La Cité du Vin

The permanent tour: A voyage of discovery to the heart of wine cultures

Extérieur de La Cité du Vin by La Cité du Vin / Anaka and XTU architectsLa Cité du Vin

La Cité du Vin

La Cité du Vin is a unique cultural facility dedicated to the universal, living heritage of wine. It offers a spectacular journey around the world, throughout the ages, across countless cultures and civilizations. La Cité du Vin is offers a wide range of experiences and activities and experiences intended for all and everyday

L'Exposition permanente

À travers 6 univers répartis en 18 modules, l'Exposition permanente de la Cité du Vin vous invite à voyager dans le monde de la vigne et du vin, depuis l’Antiquité jusqu’à nos jours et sur les cinq continents.

The world wine tour

A breath-taking, whirlwind tour of the world allowing visitors to marvel at the incredible diversity and aweinspiring beauty of the world’s winemaking regions, projected onto three giant screens and the floor.

The worlds of wine

A series of interactive globes inviting visitors to learn more about the spread of grape vines across the planet, the international wine trade and more.

The terroir table

A tactile activity station in which an interactive, sculpted landscape comes to life beneath visitors’ fingers: maps and images appear, and 50 winemakers from 10 wine regions all over the world share their secrets. A marriage of natural gifts and human ingenuity, discover the inimitable charm and character of the famous terroir...


Supported by wooden reproductions of grape vines, 18 touch-screen tablets allow visitors to discover how Man, through thousands of years of cultivating grape vines, has shaped the landscape, whittled down the grape varieties and sculpted their structure to produce the wines we know today

The metamorphoses of wine

Harvesting, fermentation, maturing, ageing… Discover the secrets of winemakers from all over the world in these quirky structures sheathed in stainless steel, wood and glass, evoking the atmosphere of the winery and the barrel cellar.

Wine portraits

6 giant bottles, each dedicated to one of the great types of wine, introduce visitors to some of the world’s most famous nectars: history, flavours, legends...

Wine over water

5 animated panels illustrate the great river routes and ocean crossings which have carried wine to markets all over the world for centuries.

La galerie des civilisations by La Cité du Vin / Anaka and Casson MannLa Cité du Vin

All aboard!

Step aboard a 50-seater boat and embark upon a fantastical journey across the tides of history, following the galleys and barges of generations of wine merchants in their epic voyage to bring wine to the four corners of the earth.

Gallery of civilisations

An archaeological adventure in search of the great civilisations of wine: from Egyptian tombs to 18th century dinner parties, from Greek symposia to the troubled times of the 19th century.

The trend wall

In the 21st century or world continues to change, as does the image of wine: wineries, châteaux, labels, bottles, packaging... Every day, architects and designers are working to reimagine the visual codes of wine.

Le buffet des 5 sens by La Cité du Vin / Anaka and Casson MannLa Cité du Vin

The buffet of 5 senses

An individual adventure, with lively, welcoming tasting workshops introducing visitors to the art of tasting and awakening the senses with a profusion of colours, images, flavours and aromas.

The Banquet of legends

A very special dinner party, with illustrious personages from throughout the ages discussing their favourite wines. In the company of Pierre Arditi, illustrious figures such as Voltaire, Churchill, Napoleon and Colette share stories of wines which no longer exist, or else of legendary nectars whose reputation has survived undimmed through the ages

Bacchus and Venus

Painting, music, literature... the spirit of wine is all around us. A brief moment of calm and relaxation allowing visitors to appreciate artworks from throughout history.

Divine wine

A space for contemplation and reflection, with video and audio allowing visitors to discover the relationships formed between wine and religions throughout history.

Les vins au fil de l'eau by La Cité du Vin / Anaka and Casson MannLa Cité du Vin

Drinking at the dark side

The complexity and ambivalence of the relationship between man and wine are explored in this module: wine drunk in joyous, shared celebration, and wine drunk to excess leading to isolation and despair. This eternal paradox is examined through works of art, music, literature and cinema.

The art of living

Three table-top displays featuring a series of animations highlighting the indissoluble bond between wine and gastronomy, exploring the ways in which wine was served in the past and celebrating wine’s eternal spirit of shared enjoyment and conviviality.

Meet the experts

A sit-down meeting with some of the world’s great wine experts, ready to answer your questions on everything from health to wine law and marketing!

La Grande Saga de Bordeaux by La Cité du Vin / Anaka and Casson MannLa Cité du Vin

Bordeaux: the city and its wines

Interactive touch-screen tables allowing visitors to discover the ways in which the wine trade has shaped the city and vineyards of Bordeaux and the South-West of France, making them what they are today

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