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Listening to Bones and Other Amazing Stories from the History of Invention

From the failure behind Bubble Wrap to the Hollywood star who invented WiFi


CERN's Large Hadron Collider is housed in an underground tunnel 27km in circumference. It’s so huge that one of the most efficient ways to get around is actually by bike. This one was used by Roberto Saban, the LHC’s Head of Hardware Commissioning, during construction.

Take a stroll through the secret underground spaces at CERN.


From the early 1930s, Western music was banned in the Soviet Union. But people found a way around the law, trading jazz and rock 'n' roll records underground. With no blank records, intrepid music fans would make bootleg record pressings on discarded hospital x-rays.

They were colloquially known as рок на костях or 'rock on bones'.

Get your groove on with more facts from the history of records.


Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair and sat on the first one while writing much of the Declaration of Independence.

Take a stroll around Jefferson's home.


In the 1950s, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were trying to make 3D plastic wallpaper. It was a complete failure. Today, we know it as Bubble Wrap.

Learn more about the amazing history of plastic.


Marie Curie's notebooks still emit such dangerous levels of radioactivity that they have to be kept in lead-lined boxes today.

See how Curie's inspirational legacy continues to radiate through history.


Steve Jobs has claimed that taking calligraphy courses in college is one of the reasons that the earliest Macintosh computers were successful. They were the first ones with beautiful typography.

Explore the A-Z of computer history.


Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr invented “frequency hopping” – a precursor to Wifi.

Watch a video about this icon of film and science from the National Women's Hall of Fame.


Volvo invented the three point seat belt and then gave free license to all other auto manufacturers to use it.

Take the car through time for a spin.

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