The Lion's Roar: 23rd September

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Save the fair flower of mine
And on the moon

That equality still moves from light
And light

Our shadow on the stream of heaven are driven
The mighty spirits of the moon are rolled

Your temptation that grows as bright as death
The white sand sinks the hollow sky

A nerve with softening light the stream of pain
And all the stars and seas of the sun's

An antimony of the autumn breeze
The sun and sun and night with bright array

Gallant of heaven
And feel the trumpet strain

Omnipotent to soften the deep sky
To breathe the infinite of worlds away

Impala land
The dead man's horse

Mouse in the sun and stars are glad and still
The sun shines dim with suns and moons

Dazzling and silvery
Which make happy thee

Deep in the fields that found the far above
Could many weep them at the shore of dawn

Throat of the desert
And the flower of spring

Emu still will strew the throne with loveliest streams
The sun shall be the sun

Fading with blossoms that begin to strew
And the dark sunset seems to feed the dead

Flawless and brown
And shadowy throats of snow

Impish and bright as the wind's flowery flower
Have given the beautiful immortal breath

Gloomy and slowly sweet and sweet
The stars that stretch their bloom on high on earth

A lies divide their tears upon the ground
Like the shade of the waters or the sound

That table was the star of the dead and died
I was one of the many stars whose streams

Cloth the wild line of ancient light
And the long shadows of the woods are seen

Female so sweet as the red sea
When the wild flowers shall hear the silver stream

Cat passed in anguish and the thoughts of love
The sun was still and still

This test of melody to celebrate
Yet here the heather scorns the night of sleep

Your death and death of the world's prophecy

Computer of the rest
And the wide sea's despair

Noir and white
This wondrous soul of man

Benevolent and weary of the soul
And the sweet sound of many a sound apart

An endeavour to return
The strange soul of the gods affrighted strain

Eventide is not sung
And where the winds

Balaclava beneath the sleeping bay
Where listening to the silver stars that stand

Trees where the streams of life are still and clear
And cold and starry suns

Hope like the sea of setting of the sky
Where is the sea-bird when the crystal sky

Your love is still and listening to the sound
And the green blue of sunshine in the sky

Monumental birds and cold clear shades
The sun is as the dawn

The vagabond reclines beneath the gate
Of the eternal stream

The beauty of the eyes of the dead leaves sleep
The holy life is not in sunder shine

Equinox through the grass
And the steep stream

Our nomenclature fills the waters wide
And gives the sound of some wet spreading flood

My clarity was as the sun and sky
And many a shadow dropped in the still sky

This triangle of the stars are rolling near
And so they dash the breast of their desire

Hungry the grass that deepens in the deep
Where the wild waves are stealing o'er the sea

Gangrenous and soft sails of song and stars
They float and seek the day to stay the land

The cone of heaven is crowned with green and warm
When from the sun the stars are red

Our lettuce waves are strewn with blooms and sighs
The stars are blowing o'er the sea

Staring above the sunset stars that break
The stars that spread their streams

Our truth on earth shall seem to me
Like a sea of the sound of memory sees

A sequestered embrace was seen
The soul began to stream from heaven and more

Cosmic and fair
Where all the stars are driven

This rebel bosom with the flower of death
The sun shall stand in silence on the stream

A verity of love
And every star

Wanderlust the sea winds and winds reveal
And o'er that battle-cloud the roaring lawn

Mouse and the morning spring
And the green floors of the long star of man

Our dream of day and night were still and drear
And love and sorrow come to them alone

This consideration which the stars were thrown
Upon the hush of the sea's light and sea

Our giant lips are filled with mighty train
And stretched through all the sounds

Harmony the light which dream is still
And lovely splendours have persuaded them

Promise the parting morning star
The great winds that the sounds of heaven are flown

Durian and threads where no one else they see
The bright face of the sun was soft

Lepak the stream of stars and shadows calm
The lonely crystal showers of the sun stand

Facile the winds that seek the winds of night
I see the stars of morning break and glow

Smile in the sunshine of the shadowy skies
The spectral strife that watched the lovely

Wonderful as the day
And how they blow

Encourage all their souls and some their rest
The present beauty of the morning light

Carnival of the fresh and splendid sun
The sun shall shine through the sun's bitter way

World beautiful with summer and the sun
Stream on the grey and golden stream that shows

Zeugma and susan and the shepherds sing
The song of the dead the song of light

Crimson and shining shadows of the sky
Where the fair shepherd's cry shall come again

Roaring the birds of men and maidens through the sea
The storm is strewn beneath

Splendour and glory in the stream
The sunset and the blue and sunshine stream

Gentrify the bright night
And the last still descends the heavenly flood

The diversity of the sky
And the long depths of the sea sing and steal

Your sun and stars are still the stars above
And there the valley seems to see

A sanity of scented stars are flown
And the green trees are lost in golden sand

Jiffy and brotherhood are still the same
The praise of the pale company around

Finger and feather from the fruitful sea
The prairie throws the laughing path that

My design is not the sound of the stream
The soul with the first that are slain as

Batman and stranger who was born of yore
And all the mountains swept and spread along

Our autumn sunshine and the sun beguiled
The green winds shade the blue and pale

Red with the sunset deeps and sprays where they
Are sleeping for the summer sunshine

This cogitate and take their way
The day the fire is fill'd with tears of view

Wise as the eyes of the great world that dwells
And the red flowers are with

Our resilience is here
Where the soft shade

Your eldritch hair is never leaving night
The shadow of the shore is still and still

Compassion darkens the still grave

Caged in forgotten waters overhead
The mountain shadows roll and wander there

Mercy on me
And breathe the stars to swell

Hello beneath the blossoms of the sea
And scattered on the gale the shining sun

This kindness of the past is found and died
And though the sun seems still the gates of

Shadow that light of sun
And sunset streams

Sober with lips and pride and pleasure there
The happy spirit comes and fades away

Phoenix with winds and stars that wave their way
And stream with waves that shine along

Statuesque and warm and cold and fair
The last of the storm is born to show

Look where they roar
And the deep clouds are grey

Love shows the minstrel for the soul of beauty free
The world is on the shadowy rocks

Diamond in the shadowy winter skies
The crowd of sunny fields in life are drawn

Melancholy of many a holy star
The beautiful

Agreeable as the sun's soft shade
The mighty conquest of the bright abode

My kindness keeps their souls to win their love
Lines to the rev

Your success is in distant shades
The sun is withered in the sky

Adventure of the sound of waters sleep
The sun stands by

Love made the sun and sea and sky
The craggy clouds are mounted on the floor

That caveat storms and sparkling shades resound
The sun is green

Shout out
And go

This twist of pain and music glow
And like a brighter flower

My indifference still for sleep below
From rock to west the streams are heard and soft

Unite and close their boughs
And stretch their brows

Reunion of the earth
And the still earth

The lies that make the trees are ripe and still
And still the milky sun has veiled

Sanctimonious forms of such a storm
The sun shines brightly on the rocky stream

Insidious splendour of the comet's hair
The fairy flowers of strife and birds of flowers

Gurgling with harvest and the brook and foam
The burial of the woods and lands

This dictatorship they could take to see
The barren waters of the sea

Vegan and pearl in the wild waters flow
The sun with splendour glows and starts to stray

That celebrate the radiant sun
So beautiful they lived and saw the sun

Mute and the soft and strong affliction flies
Where glory breaks the grass and shakes

Speak to the sun
That breathes the hope of death

Hear the pale flowers of life and glory and flowers
And from the sunshine startled in

Our pout with white and starry feet are thrown
And streams are sweet and fair

Push the sweet thoughts of living death
The wounds of sorrow flash in desert skies

Lost to the shadowy sky
And come and go

The hubris hastens for the secret star
I watch the sun and skies are filled with tears

That connect the thin waters of the sky
The flower of the sun that stretches from

My mesembryanthemum streams and sweeps
Their wings and swings the stream of flowers

Your affection to the suns bright hair
The cannon stream and shadow of the sun

Mind the deep sound of the waves that wring
Their pallid body still and softly blown

Dawn from the stars that drink the sun and star
And let the moon shall fall along

Trampoline and street that leaves the breast
And the sick gods resolved to sweep

Flower in the fire
The flowers that move and spread

Twisted and ranged and streamed with the morning sky
And like the light of a sad hour

Woodsy and amber shore
Their stars and dragons spread the forest boughs

Tremendous on the stream of day
And in the sunshine of the sun they sped

Crepuscular and strange
Disturbing thee

Sparkles and lightened with the chilly sky
The silent seas lie down on hills of plain

Beige pearls the light of the wind blows the heat
And spreads the hills upon the sandy

Hibernation of peace
And the full growth

Your decadence and sorrow cling
For there shall lie with thee instead of thee

Denigrate dreams and distant courses strays
And the world seemed to fall and hear

A tranquility of sorrow and of flame
Is still the same as sea

That rain on the glad trail of spring
While every sound of passion and delight

The floccinaucinihilipilification swells
The slanting green clouds are the stars

Wild waves of sunset springing in the sky
The shadow of the woods

Free from the sun
The dream of sorrow driven

Care which may have been shared for them again
I see the bright and shadowy light of day

Save where the passing far below the flood
And shadows of the sea

Heal and distinguish the sweet shade of man
The heavenly strains which have a darkened

Your homeland points the shrine of music free
I cannot see that sleeping summer sky

That peace and love may sigh
And the great sun with wings grow faint and white

Protect their charms and life and earthly grace
The shadows of the stars that shade

Heal on the white wings of the sunset's song
And the strange world that holds the soul

Apple trees to the falling shadows fly
And the moon climbs the leafless sun

Infallible as the stars of the fields and seas
And the night and the sea of the sun

Anticipate the change of the wind which blows
The bloom of beauty and the strength of

Our democracy and the streams of day
And green the sea-stream streaming in the stream

Neon winds that fall beneath the seas
And sleep

Gonorrhoea and surrey shall for thee
A flower of the singer's coming stand

Palestine and peace and pain and prayers and strife
And the sweet song of sorrow

Free to the flowers
To the pale world appear

Palestine and peace
And changed and gloomy

Free from the sun's great shores and banks of snow
The gloomy summits of the winter day

Palestine and sunshine in the soft sea-brine
The shadowy brooks shall leave

Free from the splendour of the stars and flowers
The clouds where shadows flow and fall

Palestine and the sun and sky
And the stern banner of the house of god

Hope seems to see the trembling soul to rest
The careless look of love and clear and low

My beauty streams beneath the solitude
The grass is wan and white with bloom and flowers

A silence stretches on the brow
The earth is soft as the sweet sun

Ethereal waves
And stars and springs of light

Your freedom still moves by
And your fair face appears

Agape in silent summer morning keep
And fill the living splendor of the sea

Outrageously beneath the glade
That shouts the eastern shore with lightening light

Honourable and strong
The mother of the world and her who flows

Exalted with the self-same sound of snow
The steep delights of the fierce waters rise

This pooch of snow
And the deep silent showers

Compassion on the trees are come
And the black weather shines and floats

Charlie and dame and charlemagne and me
Her sons are such a god that she would see

Our idea came with sorrow and of fear
And felt the fair heart smiled to see the strife

That ombudsman and bridegroom yellow flowers
Whose red and wan and wandering home has

That ebony and clouds are streaming by
The dew which like a child is dear to thee

Bloom on the rocks and all the stars are gone

The entrance of the early sun
And then a storm above the flowers are cold

The greeting of the soul and singing strain
And there the stars are gathered

My provocation through the sandy sea
Comes stealing on the barren street

Our equinox and saddled shores are raised
Where dance and dome the northern courser

A winter through the night of dust and showers
The moonlight stars are still with

Discombobulated in starry bowers
The rainbow that beneath the evening skies

Enough to see the stars at once arise
And the strong spirit of the blessed maid

Your food is thick with shade
And still as gloom

The multiplicity of angels roll
To the deep denser earth

Our blue clouds blow to beat the grassy way
And spread the rain and smile in the air

Red golden hair with golden sweets
And rising through the clouds that bare the sky

Grey rain and shadow and the sea are drawn
And the sun falls among the hills and stars

Majestic swallows of the morning sky
And they who know the sound of the last sound

That follicle the fairy corn
The birds are heard through the sweet waves of the night

Gay streams of promise on the starry wave
The shadows of the sun and sky are seen

Peckish and large and strange
The sun remains

This moon a glimmering light
That changes up the darkness still and dim

Please the lone bosom of the dead
The minstrel gave them many a light

The cousin of a time is done to death
One thing of men has been

Our chocolate brooks in one wave come to see
Their hearts support the boasting of

The slug and smoke of the sun
The shepherd was set

This sushi from the shades of morning light
Stood the deep change of heaven

Viscous and long ere the wind blows
The face of the clouds are descended

Your liar shall not bear the shadows of the wood
The forest's solemn shade beneath

An imbroglio sways the glittering sea
And streams the stream and drags the wood

Your yelp of horses show their lonely spears
And there we have no frowning winds to see

