The Lion's Roar: 18th September

What did the lion say today?

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Your head is warm with thine
And cannot fly

Eclectic shadows that display the sky
Listen to the wild rose of the old man's sight

Your hello passes from the southern shore
And with the fair and fair despair of love

Your revote is the sound of winter gloom
And some sweet moon is dead

Evening and summer day
The stars are gone

The faith of sorrow on the falling woods
And the strange sense of summer suns and stars

The sky starts on the ethereal flood
The northern gloom with storm beats strong and wild

Live and grow still
And with their mournful light

That laugh above the stream
The horizon grows

A detail of the world and fate of theirs
And the great spirit of the world are strong

Your sleep and soul and sorrow in their sight
The beauty of the clouds that glow

A night and day when life is dark and dark
Where the wild winds are still in the sun's

Love and the heart of man
The soul of man

Our freedom of the sun
So fair a heavenly gleam

The vote that burns along the gloomy main
And when the red and shining billows roar

Hello to heaven
And see the heavens wild flowers

Hello and where the stars are shining there
And the wild winds are singing through

Prophecy of the winter's heavenly storm
And shuddering and as they were made of shade

My rage was like a mountain tree
And there was strange some stern and low desire

Sounds the fair sun and darkness with the sun
I see the stars are singing o'er the sea

The person of the sleep of song
And then

That person came to shade and the soul showed
And the rays of the wild silence rose in

Our person and all destiny declare

That person shows the sense of all the past
And from the paths of life and strength is

Loving the thunder of the pasture land
And when the fiery streams of waves are flung

The home of the sweet shadows of the sun
The breath of the abyss that spreads its shade

A time of sorrow still distracted now
The sun is still

This vote of parentage and power and pain
The melody of thought and with extreme

My referendum of the stormy shore
The sun and the breath of heaven have streaming high

That heart is still dead
And the burning sun

London and peach to sea
And all the clouds of death are heard

That justice held the wave
And stands on the wind

This protest fell through gloomy steams of gold
The happy nights were reaching through

A lionhearted castle on the stream
A dark continuation of the day

That fortress on the floor of bloom and shade
The stars that lift their sounds and lips

The future of the long dead lightning lies
The wind of the rainbow down is driven to

Our border blooms on beauty flying clear
And the deep solitude of light is laid

That migration of the sun begins
And strikes the shadow of the chamber where

My lion streams shall bloom around my feet
I see the earth to a great glory grows

They have their wings and are their life to save
They are as dead as they are fair

A city streaming in the sea of flowers
And white with thunder of the sunshine of the sky

Free from the solemn land
The heavenly breath

An anticipation of the sky
And there the sun from day to day has blown

My tribulation still was breaking fast
I saw the sun and sun and sun are seen

Migrate their streaming light
And to the court of days when life and death

The lion lies along the shores of night
The sun is wet with streams and sunshine shines

A minister of consciousness and truth
To find the faith of those who see their death

Psychological thoughts and hopes of love
And the eyes of the mountains and the days

A leonine stream
In waves that proudly draw

This poverty of sorrow is a shade
The dark shade of the stars with headland cling

The loyalty of death and fear are fled
The mountains that were made their broken beams

The war is falling o'er the sea
The heavens are still the breath of thought and strife

Love that may not be done
Or see the heavy notes of human life

Politic passion
And the spectre flowers

Our fascism changes as they crown the ground
The paths that strew the mountains of

Your try the woods are still as stormy as the sea
And soft the blossoms float and dream

Here pass and weave the light of day afar
And shake the clouds and say the sun is spread

My thank have we not gone
But thou art gone

Twitched in the sunshine of the valley damp
The lions cry

Handed thy ways and falls from thee to show
Where once the moon was still the plain we

My hail of flowers and dewy beams are there
The sun is set to pass from the windows air

A fortune hears the sun
And stoops and sings

Ghosted of light
And with their graceful eye

That word and love delighted and sublime
The heavens and the hours of death and mirth

My sample of the warm sea bloom
And when i hear the silent shadows fall

My majority shall see the sound of mine
But in the sound of some sharp change of death

Our work is still the same as they
The moon is shadowy and still

A working world in sadder strife to throw
The refluent floods of realms away

Wait the soft blast
And all the sounds are crowned

Our morning light lies withering on the hill
Long to be seen

Seen softly o'er the stream
And the stern walls

Waiting the sun and sun and sky and sea
And the wild shadows of the sky are drowned

Again the sun with silken splendour shone
And blooming crests of winter waves are flown

Easy and tranquil
And more sad and strong

Never to see the light of the deep sky
The light and violet in the sunlight set

Hold the deep hours with the sweet thoughts of love
The stars are still in perfumed

Aloud the broken streams of life are still
The soul is glorious to the soul's dim star

Awake the splendour of the summer showers
And steal the sunset beams of the wild birds

Loose sunshine on the plain
But one who shall not see the song of light

Our air and winds in the deep sky begin
But thou must be thy fair and beautiful heart

Your unity beneath the sun and sky

My roar of golden days are still the same
The sea is still the song of life and freedom

That meat and spirit with their steps proclaim
The waves that scarcely are

This peace which sounds beneath the waves of day
The air is dead and dies

Love calls the sun afar
And the strains heaven shall flow

My universe attempts to leave the vent
The lightning of a thin black moon arose

The try supplies the stars
And where the stream

Your life is like a summer sea
I dare not then be still as white as death

Love shall but have no bitter tears to see
And the sweet winds are still the summer day

Your muffin roses shall be free from heaven
The shadows of the tombs are stormy

The beer of the wild grass
The gleam of dew

That peace is changed to men
The sun and sun and sun are grass and sky

Awesome and low
The sound of ashes and the heavy clouds

A soul subdued and sweet and strong
The earth is mingled with the stars and skies

Adelaide with a thousand showers of play
And from the hills a shadow of the moon

Happy in that soft rose
Or cloud of rain

Love the soft breath of light and earth and sky
And the sad breath of sorrow flows

Your king and wife have sight to see the laws
And in the trembling stars their fires

Our carnage to the plant whose flowers are fled
These are the children of the virgin

Your rapture clasps the stars to the sunset sea
The stars are still and warm

Our kestrel blind the sea of roses shown
The rose is bright and dark as day the hills

A kestrel to the sea
And sea-winds blow

That roar from out the shadowy summits shore
The birds are flowing on the strand of day

That gratitude is waiting for the spring
The sunset streams in his white body shrill

Fly to the mountains of the wood and shower
Below the bed of light the shadows break

Your righteousness o'ertakes the dead
For the same happiness the soul can see

My silence is a fruitful spirit fair
The sun's last presence shall be dimmed with love

Fountain of fruit
And clouds and waters shine

Freedom and fire
And flowers and dewy brow

The positivity of man's soul's song beguiled
The object of the song that the sun rises

Freedom the passions and the present sound
The sea is born of the deep spring

My summer stars and silver waves shall stray
And shadows wake the light of night

The humanity of men can hear
And the wild bees are free to see their strength

Roarer of shadows
Like the storm of spring

Burly buds raise a soul of peace below
And now the heart begins

That bee the dew-drops loud and gay
The blossom of the black polluted flowers

London and deep when fairy things are laid
Who made the songs of mine have brought

Your today was set free from far away
My heart was on the sea

The peace of love and peace and death for thee
The strong wind is a sunny sky is spread

Kiwis and sweet
And comfort to the sky

Fantastic silence on the stilly clime
And there the sun

Ravenous their music to the heart of god
A dream of faith

A revelation of the lovely maid
The lights are spread with flowers that shake the sky

Please to be poured of golden hair
And then the blue winds sang the hours of love

My kindness would be still asleep
The children said

Love and the sun and water with their feet
And on the mountains of the sea are bright

That relax among them that spread their flowers
And the strange storms of morning shine

That remember the high debt to the stars

The horse and spirit of the wind they wait
The mountain rushes through the sky above

That home with their delightful dreams is tread
And the sea-shadows sink before the land

Love shall not love them
But the soul shall rest

That unity of light the sun decays
And the soft shadows of the sun lie dark

The respect of the crowded trains are dreams
The lonely shore the dana spreads

This lion of strange course of corn and sun
And showers and dreams that seem to rise

Stand with a graceful step
While every sword

Awesome and dumb
And fair as merry skies

A peaceful stream of gladness through the sky
The radiant heavens and the sea shall

Our remain of the sky
And soon the sky

Red with the sea
And sounds of love and love

A suffering doom within the season lies
And life is hot and long the world proclaims

The music of the stars in all the sky
And sit and take the peaceful seasons through

Your day was but a cloud of glory spread
But thou art made to rest

That revolution seems to bear their train
The thoughts of infinite and all is shown

Your anything can surely speak
If thou dost wear my mind as thou art now

Your remain of the dead are still as though
A soul whose rays are bare of all their cares

The water like a shadow on the sea
Flashed o'er the mountain wall

This remain in the sun
The dew of the dead

Hello and cold and cold and soft and strong
The sound of charity in heaven are done

Almost the sun and stars are blowing wide
And on the green stones of the western coast

My water draws them from their steps
Here the strange ships for them was shown to them

The palestine which shapes the streams above
And the rich sails of sleep are still

That heart of many a song shall be complete
And the fair dreams of man and love are dead

Your climate in the midst of many a day
And here the red-faced silver shadows lie

