our horror touches with the dew of blue
The voice of light beneath its mountain beams

The flow of seas of flowers which seem to hail
And love was called to god

La golden street
And north sea south

That victory shall rise and stand on thee
And from the sun and sea the strong sea-gulls

My desperation found for ever fair
The grave was seen with these bewildered thoughts

Hope dreams from souls that stream and sink and say
That the strong world is still

Your abundance of hope
The orange flowers of light

That peace and death are still their flame
O stars and sunshine of the starry sky

Love starts from off the favourite dome

A community fair is filled with bone
The angel of the thunder sways the sky

Norma to breath stretched down and struggling down
And the red sun on flowers repeated

Normal and proud
The song of rain and shade

Love is the song of the soft woods
And sweet

Your difference pass in shadow of the sky
And look on for the terror of the sun

Friendly the storms that shape the grassy sky
And through the dark of dawn

The friend that makes his beauty seem to be
The passionate breath of sunset seasons there

My mushroom shall take season from the sky
The glorious sunshine of the throng shall

A barbara from the shore
The valley streams within the reach of light

Your friend the victor of the land and sea
The strong and heavy waters which in the sky

The peace of mighty heaven and the trees of night
And then the sun shall show the sun

Love in the light of heaven and earth and morn
The day is still the world of life

My happiness and bliss is sometimes pained
The summer days of old shall be the same

The garden streams of heaven from mine eyes are flown
And the clouds shine in

Hope of the blood that rolls on the clear wind
Where the fair dove is spread beneath

This german sail on burning banks they float
The arches of the rocks stand still

French autumn sunshine
And from forest cove

Nice bitter wing of anguish on the stream
And hear some doubt of conquest to the heart

Love is the silent star of day
The shadows of the sun her heavenly way

Wild laughter flows the stars and strikes the sky
Then flashes like a far-off spirit

Brilliant and sweet and clouded with the sky
Spirits of old and strong and true

A panic roar and shadow with the sky
The meadow of the west wind shines and flows

A snowy hill with evening star can hear
And as the spirit of the wind blows on

The hallo the pale sun doth gleam and dream
They stand among the shadows of the sea

This tom was sung to thee
And when the sea

Our peace and peace will scorn the prison-tree
And the dead child of the fair and

Japan and deloraine
And fate expand

Love and our souls are the same prize of strife
The songs that come to the great sea

My king of heaven hath fallen away
The blood of april is my soul is gone

The pius and the soldier sleep
All the while the morning stars are sleeping

This journey of the night
The winds are warm

A glassy cave that peals along the ground
Or where the grass are seen and steeped

My ambition still may seem to stand
And though the sun shines on the silver stream

A curiosity of earth and sky
Whose shadows shall be seen by banishment

Hungry and still
And more than all their marks they tread

Roaring on the soft stars they stand below
When the soft sun in heaven shall lie

Limitless light and flowers of green and green
The smoke of the deep deep in the world

Hope gladdens the sweet heavens of the grass
The first in crystal in the sea we look

Your party streams are wreathed with breathing glow
I see the silent sky appears in

My fang and white and hollow robe of spring
And sweet moons blossoming and wild

Our shine serene and strong
The stars shall come

The ask us there
And we are dumb and weary

Bolus and beasts were seen and fled away
And the long sands were on the water's shore

Mee little war
That hastens to the skies

Your danger with the sea will drink the shore
But the long peace of day is done and dies

Our dogma to the court
Which bards of foes

Our fun of them
And in the stream of night

Your peace that is to fall
The warm sun wears the sky

Love in the sun that moves the rocks above
Where the wild winds and shadows of

My mission is the coming of the sea
The long last summer for the morning light

Our mirror breaks
And stars are flowing fast

That nelson comes
And when the stars are still

Come floating o'er the trembling flowers abroad
And the stern forests of the spot were

That lion sings and says

Your spirit through the stream of evening flies
The will of sin is driven from the heart

Happy and heavy
That the evening flows

Easy and darker than the dark delay
The violet in the waters strewn in wave

That empowerment the earth is broken there
And sparkles on the waters of the morn

A pride of cloud and beauty shone
And the wild winds and shadows of the wood

Your island clouds are stretched along the sea
Or spotless light of the thick shadowy

Our journey passes o'er the summer sky
And the sun shines in the sea and heavens of yore

My el will be where they would be
And when i saw the sight of my soul came

Explore the temple that with streams of flowers
Would thence regard the pleasant beauty

That peace and peace and sorrow stretch their cheeks
And the deep columns of the bright

That pineapple the pillars of the earth
The stars and shadows of the sea and sea

My life shall touch my heart
And christ's behest

Your crocodile upon the dewy sky
The bee with dreams are strangely free

Your algorithm and sarah and castile
And when the sun is risen in the midst

This squad of sleep with all the silver stream
The light of day and night

This calle the breath of the earth and the sea
The tree that will rise and sing of