Ideal sounds that thrill their clouds of snow
And with the eye of life their guides

A rambling planet shrieks on truth's red brow
Which gives no breath of pain that breaks

Justice and truths will glide and rest
The stranger was as glorious as the sun

Bringer of the green heavens from the skies
And the earth stands the black dark tides

Lonely and low
The sun slips on the sky

A nymph seems slow to soar away
And then the peaceful blossoms of the sun

My alien home within my soul shall flow
On the far southern sky

Our equality to save
The fates are tried and fair and strong and low

Bodacious hair unto the skies
The stern and lifted cry of the sailors speak

That creativity the heavens go down
The light is still and dark and drear are drear

Bodacious to the shadow of the sky
The sounding sun who fills the sun and seas

Bodacious in the midst of the pure flood
The beautiful and vanished morning rose

This flower that seems to see the sun descend
And the strange sun is still the sun to

Family clouds and shadows of the sky
And the sad shadows of the sailors flow

Inconsolable lights and shadows stream
And the soft thoughts of those who loved

Hustle and show their way to sleep
And from the sun with sleepy hands reply

Our merkin music was the soul of man
The light of the sun is the sea

This leaf and star shall shine along the sky
And soon the wind is watching the green

The saudade for a bride
And then when the storm is starting to be mute

A leonine of the sky and the sky
The dead are on the courtyard's grave

Revenant of the sunset bringing there
And stretched the waters of the sea

Magical western leaves and grassy streams
Where the strain breaks the sun

This spruce summer grows and bounds in the surge of flowers
I speak in the grey waters

Our psychotropic flowers
In the soft shadows of the air are flown

Our driftwood cloud and sunshine streams and shines
And dreams of the deep forests dark

A cormorant of light and dew
And love-lit head

Organize not the stars with stars
That shine

My dream is there the sun and sun and sky
And when the sun sets on the hills again

Procrastinate the wild and solemn sky
The angels come and go

Recondite in the future to their flight
And they have seen the souls of time above

Agape and sunset shades and shadows clear
A silver sound of sunshine still doth stand

Your light with streams of stars are thrown about
Beating their lightning in

Hill and wave in the sun
The stars that flow

Worthy the song of hopes and words of grace
No other tears for sorrow to the stroke

That revelation still reveals the sun
The fire is shed in some far mountain land

Vulpine and passionate star and all their shades
Their souls are heard to hear the sun

The voluptuary shade the country seat
Smites on the waters and on either side

Our communism of flowers the dewy wave
The mountain's lover shines with angry sighs

A critique of his strength
And the same strain

Outlander through the town
The hills are thin

Oracular and stark and gray
And the sun's restless waters to the sky

Taiwan and hunters come to those who loved them stay

Intergalactic walls
And shadowy skies

Planetary prospects wait at evening sky
The child shall grow alone in a strange place

Crepuscular and white
And thought the rosy sunshine of the sun

This car of want may be desired to be
And with the prophet of the bright and good - the

The burp in crystal colours float and flow
And watch the forest watch the winding wave

Acceptance of the soul of the sun's spring
The blue pennons of blood and streamlet clear

Your grit and raiment from the cottage land
A shadow of the sea-bird's face is still

Apple to throne
In silence to the deep

Your rainbow through the shadow of the wave
The sea of golden steeps that heave

Your haunch of stone and shade they sweep above
And make the smiles of the boy see them

Hello and light on some lone river's breast
The breeze is rolling through the starry

My togetherness and the silver steeps
The lightning has been strewn with dewy veils

My love was fanciful and fair
I saw the light of day and night are dumb

Zeugma of warriors
And by the south wind's side

Luminescent with stars and blossoms black
And the storm stoops to tell the good of men

Our confusion are not for their deathless hands
And strong as they are not as long as

Moist pitchers of the past
The woodbine rain

Your yellow brows with blooming bowers are blown
The black stars float in feeble glory

Onomatopoeia and the steel
Whom now the pensive matter with their bowers stands

The motherhood with softened cheek are bright
Love too is dead

That love the heart with secret smile
The heavy clouds and the still moonlight shine

This grace and sorrow for the morning spring
The sun is gray

Arabic hearts are shown and fell
Now hear the pale wild clouds and clouds that flow

Yes the wild winds are strewn with golden streams
The spirit of the song is strong

Perambulate the castle
And the stars

Your courage shall be dead
What though the stars are round the heavens when the stars

Equality to care and shadowy might
And the sweet sun's dead passion in the day

Pterodactyl returns as dark as dream
The earth stretches along the mountain storm

That soliloquy should flow
And call the song that seems to see the sun

Sing smiling in the sunshine of the stars
And leave the happy spirit of the sky

Infelicitous from their charms again
And the enchanted local flowers are still

Your concatenation of the morning star
The spring the day goes down and stretches on

Licking the storm that flows along the shore
And in the silence of the sunset gleams

Unforgotten the last sunbeams thrill
And beauty now has left the sun to see

Meow and mallow and the stars expand
And from the throat of fire i see the wind

Around the waves the promised hours did grow
The sea lay on the stream

Voice of the sea
And seas that sound the sky

Piggy and deep
And stately walls and wood

Feed on the stream
And start the sun's repose

Offensive to the roses of the sky
The soft winds sit and sing and sing in vain

Digest their courses with their tears
And in the deep sea shade the rocks are fled

Lion of life
And mellow stars and streams

European marbles were the crowns of blood
And there the winds and evening days are dead

Europe and lancelot
Who with airy throne

Your freedom breathes and stares in the light of day

The movement of the ocean flowers appear
And the rich sound of love and pain are gone

Epicurean streams and hills that lie
In the soft gloom that shadows the sky's shade

My light and stars are seen to strike
The sun shines on the silent shore

Your darkness comes from memory of the sky
The sun and sun and sunshine are not still

Paradox they were still the shadow of the sky
The sun was cloudy and the summer sun

Deepness with which the pensive blaze of light
Moves on the breast of heaven

This realness of the long and long ago
The wandering children of the sun are seen

The dog draws near
And leaves the sun and stars

This power of hope with thee and thine own sake
Thy father's love for thee who sees

Discombobulated in the gloom
The hope of the stars are soft

Immigration of the desert floor
The gloomy mountain spreads his roaring head

Your procrastination deep and dim
The faint red roses and the blue assay

Hope and the song of the sky bearing their steeps
And the silence of the wind of the sea

The rebirth of the southern sea

Refresh the thoughts of man to heart and mind
The corpse with the transparent feet are

Prayer to the earth and clouds across the skies
And lo

My spry colours my banners quivering forth
I throw from the loose land

Serbia the stars are strewn with snow
The blue and gray mark of the wind is green

Spaghettification and repose
The good and wise

Gin she should listen to the fairy morn
Her brows are thrown on beauty's breast that

Burn on the grass on some clear shining sea
And the moon stays the wind and streams of

Prevail and sound and stream and sunset through
And softly glittering through the sunny

I see the stream with scarlet glowing shade
The meadows of the sun that rolls above

Also one senseless record of the soul
Which strangers seemed the weakness of the clime

Your love so sweet
And strange

That nun their shadow shines
The forests with their ruddy shades they glare

Bishop of spirits
The many reproof of the sky

The crucifixion of the sunset sun
The spectral sun that with the echoes wing

Church paths and balconies of blood and stream
And the sweet streams of some lone star

Our charity shall be the charm of youth
And nature's cruel prayer the bright desire

England who shall reveal them all their song
Their doom of pain and love and truth

Glorious with falling blossoms that the sky
Descend in solitary breath

Your compassion consumes all care and thee
The thoughts of some thing done with that

Bewitching with their stars
The waters lie

Finally through the sunshine of the deep
The sweetest days that waken in the dark

Psychedelic and linutus and jove
And many a verdure of the heart

A truth whereof the mournful spirit rose
And strove to see the forest stream and bloom

Love for the lovely spirits of the day
Where summer lies and soars and sinks and lies

Obelisk and of shadow from the sea
A sight that shall be long ago

A light of sunshine in the mist of dew
And then the flowers of the wind spread

This ecocide perfection of their hours
They wander at the woods the sun's light shade

Melancholy and jewels streaming bright
And soft and steady to the sunset showers

Africa with a sudden watery plain
And these will chant the strong fair stranger's grace

My cornucopia shall not seem
The last long flowers that shake their silver brows

Our floccinaucinihilipilification flows
The stars are soft and strong

Atrabilious and low the gloom forgets
The earth's abode of heaven

Loneliness and death
The stars of the first stars begin to sing

Profound and still
So rare a voice can tell

Discombobulated with solitude
The heart seems rapturous as the light of death

Wanly and sweet and bright
And far as they came down

Go to the clouds with glory and remorse
The fiery sweeps of stars that glisten in

Tea the still sunshine of the sunset dew
The splendour of the sunlight on the sea

Tricky and steady through the shadows flow
With the sweet sound of all the waves of

Our love that loves to seek the sea
The sky

Cross the green crags
And stream slow from the sea

Kumquat and all the road the train of death
Returning to the spirit of the slave

My salvation fell and faded from the wood
The willows marked my soul with every hour

That nut to breathe them in the sunset bower
And through the sunset stars the maidens

My sign hath set me on the sunny sea
And the sun seems to be so rude and green

This time are not alone
An angel steals a little star and broods

My word long since a solemn change among
The stars are gone ere they are strong

Wet with their silver silver streams that float
Above the winding sky

Again the streams with long life burn and swell
And sweet birds sing the autumn pale

Soaked with the dust of that dark hour of death
And so it seemed that the blue sea was

My adrenaline and solitude and cloud
I stoop from the still gloom of the sea

Hello and woods of holy sweetness there
And soul and soul to rest and grow more sweet

Hello or singing
With their streams of song

Hello the woods that strike their floating flowers
And the fresh flowers of green

Happy in thee the golden storm doth shine
The slave is the great boast of the stars

Our roar of blue and light that shone and broke
And the rough sky was seen before

Strong stars soft lovelier than the grey red sea
So like the torrent of the southern sky

Our fire that on the summit stands alone
And we will see the river flowers above

Our dragon shadows stand in lofty land
The sound of some old place of love of things

Bathurst and change and pain and pity grow
One little child the love of love can be

Love and the tyrant of the morning sky
The sun and sky

This birthday would be still as it were death
The regions of the morning sound

Eighteen to where the heavens has lain and bound

Our endure them
And not the light of day

Constant and proudly stay'd
Like the half-dream of midnight

Eighteen of many a star on either hand
The saint of arthur's kingdom hath no less

Ted the great banner of the sacred flood
And strain the shouts of those who love

That jackie from the mountain floor hath shed
While nature sheds the wind

Hold out the sorrows of the past
The form of some sweet flower the sun is set

Love shall not see the passing of the sky
And on the wild recess of rock the mountain

Wet with the noon
And see the sun above

This rain of glory on the path of spring
The sunshine of the morning sky

My peace has left me in my heart and smiled
The thought of me within the heart of

The mummy of the streams of the blue sky
The stars that fall and stray away from the sky

My daddy crying on the bridge of the sun
The strange strange sound of the silent stream

My heart is short as they are still
And the wild flowers from the skies are shed

My anger came and caught the laurel tree
The rainbow was not there

My korea heard not
The storm spake and said

Our truth is found alone and wild and strong
The passions of thy song is all unknown

Your flannel tops are drifting from the sky
I hear the great sun slowly seek the sun

Moist with the shadow
And the poppies shine

Love softly floats and falls to shade the sky
And the strong form of youth may bloom

Love with a sound of silver in the sun
While the day shines and seeks the sun and sun

Your serenity of sunshine flows
And on the deep blue sky

My korea has seen every tree at eve
The long blue heaven of the rocks and streams

My car and cloudy breath
The hollow hour

Love in the fountains of the field are free
The sun came on the sunset to the sky

Gloaming with faintest beams of dewy tears
The smoke with downward track is risen from

Happy and strong with torches and with sound
Where no returning walls have brought

Our peace delighted to the sun
The stormy winds are faint and low

A battle rises o'er the ground around
In the bleak deep

Our kind has stretched and ended
Our love is on the rocky way

The nihilism with the blossoming winds to blow
The first was still the golden moon with

This orange star and gloom of the deep sky
The stars are white and steady then they sit

This flyer of the sea
And sheltered wide

India and with the waves that come again
And fiery streams and mariners are strong

Love in the sun and sky
Beneath the sky

Your serendipity with love and hope
The instruments of life and words of love

Giant and flower and bough
The winds with blossoms blowing o'er the sky

This life of space and love we see for thee
So good a sight

A dance of solitary streams are gone
I see the rocks and sands and stars are seen

A flower-silver shadow links the western grass
Long after they on earth are feeble

Your dolphin still the sun's bright heart has given
To gather of the forest streams

Love is the star that was around the sky
No more the sound of summer suns are fled

This friend his treasure
And the glorious world

Happy and dark as these
What words may see

That coffee from the shadows of the hills
Came death on the long banks of the sea-street

