Once Upon a Time in the Alhambra

The thousand and one stories of the Red Castle

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The Alhambra (2019-08-01/2019-08-01) by Jorge Fernández Salas

The Alhambra is a historical site located in Granada, Spain. The castle in reddish tones is surrounded by a fortress and a forest. A monument of corners and exquisite decorative details.

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The Kingdom of Granada was the last Muslim refuge in the Iberian Peninsula.

Later, it was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs of Spain in 1492 who inhabited and preserved the majesty of the site adding new constructions.

The Alhambra was built in 899 AD and renovated in the 11th century. Some of the Nasrid Palaces were constructed in the 13th century.

The site is divided into four main parts: the Alcazaba or military zone; the Nasrid Palaces, where the royal family lived; the Medina or city where most of the population lived, and the Generalife which was the place of retreat and rest of the sultans.

The first Europeans to live in the palace were King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The next monarch to live there was Charles V in 1526.

During the French intervention in Spain, the Alhambra was used as barracks and some parts were destroyed.

The Alhambra (2020-11-27/2020-11-27) by Vidar Nordii Mathisen

The multiple fountains and pools cool the palace but are also a symbol of power.

It was first built as a fortress and inside it was created one of the most important cities of the 13th century.

Did you know that this site welcomes more than 2 million people per year? 

The Alhambra (2017-11-04/2017-11-04) by Isak Gundrosen

It has three main entrances: the Grenade Door, in Renaissance style; the Wine Door, that led to the heart of the medina, and the Justice Door.

The Alhambra (2019-08-02/2019-08-02) by Dimitry B

Each room of this medieval Arabian palace has an exquisite combination of decorative elements.

The Moorish essence predominates in the Nasrid Palaces that are made up of a rectangular central patio with room on each side such as the Hall of the Ambassadors.

The muqarnas arches and pillars are another constant element inside and outside the palaces.

Alhambra means red castle, but when the buildings were first constructed they were white. The reddish hue is the result of exposure to sunlight.

The Alhambra (2017-12-09/2017-12-09) by Austin Gardner

The most visited site in Spain, declared a Cultural Humanity Heritage site by UNESCO since 1984, is a place that tells a fascinating story in every wall, tower, fountain or ceiling.

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