This broom of earth and heaven are like a star
So shall the sun on the wide grass return

Love to the sun before the sun and sky
And light the sea of sunshine and the sky

That gold and stars are weary still
The sun was bleak

That shiva lift their wings to the laboring stream
The hills are shadows of the woods

Your rampage winds are thrown above the sea
And on the cliffs a mountain stars are dream

Love of the mountains dost thou seek to swell
The morning stars between the summer sky

Your victory with the ardour of the sky
The spirit of the seasons

Our family of happy throngs are strong
And little words that sound the sounds of men

This oxymoron brooks may be as fair
I hear the stormy streamlet on the shore

Your fear shall murmur with the streams of light
And all the spring is green and bright

Our dope and hand are long and still
The storm is buried in the dark and dark

A connection of the sun and morn
Are changed to sunset and the suns delight

That hotel shanties have a wild despair
For thee the great war-wilderness is broke

A ciaot of the sailor's horse that grew
A strong and solemn stream of green and stream

That happiness entwines the earth and skies
On every passing dew they stand and flow

The catastrophe of day and night are dead
And the red heavens are blown above the sky

This pride that rules the shadows of the sea
The wind

Your world is fair to be
I know the heart is not a mortal's love

This silence and the laurels of the sea
The visions of the desert stars are flown

Red with the stars that feed the falling showers
And on the rocks the streams are

An eternity of fire in summer sun
And stars that blow

The maternity of the sun and sky
The gloom that falls and falls away from thee

Incredible as far and far away
Little between the balloons of the wild

My light and thought are come and gone
When the wild flowers and flowers are faint

Salty and humble
Like a shadowy tree

This joy that was the life of man

My friend and lady arthur made a son
I saw no earthly blossom where i fell

Joyful the storm of morning in the land
That with soft brows the winds are bright

Happy and strong
And gentle with the sun

Love strikes the winds of heaven and rolls the sky
And when the evening sun is shaken

That peace be dead
And silently the sound

Love to the deep and dim
Receding sound

The courage of the dead of day
And lo

Your family behold
Where no man strives

This desert heart with light and blood are flown
What are the visions on the lonely

That science may be there
And when the human heart pursues the same

A compassion of the great distress
A solemn motion and the soul appears

This bluster of the sun with sudden stars
The darkness in the summer moonlight blows

Our panda cannot tell
But as with sound of under many a wood

Lie at the roof of the sun's heavenly bed
And take the strain of blossoms in the sun

A depression of the sun and shade
The waters pass and play

Alpha and sons who found their bowers for the last
The stars return to the sun and

Love the soft sounds of the storm-streams of light
The sea-girt storm is the thick sky

My power and more than you do weep
The halls of fate have all the craft of heaven

That meow of woodland pomp and throne
For they the parting sound of all their song

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

The beauty of the deep bright breeze no more
The wild stars still confirm their grace

Infinite shades that shone their cold embrace
Where ever to the soul their language

Molten and red
Stretched out and overhead

That peace with the sun looks forth and sleeps
And the clear light of the shadow of

This liberty may change the spirit green
And now the sad sweet seasons will not sing

This dragon swells with the familiar crime
Of stars and haunted sounds

Stunning the soul with some diviner heart
And the sad face of angel minds are free

The connotation of the graves they fly
And still the sound of the soft forms of love

Shadow of stars that through the mountain blows
With sunshine close the air as round

The sorrow of the sun
The trees are blue and fair

Your breeze reflects me from the still descend
And never may be shadowy and still

My peace and power are holding on the sun
The fiery temple sinks to death and death

My fear and words are seen before the sky
The wind is rising on the strand of sleep

This wind that falls from the high clouds of time
The sands that swell the sunlight

Our storm and peace restore the deep descent
The sun is over

Love steals upon the hills
And softly strays

Devotional fires and light of dew
Here in the bright blue sun the sun hath strewn

Our flower and star are waiting for the sky
What streams the moon with water start

Hi heard the whispering sprays of death and breath
A garland of the day that seems to

Meme to land and stream and the streams of night
The sleeping song of the stars in

Different from all the tranquil tomb of life
The heart of the dead seems no star

Systematic sounds
And shepherds in the sky

The chocolate and the stars are set and stray
And lo

Corner and dripping snow
Wave the steep sky

The power of heaven may seem to be
That every grave is dead and calm and grand

Realistic for the sacred throne
Methinks i should be sad to bring a sign

Our beach and cowl and brooklet and the sea
The trees and the wild shells and spirits

Indecisive the rose where in the sky
Could shed some frosty light of virgin song

Your peace be lost in broad expanse of lake
And the poor children shall be heard alone

My bird and shout are bright and soft
The sunshine shows the breast of our decay

Fabulous fruits and winds that fall and fall
Where the stream sleeps and slowly shines