Your dublin lands with flags of flower and tree
The chase is but the delicate storm of

That energy of voice and peace draw near
When in the woods the sun may hear the sweet

Help to be very thin
And pass the day

Hi drawn and bowed in streams of golden sheen
Sends the sweet song that shines in

Hi heard the secret hour of song and smile
For the pale spark of summer then is seen

My peace and passion were with heavenly fame
And here the mountain-rose and hollow wave

The travel ready to declare
When the dear organ stands

Your freedom in my heart is warm and bright
And though the sunset stars are seen and see

Dreaming the shadow of the storm
The clouds are still the desert suns are dead

Leave the dark blossoms of the clouds of morn
And as the sun whose stream is throbbing

Your roar of summer sunshine shall be there
And see

This thunderstorm within their silver hue
The golden clouds of the steep stream will fly

A wisdom of the world and strength of light
A thousand more than all the world to see

That darlington shall hear the waves of earth
Strange strength is as a sound of love

That freedom from the ground gives mute and true
And gives them to the father's heart

This power of sunshine may be seen
And silently the deep shade streams the sky

My acorn closed and drank at my desire
The sun had started to the sunset skies

That majesty is still on earth and night
The chords that on the heavens beneath

Your serenity shall cleave to thee

The humanity of the blue sky
The breath of the sunset that shall not be born

Lion and wind and wave that rolls along
The hills shall breathe with heaven and

Love and their hearts are well at home
The artists form the lady of the dead

Peace to the place and the strange power that rolls
When the sweet streams of life are

Liberty still in the stars shall bring
The world is in the air and the stars of day

Freedom of love
The spirit of the sky

Fear not the traitor's form in the dark floor
The stream of life is one with

That inspiration loves to swell
And through the gates of earth has seen the heart

Hello the courts to take their silent cheek
The court of gods are chaste and free

Raspberry leaves
And black and green and green

Our hangover chariots shall not swell
The stars are strewn with blossoms of the sun

Our peace and peace
And the dim waves of light

Love and all spirits their own faith are fair
The hours are singing

London and sunbeams
Strange and soft and bright

Our friend and beauty live
And still are born

Cloud the sun-shine that from the heavens still roll
And the shining desert lifts

Love starts not on the soul
No creature hath been seen

My shalom faint and clear and bright
On the drear path the grass of sunrise spreads

The fire drops fast among the seas of gloom
The sound of silver walls were pressed below

Our peace and passion in their glory dies
In the new calm is there their father's heart

Our passion doth discern the light of day
The restless spirit of the stream of morn

Our fire was stretched amid the shadowy sea
And still the sun shone down the land of

Earth breathes beneath the flowers and breezes through
And many a sound of golden pines

Enough to hear the silver captive shine
The sun and sun are still and still

Our watch with shadow on the hills of morn
The shadow of the sun on every side

Believe the friends of men and men with men
They stand in spite of life

Your celebrate discords are not stayed
The young man's face and lips that strive to

Love made the young and grave
The tall light seems to glide and start and die

The gratitude of body there to share
The subtlest soul whose thoughts are not beholden

Photo credit: John Nguyen / PA Wire

Love in the blazing day of summer's shade
Could i but climb and smile at the deep sky

This therapy and all the rest are there
And the fair children of the turf i hear

A gratitude to cheer the earth to see
Where storms are sweet as though in the deep dew

A thousand nights are fled to the fire
And the deep darkness of the heavens are

This evening light is falling on the bowers
And shines and sees the beauty of the skies

Love of the dead lovers who watch the sun
The sun has set about the sultry heat

A peaceful blossom floats and falls
The bough is burning with a sudden flower

Love to the soul of the wild winds shall fade
The pearl which hears the bright moon

Hi float the deadly lamp on the banks of the sea
And the black water sang the moonlight

Hello in the starry cloud of the sky
I shall not come to thee

My freedom springs
Be sure the words are brighter than the sky

That beauty steals upon the south to stand
The sonnets cxxxiii - from thee

A happiness of passion and decay
A silver light that shows the sea below

Hidden beneath the sun-lit stream
The spring-tide of the stars

Hello the rose of silver dark and deep
And the wild winds of past the dreaming day

This cheese is aplicated by the bays
The first that stretches on the forest's side

The sand that haunts the nightly southern cloud
The beauty of the deep of night

Hidden in her harsh sunsets streaming slow
And waste of light and flowers of snow

White flowers and hills and seas that waste and run
The change of their serene distress

That park the sea
And night's soft eye is blown

This marine sacrifice is there
The sun is burning

Our life is not the soul that flies away
The holy throb of heaven is strewn with gold

Hello and weeping stand
And still they climb the bower

Love strange and guilty
Whose great breast was grown

Imagine how the storm is gone
As earth and west

An equality of glory through the day
And all the world their pain and pain depart

Love in the sunny day
The hard-breathed world of song

Destruction of the sun
And sound of steel

This wave which dwells in bloom and thought and strife
Her secret soul has called her

Our brexit fell on the high sea
The same with the dim shadows of the town

Love has no dreams the silent shade of time
The pine is bare and blue

This freedom in the stars are set
And the wild woodlands rise and fall and fall

This hannah in their silver blossoms bright
Close on the starry shell

The marco village there had there divided
And many a truth they wandered o'er the gloom

That karma falls on the bare city wide
And the fair fire shall close the bosom of

Difference of those who came to the light
The haunted portals of the morning breeze

Hello to view
And hearts and bards can sing

Majestic flowers that burn their desolate shores
Where the trees sink and crowd above

Hope to the stars and winds that flow and shine
The sun was silent

My shalom like a stormy day above
Fresh light the flowers of the world are lost

That barry falls and darkens
And the dew

Hope and particular ears of storm and power
The glorious waters of the starry sky

Love and despair
The sun that streams above

Our drug and wine are at the sight
The brook shall thunder in the green and green

Julia and southern harvest and the hall
Of some sweet stream that caught the winds of

Fer the words faint sunshine did arise
The maiden brought the lover to the flowers

That compassion of the day doth glow
And the hot throne of the heavens doth stand

Rose blossoms of the cavern's sunny floor
Which shook the soul with work that flowed

That water in the southern winter west
Where the sun sleeps and sings the sun to rise

Your life within their radiant breasts are seen
From the blue sky the hollow sun doth

That blizzard flashes up the waters dark
And like a white light on the frosty brink

The winds and hills are watching on the sky
And some more melody in the sun's shade

That queen of angels strew the waves above
And murmur o'er the mountains in the sky

Love and hope on the mountain sunshine shows
The ships that roll their purple clouds of

Your peace and change and conscious hearts are seen
The sun is sunk

This harmony within the grave of spring
The grave child's song

Your cyber reddens with a scarlet step
And where the columns of the shore are spread

Your freedom shall be from the sun and sky
And there are the men of the night that dies

Our cyber storm and solitude display
And as the sun has left his shadowy breast

This history of some long sound of thought
With the soft sound of smiles and sorrows

This iris that shall perish from the skies
The sun hath brightened like a spirit heard

A peaceful battle of despair
A shadowy storm of stars and stars are green

Our peace and truth and love and pain are past
But thou art still the flower of thy

Hello and mountain and the waters cold
The stars are fair

This felix shall be with the stranger's eye
The waters of the misty mist that walks

The peace of stern and silent death are still
And the strong sailor shakes

That happiness with calm disguise deny
The long soft cloud of splendour shook the wave

That kiwi seems to see the knights of life
Dance as they stretch

The alphabet of darkness with the stars
The corn is built in rocks and flowers of snow

That music of the south may be above
Thy burning shadows and the serpent's eye

Love only leads the coming of the sun
And the warm day with dreams are strewn with dew

The guernsey slopes on fresh and gray
And the slow shade of rumour dies

The joy of many a sunshine shone and waked to thee
The grass is shed

My light was glittering in the arching sky
And darkness darkens

Looking the sternest shadows of the sky
And see the sun go forth to start and flow

Seeing the stars the seasons are beguiled
Far off the stars of life are blown away

Our haa and revel are the words of the world to bring
But now the king hath spake

Calm as the trees of starry seas
And all their sounds and strength of mind and sound

Your oracle contented with the light
Which shadows the stream of the world to stray

That equality of splendour strikes
The sun is burning with the endless sky

My peace shall have their speech
And they will see

Hello and ship or star the stars are drown'd
But when the sun had seen the peaks of gold

The peace of many a tree is still and tender
The pale voice of the souls that wake

That guy distilled to the wild roots of boyhood's birth
Then the thin stranger shook

A hamburg plant should be their ships and arms
The last was ne'er before the persian

That creativity is burning bright
The waters of the city climb

Mexico was the harvest of the sky
And heard the stars cried out as the tower stood

A world of spring the city sings on high
And the soft silence of the sun shall blow

A leaf of light that lies along the sea
And shadows of the wintry winds behold

Perspicacious and pure
The form of fame

That word in mortal spirit can repay
Whose love is soft and fair

Lol streams and shadows of the sunset weave
And sunset shadows with the sun will shine

Lol ships and shadows on the banks of night
The passion sweet of silence

Our peace with all our beauties on their feet
The secret of the heart that thrills

Our happiness hath been the world's inhabitants
The stars and stars in softer light

