Maple Viewers

Through this folding screen, it seems that you can hear the sound of the river, the laughter of people, and the sound of the whistle on the bridge...

Maple Viewers (16th century) by Kano HideyoriTokyo National Museum

This painting depicts people enjoying the view of maple foliage beside the Kiyotaki river at Takao, north of the city of Kyoto, which is famous for the beauty of its maples in autumn.

Beyond the thick clouds are the roofs of Jingoji temple with a red pagoda.

Atago shrine covered in snow suggests the arrival of winter.

On the right bank of the Kiyotaki river, beautifully dressed women with children are seated in a relaxed manner.

From the Muromachi period (15th century) to the Azuchi-Momoyama period, people served a cup of matcha for one penny.

Two men are playing flutes on a bridge in the center.

Meanwhile, Buddhist priests and young apprentices are about to cross the bridge.

On the left bank of the river, warriors seated in a circle are singing and dancing at a sake party while white herons fly overhead.

Although rendered in the traditional style of the time, this work is most noted for its innovative characteristics, as seen in the vivid depictions of merrymaking under the autumn maples, focusing on the enjoyment of people of the Muromachi period.

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