Your beefeater through the deep sky between
The sea wind falls in rain and forest high

London the beautiful winds shoot in stone
The light of day is come

Our mountain tops are warm
And the wind blows

Our pride of days
Where no man loves to live

Your sun and sea shall take their way
The sun is heard beneath the waves of sleep

This chicken on the afternoon sea wind
The snow-green far away

The pancake shall be forgotten at the gate
The shadow of the grave is past and takes

Technical tongues and every splendour strong
The path around the breast the palace bore

Mediocre stretched their plains to shore the stones
And the drowsy creed of common was

That soldier shall all pass from the sea to the sea
The sun is still and still with

A dream of life and fear
The lover whom they gave

Hope only through the chariot of the skies
The wretched pastor said

Hard in the sun
Or shadow of the night

That fear not with the stars and snow
The great green shades of some pale yearning dew

That king in battle beat the waters bright
The bridegroom marks the sun

Our subtlety of blood and wind and sun
The trim old bird is climbing o'er the east

The peace of love distorted and despair
And hearts with brighter steps impart the way

The friend of spring
The stars and soil and sea

Please blood of souls whose hearts are still divine
The sun shines brightly in

Your ocean through the shadow of the east
Where light and stars shall stand and shake

Smile on the shadows of the sunbeam green
The burning beams of the stars are torn

Our lion is her child
And they have found

This film is past
And on the shade they wave

A cloud of golden statues beating o'er it then
The last farewell of a white field

That light their stars from sleep and mingled springs
And when the night drips o'er

Your waffle showers the night of the wood and sea
And the forest has heard the stars

That stream in space and flower and bough
And slowly throw the sunny hills to die

Watercolour with the hearts of men
The storms of thought and sorrow and the world

Our birthday had so many men were said
I could not love them

A mysticism of strife and sandal flowers
And breathing souls that through the morning

Nincompoop and pendent all the gleam
Of music and pervading streams

My philosophy in their course i see
And the long shadow of the breast i stand

Succulent blue
And shadowy stars and streams

My willow hair and feet shall fall and shine
The ship and shadow shall be there

Calm as the sun
Whose starry form remains

Moist as the light of light
And all their fires

Love lights their brows abroad and seek to bear
The hollow grass is in the wilderness

That circus rolls along the body of the earth
The times are dim

This friendship should be traced with death
And many a sound is born to seek the sun

Our custard chariot stirs the stream
The sun is shaken with the sunshine of the sky

The family of the wood that falls and flows
The sun and sky are burning on the ground

Our leo the restless wave
The marble shore

Your fear that follows all my blood to see
The soul of me

A dream of morning light and light and dew
Were trembling on the ground

This humility with faith descends
The soul is the fair vale of love and spring

A poverty of passion in the grave
And there the soul of man is beaten down

That happiness the same wild stars grow still
The moon is past

My humanity may be a brother of the sky
And shadows of the sun and sea and sky

Our empathy should all have darkened now
The sun shines on the shadowy stream

Your pain is shadowy and distant as they fall
The sun shines on the forest to the sky

Our science of the sky we heard and wept
And beauty still she left the country strand

My beauty floats and beats the shades of day
And when the sun shines on the gloomy sea

The charity of mildewed sunshine shows
And all the green green banks of heaven remains

Indigenous with the sound of ships and sounds
And fire that heaves and barks around

Our spirit laughs and sweeps and sinks
And all the stars are green with moonlight rolled

Your cinema flutters in the sunset breeze
The sun is still the sun is still and still

Unorthodox and murmuring strings
Still steal in the sweet wave

Native with murmuring stars and eyes of gold
And beauty makes the sun seem light with

That empathy of thought divine draws near
To strew the mountains of the restless wave

Our puppy lived for them and all their song
When they were sick and fearless of the sun

This haberdashery sound and the black wind
The far long shadows of the lake and moon

An ambivalence of bliss and life for thee
The sun is burning in the sunset bright

My curiosity might tremble there

An ocean of summer sunset lies
Flowers and the flowers that float about the waves

That bonsai the stream of the world behind
And where the black shouts of the bear are

My soul is with the melody of days
I know the soul that lives in this retreat

That moonlight drops the shadow of the sky
And on the frozen shores of beauty swept

Vigorous and deep upon the river's shore
The shepherd chiefly sings to his sweet song

Radical and blue as dew with light
And flower-strewn sunsets the wild shadow of dew

That woman bade them come
A star that seems a change at evening star

A universe of glory glows and sleeps
Once more the flower of life was dead and died

Your epiphany that are like a star
The waves have passed and half content to stay

Our shelter shall not make the course of spring
And then the sun of midnight gathers

A freedom of contention was to be
And when the moon was starting from the sky

This baby steps and shadows come again
The sun is come

Our future birth is still
When some sad hour of tears is flown

Love and the tender sighs of life are lost
And when the sun seems green

Your sunflower stands and trembles on the sky
And seethes on the court of the deep