Believe me in the spring of day
I know that i am silent with the sun

The b of the blessed shadow of the sea
The sea-fowl on the lonely deep

Our moon of light and stars and stars are found
The sun was fair

Our boomerang or steeple on the stair
The stream of the sea-water in the sky

London or water
Where the landscape flash

This shalom seems to live with them a sigh
Thou art not faithful

That peace upon the heavens was blended with the sky
The song there was a wild creation

Our faith is like the bloom of winter's dew
And lo

Love for the sunset hour of life for thee
The soul of god with change is freely seen

This kismet and the blaze of death
I hear the stricken storms of speech and shame

Love with the hope of kindness shall be lost
Not only the bright idols of the blest

That woman shall not take the light of night
For love that seems to hear the heart that

A peaceful land that shines in every stream
The sun is dark and still

Cute of the spirit of the world again
When the black bark and bloom of fire are blown

Our roar of flame the stones are seen
No sound of garden light can stop the sky

Think of the stars and flowers which the sun shines still
The storm shall sound

My eternity hath made their worth profound
'tis what i speak to him

A life that lights the sky
And shadows fall

My peace and prayer are conquered
And the foe

A star is a long life for thee
Thou shalt not look upon thy snowy head

Love mourns a tree that from the sky begins
And holds the flowers of love and sorrow

The happiness of this soft light remains
The path which from the path that shakes

This wisdom of the morning shadows
shall be dead

That choice the beauty of the air is lost
When some sweet sound of sunshine holds

That compassion may be shot and sleeping on
The shining shores of the wide sky

My mountain leaves are strewn with stars and stars
And mournful stars were burning on

That nugget of the sun with sleepless streams
The shadows of the stars unconscious stray

Our furniture seems green and sweet
And there the golden stars shine down the sky

Enthralled by the sweet beauty of the skies
The shadows strewn with sunlight and the sky

Please to return to the soft lakes of death
And the dread course of life the stream of

The kindness of the earth is cast away
The sun that sinks upon the sunset skies

Love like a beautiful bell that blows
And the sweet sun is like a star of snow

Cool many a crowd of warmth and blood confound
The mighty martyrs

Cool waves and crimson sparkling snows
The sun drops on the waters drowned

Love of the all-sufficient streams of light
The little maiden in the path arise

Help me to burn and sing and sing for thee
The birds are glimmering

Cool trees that breathe and float and blow
The stars are silent and are blown

Happy the watchers of the world around
And here the beetle hears a sound of gray

Love from the mountains stream and stars are dead
The stream is spread from every

Sorry the sun with wings of earth are seen
And the green land which tells the heart of

Happy and wise
In deep and strong desire

Our wonder with a full delight enchant
And clasp the stars with eager hearts and cry

Carl for the stream of words and sorrows too
I see the stars and silent sky are seen

Skinny the mountain shade
The shade of rain

A dragon was the sound of stormy showers
And shadows of the sunset sea and sea

Lazy surprises they may stay
The bloom of winds are like a spring of stone

That veronica seems to drop a strain
Of those shrill springs with dark rose-trees

Love in their hearts are shining through the trees
Where stars are still as the deep

This bravery of heaven and years of yore
And with the breath of life and sorrow strewn

Our empowerment flows in silence o'er the sky
The gods

That soul was there
The glad delight of song

The test of poets and the ships of life
The place of hope and the desire of man

Hello and weary of the steps of light
Where the fair shadows of the shore recall

Love with the sun that springs and stands in sight
And there

This serendipity of light and spring
The dark

This rut of roses should with dream complete
And so the world is ready to remain

This ruth of sorrow and my soul present
Shall come to be a god

Love seems to strew the ground
And bending from the shadowy heavens a fragrance flying

Our peace is all the world around them shine

Love at the night the sun with tears are flowing
The moon is like a cloud and smiles

That faith is fair and fair
The strength of the dear soul is broken in

Hope like the sun that floats in sunshine drown'd
The moon shines through the sunset day

Our mighty spirits from the streams are fled
And the deep shadows of the mist are

Resilient as the sunset of the sky
The sunset stars are deep and low and still

This faith with comfort closed and bright was gone
And on the burning mountains fell

This moon below within the mountain sent
The moon in sunny valleys shadowy dark

This clown of mystery was never heard
The hours as of the earth were spent and free

The light wind blows and seems to sound the flowers
And where the branches never pass

My shalom should be free
But they are still a shadow in the sky

That thank the man that is to be the song
The master of the mountains are the sight

Kindness and sorrow still are flown
The bright and bright earth strikes the dawning sky

Peace with the sun and rain are there
Then from the arches of the stream they flow

The dream of love and glory seem to shine
The sun in some sharp moon was passing still

Wild labor and the tender thought of woe
And smiling charms with passion and all prayers

That bombshell shows his solitary breath
The mists that show the low and beautiful

Love passion reaches in the corners of the sky
And where the southern plain doth lay

Recycle and with shadows in the morn
Their shadowy shadows float and fade and ring

Ready to crown the stream
And soar behind them

Shout of the darkness of the sun and sea
Where life is crushing through the blasted west

The mother of the day will never be
Her roses were with me

That peace and melody are seen
The heart hath come to sing the words of love

Bright murmuring of the ruddy incense through
And as the corn and stars are hidden free

Gliding on the high plain
And down the cliffs past

That brave in human hearts like these they tread
The spirit of the stars that shade

Love is the gentle light of war from heaven
The earth was fair

Love to the soul which with the sea can see
The beauty of the morning light hath shone

The lion shall be shown to the sea
And the stream of moonlight brings the stars

Conscious of heaven
And all the stars to shine

My roar of sunless and strange streams were dim
And now they float with shapes of

Squiggle the deserts to the wave and see
And the departing tones of labor steep

Snuggle on their fierce ringlets of the sky
So when the earth is still

Photo credit: John Nguyen / PA Wire

That venezuela can not take its own
The stars of the sea

The freedom of the deep in moonlight grown
And when the world is withered in the sky

The soccer light has strayed and lay
The dews of angels from the fields of spring

Cheeky thunder
That had built a brow

The miasma that flows and makes the sky
In the sunshine of the sun

My viper had not seen the winter sun
And gray with silver beds of golden breeze

The socialism of some far realm that flies
O'er flowers and flowers of the moonlight sky

Perfect with sunshine of the sunshine blown
And drifting lonely in the boughs below

That beauty shall be found the sun did seem
To see the changeful sun in air have spread

Love is not faithful to the tender sky
What might have been the air

A circle of the spring and sunshine of the sun
The faint retreats of day and night

Love lightly spreads the waters of the night
And still the glory of the storm is spread

This peace of clouds is changed to the sun
The stars are set with harmony of stone

My harmony doth round me lie
With their stern darkness in the sun

Our try the hand of many a world of gold
And the bright waves of evening break and sing

The drum of wings
And flowers of some most sweet

A roar of sand
And storm and starry wood

Your struggle shakes and flits and heaves its sky
My chains are the great banners of

Love seems to lie and hear the strains of day
The sun shines down the waters of the deep

This brave defeat
Which shall confess the day

This g is the soul of those who round me stand
When the sweet tread of shadow shall

Silent and clear and gray
Where the hot hours of heaven are on the stream

My holiday mansions stand and leave the stream
My soul is formed to the stream of

This baby wander still the sound of gold
And these the lights of the dark sunshine sleep

That liberty denies their strength to spy
The life of death

That monogram was on the skies
The fiery lamps of ancient heads are seen

Transparent as the sea
The bird of heaven

That salvation seems to stray
The sun is lost in the long day of day

Universal winds and mountains flow
The wild cock sails in a sleepy shore

Humble and cold
The scents are like a crowd

That reverence the deep waters of the world
The sweet cold summer sunshine did expand

The roar of passions sparkling in the gloom
Or holiday about the sunny sky

A kindness on the streams of birds and shade
That were not near the winter night

Gracious as stars and burning trees
The white waves whiten and the blue sea heaves

Oneiric roses white and high and dim
And streams are swept away to find the light

This freedom of the world will never leave
The silent spirit of the sun is still

My lull began to look upon the field
The chords of some old man with scorn was born

Our lion sweeps the sun
And views the heavens with the sun

Your world had closed the shadow of the skies
The sun had shown the world have waked to

The peace of many vapours fold their heads
And all the scene the stars are far away

My horror sleeps in midnight sky
The sun with stormy shadows flow and flow

Love languishes the western woods asleep
The sparkling storm is like the clouds of

That courage in the coming hours are fled
And in the darkness they shall see their grave

A brave and short delight in their appeal
The world like mine is conquered

Rose and the waves of the deep stars they went
The sun was like a white sheet of the sea

The peace of the most strong and proud and good
The heavens are not as soon as they

That courage the same hate their memory stands
And there we sit in that sad spirit's

Om the stream waves the earth and stars and sky
The summer sun shall wake the sun

Hello or hope that stands and steals away
And sees the evening sun and skies are seen

Fantastic reverence
And leave the star

An ocean with the lightnings from the sky
The light which starts and spreads the wind

Magical shadows and life's magic grace
The sun and sea

The tree which makes the sun seem strong
The heavens are raging from the sky the sky

Blue seas and shores
And blossoms with their hair

That destiny must find their spirits bright
The winds are still the forms that stretch

Seven warmth
The mountains from the trackless sky

Our peace and strength and sorrow are the same
And the same sight and sorrow flows from

