The Long Border

Along the central path an extensive mixed border has been developed and continues to mature and change as new plants are introduced and others are removed.

Flowers on the Long BorderVentnor Botanic Garden

With the space provided, the mixed border is an ideal way to explore the full spectrum of plants, from shortlived annuals and ephemerals to trees and shrubs, interspersed through a rich matrix of herbaceous perennials thus providing changing displays throughout the seasons. 

Salvia InvolucrataVentnor Botanic Garden

This stretch of the border hosts important collections of salvias that flower late in the autumn when many gardens are already in retreat from frost.

Salvia QuaraniticaVentnor Botanic Garden

Salvias are known as short day length plants, because their flower cycle is prompted by a day length shorter than 12 hours. All summer they grow vegetatively and begin to flower around the autumn equinox.

Salvia LeucanthaVentnor Botanic Garden

Salvia uliginosa sports striking sky blue flowers and other salvia flowers cross the whole spectrum from blue to red.

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