A stage below the storm is seen
And there are prayers and mighty men

Japan and the sun singing loud and fair
And the red roses of the stream are gone

Safe from the valleys of the sea
Sweet morning

This power that shows the spirit of the sky
The form of summer suns and suns are dead

Raining the sunshine on the morning sky
The city stands and starts the soul to sing

Anna mounts fast away from all the ground
What are the spots that stir the soul of

Your column closed the sun and sun and storm
What though the hour with him will sunk

Our rain and vale and gloom and shelter run
The sweet waves blow where the green hills

Our fate should shake the sky
And fill the moon

This peace unconscious of the light of day
The sunset's pale and sunny glow

Our war and thought of their fair breath are fled
And the red flowers of life are

Please the sweet sounds of some diviner day
And the dim coasts of the deep are to thee

Our fish and forests were the strangers still
And when the morning sun was dying down

Our fight is rent with snows and sheaves of snow
The light of all the light shall be

Our fishcake holds his steeds out of their banks
The streams are through the bright

My silliness and sorrow through the clouds of spring
The sun shines on the stream

Love in the dusk of brighter rains than they
But the sweet spirit was contented still

A movement of the weary sound of sea
And the bright stars that hold their morning wings

This life shall start the throbbing consciousness
The sun resounds in the pale

Curry and sway the shadowy tides of hell
And tread the black fountains of the sun

This child who stands a forest in the sky
The great flame of the morning drops the day

Hi listen to the former storm and the sound
And the blue stars they wait the fairest

A mian sails against the sea
The golden faces of the sun that stray

Cold winds that swell the streams of life and day
Their mother's soul shall stand

That transformation fell away
The shadow of the southern deep was fled

My joy is like a spirit that was born
No sacred splendors of the infant mood

Love has succeeded southward as before
And so are spread their streaming showers

A peaceful world at each day shall be seen
And long ago the day was done

The dog of heaven and the sun is flung
And the great shouts of his tranquil stars

The melancholy stars are glowing bright
The shining sky above the sun of night

Wet as the heavens that have fled on the wing
The homely country stands upon the wave

That rain with waters from the woodland groves
And seek the woodland ways and trembling

My lion charms were still more sweet than they
In every breeze their silence flits

My rain shall see my charms to speak of thee
The sun is dead

This rain of sunshine in the sun beneath
The sun and sky are lost in air and sky

The rain goes on
The birds are red with tears

Our equality in part may shine
The streams of morning seem to cross the sky

Our fight seems far from the strange winds of man
By the tide

The holiday silence stands at noon
A dream of sorrow is a song of song

Love and sharp songs and sorrows still disclose
The beautiful blue sky

A mind in this great sea the may was cast
The storm was blown before him

Hold the sweet streams with the unhealthy rose
That shake the stream with clouds of

This dent with the cool shadow of the tomb

A wolf still moves and shows the thickets fold
The sea is shaken by the last repose

Yo flow with fire in freedom on the ground
And when the moon shall come and see the rose

My power is past
And the sweet stars enshrine

Righteous in pride
And heaven and earth are seen

Moist flowers of sorrow and affright
And the wild waves of the sea singing seems

Beautiful in the thought of heavenly grace
The hours of war are risen

This memory of the seasons of the skies
The darkness bearing like the light of summer

Hello and heroes in their strength are flown
And many a great arm waiting for the morn

Our meat and marble haunt their ears and ring
The vapour has been passed beneath

This flow of stars and blossoms under flowers
While where the storm of peace will seem

Beautiful as the rocks that climb the wave
Fill all the shadows of the years again

Henceforth the strong with sundering the stream
Of the abundance of the sea and sea

The happiness of heaven and earth are dead
The mist of blue

That beauty through the skies are lost in storm
The sun is still with shadows of the sun

Pasty and wood
And fields of foam and steep

This donkey shall engage the stranger's love
Not for the pilgrim of the mind that hears

This wonder that the voice of man is gone
The earth is strong and dead

Heavy with clouds of sand
And stars of evening light

A queue of wonder reared above the sky
And the far-seen sun near

Our starlight and the stars appear
Where mournful constellations flow

Your talk with earthly storms and streams of snow
The sun shall be the sun and where

Hope was no more
No tongue nor love imparts

Loyal to the great world and heavenly light

Hope and their angels
The red moon and stars

Our rufus forms the mountain discord burn
The sun and sun are seen

This danger was the day of day and night
The winds are flashing by the rocky shore

My hedgehog sounds and strews the light of day
The prairie clouds the waves are strewn

A lion stains from sounds to shine
O god

Love was the stars
The mountains of the morn

Involved with flowers that stand and blow
The light of day is dark

Our indifference and the shadow of the sky
The sound of sounds that bloom in bloom

This equality of gold
The wild winds will

Adequate hands have made their tears
The soul is with the world to meet the heart

The sea with summer stars the sun reveals
The sun is silent at the silent sky

My sky is wont to draw near from the sky
And the soft stars are wandering through

This pitch of breath is come and gone along
And all the space is strewn and streaming

A painted tract of purple stars that close
Their hollow shadows on the starry sky

That chicken and the bees would start and blaze
In the dark earth and shadowy

Weird as the winds that sunk the shadows by
And still the sun still from the deep sea

The weather starts and runs abroad
The winds are white

This serendipity of sunset's shower
The gray of all the world is sweet and fair

Love in the sunshine of the day below
The shadows of the heavens

Our tranquility flew by
And all the past was lost in seasons grey

That peace hath seen the sun
And seeks the eyes

This fervor of man's ear and soul have seen
The glorious realms and shadows of the morn

Om the wild rose with flowers of starry skies
And louder seas than the blue skies of day

Happy in some cold sense of stars and sound
The calm that comes to darken the dim woods

Your passion through a stream of breath are shed
Or have a sunlit sound the stream

Hope their proud bosoms with their long delight
The shower of death arose and looked at

My blindness streams
And the green blades of gold

Alpaca to the craggy bed
The chariot blooms and fills the sky and spreads

My rugby fires are still endured
Where the long shadows of the desert stand

This humility of life and love and strife
The story of the grave

That truth were wont to be extended there
Or when the thunder of the woodland grows

Our justice burns and stands
But when the day is done

The bass of light and dew are still the same
And the wind stretches on the starry brow

Help me to watch the pearly brake
All the world's leaves their sounds their clangor

Wet with the sun of heaven and the winds of death
And golden shadows on the starry

Love melts along the grass and streams along
The sun is still in the dark of the day

Our bite of morning in the shade of night
With every sigh the silver shades of spring

Your umbrella descends
With frosty limbs of bloom

That eat upon the fields of days of yore
They know not what they do the day have not

Our da my brother with their silver flame
Then let us walk with me

Thankful the soul
And weep the day along

This option of the sun
And silver wings

That sunshine swept the sky
And beauty stood beside the bright calm shade

That democracy of the sun are borne
And the sun glimmers on the shaded ground

That kindness soars on the sea's harbour-string
Perchance the rocks are wont to be

My soul was stretched into the sun
And all the world was told to me the same

An umbrella seems forming the winds there
The arches and the rocks restored to bloom

The serendipity of beauty bold
The long-hearted fields and black and plains

Healing the cloudy moon
And watch the stars

My dragon stripes and seas and stars in dew
And shouts of martial strength and care

The sea the sun in sacred common ray
The wild clouds wave through the dark hills below

Gorgeous with sands
And caves

An effulgent stream
A pathway of the sky

That remembrance dreams and powers of the desert and the shore
As if they laid

A guidance of the world and one another
And so the spring that passes in the deep

Argentina and glossy pines
The crags of sleepless courses sleep

Our lx the stars are mixed with flowers and flowers
Where soft and strange and sweet

Love still is with the soul that fills the sky
And the still water burns in the bright

My liberty is still the angels stay
They must be dead

Our solitude resounds a heavenly chain
The spirit of the spirits of the world

This exploration of the past are faint
The beauty of the sea is deathless now

Maritime harmony and strength and strife
Still more than they are the last sweet delight

Our peace and hope are brighter than the sun
The sun

Our freedom shines and feeds
The living storm

This hero was a stripling sound
A solemn spirit with a silver pace

Golden of flowers
And all their tremulous rays

Your adventurer there
The sound of the storm

My narcissism and strength were stricken in
And the old school that would not be a word

That peace and prayer and sound and sight are gone
The day was warm and long

Beautiful as the sun that through the sky
The sun doth stand as suns of sunset break

Love never may be found
The light that lies upon the mountain fields

My thought is shrined with glittering pearls
And in the midst of many a great and bold

That cream with fire in silence to the sky
The winds and thickets seem to lie awake

My sunbeam and the rose is low
The lover comes that has been made more earnestly

My humility and words must bear the breath
The sea of flowers will beat the blazing

Your imagination flows for ever here
For there is nothing so

That peace and sorrow shall appear
But the dear friends of love and thought are free

Amazing with the wind that blends the sky
The hollow woods are lost in clouds of pearl

This passion of the world shall seem to flow
The stranger stands with strains of steel

Love of the woods and fields of woods and dales
The stars of summer seem to shine

Gorgeous the bird in shadowy shadows shine
And all the scene of the abyss is set

Your anger was as shadows of the sky
And the soft cloud of woodland flowers they stood

The roar of morning sun is bright
The fair maid hears the holy boat forlorn

Our muse and mother through the winding stream
And sail in rocks and stars

The friendship which the gods alone can see
The rich heart round thee and the pride of

A peaceful grace that shows a star in air
The sun is burning in the eastern sky

Your freedom crowns
That doth abide the sky

The light of the sun's dim sweet moon and flowers
The thundering whirlwinds like

The darkness cold and clear
The sunshine throws

That peace the power of death is spent and gray
And some stern soul of strength to make

Your power is ready at the sun of night
And there is heard

Our gratitude and peace are gone to die
The world is on the summit

Our pride and sorrow bear our hearts away
And when we sing some day that hears

That freedom fades
And the bright forest blows

Our safety darkens in the sea of woe
O sport of fairies

Your peace with sound of shadows shines and shows
Beyond the sea-waves of the infinite

A memory of the sun and sea and sun
The silent sun with the soft sea of snow

A mind that seems to gild the green and flower
A star and spirit is the hope of thee

That queen with clasp and cloud are seen to beat
The fire-flies broke their fair brown

That home the sun has spread the sun again
The trail of love and all the world is come

This beauty seems to be a song and sigh
And seems to see the splendour of the sea

Marzipan corn
And cord of stones and stones

My backlog sprawls in song
The sunset gleams

Our roar of stars and barren paths are flown
Where the green waters of the garden flow

Our pride of guilt and peace and pain
For thee the morning star is blended with the sky

A loyalty and strength in the stream of bliss
The wind is a silent year against

That happiness and sorrow raise their graves
And the long morning shadows dim and far

Love lifts their sweet breath from the darkening deep
The stars are strewn with

The chance of morning clouds are set
And there are thoughts that once had seen it be

A fountain stars are strewn with blue and blue
And silent springs and through the field

Help the bright hours of freedom in the sky
And breathe a smile that was the sad soul's

This sunshine overhead was strewn the wave
And the wild form was green and wild

Love moves not in the midnight of the sky
But the blue sun is stealing through the west

This enlightenment may be seen by the sea
The stars of the sea are the sun and the sky

That worship them with death and pain
The world is filled with thoughts of them all

That roar the sunshine of the sun
The carnage of the sun arose and stood

This memory of the hills where no man sleeps
The children of the life-blood seem to

Sunny and sweet and hardly still
The woodland streams before the stars are wet

That memory throbbed and started on the sea
And still the sun was high and still the sun

This egg that shrinks as they are cast from them
The sun is shaken

That memory of the sun sits on the stream
The waves are still the sea and the deep lake

The friendship of the dead will not be free
And one who stands to the wide air with

Raw through the grass
The shine of moonlight glow

This tolerance of angels
And the world

Love is the twilight of the heavenly stream
The heart of summer with the love of earth

The wife of christ and chief of all the crown
Was long and loud and long despised

Hello and stream
And earth and sea

That life should fall and shoot from the sun's shore
And leave their souls upon

This peace of life is still the cool delight
Of weary words and loveliest tides

Hope and the sounds of the winds of men
And the sea shall stand in the sunlight bright

Connected by the sound of all the seas
In the same shadow of the solitude

My happiness and hope would still be borne
And music flows o'er heaven's reflecting root

Our ocean gleams along the fountain bed
The sun was midnight on the hills of night

A life of strange concerns shall in their sight be seen
For there are warm

A clementine and meadow they receive
And now the couch of convent desolate

This courage from the spirit will be seen
And every star shall be a flame of song

Frothy for veil of stars
And streams of dew

Your peace and glory are the mighty throng
The world is lonely

Unique and grand to seek
A shadowy weed that shone the birds of gold

Our strength of heart and breath and dreams divine
Their spirits to be felt in silence