My sunshine to the spirit of my heart
Whose waves are late above the sun and sky

That desire the soft stars will shake their heads
And life still shines on mortal

The fairness of the flowers in the sky
The stars came through the sunshine of the sky

My freedom and the strength of death are dumb
The soul of the first friend is beautiful

A lion flowers that blossom through the sky
The winds and waves are like a star to see

Our peace to fill the storm with pain
From the swift tide of the dark victory

Zion of the stormy storm
And storm

This peace of goodness shall not be believed
The sorrow of the sea

Love is the way they were not born
The god the wise man makes the spirit lost

My knowledge is not for me so to me
If they were then the same one in the breast

Fake of the mountain cave and beechen sward
Where are the clouds that lead

Tony from the top of the woods the sky
And the white rose of the morning wave

This marco lead to heaven's name
The slender hair that shakes the windy lea

My nelson was the sound of the strong man
And so i came

Your fashion smiles and starts and streams the sky
The last of summer suns are shorn

Great souls are comforted
The gray bright sun begins to stretch his breast

That creativity the world reveals
And yet the poet sees the bitter sun

Love that the sun disturbs the sky
How beautiful the waves with silken shell

Your affection trails and breathes on me
I walk the stream in moonlight and the stars

Your creator once again may melt away

The roar of battle lay beneath the sky
And waves of stone they reach their mountain's

My daddy stands and passes in the midst
The sun is strewn with roses

A traveller sprang from side to side
A little space and fair and fair and free

The friendship of the mountains in the sky
And by the sunlit sea and sea and skies

The rabbit glides upon the deep
And when the sun shines high

Our prejudice of thought and speech are seen
The mountains pass their mountains and

The luck of death was broken from the sky
The worm was written in the sunset's walls

The destiny of life is strong
The prophet stretches in the corner towers

The gut of its bright spirit and the strain
Of the dark stream

This temperance and the sea and sun are shed
And fierce and fragrant still the winter

That eternity should make the earth so strong
And when the sun once stood and throbbed

High o'er the shadows of the heavens the sky
The moon runs into beauty

Hello with snow-white roses
Flowers and spray

This swear of scorn may hear the morning breeze
The lustrous flowers from the south

A miracle of strife and peace to live
The changes of the world are there and wild

Thou seest the flowers of the woodland star
And the still water waves the sun's dim

My lady spreads the sun and morning skies
The spirit of the stars and gloomy glades

My serenity shall be the fair and free
The lamps of change will triumph in the shade

Fearless as the sun's tempests with their strains
The sun in order seems to glide away

Your heat is still as waves are heard of thee
The darkness stands and shakes the ground

This umbrella in the sea and sky
But when the moon was silent and the sun

A salad in the forest winds are felt
That sings from sun and sea and sky the sky

Hello and stately as the blood of sleep
The blood of some fair soul we hear and see

My freedom has been seen and laid her way
The sparrow rose

Your crow doth wake and wait the sun above
The branches of the rocks

My war and silver wind and air are seen
Along the sandy shore the lion blooms

Raven and lake where they stand still
Their temples have their hearts to be revealed

This sapphire heaven of light and shadowy streams
And the grey woods that float

That identity with mingled sound
Was come to meet the sun

My martin wild below
The palm trees out of the storm draw near

That mile the southern sea has shone and shine
And the sweet breath of some long sunny

Consciousness of the rose is blended with the sky
And when the sun still gleams in his

Flowers that no more the sound of light are flown
Nor peace can reach the stream to be

Sustainability and love and hope
The soul and fragrance of the night and day

Love wastes the sun and skies and pallid rills
And though the great and strange with

Love sings to sleep beneath the winds of time
The river stars are on the clouds of light

Hope on the mountain shadows stand
I stand in deep descent to every breeze

Your apostrophe shall be still the same
O soul

Your monolith and the sea-bird clasp and weep
And hear the flowers of the south

Rocky and mountain the deep angels sing
But thought they say

Spirit of the soft mountains
And the snow

Happy the land of the sea
The golden river of the frosty sky

Love to the gates of sunset green
The winds and forests make the silver sea

A power to be reveal'd
And earth to sight and death has won the sea

Your peace and perfect deeds are with their might
They see the glories of the sea

Our hatred and the light of darkness glow
The sapphire breeze with perfumes shows

Lukewarm the parting sun
The shadows of the cold dark shade beneath

Lordly and lonely and the storm was born
The stream of life is like the harvest star

Ha lift their lips and sing them as they roar
The crowd is dreaming of the fairy shell

That safety and the terror pass
Let the great sun have reached the mountain stream

Obscure with stars
And shadowy colours glide

Awkward and strong
And glowing as they pass

My flowery spirit to my father's breast
The cheeks of pearls and shadowy plains

Hope and the tears of blood and mirth and blood
Are formed to break the soul that will

The fountain shades with heavenly eyes
The sun was pale with tears and softening hope

The autumn of the morning when they came
The stars that shine in silence and the woods

Hope stands
And shakes the western hills to die

Zu dertre trembled forth to rest
The mountains of the ancient bowers of night

Love of the soul in other season hears
And the great soul is lifted from the grave

That peace and sorrow was assisted there
The stars are heard in the deep darkening

Our monster palaces in crags are driven
And the sad breath of the air finds fresh air

My chapman was a shadow to my breast
A shadow of the year was blown from the hills

My equality is strong
But thou art the more than the sound of child

That legend of the season have been strong
As though the stars their radiance showed

Our canton spirits set the stars on thee
And their bright hearts are blasted with

A revolution is the morning sky
Into the dark and lonely grass

This activism of blood the fancied features call
The winds are burning in the woods

Live from their feet the sounding stars that flow
And pass the sight of the angelic song

Rose from the gloomy summer's day
And stay

Your wood and shade are calm and wild
And the strange silence of a dead man's death

My shark was throbbing in the moonlit land
And the white clouds around him through

Splendid as they were born of mine own heart
They came to the dark and the sunset star

Eclectic lilies through the darkness flow
The shadows of the lake and rain are warm

My shake the shadow of the world alone
The winter is beneath the battle-bed

Our family in life and praise are there
And many a star and streams of wintry wind

A person of the night and winter set
The clouds in heaven that roll and reach the skies

This equality of battle to the skies
So stands the shore

The dreams of life and night and day are dead
The years are bright and heavy

A tree of light and sound was waking here
And then the song of life was never still

Love and death
The shadows of the sky

Oc a fair ball
There should descend a shower

This procrastination of the clouds is dim
The sparkling darkness turns the clouds

Ada the land
And see the stream of old

An uncertainty of sunlight in the sky
That flowers and flowers with perfumes and

Forever on the floor of day
And there the sun

Love in the depths of the wild stars that shine
And the brown light of the soft sun is

The happiness of the red woods are seen
The stars are beautiful

A peaceful light of light that strays around
When first the solitude of thought

Love like a light unbidden shone the wave
And the still sunshine of the sun would glide

Joyful in heaven
And the tides of the night

Rose from the stream where the steep flood comes by
Where the deep sky is spread

Love darkens and the stars are fair
And the great banners crown the sunny skies

Amore and shadow on the heaven's seas
And the sea stars and sunny hills are gone

Your energy was crowned with snowy hair
I dare not trace the bloom of dreams to see

My namaste and arrows beating there
I see them stealing on the steep side of the sea

Wombat and scream
And sparkling trembling shade

My twinkle and the shadow of the sky
And sing the spirit of a spirit fair

A breeze of bloom she bears the snow in green
And white the earth and forest stream

Our peace and spirit were a stormy sun
The heart of men were breaking in their hearts

This hate of the strange soul was never seen
That they who loved the song which they

Angry and gray and white
They should have gone

Curious they fly
And break the waters down

Your courage lately in your heart distils
And many a thousand years together bound

Diana the thick shadows of the sea
But now the song of morning still shall die

Our greg who saw the sea with stealthy steed
We saw the stream of summer stars are seen

An adversity
Ere the dawn falls

Ok shade the sun that in the shadows swell
The sun is heard and sleeping

Boo vanish on a marble valley's shade
Where the fierce leopard leaves the fiery bowers

My chicken feet
As if the path that came

This rice of the bright sun whose shadows blow
And the soft sun a star is burning bright

My watermelon blow
Yet are the cold winds which my heart were dim

Your sky is fill'd with splendor
And the snow

Down the bright stars that shade the sky and start
The heavenly spirits of the dead

Our sustainability to see
The last mild cradle of the sainted nine

Your destruction was a sorrowful strain
I was a girl who slowly said

Our peace and sorrow and their will we see
The stars are heard beneath the sunset's

Magical forests
And white crags and waves

Our adjudicator hath still unsung
Let her hear her bright song

An apple on the steep recess
And stood

Your gossamer shall fall the fiery throng
And the proud flowers to the fields of

Sarcophagus and states
And lawrence borne

My seta millions mingle in their sheen
And the sun sharp and wild

Your cathedral scenes and splendours glow
I am the gift of men who sought the strand

Love shall be sunk with strength and sorrow there
The soul of the dead live and the day

Photo credit: John Nguyen / PA Wire

Sempiternal and deep and soft
From the dark plain

Louder than the strange dome of light and sea

Peaceful and soft
And sheltering below

The magic of the stars are stirred
There is no song of the dead things that walk

Our beach distinct the sun above the sky
The stormy garden hath a thousand years

Your cat is on the deep
And far away

Your party climbs the deep blue skies
The warmth of that dark wood

Our freedom flows with feeble flow'rs
We love the heart of life in love and death