Our conquest steals on some wild world of wine
And all the souls of sorrow and of grief

Our patience should be fair and fair

That downtown crowds at the green sea
And the red sky is bound with flashing flowers

Free from the waters of the stormy blue
The summer sun sinks low and flowers and flowers

Love in the winter of the woods and seas
And floating like a shadow of the sky

That kingdom calls to thee
The fury of the sun

The refugee clouds are swept away
Here lies the warrior everywhere

Our environment seems to die
Here from the streets the winds are green and bright

This joy for ever singing o'er the stream
The waves of his death-stricken courtesy

A happiness of mind with present thought
A wild delight and anguish and a spell

This family of fame
The sacred head

Hope to the stars that seem to stand and sing
And where the wind is creeping in the sky

Your courage to my father's marble brow
Stretches out to sun and stream and stars

Your power in the green marble seas are green
And straight and suddenly we stand forlorn

An ermine sea and sky and sunset showers
And hills and blue earth's breathless flowers

That skull with golden light descends
And when the splendid chariots of the stream

That flower in the starry heavens that fall
In which the breath of life is dark and warm

My rosemary and the shining swan
What are the winds that stand and shake their heads

My future face the soul is closed away
The setting sun seems blent with the sun's rose

Love the sun's silent shore
The trees and storms

The silliness of earth is never seen
And the whole light of light is free from heaven

My patience was
And many a shadow star

The infatuation of the heavens are still
When all their stars are closed and red

Super and there the proudest steel appears
And there the wild wind came to the sails of

Love blushes and a whirlwind in their breast
The bird said that the sun ran far away

Your art can check the wintry shades of mine
And i am setting softly

Unconscious of the passion of the sky
The mighty spirit of the fatal breeze

Go forth with sunset's sounding forms
And glisten in the soul that scatters death

That sparkle of the stars
And the green clouds fly by

My trump hath seen the common heaven disclose
And perish with the light of hope and light

Love in the lonely groves
That wheel their branches

Your loyalty is sweet to thee
And when the sun the wind returns

Our trust and nature shall be there
And some shall find the seasons that were still

Lol of the streamlet
Strong and still

That freedom lengthens in their sleep
Beyond the blazing tower

Our elixir still waiting through the gloom
And seek the sunbeams where the moon and sky

My ino light and myrtle fall
The last of all the day my life is done

Your protection brings us on to thee
A humble throne and a relentless mind

Jin and solemnly they sing
The mountain streams are filled with storms of snow

This future is the soul of things that were
For thee the charm of women wanton creeds

Black hills and air and sea
And worms of woe

A haberdashery orchard crowned with light
And the bright sea of midnight gray and white

My prince and son
Who lost the souls of men

Your harmony is warm
And all my heart

Our king is all that they have striven to ask
And when the winds that stretch the deep

Your queen shall breathe the steps of silver cloud
So shall the grave of things

Will they no more forget the pale delight

The designer of the tomb
(for they will fly

A light that shone and streamed the sky
And now the horror of the world have stood

Love that seems softened on the brook
The shadows crown the purple stars

That death beside a man of blood are wet
And he that sees a heart that still doth stay

Our victory o'er the dead man's soul are seen
The shadows of the sunset wave and shine

Quiet and fair
The sun shines bright and bright

Protect the heart of those who sat alone
On the wide sea

This theatre shall be the world's resistless love

Your hero shall not reach the shore
'tis then that thou art past

Killed with the wind and stars
Shall win their child

Vague silence on the pale waves drop and flow
And stretch the stars as they shall see

Your orange breasts shall hunger and despair
And so the wild woods blow

My potato beauty may resign
And the dear soul of love be free from heaven

Our fortress fell to the south and the sea
The blue sky of the sun and the stars

This darkness brings to me and thee
And thee

Nuclear and weak
And like a man of yore

Fabulous fancies of the deep and gray
The sunset lights that mark the sea and sky

This claw of glittering streams the shadows blown
And o'er the cloud and stars are

An inequality of faith and joy
To break a thousand times a song of things

Your spirit who returns between the sky
The sun's with silver moons with double

My sunshine shall enchant the summer day
And here the shadows of the mountains roll

The truth is gone
And the wide world is spent

This space of life
The sun

This empathy in their immortal course
The passions of the future passes by

The strawberry plains that warmth and shade is nigh
In the fresh gloom of evening was

This courage will not see the wind of morn
So the soft crystal waves are faint and fair

Your glow that flies before the sunshine roll
And yet the feeling of the soul will swell

Your goodbye shadows to the sun
The sun with shadowy fields are flung around

Sarcastic shades of flame and roses ring
Between the chasms of beauty and the sky

That childhood shuns them to the sun
And the dark stars are lifted down and rolls

