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Each week 91.3 WYEP hosts interview a Pittsburgh artist, and their music is featured on air throughout that week and beyond.

Hylow by Kahone Concept (21st Century) by Kahone Concept91.3 FM WYEP

Kahone Concept- 'Hylow'

Ben Orvick of Kahone Concept plays the project's new single,'Hylow.'

Joelle by Sam Stucky (21st Century) by Sam Stucky91.3 FM WYEP

Sam Stucky- 'Nothing Special'

Sam Stucky sings 'Nothing Special' from new EP, Joelle.

Can't Go Home by The Juliana Theory (21st Century) by The Juliana Theory91.3 FM WYEP

Abstract Theory-'Blue'

The Juliana Theory are at their best when they’re connecting with their fans. “Can’t Go Home” offers a new generation the chance to come inside.

Blue by Abstract Theory (21st Century) by Abstract Theory91.3 FM WYEP

Abstract Theory-'Blue'

Pittsburgh hip hop artists Abstract Theory take a big leap with their new single 'Forget About It,' off the album Blue.

I'm Finished by LaRue June (21st Century) by LaRue June91.3 FM WYEP

LaRue June- "I'm Finished"

Casey Hanner of LaRue June sings 'I'm Finished' from their latest album, The Sadness.

Novocain by TV's Norm (21st Century) by TV's Norm91.3 FM WYEP

TV's Norm- 'Novocaine'

Hear Joey's interview with TV's Norm as they play 'Novocaine' off their new album Wonder.

Say What You Mean by Melinda and the Night Sky (21st Century) by Melina and the Night Sky91.3 FM WYEP

Melinda and the Night Sky- 'Say What You Mean'

Melinda and the Night Sky found their sound in Pittsburgh and put it on album 'Say What You Mean.'

Tiny Man by Merce Lemon (21st Century) by Merce Lemon91.3 FM WYEP

Merce Lemon-'Tiny Man'

“Moonth” is the latest creative outlet for Pittsburgh’s Merce Lemon – and it benefits a great cause: the Pittsburgh-based Black Unicorn Library and Archives Project.

Care Fully by One Man Sample (21st Century) by One Man Sample91.3 FM WYEP

One Man Sample-'Kids'

One Man Sample turned an ordinary Pittsburgh day into an extraordinary song about growing up on 'Kids.'

Nightwalk by wwoman (21st Century) by wwoman91.3 FM WYEP

Joey Spehar interviews G Smee of Pittsburgh band wwoman, about their new song, “Chuchi.”

Joey Spehar interviews G Smee of Pittsburgh band wwoman, about their new song, “Chuchi.”

Wrong Way Home' by Kayla Schureman (21st Century) by Kayla Schureman91.3 FM WYEP

Wrong Way Home' by Kayla Schureman

Pittsburgh musician Kayla Schureman talks about her new song, “Wrong Way Home,” and how drumming influences her songwriting.

The Down Low' by Cisco Kid (21st Century) by Cisco Kid91.3 FM WYEP

'The Down Low' by Cisco Kid

Songs can mean different things to different people, but Pittsburgh’s Cisco Kid understand that, no matter what, a song needs a good name.

R&B' by Jordan Montgomery (21st Century) by Jordan Montgomery91.3 FM WYEP

'R&B' by Jordan Montgomery

Jordan Montgomery put out a record in 2016 called “Driving While Black.” While the album saw some success, record sales weren’t really correlating with the massive amounts of merchandise moving out into the world.

Tag You're It' by Kenny Stockard (21st Century) by Kenny Stockard91.3 FM WYEP

'Tag You're It' by Kenny Stockard

‘We Should Be Lifted Up, And That’s My Job As An Artist’ Says Kenny Stockard. If you want to sit and mope around, Kenny Stockard’s music might not be for you.

Cold Rain' by Kelsey (21st Century) by Kelsey91.3 FM WYEP

'Cold Rain' by Kelsey

Kelsey has one of those voices that just sticks to your ribs. She’s always had a love for music and grew up singing with her dad. She wrote her first song by the time she was 13.

Plastic Western by Same (21st Century) by Same91.3 FM WYEP

Collaboration Is The Key To Same’s New Album “Plastic Western”

Needs Work by Bad Custer (21st Century) by Bad Custer91.3 FM WYEP

Their latest album – Bad Custer Needs Work – is a fun listen. There’s a lot going on, musically and lyrically, with inside jokes, running themes, and, on the song “Lies Of The Few” – an appearance from Western Pennsylvania music royalty--Dave Hanner.

2020 Vision (21st Century) by Anti-Flag91.3 FM WYEP

2020 Vision by Anti-Flag

There’s no shortage of material for punk stalwarts Anti-Flag to write about these days. Of course, the band’s twelfth album 20/20 Vision was written and released when we were still blissfully unaware of the COVID-19 crisis, but there was still plenty of material for an album’s worth of three-minute aggressive and progressive punk songs.

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