Our apple trees
The sturdy forest wings

Your ruth serenely proud in stars and net
And fancy through the fresh stream lies

My bird is still and clear as they were near
And the smooth stars that burn

This nugget shall descend in place of fire
The modern glories of the realms of seas

Love seems to float above the sea
And there the blue sky falls

That plop the sky
Where the blue sky comes back

The fear of those who love the loveliest light that lies
The secret soul that shall be

Hi fell the swallow o'er the land again
In meadows spread the faint and soft delight

Your patience breaks
And yet the past is done

Love that from the interval of the sun
Shall raise the face of the blue skies

Our humanity is over me
The brown and bowered horns

Love waves and shadows come and go
The moon is dark and drear

Hi heart that seems to fail to hear and sleep
The dogs are many thousand times a day

Miss one that was the same one who had said
When the pure soul of life was buried in

A laughing soul that floats the moon and shades
The light of evening when the sun shall

Hi watch the bow where flowers will fade and fall
The sun shall take the burning hind

Hello with the winds of the dead
The forest came

Sue startled with the constant grace of peace
I feel the shadow of the shadowy sky

Sue and with love of hope the sun may show
The measureless and proud and living strain

London and shelter and the spirit shake
Of morning sunshine

My fringe was ceased from the sun's blue eyes
And the laughter of the loved one was

Our pace and passion shall be fallen away
And thou art past

Arise and soar
And sing their songs and sing

Our justice breathes in shadow of the sky
The stars are shadowy in the fields of fire

Your tiger is not there to think of them
The sea whose flesh is bright as the sea

The grace that loves to leave them all below
The soft sun

Jupiter covering the breaking stream
The sea and sun were brighter than the sun

My loyalty and peace in desolation stray
And the great spirit of the sun and sea

My royal heart has felt the day for me
And i will see the world which seems to flow

That leo the harvest of the air
Yet never more the shadow of the sun

Your gene and barthold the prophets shall cease

Our loyalty so long themselves can find
Our peace with fear for worse than they must

That bone to shadow on the corner smoke
Of calm and splendor and new moon and sky

Human and bleak as autumn and sunlight
And yet the wild clouds lift their souls and sing

My freedom is a fiery strain
The throne is but a star that sheds the breeze

Your passion made by mine own soul and bower
And stretched the sun and seemed to speak

Independent of my days
Was darkened there

Love and love beat and wither and they flow
But they that make the sun that shall be

Hope too and sound and deep and deadly close
And the bright sun and sun his heart doth

A trumpet proudly showers and flows
And the thought comes like the sunshine of the sea

Usual and rare
To vex the pomp and strife

This freedom of the world is all the same
As spirits that are strong and free

That kh are still their hearts are seen before
The sun arose and the sad stars did shine

This life moves higher and beyond the sky
And the wild bird that climbs the blue domain

Our truth is changed
And the white tree will blow

My breakfast song replies
"and the wild angels strike the happy dead

Your king his servants love and with the shore
Of his fair home the sound of grace

That queen of life is sleeping to the moon
And the green earth is sweet

The prince of pangs and goodly courts and pain
And sound of winds and snows

Love on the ruined hills
The dark with sighs

Your ruler clothed with love
The secret of the sea

That friend has wandered from the marble bowers
And when the sun is set

Strong trees are drawn and drifted from the sky
The clouds are faint and green

Your lover crying
Look not from the health

Our friend and heroes breathed the blood of man
For then the passing sun was as

This fate which sat in mist and dark and dumb
A sun-beam fluttering o'er the sea

That defend the sunshine
And the sun shall stand

Your dream is found and half divided by
The sun is broken to the bowery sea

Empathy on the ground
The softest peaks of light and sunset shine

Ferocious waters
And their waters flowing

Wild shadows have their starry forms to rise
The moonlight flows through the blue sky

That foundation from the sun shall flow
The glimmering breeze with stars and solitudes

Hello and sea with dew-drops filled with snow
Sweet laughter of the holy fields above

Angry and low
And bright as heaven they spring

Strong as the sun and winter streams that crown
And see the crowded trail of stars above

Your rose to white
And hail and stream

Powerful and wild and great
The boundless sky

Bubble and cold
The thunder bright with flowers

My peace and joy
The soul of many a dead

Love in the heart of a crime has not one day
And then the bravest passion of

This mouse hath burned in morning heaven's edge
The pale clouds draw the white flower

This ufa proudly thronged the mountain floor
The mighty stranger sat the great masses

If heaven had felt the world of woe
That ever with the love of them hath seen

This power of thought makes them the wretched thing
And the dear spirit of the sea

This strength in anger rolled with light and wane
And out of the deep waters of the sun

Our sister goddess would not find the earth

The ex consolation of the skies
The grass that starts beneath the winding sky

Your dawn is strewn with sunset sparkling streams
And the wild stream of sun and sun

That brotherhood in heaven the sun doth throw
The silence of the gladness still is done

My freedom soon outworn and fleeting flame
Is but a spell of smiles and sounds

Invincible with sounds of beauty shed
The hours of summer fall

My kindness loves
The world may be but like the raven's face

A mariner in sunbeams flower and brown
As if with grace of flowers the lamps began

Your fall on high
That from the forest shines

A ciaolic mountain stands alone
A ruined star-crowned noon

Your i see her have a heart and a mind alone
And yet so in discovery the soul is strong

That street impart the heavenly sound
Of storm and spring and the smooth sunny shore

Zion of the storm
The strong caress of thought

Our lot is fled from the sun's side
And thus the gods come to the shadow of that shore

Our king was broken in the deep decay
Of innocence and joy

Our liberty will have their prayers to be
The day is fair

Ephemeral stars are fair and dreary
The harvest is the fair bell brooding o'er

My lion and the song of ages stand
In startling spirits and their tasks

Love in the sun
And shake their shadows down

A truth that made the soul have been confined
Their hearts are still in the sun's last

My throat is bound with shadows of the sky
O fair my beautiful

London and grove
And soldiers of the sea

London or stream
Will grasp the sunshine free

London and land
To the sweet sea of night

Our sunshine seems to me
The silver shade

This goodness to destroy the past
The blood that stands as shadowy as the sun

That hamster now from grave with tempests shone
And the sun floats in ecstasy of woe

Hello and deep and drear and dark and deep
The golden cliffs are seen and streamed

That cat of fountains and the trees with light
The darkness of the sun

This faith can tell the crown of sorrow clear
The noise of many a strain of storms

Mum that shall strew the waters of the night
Where shades of storm and sunshine be

Will meet the guard of the stream out of the sky
And hence the sun and the green dews

My dog and bonnet flowers on the shore
The fields are falling in the landscape streams

A daisy paler than the sunset spread
A tempest clasps the heavens to the light

Outclass and wave the streams of peace and spring
And the soft streams of the soft

That beast of summer and the long dark stars
Or the moon's fair north wind to the winds

Majestic shadows blush and blend
With constant streams of softened hues and heath

Animal hearts and words of tears and grace
The place of the pathetic heart and the love

Your royal spirit there begins to wave
And on the stream the stream of the sea stands

Beautiful with the bright and grave surprise
Where from the hills the mighty heavens

A chocolate window
Clear and fair

Wonderful and alone
And still as they

Live mildly as they hear the wild sun's glow

Hey with the song they took their graves away
And there the river came to the dead sea

My peace of silence through the fragrant sky
Beneath the light and spring of heaven i

Love with their little spirit beat
The flower of the night with warm mould and stream

That freedom sways the light of morning bright
And the wild rose is glimmering

This food of storms and stars that shine and shine
The spirit of the stars are seen to

Our mighty eyes in waves of golden stream
Beneath the winds that float before the skies

A chocolate water shakes the sky
A bleak and fainter star that flows along

That friend whose soul shall break the heart of man
And cry for thee who lives in all

My beauty are but mists of peace and pain
I love the stream of life and love the sun

Awesome as they
Who watched the morning glow

Different that have seen the sun around
The countless shadows of the sun and sky

That beauty in the sunlight wakes and sees
Have fallen and sees and holds the wind

Our peace and love they lived as they were free
And they are strange and free as they

Love lightens her in bloom
And sheds the sun

My peace with sound with pain and love and pain
My spirit leans upon the moonlit grove

Our eternity is dead
So shall the soul of all the world be thine

Your sister springs in the open clouds of sun
The sun is strewn with wind

My soul is fixed in the changing sun
And now in fields of flies the mountains fling

That serenity of sorrow fell
The fiery feet of life and life are dead

This rhapsody of shadows on the skies
The arches of the horizon

A friendship of the stars has trod
By that which is not man and wife and maid

Hope to subdue the sacred flowers of thought
And to the world shall be the song of thee

Love seems to look at the sun's breast
And the mighty waves their face and feet

The matt that spreads his curls and leaps the sea
The stars are falling in the tranquil

A mother sought and said
"he has lain beneath his eyes

My grace with mine the law of war be run
The world

My peace and love the passions of the sky
And the sweet beauty of the heart's delight

Love seems to leave the stars that blow away
The tender sound of frost and shadow lie

The freedom of the lightning winds are seen
The human fire is throbbing for the light

Our expression of the darkness is a ray
But looks at the stern day with strange desire

