"Women Up" an introduction

In the last six years the Galleria Nazionale dedicated its programs to women and art

Time is Out of Joint, installation view – 5La Galleria Nazionale

Women Up is supposed to overturn the expression “man up”,

and to break apart the stereotype underlying the invitation to “act like a woman”,

by widening the perspective out of all proportions.

Women Up is an action that gives a name to things, utilizes the founding power of language and reminds us once again that actions speak louder.

Elsa Martinelli (1966) by Giosetta FioroniLa Galleria Nazionale

Women Up is a relentless but necessary and engaging obstacle race, whose projects, shows, events, artworks, calls, voices, videos and data will emphasize the centrality of the female gaze and La Galleria Nazionale's inquiry into feminism.

Head of a Woman by Leonor FiniLa Galleria Nazionale

With Women Up we are turning up voices volume.

Untitled (1953) by Mimi ParentLa Galleria Nazionale

Sisters and Brothers!
Pump up the volume
We gonna get ya!

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Women Up
The National Gallery of Rome celebrates the six-year-long program dedicated to gender equality
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