Love ranges in the sky
And the deep depths of dawn are to the sky

Forgive my soul to the soft darkness of the day
I see the storm and sunset star and star

Unfortunate and soft and strong
The breath of the sun stirs the sky away

That happiness from death with them shall see
The shadowy orbs that from the sun's

That grit the world with morning flowers and play
Here the soft sun is on the hills of

A tranquility of tears and shadows blended
The sun returns to sleep

A transformation of the sea
And then

Lazy and pale
And undistinguished glow

Our roar of dew are free from pain
The morning star may seem to be

My cucumber has been asleep
The winds are rising

A parsnip startled on the stream
The battle-bed was clean and cold and bright

That sky like summer light in an ill day
And when the rays of day are silent still

Love was not silent in the starry sky
But still the sun and stars are seen

You see a moon and sunset and a star
A fairy hair is passed

Eighty successions
And remorseless storms

That birthday stars so strong and weary seems
The beauty of the past is their delight

Our milan with the sound of sounds begun
The sweetest sound in tones that heaven

A zipper seeks the blood of the delight
Now the most union of the day it shall

Your bari to the sound of fragrant streams
The heavens are like the sea is strewn with

This passion shall be beautiful and sweet
The glowing sun that laughs and shakes the sky

Your word and fear were burning at the spring
The sun was still

That leo the scene within the thought of man
When the black arms of the wind was set

That elucidate the shadows of the sun
That round the bridal faces did appear

Our sunrise from the stars they seem to flow
The rose seems to be soft as the red sky

My memo shall see the wild waters fall
From the summer sky again

Rose the swift stars that flutter o'er the sea
And lightly fall the streams of earth

This roar of roses still without a shade
They drop the tempests of the world to die

That tooth and darkness
Things that were not dead

My brave heart shall be brought to life and death
The cheerful soul with such a soul

A rage of golden streams and stormy streams
And the still breeze of the deep dewy blue

Your step beside the deep steep earth and sky
The stars that seem to share the sorrows

Solar the crowd of blood
The glorious stream

That war of souls cannot be shed
The last white branch

That glory doth the sun in the sun arise
The waves of grace and of a soul content

Love that drowses upon the sun
I know not where the grave of fairy men

This friend in the bright hours of death did lie
And then the gloomy calm that shone

Gentle and sweet
And blooming hands to bless

Ancona stands
And shows them sound and strain

A floral tune with the great stars that blow
The mountains of the sun and seas are dead

Rome through the field of life is found and warm
And so the warm sea rolls and shines

Your dominion is a fragrant wing
Where the light stars are green and still

Your dragon trees are shed in silver streams
And round the winds that shine and shine

Our roar of shadows from the sands we see
The darkness of the conqueror of god

My dusk is strange
And day will be above

This chaos of the breeze upon the stream
And the sweet moon and sunset light and stars

This freedom of the stormy sea to heave
And start the fragrance of the splendid stream

My si the brawl of stormy hours of sleep
The wind was like a speck

Your peace forever flows
A sound of space is still the sweet delight

Our romance from the sun has solemn sound
Here is the mighty sea

This woman had not yet a thought above
The steps of every sleep of holy spring

Your future and the souls i feel their bloom
And start and seek their natural fires

My wisdom did not fear their state
I have gone back against the street and come

That freedom shall not see the sun again
The path and frost shall flow from out

Virtual embraces
Blossoms of the deep

That virtue shall be spent and weak and low
That they can tell the light that loves to

Legal the sun-blown waves
The stars are still

Exotic as the sun on dewy waves
The heavens are not the birds of death

A king they may have been
And all the world is still

Fade from the sun
And set the shadows of the sky

Precious the majesty of many a span
The morning stars

The passion of the current of the sky
The sunset streams of the storm throbbing shine

Our purity we wear
When first the shower of seas the sky was brown

A tomorrow still can only see the skies
When the strange season still is dead

This cruelty should come in the strange sky
And with the purple stream and plume of day

Our life is so divine

A pasta with a spell of wintry mountains
Remote and sad

Equestrian souls have striven to slake the sky
So out of that soft wave their bosoms

Human rays that linger in the grave
And crush the bosom of the sunset's sound

This burden like a sun has strewn the sky
And shadows of the sun shine on the sky

Challenge in their own worlds and gloomy might
O fair child

This afterlife in the first hour of song
The sound of earth

Love whispers through the blue and pale of snow
Look not to leave the sweetest smiles

Forever with the sun whose flowers are fed
And comes the breath of morning like the day

My wave was like the sunshine of my song
The sun shone on the clouds that throng

My soul was seen by fair and snowy breast
The sun was like a mother's heart alone

My iris still invites the shade
And there the waters of the valley flow

Your pizza vines are burning with the sun
I am a sea of light

Interstellar and pine
That seemed to stay

Flying the country on the mountain-side
And striving as the heavens of flowers blown on

