The Art of Inspiration

The work of actor, composer, writer, and director Lin-Manuel Miranda has inspired thousands of people to create unique, cutting-edge artworks with passion.

Bandera Bordada by UnknownGaleria Lin-Manuel Miranda

As part of the private collection of the Galería Lin-Manuel Miranda in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, there are displayed artworks that have been given to Lin-Manuel and his family as presents over the years.

"Like Tomorrow Wont Arrive" (2017) by D. Lee StudioGaleria Lin-Manuel Miranda

“From oil portraits to drawings and sketches, and stunning crochets, bead work, woodwork and more, we are proud to provide a platform for fan artwork to be nurtured and seen," says Luis A. Miranda Jr., Lin-Manuel's father and the  founder of Galería LMM.

Handmade Crochet Dolls Doll of Lin-Manuel as Usnavi from the Broadway Version of In the Heights, From the collection of: Galeria Lin-Manuel Miranda
Handmade Crochet Dolls Doll of Lin-Manuel as Alexander Hamilton, From the collection of: Galeria Lin-Manuel Miranda
Handmade Crochet Dolls Doll of Lin-Manuel as Jack the Lamp Lighter of Mary Poppins Returns, From the collection of: Galeria Lin-Manuel Miranda
Handmade Crochet Dolls Doll of Lin-Manuel as Lee Scoresby from His Dark Materials, From the collection of: Galeria Lin-Manuel Miranda
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Pieces that visitors can currently see or have recently seen include a set of crochet dolls created by Australian artist Debbie Smetherham, a striking pencil portrait of Lin-Manuel made by artist Maria Buigues, “Like Tomorrow Won’t Arrive” (an oil painting by DLee Art that shows Lin-Manuel writing side-by-side with Alexander Hamilton), and a beads and metal recreation of the Puerto Rican flag created by Amanda Lainberger in reaction to HAMILTON’s historic engagement in Puerto Rico.

Quilt for the Broadway Premiere of Hamilton by Vicki Nilsen Wasserman (2015) by Vicki Nilsen WassermanGaleria Lin-Manuel Miranda

Covering a variety of media and formats, many of these works mark milestones in Lin-Manuel's lifetime. In this case, this quilt was made in celebration the premiere of "Hamilton" in 2015.

HAM4PR Bead Flag (2019) by Amanda LainbergerGaleria Lin-Manuel Miranda

These type of displays at the Galería LMM are rotated periodically so that visitors can experience the growing collection. In every visit, expect to discover new and exciting artworks created by fans of Lin-Manuel from across continents. 


About this piece portraying the Puerto Rican Flag:
It commemorates the history-making engagement of "Hamilton" in San Juan, PR, starring Lin-Manuel, in January 2019.

Hamilton in San Juan by Edgardo Martinez Román (2019) by Edgardo Martinez RománGaleria Lin-Manuel Miranda

Making History

Following performances of "Hamilton" in San Juan, many artists immortalized Lin-Manuel's legacy in this historic project intended to help raise funds to rebuild the island after the destruction of Hurricane Maria.

Colorful Lin-Manuel Miranda Portrait (2018) by Thaïs Ortiz RivasGaleria Lin-Manuel Miranda

Many institutions and individuals, including local students who saw the show, became grantees of the Flamboyan Arts Fund, created to support the artistic and cultural community on the Island after the hurricane.

Haircut Portrait of Lin-Manuel (2019) by Anthony ReyesGaleria Lin-Manuel Miranda

All this proves that creativity is boundless. Portraits in unusual techniques (like this one on a person's hair) allow artists in different forums to express their admiration, through the ongoing muse of inspiration.

Handmade Crochet Dolls Dolls of Lin-Manuel and his wife Vanessa at the MET GalaGaleria Lin-Manuel Miranda

The quilt of Vicki Nilsen Wasserman, crotchet dolls by Australian artist Debbie Smetherham, "Hamilton in San Juan" by Edgardo Martinez, Lin-Manuel's portrait by Thaïs Ortiz Rivas, and the haircut of Anthony Reyes, are part of the images you can find in our gallery. 

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