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16 Beautiful Autumn Scenes

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with some of the best paintings of fall in art history

The warmth and sun of the summer months have gone, the nights are drawing in, there's a cold edge to the wind; but the beauty of autumn is just beginning... There's the smell of bonfires in the air, and the leaves are turning to red, yellow and orange. Cuddle up by a fire and take a look at 16 beautiful images of autumn that will make you glad that summer's over.

1. The garden of Saint Paul's Hospital (`The fall of the leaves') by Vincent van Gogh

2. Autumn Leaves by Yokoyama Taikan

3. Autumn Foliage by Tom Thomson

4. Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil (Automne sur la Seine Argenteuil) by Claude Monet

5. Autumn Colors by Kaii Higashiyama

6. Near Mstyora, Golden Autumn by Kim N. Britov

7. Autumn by Helmer Osslund

8. Colonnades of Canberra’s Civic Centre by Ethel Carrick Fox

9. Inside Akiba Shrine, Ukeji, No. 91 from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo by

10. Late Autumn Day in the Jægersborg Deer Park, North of Copenhagen by Theodor Philipsen

11. Autumn landscape by Lin Fengmian

12. Starrucca Viaduct, Pennsylvania by Jasper Francis Cropsey

13. Automne, Peupliers, Eragny (Autumn, Poplars, Eragny) by Camille Pissarro

14. Red over the Mountains as if the Forests are Dyed 萬山紅遍 by Li Keran

15. Autumn on Greenwood Lake by Jasper Francis Cropsey

16. An Autumn Garden by Viktor Ivanov

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Words by Leonie Shinn-Morris
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