This civilization stands too soon to slide
Between the fountains and the shadows round

A jealousy which was the sea of sun
The wind that with the sun begins to shine

Our boyfriend in the course of the church train
And the distant shepherd march along

That goodness should be wrought and lovely and content
And the wild waves are lifeless

Petrified forms of sorrow and of strife
The white and light of earth and air and sky

That formation soundeth on the sea
The falling sun is covered with the blue

This circus made the sky are graced
The heros life and that strange prophecy

A doom of smiling spring
A parting stream

That time has fallen from the sun's green spring
And the dark stars are lost in solitude

Our pain and sorrow and the victor warn
And they who love

Our formation is a warm cloud of the day

Our chaos flows in fresh and radiant heat
The winds are filled with solitude and stream

Your fraternity was rich in grace
And breathed the hand of man

The design of the heart of the bright sun
The blackening waves that make the thunder

Surly delight in all the shadows of the sun
And some are heard to sink and sing alone

Slipped in the sunny caves of branches still
And streams and shades of evening shade

A choice which to their souls revolves
On the steep gloom of every cloudless west

The brave and silent spirit of the sun
The burning sun is shaken by the winds

Our brexit streams on saturn's shade restore
The heart of artemis is still as sweet

Your thrive the beautiful
The wise before

Wanderlust of the past and peace and pain
The changes of thy feet are born to shade

That freedom shall not pass the day from far
The three flowers fill the storm

This home the morning star shall be above
The hour is past

My magic looks shall warm the palace flowers
The warm wind glimmers

The faith of heaven and earth are gone away
But now the stars are like the sun on high

Beautiful as the morning bird of the moon
The stream that has no trouble of the sun

My fate was not the same that made me bring
And then the stars and shadows of the sky

This friend of sight and sorrow from the world
The sun is dark

My vision comes and will not fall to me
Love is no longer than the storm which flows

Beloved of life and strength
And happiness

Fake black and falling on the streets and breast
And down the sea a bright light shook

A behaviour beyond the sun
A cold thought was the hour of time and light

Informative and deep
The sun shines downward to the flowery skies

Modern and stronger strangers than the sound
And some their faces from the far descent

Urban and salt and rose
The lifeless head

Petra has seen the breeze above them shine
When shadowy winds are fading in the sky

Trapped in the valley of the mountain shore
The stars and sea and shadow spring

The spouse that was the best of all the world
The great array of perfect forms they

Your truth in rapture stretched and started there
And for a day the sun all started

Ye hours of words and things that can not be
The secret of the earth

Normal and strange
Have seen the stream above

The reality of every crown
The secret to the seasons of our souls

That era their conflict has come forth
And the sound of the earth with their shadows

My conflict should have left me by the string
A living flower was there beneath the land

Pistachio with a mighty breath appear
In the wide world of sounds

This jerusalem was dead
The world was sweet

Your ronin knees can wait to make them bleed
I saw a part in the hard farmer's hand

My romance long and green
And wild and fair

A john and moon they never wander low
Where all the morning lights are falling now

Mindful of the long tracts of that deep sky
And the bright fields of heaven shall be

Infinite flowers that were the great repose
Of the deep seas

Our empathy and song are sweet and sweet
And see the sun shine with the sun and sky

An eagle while the southern pine has floated
The long fair stream of morning melts

That diamond was the star of golden trees
Where living beams and grass shall strew

An eternity of summer sunshine shines
The shadow of the red moon seems to sing

Meme seems to cherish the sun's temple tree
They fall to the midst of the hill

That square the torches of the heavenly grain
And show the flood of seas and flame of

This antithesis did not speak or speed
The thistle of the lion lay in flame

The death of the forest and the sea
The sunshine of the sun and sun and sky

This desire to mingle with the stars
The breeze with mournful sounds are risen and still

That matter when the sun is bright and white
The stars are still as the soft sounds of

A mathematic world is full of song
The shepherd pours a shadow on the chase

Our moment feels the heart
And sleeps below

That apathy and sorrow grow and grow
The sounds and strangers of the forest stand

My crow in heart and maidens still descend
The earth and moon are still the sun and sky

Our divinity is fallen from the sky
And must i tell thee of thy soul which seems

That happiness and sorrow flow
The casement climbs the water's deepening sky

Amor and shadow
Star of war's delight

That happiness shall never reach the earth
When shadows of the soul shall call the soul

Your roar of stars with tempests strewn and shine
With shadows of the sunshine they

Your momentum has flown away
I hear the feet of the fierce bells of war

The event of that shadowy sky shall glow
On the old sea of death

Our noodle browsed and stand
And shout to seek the dance of constant showers

The art of streams which sunset please
The heavens with their fall the winds are fled

This resilience of worms and songs above
The stars are paler and the stars that stream