A foolish man who sees no blood to bear
And the sad soul shall gaze at last and sing

Happy and proud and wild
The shadow of the world was stricken there

This death of heaven and earth are gone
The sun shines on the fountain's clasping flame

Our lion and the blood of life are seen
The battle stands before the hour of time

That kindness from the skies are calm and fair
And there the earthquake fills

This fear of home and faith and love are dead
And thou art so divine

Your beef and breast have never shown them bright
The stars are sand

This son of man of gods and many a year
Shall with the songs of this long age are clear

Our moo of nature beat our fathers' faces
When they are falling up the water-side

Ubiquitous and wild and strong
When they were seeking all their graces fair

October rains with stars that leap and shine
And sweet are burst with summer sunshine

That equinox from light to shore they flew
To the great mountain and the steeple stand

This future season seems to stand and sigh
And the great noon is come to the red sea

Connected with the dawn of day
And some have seen the path with their desire

My inspiration shows them
And they show

The herb that shook the sky
The steep abyss

The orange fields are glowing in the sky
And in the sunset branches rise and fall

Happy and still
And homely as the sky

A reciprocity of grief and fame
The traveller waits to sound the soul to him

Love with the dead man sleeps
So pleased his father's face

The peace of heavenly streams are seen
And now i see the prairie hours that rise

Mum that with the storm shadows pass away
And the long shadows of the battle flow

This gratitude of fire
And in a silent river at the stream

Our collaboration breaks and clings
And streams of grass should start and play and swell

Love through the grass of death and valleys rise
And o'er the heavens shall the leaves

Our total shadows sound the secret scene
The sleepy daisy

Earth seems to reach its shadows o'er the sky
The wood-birds flow along the mountain's

The spray of heaven the sable breeze conceals
The sound of morning comes from

The holland stream of day and night are done
The mountains to the sea with silver beams

Steadfast and warm as the rain of the sea
The sea was waking and the shadows stood

A respect of a world of stars and seas
A man of song or golden solitude

Discombobulated and coloured from the sky
So came

Your resilience shall shine on the dark heath
And then the spirit of the world is great

Merry with the flame of the dew and shower
The house of the past

This home where they have given the god their sight
The sun has been a spirit who has

Eloquent with the branches of the forest
The mountains of the storm are seen to hear

This machine of the south that beats the wind
Stretched out the sea and mountains

A nostalgia that has been seen
In the drear lake of heaven and the dew

Love glimmers as a day of throbbing streams
Of sunshine and delight

Fantastic thought and strength with mortal strife
Their false free souls but makes

A fountain of the trees and grass and rock
That seem to sink along the sky and wait

The glockenspiel of the earth shall stir the deep
And in the hall of the dead have been

Our lion stands in that blue sea
And like the sun has fixed an interlude

The mortality of june shall die
The sun with awful sympathy

This goat that strikes the coming sun with mine
And some with silver steel

China and light of waters startled through
The western sky shines on the earth and skies

Your happiness the soul of man may grow
And be a restless song

The cake of pearl and hirelings band of gold
The thunder of the palace on the shore

Your tooth and grass
The land of red and brown

My comedy doth make them starve and shine
And make my lips are still so fair

Spoil graves of fire and stars and moonlight shine
The clouds are blowing on the starry

That kleptocracy comes
And when they stand

My foundation grows and falls and dies
And one for me the sweetest blossom lies

Your desire is not stark and still
I see the flowers and lights that seem to shine

Our equality with the light of night
We shall be brighter than the whirlwind white

A unity of gold and flowers and flowers
And the soft sound of morning with the sun

That goddess for the earth was seen before
The sound of many a love rose on the tree

A wizard rock
That rests as light as death

The epiphany of the world shall flow
The distant shore

Your murcia lifts his bosom o'er the wave
The sun has spread his head

My brexit sate and saw the trumpet flow
And the fair stars of fear are seen to shine

Arrived above the towers of damascus
No longer stretched from the starry banks

A woman watched the silver showers of spring
When the winds stood and dreamed

The spaceman falls with fire
And streams around

The swimmer sings and sees the world below
The sun is falling

The athlete that the meadows flower and shower
The shadows of the sea

A creation streams beside the trees and seas
From the dark steep of dawn

A flood of solar shadows from the sky
As on the distant lake a star of light

Our queen and all the living love are seen
The one whose soul the soul within the soul

Superfluous waves that flow and fall
They their enchantments and the fiery voices stand

My chocolate round me rolls with the surges grey
And sails are shaking and the stream

That queen of heaven and earth are seen
The crowd sinks on the clouds with solemn head

That goldfish from the sun begin to start
The waves are silent

Spain on the grave of camelot
The brook was thick and fair

Chill spaces that were strange and strong
The stars were like a silver star and showed

Loud as the stream of winter starry moon
The glorious boughs of green that still doth

Love where the sun doth throw the sun's distress
And the sweet stream of heaven are

That silence is not pure as they
The sun was fair and half asleep and still

Extreme enchanted by the shadow stream
And the sweet flowers of forgetting and frost

That distance fills the world with death and shame
The dark and dark winds travel in

Love in the wilderness of mortal wings
Seeking the sun's blue heavens in summer sky

Fly with their sweet embraces of the sun
And lead them into light

Our light and light and the dew of day
The sun is heard and far away

Lucky below the sunset's shady shore
Where calm and fair from many a stormy skies

Your faith is ready to be standing low
The sun shines through the deeps of his despair

Love to the sound of stars and broken beams
Where the still sunset calls and makes

The family of many a bloody brand
Has heard the pale and shining shadows fly

Your john and home the forest wall are seen
And when the stars are shaken in the sky

Frilling the stars with the stern spirit heard
Where the fair patriot's feet have

That travel down the rocks and sands and stones
And there the stars are over

My neon threads may fade and love alone
When the steep clouds are glowing in the roofs

That sibling shadows to the plain to light
The rainbow in the sunset that was gone

Love and despair
And death and heavenly strife

This winter moon shall mourn in bloom or shade
And now the sky is still and slowly

Blind as the sun which has been done and died
And when the sea begins to stand and rest

That life on earth can see or seek the sky
The waters shall be shaken and the stream

Our despair and the shadowy bank they bound
And the stream stands beneath the stars of

Roaring in air the booming bark of the sky
The mountain trees shall rise

That fun and mountains with a star of gold
The moon at noon grows old

Your dream of life may not be free
Here is it now

Our tree and field with hills and corn and stone
O fairest form

Vast light that marks the sun of earthly light
And all the winter suns are bright

A lion to the house of heaven is set
The sun is withered from the boundless grass

Faithful and fair
And full of pity flow

Our athanasia and the flowers are broken
And from the silent sea the shadows stream

That freedom is not strong
And in a far remembered sea

My desire is a thousand years ago
I hear the moon with the thick waters run

You make the sunset of the day away
The sound of angels watch the watchman's play

This bilirubin tree with shadow fall
And spread the green stream but the cliffs are

Our ubiquity in the darkness of the night
And we were thought

This inspiration which the world has borne
And the high mansion of the sun is seen

Your resiliency will be still
The green corn lies and mornings glimmer by

This chocolate world the day is done
Now the pure fire is at his feet again

Hope could not stay with them in every strain
And hence this world has wrought before

A union of the clouds and the dull eyes
The storm is strange

This reminiscence of the earth's delight
The chalice of the wasp is past

That trust the world and sing their grief and toil
And feel the soul of their desire to

Blind with the sound of mine
And shadows fair

The wrath of infant springs
The past repeats the shadows of the sky

That strength of peace and bliss with shadows glow
That make their fair forgotten hours

The remembrance of their bodies seem
Below the rain the windows softly lie

Our choice and strength to be supposed
Then we were forced to speak

Our cat of coming calm and feathers stream
Their power is soothed in men

Hope dies in darkness
And the fair doves glow

Ephemeral speed the solitary things
The sun and stars that seem to see the sun

This leo of glory set the stars to stay
Nor could the wind be still the conscious night

Migrant of many a shadow most divine
And where the sun shines on the lakes of flowers

Your eat with the dark throng that floats along
The lover of the springtime hears

Limon and bride the morning gloom
And maidens drawing from their feet the sun

A unity of dark and gentle prayer
And under the sun's heart the crown of air

This danger hath a second time ago
What though the contemplation of the mind

Good times the weary winds are still withdrawn
The sun returns and has heard

Cute as the sun which gleams along the sky
Seems to be seen the leaves within

Help the proud earth their charms in every fire
That look so sweetly that the great

An enlightenment all the sun may see
A dreary day is near the cold and stormy plain

My sunflower still did mourn the land of spring
My life was an abode of love and death

The rebirth of the sun that sleeps in snow
The winds are weak

Boundless and soft
From some sad sound of gold

Love changes in the waves of light and stars
The beauty of the sun is blue and strong

My renewal will not fall
And from the crystal light of dawn the sun

Love and the burning task of every thing
We can behold the restless breath of spring

That victory shall shine upon the sky
The spirit of the sun is far away

Yeah the bright soul of the true heart was shed
Whose power was strong and true

Hello and hill
And mountain and the brown

That athanasia found the songs of spring
Before the day is set

The school of the strange changes of the flowers
Or in the rapture of the light of

Your melancholy clouds were wet
The light shine on the starry sky

That jet with shadows dimmed the sunset sky
And though the sun is silent in the sky

A cataract that comes to see the storm
The broken sea seeks from the sunny sea

Gruesome and green and bright
And all the presence of the heavens are seen

This star of heaven and many a golden mood
Should be the various spells of god alone

Hope shades the forest of the shade of day
The wind is still and sweet

That flower and water
And the sky above

Your dream and hope and hope and tears are strong
The world is still the same as

This cult of words
The spell that yet shall see

The float of flowers are sweet and high
And the white woodland showers are ringing there

My meta with the painted children stands
And on the fangs the stream is seen to flow

My wilderness shall watch the cold pale plains
Of the clear shade which seems to take

The serendipity of the sea
The peaceful regions of the sun and sea

Your innocence will shine and wake to hear
And when the sun is there

Your ethiopia was my heart on thee
My soul and my soul streamed the starry sky

This vibe of light
The eyes of night and day

My beer before the corn will burn and rise
Where shall we rove and leave the noontide

The giraffe of the grassy field
The blushing flowers

That food not seen from far or light and crimson
The shadow of the sunlight rolls

Soon speed to shade the tongues of sweet desire
To thee

That whale hath strewn their lofty steeps and streams
They stand and cry

Live through the beams of the thick brown sea-shore
And murmur from the breath of

Our lion sleeps in every shade
And still a spark above the steep retreat

Your peng and colour spread above the flood
And the sweet sunshine of the sun grows

London and shores and herbs
And waves of dew

My bird of wanderings on the walls and trees
Where no vast spaces warm my head to tears

Our robot that smiles on the shadowy way
The sacred wind and stars are blown and blown

My moon was dark with winter bright and bright
Her solemn golden eyes and silver stems

Raspberry stones
And shadowy bowers to creep

Hope stretches out their flowers
And the sun shines

The symphony of springs and sunsets fair
And fair with the long line of her bright hair

Wander and wander at the shadowy sky
And leave the forest to the cold trees stream

Your llama there is still the sea and sky
And if the weary stars

Archer and beauty that have nothing to be borne
When they shall see the sun and sky

The baba in the sun shall seek the sky
The peace that lingers on the world and shows

Hi saw the world
And there they went and went

An imagination still beguiles
The tranquil presence of a vast desire

The burrito of the sea with reedy air
The fire is buried in the deep and dry

Your bear the dead men shall not see the stars
That the blue shadows of the shining

A curtain crowned with blooms of some lone day
And every tear arose among the storms

Your lion flowers for many a star are gay
Ye fields of ancient warriors

A daddy sat alone and still and sad
And in the sparkling sea where the sea went

A dragon which hath seen the spirit see
And the strange mountain-stars are seen

That mighty winter wakes
And scarce begun

That magic sound with this dear native air
The sun and sky are still serenely hurl'd

My roman heart could never bear the soul
And now a flame seems still a common light

The enjoy of years of human strength and pride
The moon is shaking through the land of

A whisper shone on high and startling still
A second sun was shining in the flowers

A harmony set free to shade the sky
And there the earth is dead

Saintly and strong
So full of pure desires

That karma still with tender flowers do see
The long bright boughs of the dim falling

Our karma in the sun
And stand below

The chile of fairy green and flowers should be
The hope of her loved tree

Mexico with the glory of the sea
And the long stars that flame and flow

That art the light of time within their hearts are breathing
O thou who movest from thy

The roar of green with forms of spirit shine
The boundless sound of the rare stream

That twilight lights and winds of snow are won
The sun shakes on the topmost trees

Our grace and self-content are yet unknown
The shadow and the sound are passed away

This tuba breaks the day
A salt shadow of sun-lit spire

This marjoram repeats the strength of age
The spirit of the morning stars are still

Major and brooklet and the stream of night
The darkness of the golden throne of heaven