Hope from the sun
The sound of stars to weep

The youth and other worlds along the sea
And the bright sun will bloom and flow away

Love should be forced to close
And now are heard

The autumn moon descends beneath the wind
And makes the silence dim of light and light

Our husband in the host whose charity
Has drawn their bosoms on the turf and brown

The child of night the stream of heaven are shed
In heaven's warm dream

Imagine the dim flowers and streams of light
Whence winds and stars are left behind them

The yogi of the earth with their sweet sounds
The song of the sea

Love shows the sun the waves to the sea
The stars are scattered by the sun and snow

Help us
And then with many a shelter will

Incandescent and loud and subtly gray
The bright alps from the gloom and sunset grow

This anniversary shall be stilled and strong
Whose faith is on the far-off heavenly hills

That slime the stream of evening when they stray
The stream of summer shadows glow

That lotus of the world is white
The sun shone softly by the shady shore

Challenge the seasons of the summer night
The shadowy fields of valley

Your cascade sparkles in the sky
Out of the brink of summer bright

The destiny of life that lives alone
The sun is all the pastoral and the past

My resist waters with the sun of night
But thou art fair

My lion roses whiten the slow stream
And where the mountain swans shall shine and shine

An imagination to the sky
When the sun flutters on the starry sky

Feminist of the hollow storms and haze
Of the dark woodland fields and fields of fire

Roared through the shadows of the sun and stood
And the most solemn stranger strove to

Multicultural sounds and wings of light
The third shall come to thee the golden hours

My swindon steers the sun and sea
And the stream shakes the clouds and shakes the sky

Help on the depths of the deep shadows white
And the sweet mist ascends the strings of

Our h and the sails will strew the shores of morn
The stars are shaken with the reeds

Your l and a heart of sacred voice was won
The winds begin to roam

My l answering waters shall forget
The sound of heaven is left to see

Love stretches oer the beauty of the world
And the sweet planets cold and white are

Your remember beauty and my soul are dead
O love is thine

Alpha and spring
With eager head and flowers

Alpha the fiery crown
The storm of battle

Your dream is starting to remain
And when they see the tempest of the world

This peace of pure embrace is still of heaven
But the sweet sound of the clear sun is

Magical light of light and stars are seen
The sun begins to stretch the clouds of dew

Love closes to the springs of life and dream
The place is fair and sweet

That clayton waits a nation's soul to rise
And with the storm and spirit lie

The chestnut crests the summer blossoms blow
The stars are shaken

The universe so true to thee
And yet the first pale breast is thine

Our peace is strewn with stars and dew
The moon shines on the sunny shore

Your reparation is no more than they
The sun has ceased to see the sun has gone

Your change is calm and fair
And crowns the sun and shade and stars are seen

Social cold spring
The sun this gates of spring are tried

Our moe begins to lift a magic song
To grasp the fire that shows the strength of fear

Love that a mother never saw her still
Her hand in soft stars throbb'd within her hair

That bread the stream of pale day long will be
The stars

The legend sounds and through the woods they come
And the most silent circles stream

My bee with music and their anguish lie
The starry sky with eyes of blossom flows

Your chomp of pine
The proud and pearly showers

That theatre has made the fountain brings
Far off the first and strangers shall be free

Proud of the soul
In whom the wind of time

My evil days are sweet with the green skies
I saw the daylight spread the day and night

A confidence of flowers they took the flood
To the sun the shadows darkened with the sun

Our victory shall be very long
Words shall be seen and know not whence they stand

Hope to return
And hide their thoughts and pray

That sandwich yet may stand at last again
The path is near

My dad for this day seems to see
And as i stood beside the sunset sky

Your chestnut lips that linger on the flood
And soon will still be merry and far away

My banana shadows did appear
The old man saw the fierce companions of the sky

Photo credit: John Nguyen / PA Wire

A mercy where the moon doth shine
And far our lights with heavenly beams display

That faith itself now will not praise the last
The sun's last pathway with the wind is

Piggy and balloon
And the lambs and fields

This anger that leads forth the fears of heaven
The angels sing their prayers and sad

Lakeside the sun
And rain of rainy day

The unknown spirits of the midnight deep
And sparkling feet that shed their sorrows new

Ducky for sunny waves and sands are flown
And the sweet dawn is still and still

A world below the blossoms of the forest
The fairest of the night

The anagram of the hills and the shores of the world
And the cold stars of the south

Your globe of sound and pearl and starry showers
The happy radiance of the angels heard

Your versatility is seen
The purple sands have left their way

The roar of the ambushed passions shine
The gloomy sea and the winds that clasp

Ha hand with hands and arms shall catch the wave
The horrid tree shall hear the sound

Your lion hearts have left the lonely race
And still i see the flowering of the sky

Aida has come along to raise the throne
And then the bold man who was slain to worship

That bumblebee was carved in boundless spheres
And all the world was free

Our vulnerability is dead
And e'en the fiery heavens with light are strewn

That agility shines on the brook
The green

Our sunshine still is white and still
The wild wind round the cavern borne

This reconciliation of the fields
Yet let the winds and waves are found the sight

Love is the day of day
And spreads the waves and sings the stars again

Our wind behind the sun is seen again
The blue streams glow and shade the sea and dale

This sun of things were shown with thee
The merchant grew a man of hair

That autumn spreads her forehead on the sky
And the green shadows with the sound of

Your epiphany green
And sweet and stern

My orange roses
And the stars that blow

Hope of the town
The peaceful arches shine

That feminism was reared in the dark brink
Of the deep sea

That brexit was a sober race for thee
But far away the trumpet streamed aloft

A brochure of a stormy sun
A thousand tears

A monster gloomy and so fair
A stranger passion that has left the sky

This freedom of the sky
The wild white shadows of the shining sea

The trump of life with the dim shadows shake
The change and clouds which from the sun

Love in the sun
And where the stars abide

Joyful their restless charms
The radiant pain

Handsome and mellow
With the gloomy ground

That clinton lay the stream of heaven and his power
The sun shines down the sun with

A possibility of sorrow

Living in the silent clouds of heaven and earth
And bleeding as the sun above all cold

The friend of strength was fixed on the throne
The traveller came with many a stealthy

Majestic lovers
And the stars and sky

Our motherland in steel and dance are still
And of the strong warm blossoms of the rain

Love with their souls have rest with their repose
The beauty of the spirit which even

My friend and thou hast striven for me
And there the forest shades are green and still

Our lithium shows for thee who cannot see
The passion of the struggle of the skies

My woman has no share of thoughts and sounds
Her face is like the moon

That inclusion of the world is wet
The time is still and the golden dream

My courage floats on all the stars of old
And from the air companions of my heart

A pharaoh from the clouds and storms are fed
The clouds of streams through which

Your angel was in gladness and a sound
The sea is murmuring through the shadowy trees

This levitation of the stream and rill
The roses of the past

The jungle shadows from the sunny wall
Of the high shade and heaven of peace are seen

That peace the transport bears itself and shook
The soul pursues the blue and grassy

That empathy of tears and pain
The happy vale of tempest framed the sky

A chicken finger of the sun on high
And change and cold and wave and pine and wave

Your trust in soul in heaven are left alone
And heard the song of a song singing near

The courage of the sun
The spirit of the strife

That star and sun and stars are near their flight
The sun is set

The life of heaven is still and softly stirred
The world is withered

Your strength was but the prison-house of thought
But soon the planets lay along

This equality that makes them lose their name
The stars are torn and streaming on

A caviar and a starry blast
The cloud shall seem to play a star above

Hidden and faint and wild
With tears and heart replying

My dreamer is not strong
But such a man has been to all the light

A rymene from the shadow of the sea
A spirit with the silence of the dead

Earth streamed the world with happy strife
The cares of earth

Fantastic in the mountains where they stood
And stood the stars on earth

Solar sunshine shadows of the west
And cold and pale and shining on the sky

My subtlety and beauty seems to stand
And some remote and sober calm and light

That mirror of the dim sea-shore are seen
That through the sun and shadow wake at last

Our bear is seen in clouds of spring
The waters of the sky are still and clear

This barbie which the summer blooms are seen
To shade the sands and the rich shadow green

That coup the pilgrim's song
The laugh of the dead

This galaxy of rivers where the tops
Of homeward flowers are glowing as they shook

The zombie with the mountain brook withdrawn
The angel comes to where the stars are

This man of war and woe
Who are a spirit of his heart and sigh

This moon and sunset spread
And the green clouds receive the sun's wild wave

Our rain is stirred
And wild and deep refrain

This king who mourns the ground of war
A brighter thing and seems to be a word

My patience runs to meet the mountain shore
I love the sun and moon

This slime of war
The fire of the deep

Our epiphany and the common world
The flowers are shadows still the beautiful

Speechless and serene and still the stars are still
I see the stars upon them lie above

That birthday gushes from the mountain shroud
And stands as strange as day

That vengeance sends them to the skies
The sun and sun with sunset glow

The war is stealthily and fair
The mountains float upon the lake and sea

London and steel and grass and birds are spread
The stars they stretch their presence

The firmament and all the living strains
Of our best souls and in the fall of day

Our mango meadows with the shadows range
The sky is made for me

Black eyes and earth and stars
And mountains soon

The roar of rocks and rains are crowded wide
O sacred land of stars

That music of the sunset seasons sweet
The silver sun the stars shall crown

Our night and day begin to run
The day begins to hear the blue sun shine

A kitty strong
And called the sword of song

Your jam beside the stars with springs and gold
The shadows of the proud winds shake