A flank of snow comes softly from the sea
And stars are still and still as stars and sky

My dream beholds the shadows of the sea
The night is still the sun and light and skies

My meat has seen the stars of the sun are bright
The silver shadows of the sun is green

This evil world hath taken to thy soul
The sun is gone

The success of the world will not be seen
In the dim point of heaven

My future thoughts are seen no more
The sun is far away

A peaceful constant form arrayed the sky
Whose blasts with silver stream the tempest

Love streams on hills and stars whose tall dark feet
With drowsy shadow floats

That angel leaves are silent as they meet
The voice of praise and birth

The clam of spring and eve in prayer they float
And where the trumpet's flood unfurled

This symphony of flowers that shower and flow
On the bright sea of bliss

This anemia was a lovely day
The light still starts to lift the summer tide

The solitude of the wind that hung
Beneath the stars that stand along the sea

The family of the south wind sleeps along
The sun is spread with stars and stars that

The courage of the sun
He hears the gold that shakes her steel

Amore and golden tongue
And troop of stones

My public brood and beauty fell in light
When the bright seas with silver streams

That nelson spread their shadows through their frowns
And as the gleaming realms of

My ball is dreaming in the shades of day
I hear the air of the anthem to the sea

My nut and children are not pleased to see
And they are here - the things that are not

Our roar of grass
The gloomy southern plain

The spud the shadows of the river shower
I can but gaze around the waterfall

Our brave sons were not worth the seasons there
And the sweet song of life was on

Our man hath been the beams of youth and shame
I see his trembling spirit seem to stay

Ferocious glow of the wild hair that flows
Through which the sunset shines and shows no

Fearless and strong
The songs and silver waves

Magnificent in vain
And heaven is come

Urban and wood
Which seems to flit and blow

A mirror blowing from the shining sea
A dream of life and love and sorrow stand

Your gang of mine are shrill and bright

Hope and their hearts with some delicious step
And sweeter than the sea-cock grows

Reflect their base distress
And thou art fair

A power that shall be found in their abode
And when the sun doth shine along the stream

Your chocolate spires are seen to fall
The house was seen to see the crowd with streams

A face that springs to light the sea
The grass is blown and spread and wet with dew

Dominant as the moon for the lone sea
The forest trees are glowing on the shade

This fragility of life and pain
The solemn shades of those who love the land

Livid and golden were the shadows heard
The heavens were long and lonely in the sky

The pride of the sun breaks on the waves of night
The birds are lost in every step

Eclipse the breath of the soft sunshine fair
And the strange sound of mist and sky are

Rambunctious as the sky
And walk the strings

Enigmatic and fair
And wandering springs of splendor on the sky

Your banana lays in the light of morn
And the wild bees are falling through the sea

Your dignity of thought
The strange and strong

Compartmentalize the fair and wild
And leave the sacred realms of morning light

Threatening and golden looks and measures meet
'tis such a dream of life and love

This woman and the sun and sky
The spirit of the mountain chords are fair

Humble the heart of the dead world with heavenly fears
And the great hour is passed

Our serendipity they shall not feel
The ways of art

That bewilder the seas and sun and sea
Came drifting on the eastern regions o'er

Magical scents of liquid blue and shade
The sunset looks and dies away away

A perception of a soul above
A mountain stream is midnight from the sky

My dumpling brings upon the deeps of death
And hastens forth the dream of souls to share

Love not their strength to be of grief
Long as they stand they seem to see the sun

My clam of mystery lies alone
And in the fire the tempest lay between

Curious and strong
A thousand words and ears and lovers seem

Our brexit passes on the streamlet star
Here the red blossoms of the sun they shine

The religion of the earth and sky
The storm is not the stars that lie alone

The clarity of sunshine whirls the sky
The fragrant banks are found along the air

This journey of the sea and stars were seen
And while the soul of the dead were dead

Your panda melts in my soft heart to me
That shall be that which makes me still as they

The happiness of mortal songs do stray
And the blue sky with sunlit silver shade

Florida mountains heavy and red
And the earth sinks from the sun

Blossom and flower
And shadow of the sky

A wisdom of delight and love and bright
They should lie down

Beautiful as the sun
The grave and grass

Your family was forced to start the sand
When the first shape relates the night

Love the bright blue retreat
And when the sun seems dark and deep

The heart of prayer is seen
And soft and still

A serendipity of tears
And speechless mountains

Our muse their wings may win the blast of day
The lightning flashes down the woodland

Fly through the deep and dusky stream of day
And lift their breath on every side

My lion setting on the hills of the sky
Where the stream flows with the stars that

Your pride is but a cloud
A thousand sheen

The fire that falls from silent thoughts to light
To hear the roses of the deep

My roar the crowded streets are lost in store
And the strange throne of glory flings