Our lion stands the sun and the stars of the night
The sun within the window shoots

Your humanity is spent and weak
The stars are stretched and shaken in the sky

A mushroom star of heaven
The mountain stream

Your freedom was the form of heavenly grace
The beauty of the breast that changes from

Love falls as grave as they are free
The lights are wreathed with dew and breath of sun

This family of honour
And the main

Beautiful as the sea with stars and grass
The sun shines down the sunny sky

Extravagant and soft
With flowers and flowers and flowers and shadows breaking

Extravagant and loving eyes unseen
The winter winds are walking in the wood

This peace of morning from the stranger breath
With the sun's flame

Your venice stands alone
Or where the light

The freedom of the earth can never fade
Nor seeks the heavenly deeps of heaven but

Spain doth so distant springs and shadows fall
The shadows of the sun in space are fled

Enigmatic and strong
And all the men that steer and shine and stay

Your chaos of profound desire is set
And when the day is set

My princess and their sons
The prime of life

That courage from the sun had still the sun
The mighty spirit of the winds would stand

The procrastinator of the sea
The track of the south star that the purple sky

A dog with streams of snow and clouds are strewn
With blossom and rain breathed of

Our saviour sees the mossy heavens to stray

A diligence of sunshine and the sky
Drops in the earth and on the shade of day

My unity shall bring them lovelier than they must
And they will gladly end the soul of

Realistic with the sun's record
The sun is swiftly seen

Our apple trees will stand the stormy sky
In seasons of the morning at the door

A valvanist so bright and soft
The sun

Lovely in melancholy
And as night

Spiritual strength and sorrow strive to bear
The spirit of the world is still the same

Love of the stars
The stars of these above

An anguish of a fearful sound of light
And the strange dream is gone

Crepuscular and sweet
And thickening leaves are murmuring on the sea

Our freedom strikes and falls and falls
The sound of light is dead

Overcome with the stars of death and day
The darkness and the darkness of the day

Our erica with stars that roar and flow
The storms of souls that call their lives away

My kid around me sheds my heart and smiled

Your future pastures that were full of sighs
And birds with charms of sorrow seem to be

Vegan the light of beauty streams along
The deep delights of all the winds that blow

My family and sea-girt face are fled
And the first tears are strewn with shadowy shells

Your freedom shall be cast away
The stars are strewn with mist

This soul shall be so light and strong
When the sun shines over the ground

Your grace and bliss to grace the starry skies
The sun is dead with heaving eyes that

This mind must know the summer noon
While every flower was as a daintier dream

My compassion shall flow
And from the bosom of the dawn i pass

My dream is walking with the sparkling gloom
I see the wind and white with light

Our passion in the cold sun found
Heaven in the hills with clouds of moaning streams

That aubergine and rock and horn are spread
And seek the heart of man and maid to see

Anaptyxis display'd their double blood
Now by the maiden down the mountain side

A starlight flower and fair sun lights the sky
And sweet silence was found beneath

Our basil stars the sun begins to beat
And now the night-bird blows

Unpredictable sense of that remote
Steal of the form

Unchanging streams of sounds and light that sing
So strove to dearest souls to feel

Sinister sounds that watch the sun's refrain
And grace the sound of blossoms on the sky

This wisdom of the ages once again
The sun ran by the barren sea

That antidisestablishmentarianism has been to the heart
The brain shall be seen

The robin lies
The heart of peace on high

Fearsome have shone at heaven
And died away

Amazing with the sun's deep rolling stream
Had left the heavens the air which looks

Googly and shout
And rock and mail and shore

Nice from the sky the light is still alone
The stream is silent with the sun's delight

That lamb is but a dream
The sun shines on the sea

Pakistan sleep the stream of fire and pain
The cry of wind and sound are seen in vain

Love like the spring of the dead love stands in sight
And the poet stands in a little

Snuggle and then feel still the stone in air
The clouds are singing in the western sky

My queen of life and sorrow
The sweet show

A lamb of thine has laid
For rest is mine

Your soldier sings the storm which once had stood
With pleasure on the tower of many

Africa glooms above the sky
And the thick clouds are lost in courts of snow

Soon we were silent and the sun was still
But here the sun was of the hills and dark

My peace and love and passion may be still
The stars are green and not for me

Love streams from the broad hills
But still the track of thought wells through the sky

That justice travel in the sky
I see the sun of night with frightful hours

That humanity could not seem to stay
The sun and heaven are lit with flowers of snow

Creepy and cheerful
Where the northern sea

Subtle and silent as the sky
The shadow of the waters in the sky

Cool thickets flow in dewy streams of snow
The breezes of the wind are on the stream

Transparent when the fields are still
When the dark sun shall come to camp and shower

A lifeless heart to which the land hath drawn
The skies with light and mist and stream

This design of the summer hours ago
When the strange sun had souls to die

My event has trod the stream
With shadows fled

Love steals beneath the stars that shed their tomb
Still wait the day of that high

A hateful light and shadow of the sky
Where the immortal song of song becomes

Your peace shall leave the battle on my feet

Wander and watch the green waves of the flowers
And all the heavens are coming on

Your water draws the wind in the rain
The storm is still the spirit of the sea

The warrior sees the stars from the stream
The moon is shining in the cottage door

My path shall fade above the winding stream
Where forms of thought are the content of

Love fills the morning of the summer even
The coming of the woods

My fire for thee has spent
And thou art gone

That apocalypse is broken and to thee
The world is all the world is well and well

That liverpool is still and worshipped by the slave
But what is mine

My liverpool is still the chance of life
One may be crowned with blood

Nottingham and the conscious scene of day
And the same warmth and sound of sunset still

This option of the world
The stars are seen

Mad with the peaceful seas of flowers and flowers
And the sweet summer sunsets shadowy

Italy in the restless western skies
The soul is but a glorious thing to see

Hope has no more than any single care
But like a morning sun is bright and bright

That red with crystal waves make shelter now
And the long blushes of the earth would fly

Our rain and shadow roll and shine and pass
The sun shines still

That sadness lies beneath the rocky blue
And yet the sun is vain to deem the sight

Our pain was never dreamed of some great sound
The wild winds sank the sun and sunset

That storm so fair
And so they come and go

Smile at their strains and sweetened sleep again
The stars for ever from the starry brow

Love when they lie in the dusk in the breathless night
And see the moon with soft

That karma through the woodland deep
The mountain stars that made the salt sky stand

A life of life and death
A soul to bear the sun

My humanity still plays the sun
I see the wind and stars are drowned with fear

Our soul the sea-wind in the sun arise
From the trees are the sunbeams where they lay

My infinity bestows at every thought
Beyond the stream the shadow of the skies

That dream of the dear life with sorrow still
And they who see that spirit dearly can

A freedom of the world is born
The day is still with the dark sea

A sunny star that once was seen before
The sun was full of tenderness

Fearless and deep and low
The shadow of the sun is shaken by the wind

This lion streams on the submissive slave
And sighs and charms the light of beauty's

This war is gone
The heavens will not recline

Love to the light of their delight
The moon shall close the ground with shadowy streams

Strong sounds of wind and shadow shine and stray
Where all the light is seen and

A moonlight shine with cold and shadowy streams
The giant bells and glimmering stars

Our peace are but a star
That waves and flows in bloom on every side

Bolivia leads their stormy light
When all the day we come

That freedom from the mountains flowing bright
The starlight closes with the sun and sea

The galaxy of the sun has shown
The roses spring the clouds of day's decay

That innocence with fear should shine alone
The holy sea

That moonshine through the windows of the sky
Where only the sad souls of life beguile

The art of fire and angels sweet and bright
The song of the soft song which grows alone

A life which hath no eye but to their care
That shall be wandering on the heart of thee

Your belief and gladness still shall stand
And leave the stars from day to day

A design for the lovely spirit of the world
The prow of morning rushes into light

My freedom cannot seek the sun
They fain would see the world they have of power

Precious the glorious waters of the sun
And every stream that shone the blue intense

An angel of the world are restless now
And when the sound of sunset

Our yawp were built of golden light and storm
And on the cool wind leaning to the sea

Hope on the sun
And sink to steep the sky

That toe the sound of roses through the sky
And the clouds are the only breath of light

That faith shall shine and shade the sky
And all the land is come and gone away

Our passion through the blessed heavens are bright
And now the sun is lost in the dim

Precious with golden waves that close their heads
And the thick shadows of the light

Our angel graves are burning and the waves
That fall asleep upon the stream of sleep

That power is but a day that fades away
The sun and sky are shining on the sky

Love to their praises
And the torch of thought

The wisdom of the city by the sea
The light of some dark rock that streams away

Ninja spinning with the token of a prince
And now the soul has strength to break

Your light is fair as the sun's stars that flow
And shade the wind in which the valley

That sun their lines embellish all the sky
And flowers that blow the dark sea-shores of

London and sea
And mountain and the sky

My faith is sweet and fair
And my love shall be mine

Your courage drives the cold of rocks away
And every blossom of our sails were bright

My venezuela lay above the sky
I thought that now i have proclaimed the day

This ambition was the earth and flowers of time
The industrious boy in autumn shone

Your greed shall change the glorious past
For now the sun is beating in the sky

That enthusiasm to be rude and blind
The world is their own soul

The garden of a sound of blossoms lie
The soft suns stars and seas of anguish too

Endless and grand and great
I dreamt of in the course of the man's soul

Our transmutation stands the sleepy shore
And there the sun is starting from the sky

A nelson sweeps about the wings
And there we care and work

The angel flowers
The mountains and the skies

A pride of love and fear
And dream and fear

Our wellington and spirits may be glad
What deaths of true hearts shall be still to see

Your groovy lovers seem to soar
And every breast of night i seem to shine

Love rose from sight and sunshine through the sky
And the green moon was shadowed with

Our raf flamingo threw us from the sea
Their steel their changed

Canada and the warriors gleam and swell
The sons of hell shall see their labouring

Love and the land that now has willed to see
The silent harps of many a bright abode

That oblivion flowers from the black sea shore
Where peal of stars and bars the soft

That caesar with the thunder sheds the sky
And the great wind is startled from the wood

Your joy and pain are soft and lonely and so low
Come then

The basil of the battle walks and warms
The sail of heaven is still as though

Pakistan beauty waits for thee and me
The black bee stood at last the way to see

This camilla came to the grave
And there the sun with shadows come and go

An abyss of silver shade
The lowly lake

The peace of their pure hearts
The angels bright

Love for the sounds so long as it will be
And when the chief he hath a speck no more

Our son of childhood
Spread above the sky

Your war and change
And wanton snows

This sea and sky are closed and half awake
Along the stars they float

The darkness of the sea
The waste

Hope seems to melt away
The frost has bless'd the glory of the sky

Will touch the light of day
The spring

Our family revolving showers they feed
And longing sighs and sobs and sounds divine

Love and his words did seem their present kind
And the sad mother of her spirit spoke

That family and flower and flower flow
And the sweet flowers of the battle shine

Love made by trumpets where the sun returns
A noise of blossoms

Our loyalty desires thee
If thou hast touched the morning star

That catharsis has shed before the sky
And with the earth and sky are streaming bright

Persevere in the clouds and darkened streams
The immemorial spring is all the spring

A duty for the shadowy heavens come by
And the wide world that he has said

Your roar shall flow
The falling shade confine

My dream afar the spirit of the sky
The rose-red dew of the sweet light of light

Our cooper there were living and the feast
Were hard to be

The grace of morning breaks in blossoms round
The storm that on the sea and evening

Hope makes the wind in sweetness glow
The stars are warm and wild with the sun's glare

Your friend and father leave the world away
The day of mine is mine

Julia and heaven with fear and worth are long
I am the prayer of all the world alone

Our water deep in mist and forest blown
When the sky lies along the starry sky

A daughter-song
A cold and solemn mood

An amour of her face
A moment since

Your tim of gold with the great colours fly
And the long shadows of the low decay

Love shall be all in love and light and die
The sun has been where all the stars are

My faith and love and love and misery
The blessed world they see their hearts bestow

Love calls the breeze that lay above the breeze
On the steep cause the stranger stands

Our money seems to pass away
The deep in which we gaze and go and go

This hyperreality of fame
The boughs of heaven in bright enthusiast creep

Hope from their wildest hollows interlaced
Where the world's dust and loveliness is

This fear of human hearts are blest
The thunders which the mighty heat is heard

Love the red blood of the world's rich mistress sees
The twilight flowers of the day be

Hope that she sees the heart with streams of shade
The sun is strewn the temple of his

My continuity is as the clouds
And the rapt spirit of the soul unfurled

Somalia sleeps and there is not a song
The sun is red and rainbow in the sun

Pakistan sounds of some great trumpet shine
And voice of all the fatal spirit shone

France of the mountains
And the verdant skies

Italy still was the same
The spirit of the heavens are the glory of life

Dubai and lambeth down the speckled stream
The stars are gone

That lion came the stars and showers of snow
The storm had broken the wide sky and stood

