The Foods of Hola Mohalla

The foods of Punjab are known to be rich, distinct and delicious. A completely vegetarian diet is observed during the spring celebrations of Hola Mohalla.

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Hola Mohalla, the spring festival is  celebrated at Anandpur Sahib by Sikhs in Punjab over 3 days starting the day after Holi.

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A celebration of brotherhood, fraternity and valour, it holds great significance for Nihang Sikhs, an armed Sikh warrior order.

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Langar - The Community Kitchen

Langars are a huge part of Sikhism and the spirit of community service. 

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They are community service kitchens with meals served to all those who would like to attend, regardless of who they are.

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The celebrating Nihang Sikhs bring grains like rice and wheat with them while travelling to Anandpur Sahib. 

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They volunteer to cook and serve at the langars at the Shri Keshgarh Sahib Gurudwara. 

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Celebrating with Sweets

Sweets are a large part of festive celebrations in India.

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Sweet foods like halwa (made with clarified butter and a base such as semolina or coarse ground gram) and jalebi (fried ringlets of flour dipped in sugar syrup), are popularly eaten during the festivities.

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Food at the Camp

The Nihang Sikhs also set up camp in the city before the festivities begin. Depending on how well-off the group is, they cook different foods during the day.

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Some groups would start the day off with stuffed paranthas, a fried Indian flatbread. 

Preparing Rotis for Breakfast (2020-03)Incredible India!

Another group would start the day off with simple rotis, an unleavened Indian flatbread.

Langar Preparations (2020-03)Incredible India!

Thandai, a Holi staple, is a cooling beverage that is prepared for the festivities. Milk, rose water, poppy seeds, sugar, nuts, saffron and a mixture of spices are used to prepare the drink.

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