The Quirinale Palace

The Home of all Italians

Courtyard of HonorQuirinale Palace

Open the doors of the House of the Italians

"The Quirinale is an active, living palace in our democracy"

Top view of the Quirinale PalaceQuirinale Palace

The Quirinale Palace stands on a location that, thanks to its lofty and particularly salubrious position, has hosted residential compounds, public buildings and places of worship ever since antiquity.

Originally there was an ancient villa with a vineyard, which was expanded in the following years to reach the current size of the entire complex.

The Gallery of Busts of the Quirinale PalaceQuirinale Palace

Papal palace until 1870, it subsequently became the palace of the first King of Italy until, with the referendum of June 2, 1946, the Republic was proclaimed.

Since January 1, 1948 the Quirinale became the official seat of the Presidency of the Italian Republic.

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in his studyQuirinale Palace

The President of the Italian Republic, or the Head of the Italian State, guarantor of the Constitution and representative of national unity, resides at the Palazzo del Quirinale.

The activity of the custody sector in the First Representation RoomQuirinale Palace

The remarkable artistic and cultural heritage that has been concentrated at the Quirinale in four hundred years of history has been the object of careful protection under the administration of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

View of the Lille Tapestry RoomQuirinale Palace

Starting from 23 June 2015, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella has extended the opening of the Palazzo to the public, opening the doors to a heritage that belongs to all Italians.

View of the Sala della MusicaQuirinale Palace

"The Quirinale is one of the primary places in the life of the Italian Republic. Visits to the Palace, open daily to the public and now with access to previously reserved rooms, will lead to the discovery of a heritage of art, history and culture of inestimable value and of testaments to the hard work, creativity and genius of the Italian people.

Hall of the MirrorsQuirinale Palace

 It is also an opportunity to learn about where the President of the Republic carries out his duties, meets the heads of institutions, representatives of other states and international organisations, spokespersons for civil society and citizens.

The opening of the Quirinale Gardens to the public on the occasion of the Republic DayQuirinale Palace

The Quirinale is an active, living palace in our democracy, playing a vital role in the history of the nation, today and in the past, and as such fully deserves its title as the Home of All Italians”.
President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella

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