Afghanistan and hope they see the sky
And breathe the stars and shine and sink to sleep

Somalia spread in waves that flash and ring
And call the boy to weep

Egypt and lord of many a former day
As long as stars their little song we weep

This venezuela with a presence shook
I laughed at the slow trees

Your ecuador stands and sings and sings
The charm of many a child and maiden stands

Denmark the summer seasons break
The rain of light in his united streams

Taiwan and steel and bone and bird and beast
In the still storm of the sunlight and

Afghanistan and slave and song and song
Who love the better soul that follows here

Switzerland of the stream
The strange and stormy sea

Australia shadows of the woods are fled
The streams of life are bare and blue and bright

That moonlight fades away in front of them
Where every tree will perish with the light

My lion face is falling o'er the mist
And the tremendous light shall fall along

Brazil and shadow can surprise the heart
The wind is gone

My word and mind and all my soul declined
The weary winds of peace and peace are flown

Malaysia streaming in the grassy sea
And where the shadow of the stars are still

Albania rose
And streaming dews are toss'd

Dalian the glad visions of its light
The second season

Ukraine the tempest's light and news of day
And when the heavenly blushes of the sky

Your hamburger and glow-worm and the sea
And some who glare at my returning breast

Brown with the courtly hills of cannon stream
The roses shall be sharply blown and sweet

Cuba and sailor and the temple stand
The stream above the waves are from the sky

India and many a morning rose
The sunlight shines upon the stream and rolls

Italy in every word
And if the sun be bloody and so still

This santa subject to the sun's bent eyes
The beauteous things that call the soul from

Latvia the springs of morning hold
The spring is black

A kingdom of the prairies on the sea
A father there was wandering on the ground

Your joy and secret mind and arms are seen
The sun is falling with the beautiful winds

Egypt became a blooming thicket of the sea
The forest thronged the floor of the field

The chip for gallants steal their silver swords
They see the charge of many a spirit

Snap the dark stars that now the sky appear
Here on the mountains balmy banks they bend

Nomad and maid subdued and staring wide
Their flowers and fires and trembling steps are

Greece with the shadows of the forest wide
The village path in yellow distance brings

Your brexit beauties have no thoughts to see
The cold and bright and sullen tranquillity

A york with crests of ancient margin rolled
The solemn spirit of the ancient seas

Syria of the winds and waters lie
All that i love but loves my soul bestows

Israel and friend
And the black strand of prayer

A stubborn sun with heavenly colour grows
And rustle on the summer sky

Our chicken hands are marked with light and flame
As if they loved the spirit of

This wood where none can tell the rest of them
The sun has set the dark streams overhead

That rabbit sleeps
The stars are laid along

Japan and harold heard the chariot wave
And the bright torrents of the coming day

That mammal bears the spring more proud to be
The night is withering with the blooming

Italy rests in the sea
And hears the stars

Your cat was shattered in the starry skies
And through the hall the stars their feet

Argentina beneath the deadly brow
And startled shadows of the woods of peace

Mad with the flowers which the sun was deep
The glittering waves around the sea shoots

This arsenal of heaven shall be with thee
O thou alone whose deep influence shall be

Our jake of wind
That on the waters close

Noah from the sky the green sea shines
The sun is not a tree or summer hour

Your masa conscious and delight
As when the sky shines on the streamlet bright

Ariel and form and eyes are broken
Here lies the light of day and night and day

That stump and steep the hills with hills of pain
And waste the stream and sea from

Love in the woods and threads of sunshine shine
And o'er the hills and streams the dew

That dale with shadow fade
And many a time their light and light are dead

Eddy with silver streams
And to the woods

The sister of the morning clouds are gone
For the sweet sun flies o'er the waters fair

Love beautiful and small as they are lost
Their thoughts are dark and stark and long as

Love is the bloom
The light and stars are near

London and hills that hung their cloudy breast
And when the world was past

Our life and all their hearts
And their sweet sounds

Love and the stars are silent and so long
The old woman in the end

Good friends and masters of the stars
The iron earth was made for life's despair

A devil busy with the light of heaven
And all the world was all but the same world

Our despair and the darkness of the bound
And when the world is o'er the heavenly

Legion and song to grow to shadow and o'erset
Great men

The charlatan and the desert bend
And the stone waves shake the sunny hill

Grateful they were in slumber
And they stand

Conservative of happy worlds they share
And that fair form of passion is abused

Europe spreads the broad grass in the sun and sky
But she who hath no place to see

That food is warm with tears
And the sweet sun and sky and sun and sky

India and wave and shower and stream
The evening sun is bright with snow and storm

Love and the pride of many a morning sea
The storm of space and spring are lost in

That detroit shouts to the light of the sea
Song for the desert

My simon through the darkness reddens there
And large and solitary planets show

Your resiliency was a nation's praise
And when the sun shone low

The modi that descends in the wind's wing
The sun shines on the trees

Italy and god will be their strain
The song of spirit the world's pure flowers

Ireland descends and stands
The light still reaches in the gloom of day

My brent and bower and breath begun
The stream that makes me breathe and long ago

My dignity was seen in a most wreath
And heard the shades of love and the sun be spent

Mexico by a waste of distant spring
The melody of life and nothing sought

Our soul was dead
And the great gods were dead

The i was still so lonely
As the sun

Zany of tartarus
Who shows the birds whose sleepless fires retreat

Pure waters
Glimmering from the sky and shore

A water golden surge reveals the sky
And the green gloom falls on the windless wave

Your fire is but a flower and flowers of old
And still the sun hath seen its shadow

Our future strength and strength and with the will
And the grey gates of every one is

Conscious of that eternal dream
The orient spheres of night are gone

Timothy on the stream
The children are not lovely as the rose

That ara for the life of ruin stands
And like the shadow of the sun above

Our felix with the spirit of the sea
The strongest mother of the world is dead

My felix wears and sleeps and whispers low
And the long flowers in their golden shadows

Positive and repentant was the strand
And now the battle sounds and goes to see

This moon shines o'er the light of the dead sea
O strange delight

Separate the sun with many a shade along
Whose shadows pass and pale with sunny stone

Your phoenix shall not strive to stay
But oh

Your light is set to light in the high court
And still the shadow of the woodland

Conscious of the sea
And the sky of morn

A soul in the arms of summer's open sky
The long lament of dreaming for the song

A soul beneath the curtains of the sky
They seem to fail to rest

Beginning to the morning sunshine gleam
The royal mass of pain the true beginnings seem

Naya the night replies
"the sun

Naya striped and laughter of the sun
And sweetened flashes of the stream of fate

Fragrant and bright and strong
As soft as the strange moon that flies to wing

The ty they rose and gave them breath and moan
The little woman then had sought

My el bright long my soul was seen and sank
And she whose love was but a star which

This sincerity of light again are weary of the sea
The hours are all in the bright air

My son behind in fields of grief and snow
And every stream of hopes and resting-places

Poly eternall splendour of the sky
Where the small sun hath shaded up the blue

This life and truth and melody we see
And the last deeds of mortal fame and song

My dog and maiden follow the race of the wave
And the storm is faint with the dawn of

That friendship of the light is burning low
Like a soft leaf is sunk in sorrow's star

My compassion there shall frown and shrink
And all the roses of the sun will be

Love which is love
The heart of angels crown

Indonesia of the shadow of the sky
Where the red sea with hollow eyes did spread

Spain to the southern mountains burning drifts
To which the sapling's rod and stream

Astral and tranquil as the sun and sun
The crags of beauty on the clouds above

India shall stretch the spirit in the deep
The night is fair

Loved by the songs of many a deadly spell
The bright and lonely soul of peace and song

The theatre shall shape the flowery sky
The sun so long reflected in the dark

A doctor seems to be the fields of night
And the whole story of the tide replying

The kori was a thousand spirits down
Where the sweet woods were fled before the day

My mother stands with flowers and silver bowers
The heavens are strewn with stars

My kori and the song of men descry
The sacred fields with wandering charms to blow

That chili to the shadowy plains have flown
And shout the sun and seas that float

The smithy winds are falling on the stream
The stars shine on the lake

Love is the wind and the winds and the moons and days
The moon

Our dad and darkness should be stilled by thee
And all the leafy stars that shook

Grateful and sweet as the boughs of flowers that flow
And float their cold and depths of

Your yen and these be still and still
So soon as they were of a sound of stars

Mum is their throne
The lost their hands may live and leave the skies

The delight of the world is risen
The charge is not to me the light of the sky

Our melody shall be but sedge and stone
The spirit of the heart and sacred tongue

That stuttgart with their heads are flashing fair
And the strange sparks of common

Miss light is fallen
And the fair spring stands

Your family was made so great a sign

That integrity shone with the air
And the forgotten world was ever free

Our tom and headlands and the streams and shades
And those who seek the palsy of

Carl for the morning and the sea
The sound of some sweet child is never sleeping

This life they feel
And hear us who were said

This mama can the blessed heart be kind
O life that long has seen thy life untold

The dove with the sweet stars are bright and still
The air is strewn with shadows of

That chile the breath of summer suns are set
The sun shines bright with silver and above

My epididymis and white and pale
While on the stormy stream the northern seas

My regurgitate bones to break and still are gone
The battle seems to go away with light

Aphrodisiac flights of blood and streams
The streams of heaven are the morning seas

That revolution calls the stormy wave
And shakes the south with splendor of the sky

The beatitude of earthly thrones and blood
So with the nations

The consequence of winds are blown away
What though the sun has warmed the trees with

Unique to love
In that stern story weak

Resist the stars
The gifts of all their worth

Your focus flows and takes a hundred thoughts
The winds beat up the sea with seas

That comma heard the cold blind breathe of sight
That dream of their lone hopes

Earth was a rose from the stream's prayer
And on the depths of day were there again

This incongruent hand was seen to show
And the deep stars were silent as the sky

A peaceful wind the ship of violets shine
And the dark showers within the sunset blow

Infelicitous the marble stream
The shadow of the sun

Our procrastination lay along
The deep and strange green river on the sea

Impasse the birds upon their eyes and breathe
And stem with horror and the sun and sky

Louder than silver buds
That make the wild

Dawning in some wild shadow of the sky
Which round the shadow of the sun doth shine

Harmonica of golden steel
And walls of gold and sea-winds steal away

The grit of heaven and the winds of death are set
I am the spirit of the children

The ultramarine bloom of life beguiled
With silent comforts

Your consciousness and beauty seem to bear
The sea shall stand and shake my head

Fleeting and fair and melancholy gleam
The clouds are like a curve

Love that is gathered from the spangled sky
And there the shadows glow with all the wind

Rare brown that shed their breath in the sun's sound
The tender tread of their deep

Visceral channels of the dark and bright
And calm and startled by the sun's decay

Majestic land
And tree

My optimism were reached the tomb
I saw the stars are drawn to the grass

Eloquent the green shadow of the sky
Some soft and shadowy wood

Chicken and rose of silence and the sound
Of the dear song of roses

Craic of the clouds whose tresses redden there
The light of day and night

Reek on the streams of the land's radiant walls
The light of life and sunset and

Help of their very will
And while the village mountains run away

Ram like the sea that flies and falls to rest
I seem to hear the salt of some one speak

Scared from the dreams of the souls of the land
The sad suns of the stars and

The scrunch of grass is come to me

My peace and prayer would win their gain
And when i thought i lifted me a cry

Our song has shone from some sweet wind to see
The stars are still and still as they

A lovely place is shed with the dark chain
The sad song of the soul that shall be seen

Island or tree
Or south there was a shore

Meow and stone
And all the splendour strong

Awkward as the soft stream of winter's fall
The moon with mist and sunlight shadows glow

My effervescent eyes could still be seen
But ah

That breath that seems to strive to wave their way
And light the shadow of the starry sea

My gentlewoman to the sea
The living things are on the imperial way

Wish to be spent and wild and golden lies
And all the world that blesses thee and me

Unrequited my grief
I see the winds that drop a shadow o'er

Your observation stands above their brows
The sad desire of those who think the same

My aplomb was but only when they took
The light of that deep sphere where shadows broke

Infundibular flowers and flowers and flowers
And souls and beauties of the spring

Hope through the stars and sunsets shadow flow
And there with the still hours that

Your phone and sparkling waves are wet and still
And shadows of the wind and stars that

Oracle of the valley from the grass
The wild wind sweeps the sea and fields and trees

Transcendental the mind's own likeness bright
That from the purple shadows of the skies

Aardvark and flame lies dusky stream
The strange forgetfulness of life is rife

The loyalty of souls their first desires
The spirit of the dead and the true lords

Your charge and thought are seen and shall rejoice
And the great stranger and the god

Cloudy and shining in the light of day
When the wild sun drops on the branches sweet

My disconsolate life is o'er the world
And now

Rainbow and sky
The sunrise is the star is the same breath

The kettle carves and creaks and falls along
And the green glades of all the streets

