War in Art

Art documents the human experience during the war and the agony it brings with it.

Face from My Country (1999) by Ali AL-MIMARIbrahimi Collection

Face from My Country - Ali AlMimar

Ali Al-Mimar paints a face of death, as pale as a ghost, from the flesh of the deserted land. He spread his work surface with a part of the parched homeland, from which the features of a life that was once brimming with abundance, fertility and wealth were lost.

The artist says: “This work was created in the nineties, and it is an experiment simulating the face of one of our bereaved mothers during that painful period of the unjust embargo imposed on Iraq at the time”.

The Pawn (2021) by Nazar YahyaIbrahimi Collection

Pawn - Nazar Yahya

The design of the artwork has considered all the details that reveals how the owner is immersed in the rules of war and principles of military service. 

In a symbolic representation of what states and kingdoms previously attached to the precedence of spending to build arsenals and weapons and tanks,

over constructing libraries and universities, replacing investment in people with inventing, producing and purchasing weapons of killing and destruction and competing with the development of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Make War Not Love - Chapter 3 (2013) by Mahmoud OBAIDIIbrahimi Collection

Make War Not Love - Mahmoud Obaidi

He entitled this series of works “Make War, Not Love”, which is a cry in the face of the American occupation and its dishonorable practices in Iraq since 2003. 

The dreams of Iraqis, which were helped in the making by the American administration and the American media itself before 2003 for a better future, have turned into mere nightmares, crimes and excesses that breached the simplest rules of human rights.

Sirens (2017) by Mohamed SamiIbrahimi Collection

Sirens - Mohammed Sami

The artist lived the experience of wars, as he was aware of the world and the country was waging a fierce war, whose bloody and tragic effects were etched in the body, mind and soul of the people, from old to young engraving deep sadness, terror and anxiety of no limit.

In this atmosphere, charged with sound pollution and full of devastating intellectual toxins - the artist lived and we lived; it was this work that won the award for best expressive work from the Ulster University in the United Kingdom.

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