Mario Bionda: A Look At The Sea

Mario Bionda was born in Turin in 1913. He completed his training under the guidance of Felice Casorati from 1927 to 1932, starting experiences of metaphysical intent.

Marine Element (1962) by Mario BiondaBoschi Di Stefano House Museum

All the works he created after the war involve mixed techniques to give a concrete form to the canvas: it reflects the artist's desire to reach a material consistency on which he can intervene with scratches and marks.

This technical choice makes the canvas a concrete presence in reality: it keeps the artist's signs and keeps them unchanged over time.

His career as a painter comes from a deep meditation: he actively participates in a process of purification of the material to achieve an evocative spirituality.

The dialogue between Bionda and reality is constant and he tries to translate into images the sensations through the agreement of colors, with the strength of the sign and the control of the material.

"Mario didn't talk much. At first, I asked him several times to explain his painting to me. His answer was always the same: my works do not need to be told, but just looked at."

Edwige Schumacher Blonde, his wife

The names of his paintings: Seasons, Erosions, Images ... reveal a strong presence of nature, where you can still find memories of landscapes and situations.

To create the artwork, Bionda used land, sand and limestone, and he replaced brushes and colours: the painting was built by itself and with its intervention it makes the work a part of reality.

The innovation of the technique is found in a rejection of easy ways to valorize other pictorial instruments that allow to investigate a new perspective in which the image is not seen as aesthetic research.

"In life and of life I love life more than anything". Mario Bionda, 1973

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