5 Ways to Get the Most from Google Arts & Culture

Here's how to maximise your Google Arts & Culture experience with these five highlights

By Google Arts & Culture

The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van GoghMoMA The Museum of Modern Art

Google Arts & Culture opens up the cultural world to everyone, everywhere, in unique and inspiring ways. 

Download the Google Arts & Culture App for Android or Apple and scroll on to discover 5 features which will help you make the most of your experience. All of human history, arts, and culture are in the palm of your hand!

1. Explore the world's best museums

Street View tours inside museums around the world mean you can get up close to a brachiosaurus in Berlin...

...or discover Boticelli's 'Birth of Venus' at the Uffizi. 

The Art of Color Pocket Gallery

2. A gallery in your pocket

Speaking of Vermeer, ever wanted to see all of his works together in one exhibition? With the 'All the Vermeers' Pocket Gallery, you can. Multiple other bespoke virtual spaces house specially curated collections themed around the Art of Color, Optical Illusions, and more!

The Art of Color Pocket Gallery: Black and White Room

Wander the rooms of these virtual galleries and get right up close to great works of art.

The Night Watch and Whistler's Mother are yours to peruse and ponder inside your own Pocket Gallery.

How to Use Art Transfer

3. Selfies Transformed

Your selfies may be works of art in themselves, but what might they look like in the style of Kandinsky or Van Gogh?

Art Transfer

Want to sip a floral Frida Kahlo cocktail? Or change up your wardrobe with Lichtenstein's Ben Day dots?

Art Transfer lets you do all this and more. You can even wander under a Van Gogh sky.

The Ambassadors (1533) by Hans Holbein the YoungerThe National Gallery, London

4. Decode art's great mysteries by zooming and exploring

Google Arts & Culture boasts a collection of super high-res Art Camera reproductions of some of history's greatest (and most mysterious!) artworks. 

Hans Holbein the Younger's portrait of The Ambassadors is famoulsy rich in secrets and symbols, but thanks to the detail of these reproductions, and the zoom feature, they're all there waiting for you to discover them...

...opening up new and exciting worlds of art and culture from your computer or phone.

Mushrooms x Art Projector 2 (2)

5. Curate an exhibition wherever you are

Art Projector lets you hang great works at home, or take them on the road.

Art Projector Caption This The adolescent Bacchus 1

Augmented reality means you can hang an Edvard Munch painting like a renowned curator. Or you can do something a little less conventional...

The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van GoghMoMA The Museum of Modern Art

Download the Google Arts & Culture App for Android or Apple now to set off on your own cultural adventure!

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