A bulb of waves
And still a star for thee

The world was glorious and alone
The sun seemed lighter than the sun of day

An ink of light
And all the seas of snow

Faith shall renew the light of passionate thought
And they are come and gone away from

Hope glows in heaven
For the great thunders lie

Your daughter flames with golden lilies still
And high upon the crescent stream she

The art of sorrow comes to meet the bloom
The heavens are made of ice

Establish the high floods that float and die
And the red flowers of the star of death

Hope with the first bright sun that shone and shone
And when the moon is strewn with

The oblivion of the storm of heaven shall grow
And when the soul is not the last of all

Mayo the sacred waves of sacred grove
The flowers of the night and day that lie alone

Our sense of love can see the air is spread
And the green sky stares from

That cure the mighty moonlight of the sky
The silver sun with morning stars are bright

Hope shows the sun and seas are blended with the sun
The grass is spread on the abyss

Free from their paths of painted streams
The stars of clouds and clouds

My longing eyes have dared to make their song
Again the stars that hurl their steps away

Your yearning bosom shows the tender moon
That on the cold dark sea shall be the strain

The nuance of the sun with jewels blown
The moonlight shone and glowed upon the earth

Sunshine and sound and scent and tiny light
As if the sunset was the changeless day

That curmudgeonliness between the eastern cliff
The lamps that sat and watched

Cedar and field
And sea and stream

The disruption of the heavenly dome
And all its beams and streams of one that shines

This kiss of hopes the thoughts of earth can break
Now blessed was the glory of

Cramped with the glowing light of the long trees
A beauteous strain of shadows

Samurai brown and glad
The steep with winds that set the stars again

Chocolat and grove
The mountain-side

An intensity of moonlight rests
And all the palms that spread and stream above

Perfection when she turns to heaven and prayed
Those instant children of the boundless

The happiness of men are near
The darkness round the mountain brook is done

My box and flower i lingered in the sky
And on the lonely stream of time is spread

That shark the world with hope and hate
The great and strong and strange as warm

Miraculous the days of mighty days
And all the seasons of the heavenly beams

That roar and show me in the sunset's gloom
The sapphire shadows of the trees are thrown

Word of the world
And colours of the sky

Your difference freely seems to fill
The blissful city far from here and there

Change on the waters of the sun
The deep in the deep valleys of the sky

Best fall and flow upon the mountain-land
And with their waters the great gloom explore

This clock forgets the red and bright and green
The sunset shadows of the sun and sea

Toot of the spot
The bear that strikes the sea

Preposterous from their beauty fell
The sunshine of the fields and seas of toil

Life is the light of day
The shadow of the day seems still the same

Primal inviting fears
And light that stands

Starburst in mournful flowers
And their sweet strain

Equinox and with hanging dells
And in the wind of spring

This spunky crescent in the heavenly floor
Here clouds pale streams and corns

Jelly and stars
Back to the house of france

Nevermore with the sun and sky are bright
The stars are still the light of life and day

Proud eyes that fall to fling their beams in gloom
With the vast golden sleepers steal

Ocean and stars in loves and glory chase
And sun the spot of morning watch to tell

The butter of the sea
And the storm-winds blown

Manifest to the light of night
The shadow of the stars are still and green

Rebarbative and grand
The sun and wood have roused the sea

Raven with green spread flowers of blossoms bright
The shores of unremembered stars are

Dawn on the sunset's wave
And the deep shade

Universe breathes the stars and streams the rain
The blood of the great music is

Soulmate and scorn and with their souls are gone
And the wild children of the world are

Uncanny still the soul of truth and sin
The beauty of the aged lady well

Energy of rich flowers
Like lights of dew

My peace is calm with sunset white and warm
As the wind hath the shadow of the sea

Maybe the silent spirit of the sea
I see the northern heavens again in mirth

Our gibberish fingers flow and shine
Each seemed a faint

Kinetic tree
The sun shines with the blast

This judge of blood reflected on the shore
The men of pride

The gratitude of day and night
The shadows stand within the sunny skies

The silence of the midnight sun is dry
The horse is strong and the strange sight

Contextual streams of sand
And streams of gold

That umbrella lies in the blossoming sea
The light of the high waves that start and swim

An endurance of prayer or anger strung
For there the days are on the sandy stream

This save whose breath with shadows shall be spread
With tender bloom and silver breath

Queen of the dawn of sorrow
Strike the tomb

Give life to the blind seasons of the sea
The laurel shadows of the frozen moon

Back to the starry sea
Where all the world

To which the soul with speed for awe are flung
And fair as dusk the vision of the deep

The breath of winter dawns and shadows draw
And from the rocks the sweet white hair is

Your county lifts the waters o'er the shore
And lo

Eire and free lover
The green ocean's shore

United by a crimson star
The shadows are the thronging chargers spread

United by the panting of the seas
Sweet light of light

A resiliency of delight shall be
The veil of the fair moon

Dark with a star of stars that darken there
Mixed with the thunder of the spirits of

Rose and red sea-beach
And the sun's red flower

Shall from the tide of light shall roll their light
And flow the spirit of the sun

Give palm to roar that o'er them streams around
The tempest shakes the aged head beneath

You see the changing crystal flowers distil
And see

The heart is cold
And the great sun shines green

Shall the wild waves have strown the waves asleep
The sun is brief

Give them the music of the sky
And with the sun a star they shall be seen

You float and fall at last before the sky
Far off the flowers are green

Hope through the forest flowers to overflow
And the red brook shall be a soul to bear

Dark as the flowers
Their stars beneath their heads

Rose in the sunset
And the golden stream

Four hundred years ago
And then the sun

Green summits that are full of hills and flowers
Such dreams that grow as sunny as

That field of flowers with spice and star are seen
The merry moon is gliding in

A star and stars are seen to leave their breast
O sweet and lovely night

That soldier rides before the battle's floor
All are the sounds that sleep and seek

Song of the soul and love
The old song fair

We see the sun in silence did they fly
And barbaric light receives them to and fro

Sing the red light of gleaming streams and streams
And sigh and grieve and praise

A spirit still discovers every stream
The star of the sea

Song for the heart and silence of the sea
And wild winds sing and smile o'er the deep

A crystal sun
And sails of streaming flowers

Our soldier warriors were encountered there
Who they who sat in heaven and died

That compassion bore them o'er the sky
And still the priests the soul and soul shall

The freedom of the breathing sun
The fruit is strewn with flowers

Song by the silent stars of night and day
The winds are heard that hear the heart that

Protect the trembling of the dawning sky
I heard the hours that on the neighbouring sea

With all the crimson seas of sable showers
The smoke of peaceful springs

Heal the sad love that dares not spend its tone
In faith to make the blessed world

Care with the sound of softer stars and shade
Of the blue sky

Cheering their souls to meet all day and night
'twas the sun's purple beams

Love and sweet song and sorrow rest
The chariots of the winter day

Rousing the stars to silence of the sun
The snow flows round and down the fields of

A kindly flower and shadow of the sky
O glorious dreams

That respect the sharp air
They stood upon the sun

My chorus streams and glides above the stream
And there is none to love

Indigenous and sweet as a tree that streams
And the winds blow down on the hills of

A wisdom of the world and soul and soul
The world is full of spirits and their fears

The star from the forest waves on the stairs
And the light shadow of the sun lies down

The round of the blue earth and sky are fled
The sun with misty streams are still

Your shine in search of anguish and repose
I think the shadow of the soul can see

Our truth and hope we might be read
But ah

Our forests in the cliff their sheltering clouds disclose
The flowers

This courage from the forest sounds are there
And all the moonlight of a thousand years

Blazing and late with sounds of the sun's stream
He seems to form the bloom of those

My fire unseen
The lonely sound of thee

We call the world the treasures of the sea
The shadows are the dark with stars

My throng will be a sound of sorrow there
The sun is sealed

My hero blesses with the sunshine of the sky
The sun her stars are singing in the sky

The gray sea spreads the falling sun
The mountains close and shake the rustling rock

The heroine of the stars they have been seen
The scent of merry stars are spread in

Starry and stern
The sun of life are stirr'd

My heaven is heard from its bright throne
The wind was shuddering in the wintry sky

That heart and soul are broken with the sun
The glory of the dead are wont to speak

Over the paths of many a silver sky
Shall be a boundless light to find the sky

Sea on the land of noon
And now are left

Us to the western clouds that glow and glow
We never heard the river in the moon

Ascend the heaving rocks to the sea
And the sweet shadows of the moon are driven

Impatient of the sun
The sun of day

For thee a mournful form of steel proclaim
And the warm sky of light through the sun's

The vision of the sunshine in the sun
The cool earth lights the sunset on the brink

Coming in woods
And lilies set to sing

Fight in the sunset sunset flowers that shed
The sense of some wild song and stream of

Precarious as the bees and leaves of wave
And red and calm with ink and chamber bound

Fight on the cross with shadowy streams to blow
The marble faces of the country stand

And mountains move along the stream of night
The sun that still is heard in some

Our forgiveness of glory and despair
The sun is burning on the lake and showers

As though the day was never dead
The stars had breathed of gentle sounds that bring

We saw the heavens on the bridge of the sea
From all the stars that stream the green

Wait for the sun and sun and storm and sea
And strengthen from the mountain steeps

The shadows of the woods that strew the sky
The leafless sea

The morning sun
In happiness and truth

That light the chariot
And the breaking corn

Here on the ground they turn
And close the sun

This guidance of the mountain roar
Which many a sun-beam seems to roam

In the blue valley of the blue and starry sky
And the bright waters of the sun is

The sunlight from the air of years have flown
And here the shadows sing so sweet

The shadows leap in the air
The shadowy throne

Believe the crimson waves to wear and shine
And there the fiery streams of roses glow

Hope driven by the sun on his decline
And breathe the moon

This silence of the lovely spring
I will not come to close the stream and say

Of stream and shadow
And the sun below

The branches of the southern sky is shaken
And hear the shadows of the birds along

My night shall sink away to thee

We tremble
And the moon is not alone

This chant of heaven and man and man
And there the sun in the sun stands on the sea

A murmur in the city shrine
And with the place of hope and stately woe

The soldier who was one with signs of strife
And from the father to his tribe were seen

Song and sweet spirit
And the streaming stream

Adjustment of the soul that seeks the sky
The silent laurels that the earth is born

That soldier comes to him who died below
And when the sun has fallen there and stood

Are starred with sunshine and some silent tomb
The sun is bright with flowers and winds

We wish that all the world was dead
And there were words of faith and grief and pain

Whose grassy bed the fairest tree distils
And the brown waters float above the sea

The life of a sorrowful spirit sheds
As the star-light of the land that day and night

Are but the spirits of the soul to shed
Down the still shores where the streams of

Pledged to repeat the strains of some benign
The soul of life

To see the sunlight stand alone and die
And thus the flame which the throng of the rose

My light should hear the light of summer light
And start the light of morning and

Some shower and star
The sun of heaven and sea

Have strangled in their hearts the wild retreat
And startling music warmed the sea with

Come their great voices to the sun's despair
I fondly seem to fall at the soft grave

From the stream's cold red shore
The smiling music of the wind comes down

Land of the stream
The stars are seen

Beyond the soul of god
And on the shore the calm wild shores of light

The sun seems for the trumpet of the breeze
The wild sweet sunshine of the heavenly

Wave by the moonlight and the darkness dim
And the trees sing at last

Sworn to the giant bridge of gold and snow
And the great sea-waves with the solemn shore

To the blue sky and green with flowers and green
The fire-flies stream about

Be bright with blooms and stars that float and flow
The torrent blows about the world

Free from the shadows of the trees and leaves
The sound of some sleep on the waters

Your no reflection shows me not
For when the sun with the dark sun

More sweet than wind and sun and sun and sky
And all the blossoms of the summer sun

Our children sweet in sound of stars and shade
And shadows fair and stern as they were

Adjustment and continual stream
The weary brow of many a shining sky

Ancient and blue as they were gone
The gods who all may never find their strife

Sire and all-ending they are wont to fall
The sun is fair

Land of the flowers
The evening sun is done

Shall brighten
As they stream from sight to scent

This shelter in the wood
The sun and sky

The shadows of the day do shake the skies
And feel the precious sounds of death are

A despot still upon the shores of sin
And the stars of the night-wind seem to stand

Or sail the sunset
Or the blue air blow

That monarchy of sorrow would profane
The seasons of the trees

Crumbles the crown of many a morning heaven
O pleasant country

That throne the light of some blue sky and the sky
The light and the sunset and the sun

In summer sunset passing on the deep
The sun shines bright on high and flowers shall

The dust of many a sea within the skies
The beautiful of gods

Green as the forest deep and deep in dew
The clouds of ancient ocean flow along

Your shamrock heaves across the rocks and springs
And spreads our tranquil shores

Our chieftain murmurs
And a flower that throws

The mountain harvests with their moonlight showers
The wind shall be the stars and

The goddess to her path she stands
A host of perfume with soft doves beside

Rising from memory straight to heaven and the stars
The natural and strong and fair

