I Spy With My Little Eye...

Can you find the hidden details in these famous artworks?

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Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, known as "Monna Lisa, la Gioconda" or "Mona Lisa", 1503-1519 (1503/1519) by Leonardo di ser Piero DA VINCI, dit Léonard de Vinci (1452 - 1519), Paris, musée du LouvreOriginal Source: Paris, Louvre Museum

The Mona Lisa was painted in the year 1503 by Leonardo Da Vinci. The painting's eyes are very famous because they seem to follow you around the room!

Can you be as keen-eyed as the Mona Lisa and find a dog, a bird, a turtle, a child, and a book in the following paintings? Scroll down to find out the answers...

Sights in and around Kyoto (1615-1624) by UnknownOriginal Source: Bureau of Public Enterprise Shimane Prefectural Government/Deposited in Shimane Art Museum

Can you find a dog in this illustration from 17th Century Japan? Click here and then use the zoom tool to search, then come back to this story and scroll down for the answer.

The dogs are here playing inside with their families! There are over 1,800 people in this picture of everyday life in the city of Kyoto, so well done if you managed to find these little pups.

Namban Screens (Right-hand screen) (1598 - 1615) by Kanô NaizenKobe City Museum

Can you spy a little bird in this picture? Click here to search.

There are a few perching here on this roof...

...and a couple of roosters crowing down near the bottom! The picture shows a group of people arriving in a port by boat, welcomed by crowds of people, dogs and birds.

Adventure Awaits (2010) by Sue McCartyThe National Quilt Museum

This tapestry is inspired by a book called The Hobbit, and includes dragons, eagles, and even Gollum. But can you spot the humble turtle? Click here to search.

The turtle is over here in Lake Town Harbor, next to a blue barrel! Have you read the book of Bilbo's adventure?

Wedding Supper (1763) by Martin van MeytensSchönbrunn Palace

This is a really tricky one. Can you spot a young child in the crowd? Click here to look closer.

The little boy is here, on the balcony with the musicians. This is actually a depiction of the composer Mozart when he was a young boy! He's looking right at you. Have you just walked into the room to join the wedding feast?

The Great Picture (1646) by Attributed to Jan van BelcampLakeland Arts - Abbot Hall Art Gallery and Museum

There are lots of books in this painting, but did can find one by someone called Ovid? Click here and see.

It's this red book up here on the shelf! The painting shows Lady Anne Clifford as a child, then as a grown-up woman with her family, then as an old woman. She must have been a very clever little girl to read all of these big books.

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