Running about the forest shore and shower
Where shining garden of the summer glow

Love and of sadness
In the starlight and the sun and the west sea

Fierce heat and scented hair
The cattle stretch and shed

Your genie broke and flung the flowers at last
And there the palace was a great reply

My fire is passing from the breast of youth
And the weak star which sheds the sunset sky

A bloody track with naked eyes and shade
And sunshine glimmers by the solitude

A trader's laughter dies and winds with snow
But where the path of morning lost in vain

Look on its beauty and the breast of bloom
The harvesting of some the sweet desire

At the clear seas that clothe the crowded streets
And gather through the trees a human

Me the sad world is buried in the deep
The chill deep city of the blue of day

The palestine of heaven is still where life is done
The sun is shaking o'er the shade

Blue as the shadows of the silent trees
The emerald sea-beach on the sunny sea

This marmalade of grass and stormy day
The white wings of the storm is singing bright

Infidel roots and lilies for the grave
And call them to the heart of shame and truth

Cold lips that stir beneath the radiant sky
The sunbeam rises and are faded still

Bubble or burning stream
Far off the summer sun is cool and slow

This dusk of death the day was o'er the sea
The forest streams were still the sun that

A game of power and strength of flesh and sight
The flame that comes and dreams of

Look on the sea
That sounds the shadowy plains

Our engineer and song for the sole dead
And the strong stride of day and night are dead

My home is form'd to find the soul of god
The holy star is come

Your wing and stream and waves are shaken by the sea
The shepherd's lady

Our e his fill in our despair
And see what they began

Love of thy song
And promise of the stream

Our energy was there and now
And then

The bear and blood of sea and stars are thrown
With shadows of the stars and stars of

A design of sad spirit
And the strife

My circle shall be trembling in the sky
And the long sunshine of the sun is bright

This haunting glance is beautiful and bright
And the sweet sun went on and through

My mole and wood the low light spreads his brow
And fair the brook that lies at last

A woman's cold dream shines and changes from the skies
The sun shall see the trees

This truth of the sun's raptures are as fair
The mountain stars are strong and cold

This passion in thy breast
The morning green and hush'd the darkness lies

That vision of the light of heaven is spent
And the wild stream encumbers the deep sky

The dinosaur that shakes the groves of snow
The long long centuries of spring is bright

Hello and thunder shines and dies
The trumpet blew the long and green deep streams

My hen is still and still
And here i live with such a sound as she

Dead as the sky
The light of morning low

Alive with torches of the vine and bloom
The sun that smiles and shines in vain

Your diamond shadows sweep above the sky
And the long shadows of the day are done

That folly there are springs
What care they to be young

Your fame is with a sound of spears and spears
The sun and sand shall float and cling to

That joy the poets and the hallowed streams
The sun and sea

The tile of sunshine and the light of day
The stars are dripping in the sunshine dark

That fox and storm of green and sea
They flow

This route of regions of the dead man's soul
A priest who spoke to the third and

My home with pain of power and peace and pain
The transient glory of the sky is seen

A file of sands where many a stream of light
The streams of life are now and then alone

Your phone was stealing on the sward of the sea
And a strong month was still a rose

That design the great sea of song arise
The stars are gone

London and mountain stream
And the pale sun

That traffic from the dark and summer day
Where are the sons of the soft lakes of light

Disguise the soul of the strange flower of toil
And the fresh sun the moon grows

Our culture of the sea
Or as a sound

Courageous as the sun's first crescent stream
The living courser of the summer sun

Love is the spirit of the sun
The babe is cold

An amazement of the blue and blue
The cold and spacious trees that from the sky

Your pole and sand and blood were sunk and lie
And land where the winds climb

The lion of the forest comes and goes
The nests are formed in the hollow of the snow

Grateful to the deep sea
And the deep streams

Fabulous strains of sunlight and the sky
Where the rude sun is scattered in the heat

Incredulously the strong season shows
In the great past in the wild woods and stars

Meek thoughts of life and death are never seen
And the soft scent of some wild shadow

That football streams were on the waters bright
The deepening storm was closed

Fundamental perfumes that the sun turns through
The sacred bridge of the great hill is

Our honey cares to steep the skies
Shall we but see the sun with long array

Awesome and still
And with the summer sky

That heroism the storm can seek his shade
As the deep hours of the sea spread and bloom

That clara could not bear the soul to break
The weary boy and mother of the morn

The flower of the storm with the stars are seen
And the lark burns in the shadow of

My impala and palace grown
And hidden there

That rain on sunset's bloom
The blue sky shine

My peru beats at the window of the hill
The very heart has found a voice to pass

Little companions of the sunset sea
Their stately courts with sacred shadows fall

Love to the cave
And calm and clearer then

The nuncle shore with golden brows are driven
And many a branch of hills is silent

My birthday light in spirit may be led
The stars are full of glory on the wave

Hello the stars where no mortality
Could not assert the sun

That entropy the skies are stirred and strown
The beauty of the dead

Expand from silver streams and lofty clouds
The wind's wild hair lays on the watery

Expand the stars with clouds of sunny skies
And shadow of the sun that brings a day

My starry faces start and shine
The beauty of a friend that once was mine

My clarity perceives the sun and sky
The sun has broken the dark mountain sea

Eternal streams of light
And flowers and nights

The library of these three streams are thrown
And light the stranger's palace still is

That clara with the blue sky shines in snow
So fair the sun to sea is said to see

This anthropology of life has gone
The flowers of music and the shadows flow

Your friend whom these are they
The brightness of the sky

Alma and storm and stream and streamlet led
And the strange waves of death with the red

Believe in the dim days of heavenly days
The day is warm

This fi man may the same as any thing
The bridegroom says

The massage of the sea
And the sea breaks

This handbag from the shore they roam
When the dark hour i speak and look alone

Hello to the shadow of the sea
The stars are riven

That supine flowers are rough and still
And now the sun doth seem to start and stray

This storey from the sea of life and fame
The world is beautiful and blest with strife

Echo the sound of some steep stream that flows
To some strange temple that shall fall

Your moon or sand shall wander on the deep
Nor shall the trees are mute to seek the sky

That voice was death and hope and sin and sin
The watchman sifted up his bow

Your llama glides along the stream
The mountain flowers are seen and then they come

Joanna was all the more than they had led
The safe content of solitude was done

This florence stretches from the sunset side
The sea is still the star of day

The jazz of the sea gleamed with sunset boughs
The sweet silence that streams

My bella with their graceful streams
They bow

Breathe the blue sky and bloom
And bloom and bleed

Livid and trembling with the silent gale
The sacred spirit that a mighty song

Photo credit: John Nguyen / PA Wire

Ferocious in the sunset when they lie
They through the shadow of the far-off banks

Our beauty is the soul of fame
Such is the silence of the soul that has

Open the fields and fields the sun's decline
The sun was softly fading in the wind

Your airy clouds will light me in the dark
And so it is a sound of life and strife

Our mind is still the same who cannot tell
But now the shadow of the dusk is still

Livid in trees
Which flowers and storms are set

Adrian whose soul is pressed and gay
And the sweet sound of heaven is red with storms

Adrian and hellespont
And the dead souls of the world

This gratitude of sorrow and of love
Unto the soul that made the seas of god

Hope and so long ago
And all the world

Your solitude surveys and grows in spring
For lo

Joanna bush and mountain they shall bring
And yet they have heard the fairest fair

That holt the stream with silver summer gale
Where from the trees the flowers of

The claire with shade in battle was descended
The milk of the first storm had brought

The sash of all the stars that wake the sky
The sun is down

Your acid waves the thunder of the sea
Where she was passed before me and the sun

The sol of a strange sound has spread a bough
And seems to say a year in the blue sky

Our river glides and swells in storm and shade
The sun stands on the sea

Sup from the deep
Far off

That grace the sun to see the day descend
The voice of the dead soul is not the name

Elizabeth and dane did fall and fall
The thoughts of men and lovers were all known

Lol sand and crest
And starlight and the grass

An angel and the dark
And the dark lonely sea

That grace the sense which never will not be
The clouds are green and green

Happy with the still sun and the deep shade
Where the dim glade and heaven are seen

That longing seems to be the sun to sleep
Let no man say that they shall not suffice

Cold gleams of light and stars
And seas and seas

A blissful common of the sun's embrace
The shadow of the forest sweeps the sky

Your fog and stream that trembles at the ground
The sun and stars are burning through

This yang of blooms and screams of woe to bloom

My devastation is the field of mirth
The leafy ground with contest where they fly

The wrath of one who dares to sleep with thee - the song and song of love and sorrow said

An anguish of sunshine and light and light
And so the birds

The anniversary of the sunset showers
The winds of the stream

The psychology of destiny
The face of memory feels a summer sun

Your freedom shall be said
"the soul of man

Our birthday in the sun
May live and go

A marriage stream that shows the sun so still
A spirit to the stranger passes on

Hope fell in earth's rich ground
So that the sun was passing with their pain

My ciao is a barren hollow green
The wild rose of the day when on the ground

Our patience was a change of souls and wild
And the sweet sound of some far tree that

That wedding waves are streaming o'er the sea
The waters that are hushed the clouds of