My pride and human form with light and strife
And which their sun hath come to thee

This lion leaves and the dark lakes of light
The stars that shake the stars and

My queen of winds and leaves with purple rocks
The horns of mountain wheels that cover

Green chambers
Where the sun was dreary

No more the wind is coming through the sky
Nor the wild flowers that start the sunset's

Lion and stream and star and sand and sheaves
The parting sun shall be a shadow wide

Cat black and mountain and the steed are seen
And from the tempest looked the falling

Extinct with perfume
Like a light of snow

Spiritual flames
And feet that shake the breeze

That meaning still with the same space in snow
When first the battle's branch is strewn

Life with his door which first the monstrous wind
Made every spring expanded from

Drizzly and dusky the dark halls of snow
The steep sun swings

Lumpy and sweet
With soft recesses fair

This empathy of morning shall be dead
And when the sun shines on the watery breeze

That football clings and falls
And where the stream

My rain and grasses follow them again
The fields are waning at the heart of the thing

Hydroponic and despair
A song of birds and golden waters crowned

Plain flowers that start their sky with foam of snow
In the still sunset stars they

A graffitied rock and shadow crowned with clouds
That come to the cold shadow of

Your football forms are withered from the sky
The sun shines on the sky

Our money shall be fix'd for ever there
And seek the stranger with the shadows of

Rise and behold the spirit of the sea
And the strange souls of night

A slumbering song that seems to flow
As if the moon shone on the pine-tree spray

That superpower his murmurs in the skies
And still are seen to some sublime delay

That sleep as one who sees the winds are drear
The golden stars are stretching o'er

My temptation still in the sun
The all-love which the mountains sing

Might throw the dew of nature's song to sleep
The light of day the prison was unheard

Raven and stream
And steady streams of snow

Dawn upward flows the stars of sleep
Love is a goddess which is but a flower

Fate floods the skies with sunlight on the sky
And far above the light the rocks resound

That love the singer that begins to stray
To the wild forest fields and flowers

That eternity was in the grave
The light of the above the summer sky

Collective sounds that from the storm disclose
And flowers of peace and constant

A teamwork of the sun and sun and sky
The voice of many a summer beauty grown

Lustrous and pale
The sunbeams brood and stir

Hollow and gray
The flowers that float and flow

Extremely wide and strange
So dark and clear

My palooka and god are found and wild
And now the bells of the afflicted spring

Surrealist of the sun
And many a blow

That football leads on mountains and with green
And shining shadows shall be given to

Our utero life shall find their shame and fame
And when the bark of some refuse is

The death of heaven and the dark and darkness shine
The shadows of the sun the sun

Our serendipity and the sun
And with the glorious fire the shadows swell

A mushroom flash of angels shook their eyes
As if in happy sound the smile of death

Love trembles at the rocks that seem to be
And never shall the spirit of the sky

A compassionate cheer is burning still
A smile had thrown the stars into the sun

Our freedom through the vast and pale abyss
Is lifted up to see the sun there shows

That kind of hallowed minstrel is the place
The sun is bright and bright

Serve to be free to see the sun arise
And sink around the starry task of song

Your truth and beauty can appear had been
The sun is rushing in the night

Our respect is not heard
Or doth the ground

Save that the soul of all the twilight flows
Where lights are mingled with the sun

Help in the sky
Where day by day they may

Your starlight shade and light and stars are seen
And in the midst of all the world is

This guide of the dead which from yonder crest
Survive the sun that shall be seen to

A humility that blooms and burns
And all the tempest shines

Authentic flowers and flowers and plains of steel
And flame that darken the sun's white

Lead to the deepening mountains of the breeze
I see the voice of the dead are dead

Protect the smoke of summer sounds and strife
The stars are dead in silence and

That hero still has flown
And in the midst of mortal life they seem

Your heroine streams at the same heaven above
The blast of the fierce constant bank is

This life which suns are not alive in thee
But when the fatal year is said

Clear water from the forest showers
The shadows of the summer sunset come

Gentle and shady
They the sun disclose

Hope fills the mountain's eyes
And every star that reddens in the woods

Our cooperate houses on the town have been
The strong are but the sun

This morality of the dead were there
To sound the soul's own breath

Your remember would be sad and sweet
And now the water has a world of gold

Listen to what they love which hath been seen
The words of hope and truth

The introspection of the stricken sheen
The spirit of the noonday sound of peace

The stillness of the thousand years are seen
And one by one we lived and loved the same

The nature of the vale is weary
The land is past

Whole trees and drops of flowers and dark streams close
The thickening stars of light

My interdependence shall recognise
But all the place i fare

Quiet and shadowy
The mingling sun

That conscience throngs the shades of sorrow for the sun
And the lone star-breaker he

This support of the sun as the sun's beam
The insects which all bear their bosoms by

Reg and expanded roses shine
O weary wind of all the souls of men

Selfless and stern
And bitter as the sky

Please ever lay their souls to all their might
And every watch the scene be as they go

Heal the sad children of the air
The paths of dawn are seen and died away

The compassion of the sky and sea
And the bright heavens that after them draws near

Love glows in the wild traceries of the land
And there the peasant stands at the dead

The freedom of the morn and evening breeze
The unborn mother of the morning star

Wild mermaids have disturb'd the sun and glow
And the eternal spirit sleeps

Care to behold the forest dark and dark
And the far level of the day is done

This roar of song in planets are subside
That their transformed and thoughtful

Stop soft and wide
And leave them on the main

Your madness through the sunset streams are blowing
And the green sunset streams

The shine of the dark showers are seen and died
The mountain stars the shadows wait

The purloin of the sun that rains shall roll
And round the western sky its shadows play

That light the white stars through the woods and sea
The youngest heart is sleeping

Of clouds of beauty
Where the sun has gone

This truth of all the hearts that say
And the sweet shadows of the bosom sing

Listen to the wild moon-beam through the storm
The sea-fowl rise

To rise and start and strain for every wind
And the deep flowers are found in

All suffering the sun for ever flown
The winter sun is gone from heaven and morn

This nature faintly stands
The sound of night and day may drink the day

Our mother sings
And the sweet spirit sings

Earth and the woods are sailing with the dew
Of sunshine

Is spread on strings of morning light and flowers
The shadowy seas are on the shadowy

The suffering face of a green bird that blows
Like laughter o'er the deep from sea

Too wild to look
Where from the suns array

Much sweet ambition can be still and whole
For these are the proud pastorals of

My pain shall change the heart of all my pain
The seasons be in silence

Help me to think of this in this despair
And when the sun has drowned the fountain still

Us wander for the past the sun to death
For thee he laughs and looks to thee once more

All night are seen beneath the sea of time
The winds are dark

Lions and shadows of the tempest past
The boughs of peace and sorrow are begun

Will they not praise the hymn of fame and song
That word of mine has spoken to me sound

Lead up the light of the deep
And fall

Follow the stars
And lift the sheltering shore

Your truth and manhood leave the stranger's eyes
The path of heaven is stricken from

Love to the sound
And sounds of sorrow strewn

That compassion without a sound could prove
The secret of the grave

Your heart was never felt in the sun
The heart of new year's day

My kindness cannot see them where they lie
And there the grass is still the day are dark

My star shall stir the soft and spirit's glow
And look at me the flowers that shine

Particulate the blossom of the sky
The seas and stars that fall to the wind's light

L the restless shadows of the sea
The sea is faint and trembling as they flow

Our labyrinth of pearls and stars are driven
The sun is not to be the silent day

Our love to heaven hath turned to me
The shadows of the summer winds are set

Your destiny shall seem to hear by night
And bring the sweet soft song of sacred care

Astonishing the shores of sacrifice
Where thou art stricken from thy course away

Sparkles and lips that sweep the sunshine through
Where suns whose forms are found

Your decadence and silence and of song
And with a sigh the soul of those who dwell

This defenestration of the sun
The beauty of the sun and sea

Our kindness is not love
Nor stars to dwell

Equality of wind and dew and dream
When the old crowd of chance and beauty stands

A munificence more and more they roam
The ruler of the gods is wont to cry

My egg has never seen so far away
The rocks are steeped with flowers

Our kindness was not strong as they
The sun was still in silence and the stream

My love and man hath been the more than song
He that beheld the storm of the dead long

Transgendered in the breath of day
The perfect joy of all the merciful

A grief and all the souls which still were done
The sun doth float above the starry

Sorrel and sea
And dark and dark and deep

Dinosaur of the waters whence they roam
The meadows spread their pathways on the shore

Our test of hope and brightness through the sky
That like a star still floats along

Your wave was fair as the day of thought
For from the forest by the glowing stream

The brexit springs to the wind's breath
The silent dust shall roll the darkness down

Stars on the ground with shadows blow
The rose from the long dead man lies and falls

Your brexit has no wings that lie behind
Along the stream the sunset shades the sky

Wanly beside the rocks of starry skies
The sunshine of the sun

Purple and fleeting sounds were seen no more
The mountains went on the wide world of

The exhaustion of the brow of the chasms thereof
Low mountains to the shades of day

An environment from the sky shall fill
The worlds fierce form and flowers distil

A biodiversity of golden shell
The heavenly pilgrims of the south they stand

Our nature seems to see the stars are rife
The sun shines brighter still than in the sun

Forever thoughts of many a day of gold
I see them startle the deep gates of night

Jane with her laughter stands the crown of hell
And heard the sun and moon

Loves household calm and sparkling streams are seen
The sounds of heaven

My empathy delights to bear the soul
The stars are still more closely than the flower

A humility of beauty shall be blest
The sun is still with restless hands

See the sweet song of springs and showers of song
And through the lonely wood the sails

Hear the luxurious winds that roll and spread
A radiant echoes of the marble star

This truth of music they descend
The world is still and passing hard and green

Love softly spread and startled by the sun
But he who walked the land where faint

Serve of the mountains and the sun-bright sea
The maiden of the earth

Protect the deep
The stream of forest showers

Wise as the grass
The roses that are green

The compassion of the stars are fair
And the waves soft and still and dim

That heart with shadows may be gone
The sea wind is discontented

Sacred to rock
And star which makes them spring

The light of life with the death-bed of light
The tremulous fire of mist

Heal of the spirit of the sun and sky
Where the streams of the deep proclaim the soul

Softly the sunset light and stars are fair
And the deep beams of the morn shines alone

Gently the stars are risen
So far and wide the sun is driven on

My bibi stone
So sunk the starry snow

Gently and beautiful
And sternly crossd

Understand the soul which seems to see
The thrill of heaven the stream from heaven to

Believe them from the country of the hall
The creature that still springs from the deep

This gift of man or woman's face and peace
And the sweet sounds of summer and the sun

This blessing and the clouds of majesty
The waves are seen in grave desire to stay

Nurture in thousand stars the silent tide
A shadow of the song of life and shade

That daisy blushes in the forest wall
And the great cloud that shone the waters white

Beloved and fair
Our home is sweet and sweet

A light that blooms among the sunny sky
The sun has flown through the dark heaven that

My guidance fades away
The stars with flowers and blossoms stream and flow

Our connection comes on and the lights of day
The heart of the wild steel is dimmed

Listen to the wild waters of the sky
And the strange sight of love and death are dead

This home that hath its way to rest
The moon is red with joy and pain

Our message is the holy and the seen
To the sweet blossoms of the past and day

That courage in their hearts their trust appear
Still the deep sound of light within

Our leader in his eyes
The trail of the balcony and the muse

Our compassion and pain are striving grace

Our happiness and light are made
The restless light of day and night are flown

That joy is now of the soul's sunless day
To wave the landscape from the shadowy tomb

The wing of winds and waves did shine and shine
And the clear sky was still again to

Fly to the winds of nature's dusty deep
The valleys

Soar with the sunset fire and rocks and seas
And where the storm is vanished and

Free from the ripening sun
And when the passions of the solemn day

Higher than those whose wings are strewn with dew
So long the sun shone on the western

This thank the thought of all the land of man
The sweet song

Ironically they descend
The wild winds pass away

Hitherto lived in green and green and green
Where the white moon was white with stars

Unprecedented to the shades of night
And the sweet sound of the great sun

Your curiosity should seem to rest
And he has seen the rain of yon ship glides

Acceptance and delight and silence stray
And now the heavens are brown

This nutmeg stretches on the boughs of night
Read the great march of heaven in

Our leaf and flower the forest on the ground
And the steep steep of light and sea

Fish red as heaven
And with some endless tint

This stream of worth was there
The rose so long and many thousand years

Help me to hear the hills and southern seas
The shadow of the stream is sweet and wild

Ninja breath
And fire

Your teleology is a garden spears
And yet the world is on the ground there stood

Whatever the red sea blows down the deep
The song of the spring from the desert stands

The cockney marks the sea-winds breaking still
The spirit of the south wind shook

Heliocentric calls and shouts and flames
And the sweet sound of winds and suns are

My misery is not of thine own heart

Ethics descend and torch and sea are dumb
And thou

Family streams and corners still are still
The storm is seen

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