Discover 10 initiatives led by women from around the world. Introduced by Jude Kelly.

By WOW - Women of the World Foundation

Jude Kelly at WOWWOW - Women of the World Foundation


Jude Kelly Introduces the theme of Identity

"I am sick of people saying Identity Politics are a problem, it's the opposite: it is a joy! Let everybody bloom, because who they are is part diverse communities.

Each identity matters for what it is."

Identity: Adenike Oyetunde (2020) by Mohini UfeliWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Adenike Oyetunde - Lawyer & Radio Personality - Nigeria

“I've found that there’s a dearth of concern for the emotional, social and psychological needs of persons with disabilities. The world makes conclusions and judgements based on what they see, such that when we see people living with special needs or living with disabilities, we already have a preconception of who we think they are." 

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Identity: Aradhiya Khan (2020) by Khaula JamilWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Aradhiya Khan - Trans-Activisit

"It is quite hard sometimes to stand up for something you believe in and for fighting for that too. I believe we only have one life to bring change; we can better contribute towards changing things and well-being of the people."

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Identity: Mãe Celina de Xangô – Mother of Saint (2020) by Aline FonsecaWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Mãe Celina de Xangô – Leader, Race Activist and Lalorixá

"For a long time, as a Black woman, I was silenced and subordinated to standards that did not support me and, as a Ialorixá, Candomblé and Umbanda practitioner, I was often misjudged and even condemned. Slowly, things are shifting."

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Identity: Owl Fisher (2020) by Paula Abu "Narcography"WOW - Women of the World Foundation

Owl Fisher - Writer, Filmographer & Campaigner - London

"WOW London has an amazing way of bringing together people from different backgrounds and experiences and that's what we need to see to challenge our perspectives, our prejudices and preconceived ideas about other people. What brings us together is so much more than what sets us apart."

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Identity: Olivia Hargroder (2020) by Mana SalsaliWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Olivia Hardroger - Activist & Campaigner - Brisbane

"My campaign to have Down syndrome included in the Paralympics is gaining ground, with trial categories being introduced in some international sports competitions. I am now determined to promote greater diversity in casting for stage and screen. We all deserve to be seen and heard.”

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Identity: Layla (2020) by Ghazal, a Storytelling Sister trained by Lotus FlowerWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Layla - Photographer - Kurdistan

"I took the Storytelling Sisters photography course in the summer of 2019 and have been photographing since, as well as writing poetry that tell the stories of the photos. I feel like this is a big part of my identity, and I am able to express myself through photos and words."

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Identity: Pallavi Payal (2020) by Buna DhuganaWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Pallavi Payal - Political Researcher - Kathmandu

"I am trying to reimagine our traditions and culture, breaking the limitations created by social norms for better inclusion and representation of women.”

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Identity: Naying Ren (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Naying Ren - Development Director of Beijing LGBT Centre

"Discrimination and violence based on identity, especially on gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and sexuality characteristics, are still prominent! We should start from being proud of oneself and consider for others."

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Identity: Tonee Lawson (2020) by Khamaree "Kham" OwensWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Tonee Lawson - Entrepreneur - Baltimore

"I will continue to spread hope through a calming sense of peace, as our future lies with youth, and a just and peaceful society remains to be our ancestors’ wildest dreams."

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Identity: Sema Kaygusuz (2020) by Elif KahveciWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Sema Kaygusuz - Author - Istanbul

"It is no longer easy to predict where and how the women's movement will manifest itself. Every power construct, big and small, from domestic affairs to the public, the governance and the judiciary, will soon become a subject of women’s language big time. Culture has a lot to from us."

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