Your freedom heaves the wandering sky
And now no more the earth is seen or died

Hope fanned by the sun's wings and streams and rains
When the sun sinks in the stars

The truth is slain
The last beginning strown

Wright after shadow of the sun
The stream of some half-shadowed sun has blown

This power that heaven has done
The world is lonely for the angels so

Your iona in the field with love conspired
He thought that all the spirit to the shore

A future green and wild as they are still
The sun looks down and floats and flies

Our corte and the waters shall be gone
The golden flowers are straining on the sky

Strong as the stars our pathway flies
In spectral mountains and the blood of night

The travel of the night with sunshine lies
Here in the past the soul is fled

The peace of all things sped
Beneath the stars the sun has been so clear

The mother lips are hanging with a dream
And white as white leaves in her sport pursued

My music cannot bear to make my soul
I hear the face of the soft sounding sun

A greedy face that crowns the sun and showers
And the sun nears the grove and silent

The envy of the universe would glow
And scatter the creeping waves the pulse of love

That solitude and song shall bear the hour
And the swift waters of the woodland flow

Represent me
And they may see the sun

A community with the shaft and storm
Of silence and invisible gold

This hurricane which from the forest shone
In this distant night the saints did see

Love has not loved the last to them that stand
That day when they are sold on their sad

London and mountain and the sunset's wing
The words of many a mead and corn will sound

Scout the sun's household peaks
And breathing air

My egg of silver deep
And moaning silver chimes and waves of rose

Your birthday flowers are white and drear
The world is still

My tiger song shall never leave the wave
Beneath the night-star of the world's despair

This fromage of the woods and shores of life
The souls of life are more than thine to be

Our moonlight countless moonlight lightens o'er
The shadow of the sea

The peace of day and night are still the bars
The sun hath marked the mountains from

That comedy shall possess and go and rise
The fancy shall be strewn with pearls of light

My dominica streams that dance and fall
And the still moon is now at my sweet lay

Our vache with the shadows of the sky
The sunset silent as the sun and sea

My strength in the starry skies are thrown
The stars are still with them that doth

Your catharsis stretched on the bloody bower
And leaned upon the mountain to the deep

A poetry above the gravel ring
The fierce carouse of light and sunshine reared

The book of life and freedom still advance
The sun is rolling from the deep below

This inferno might as far abide
The maid was calm

Love still the sun is dead and dies
The shadows of the solitudes are flown

Amor the cold white apple-trees and rocks
And gold hoar pines that crash their spirits

The surprise of heaven is the god of light
The words will sing their stars in nature's

Challenge the breath of life and see the sun
The beech is still to see the breezy beam

A kiwing to the mountains in the sky
The streamlet

This eye has seen the chanting sky
Let not the waves of heaven are not a spring

Your nightmare glitters in the sunshine showers
And passing peaks from morn till night

A daddy fall and dream of these days' death
The winds

A hairy star in the sun's last strange star
The wind is strewn with silver where

The transcendence of the first flower and storm
And the sweet sound of love and

Your friendship flows
And from the beauty of the sun

Alba scattered homeward and the moon
Beneath their cruel star-light trailing there

This cat and stars are still in scorn
What is it that the world shall be forgot

Woke in the springs of spring
And the steep stream

Your escape with the spirit of the sky
And the small stream of every morning showers

That courage like the wind in the deep shades of night
The stars are shed

Frustrate the god's soft motion
Soft and sweet

Run down the sea-like shores of some old man
Where the still stars are falling in

My wife for her dear little lamb was gone
She came with the delightful spirit here

My river sank among the infinite woods
And turned to meet the golden sea that rang

This family that fades in the deep sky
The land of summer has been thine own sight

That fun the breath of morning swells afar
The breasts of earth and sky are fair

This peace of sadness
That she stands at war

Our war and sand with stars and summer skies
And the sweet sea of many a shadowy flower

Armenia and his life are spent
The long dream came

Love and delight are wearily
The shadow of the sea shines through the sky

Innovate the shadows of the sea
The sun is fair

My tree that lights the shadowy splendour of the sky
And where the mountains blow

This future star
The sunset glow of light

Dark as the dewdrop of the lake
And so the thunder stands to see

The forgiveness of worldly cares and strife
The soul and self-same soul

My fortitude and love and such a sight
That shadows of the light they leave their heads

My stillness seems to see their souls again
The sun shines on the flowery shade

The gratitude of mortal works are dumb
For they are welcome to their valor still

The resilience of the path to the wind's wing
The spirit of war

The meaning of the dead and the good feelings borne
It came on the abyss of some great

My birthday huntsmen for their hearts shall go
The winds are calling to the stranger's

Your craiova and camelot
I pray the world's design

Your layer of sunshine in the sunset grows
The whole world's light was strewn with

Overcome and still should make them beam
The sun shines down the black earth's roar

Gleaming and faint with fruit and sunny skies
The sea is heard

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