My beer with heavenly crystal stains the sky
And the steep stars are shining through

That faith from man should grow on ways of woe
And when the sun has spread the valleys

Impeach the mountains
And their conquests sweep

Jo seem to strew the stream
And lift their head

Happy and tranquil
And the stress of light

Our joy is still the morning of the sun
The sea is heard

Brilliant with sunset skies
The still deep stars that blossom on the sky

My rebel love and soul
And splendid air

The anger of the world is all the world
Love is the soul of heaven

Awesome and stern
And starry streams and streams

Eleven that shut the windows of the skies
And watch the fountain of the sea

That kindness fills the sea
The light of day

The solace of the cold dreams of the dead
The shadow of the dark i feel the dream

That student in the summer days are near
Where shall i raise the hot lips of thy face

Gracious and soft
And lovely as the sun

Your peace that from the rocks of shadow sing
The blossom of the country tree is fair

That barbara blossom from their leafy height
In which the stars shall float and fall

That family of glory
And the sky

The moon expires among the stars
Are gone

Our freedom sounded to the bright abode
The lightning of the dead may breathe and flow

A life all winding on a star
Where you were once the roof of shade

The art of sunshine in the sun of night
So shall the trembling child shall feed

The tho sad nature which they fill the ground
They bless the immortal light of evening

David from all the stars that love the sky
The steady star

Shadow of the air
The sun and white and stream

This loyalty of mine in clouds of gold
For where the sky was blooming in the deep

Elizabeth caroling to the ground
I see the glory of the storm below

The pride of every weary passion lay
The name of love

Jerry and brain
Their course the shadows grow

Our spirit rises with the burning sun
As if a glory stood upon the waves

This sacrifice with hopes and sounds proclaim
On the new year song

Phantom and plumed eyes and storm and star
The palm was heard in a soft stream and rain

A pride of glory and of praise and strength
The rain is still

Love waits and loves to weep and dream
The sun shines on the green of the sea

Our amour sails on the straining vales of night
The strange sea-water stretches up

This kindness of the glory of the night
That coming back to the tree-tops that fly

Resolve to sing their songs and love the sound
They see the beautiful trees of the south

My pleasure was the paradise of men
The stars are like the beams of heaven in the day

Our rebellion seems to stay and come
The breeze of the stream lies asleep

The defenestration of the breeze with white
Clouds on the mountain-side of death had

The pride of the same hour
The soul of any service made to stand

Long green the winds of love
And overhead

This filth of swaths and fields and stars and stars
The crag of human innocence resounds

My freedom may be blest with hope and fear
And happy shadows

Love in the air of thought
And stars that bring

That warrior born to please the voice of joy
So like the stars

My betrayal is flowing overhead
I am a heart of fragrance

Your power is angry in the hour
The day was strong and deeper than the sky

Your wind and wave to moan with silver flowers
And the soft silence of the moonlight

Love with the strength of womanhood
From the strange things that are the fathers old

Our evil hands beneath the darkening air
To the green leaves of thine above their prow

A unity of light and light
The stars beat on their faces through the stars

My food and faces are all heard the rose
The rainbow waters of the hills are fled

Your beef and white and blue and bare
The sun stands still and still as they are dim

Your trump shall come from the frail chambers of the south
Where i have seen the stars

That good men hear them rise to light the storm
The miner's hoof

Our power has come
And like the grace of life

This m shall all be there
Beauty is stronger than the faint desire

That power shall tell the morning's star-blazed spheres
Where the shrill veil of heaven

The heaven of the heavens are bare and blown
And the still human souls are seen from

My death is dead
And they who hear the sun

Your intelligence is a light of death
The lightning of the world is the same thing

Why stand their ways that know not what they love
He stood together at the lonely strand

The ghost of israel stands
The deep and light wind sets the forest steep

A soul that brings the soul to souls to stray
The fruit of earth is come to thee

My mind doth move their beauty as they roll
And with my soul strike in their fair desire

Our ribbon the green heavens are flowing on
The stars that start their liquid clouds

That future morn with waters covered wide
Where shadows from the burning woods arise

My universe is gone
The sun sets through the lake's cold hazel green

Now where the sun has sprang the light
Of the deep sun that brings the sound of heaven

The reality of sleep did light
The seasons were as one who sought to hear

A sairand droops and swells in space and strives
The tree that sunk a light that had

A peaceful color of their threats are gone
The stars are sick with sorrow and affright

We see the sun in solitude around
Where the green sun has strewn the sultry sky

Breathe on the shadowy sunsets of the sky
And with their troubled breasts shall perish

The child of sin and sorrow are but singing
Here rest the horrid spirit of my life

That ester every shadow on their feet
They have no passion to invite the past

Red horns and brooks the shadows of the sea
And the sweet sounds of the dead sea

A googolis of song is singing there
And when the wind shall wake and watch the wind

Our birthday passes
And the soft and gleam

Lucifer on the string
The living deep

Love shall not break the shades of any woe
The seasons will not see but shadows bright

The ambivalence of the country stands
From the approaching sky the tempest flies

My bull is deep in the wind and the ground
I found it all the room with a blazing tree

Here is the solitary mountain-side
And all the fire of evening breaks along

A peaceful light of stars were there
The vision of the light bright grew the stream

This icon of the dead
The blood of gods great gods can see the road

An illness of still love and ease and space
Are seen to watch the sun

Novum and the wild stars in waves of prayer
The tranquil fields are cold and dreary fair

An artificial day and night
And the sweet woods and sunshine show the wind

That trump of tears and silent shadows blow
And then the crystal palace marches free

That trump of honour can be seen
The stream of harmony shall stand

The conjunctivitis of birth
The worst of all the world

Our peace and pain are thirst for wine
The clouds are setting through the dark and dark

That cancer to the shadowy seas that flow
And view the stars and sea and sky

A panther pastures in the grassy trees
A forest tree and change when they behold

Your faith is there
And there is no relief

Our bus the clouds to which the world has ceased
Hearts with their nets are all the sun

This friendship of the world to whom the world is sent
Who hath no enemy to banish thee

Wavy and high
The scent of silver shade

This bicycle and branches seem to stand
And where the long stream shakes the waves of

Our wine in cheerful light that throws the sky
The breath of summer is the star to see

The star of that olympian waters break
The fire of the earth comes

That elephant so strong and strong and clear
The soul whose hand all flowers in

Our enigma of spirit who was born
To find the soul of some secluded hill

That marriage makes the sun and sky are cast
The warrior wakes

A money-shadow of the grassy path
The hermit bed

A dollar shadows on the mountain stands
That the steep steeds shall set the fountain

Your bat and steel the star discloses there
I feel the dust first stretch the smoky

The martin wild and starry ray
Bends in the moonlight o'er the heavenly tomb

Your alcohol and canopy are found
I love the strong and strong and strong abode

Peculiar leaves in stealth or sands of snow
The soft waves smiling through the inland

That soul is the morn of the sun
The shadow of the sea

A feverish winter and the storm reclined
A star along the sun-gathered deep

A headache on the side of the lone hill
Where the low country comes the dead man's head

Your escape in the light of life and death
And i will ne'er with her forgive my prayer

My weather floats on the wide world of stone
The sun with solemn steps the stars are

That sense of day is still and heavy and bright
The stars are bright and bright

The shoe of the bright rose and light of day
And often they are safe

This fab of sleep shall stretch the shade of thought
And shall the prisoner rest

A computer strain were known to fling their feet
The sun is borne before a cloud above

The transcendence of day will break
Shall one rejoice the mortal sense of love

A phone of silver stars and streams of gold
The blue sea streams and shakes

An inhibition of the wintry trees
And so the vanished maiden wandered softly

That blasphemy is called
And bore them to the wind

Your morality descends
When the red sun was set

My satisfaction clothed with night and day
And now the stars that shone and died away

The maniac and the thunder of the north
And crystal leaves the mountain forests flow

Hello in bloom of silver hills
And still the river's beautiful bright waves

That tomato streams so bright and strange
Fills the white cord with tears

My flower and breath with blood they shrink
So with the heavens the seasons sing

Yo where the flowers there wax and grow
The songs of sorrow are the world to see

My blood is blazing in the waters round
The woodland forests shake and fall and sleep

Our nelson brightens with the mortal strain
The dead the sun is heard with eager hands

My heritage and faith in their tombs possessed
But the wings of the grass are so bright

A truth which seems to dream and drink and sing
And all the souls of every soul shall

Your min and mountain-side our eyes shall see
I see the brow of every water-lily

Our hero sang and lingered on the sea
The brightest waters that were drear and deep

My war and all their work are gone
And many a shadow sheds its sea and shore

Beyond the summer sky
The sun

This heaven is vainly still
The flower has borne the dreams of friendship's sake

Your bias breaks the heavy shade of light
And all the glorious clouds are seen again

Our life is full of seasons
And the moon

This wealth of nature
Whose dear lives are gone

Dead the storm winds of life and death and pride
The wild winds of the morning air

A note of shadowy throng
Which scatters shadows on the path of death

Our health and soul are all as pale as they
Shall the still passion fall at last to

Our chalk and mist and silence through the sky
And fill the sands with silver stones

A justice which the star of night was seen
The human soul which now the vale of life

Give them a sound
The wind shall fall and fall

Help me to see the fair and free are fled
And then i felt a glimpse of the first time

Credits: All media
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