Hans von Aachen

Hans von Aachen was a German painter who was born in the 16th century. He was most known for creating mannerism paintings which is  illustrating how people looked in the elite class of the European era. He also did many religeous paintings that showed mannerism as well.  

Aachen uses this photo to illustrate the ruler doing that time period. It shows that he is a apart of the upper class area just by his clothing with the details on his hat and clothing. He was the ruler during that time as well and was well known for requesting Aachen to do different paintings for him.
This painting is an illustration of how Jupiter abandoned Venus for Minerva.He uses oil on copper which was a popular way to create painting during that era. This shows mannerism by the way he depicts each person. He was also very detailed in trying bring is paintings into life.
This painting shows a mother in fertility and is made with black chalk and he used different shaping techniques to complete this piece. This also shows mannerism in which how people were in that era. I found this painting very unique to me especially in that time period bye what he used. Also it's unique because it's very different from his other paintings.
This painting was made with oil on a canvas.It illustrates Venus and Adonis being together with an angel right beside them.Although this shows mannerism,it also shows their beliefs and studies. He also brings this painting to life with being very detailed with each person.
This painting shows a royal family being together. It shows royalty through the child's clothing and materials around them. It shows mannerism by how they reveal the woman with no clothing and how they look. In that time, having the silk clothing meant wealth and a higher social rank.
This picture illustrates mannerism with the use of Greek mythology and how Hercules rescued Deianira from the Centaur. He conveys this picture as a victory after the fight and saving her from the Centaur. He uses oil paint on canvas to make it as well.
This painting was done in 1585 and it was made by using oil on canvas. Heintz was also a painter that originally focused and studied the Renaissance era painting but later moved into doing religious and mythological paintings. He later because famous throughout the years and was summed by Emperor Rudolph II to do work for him.
Aachen created this painting to depict the Turkish War during the 1600's. The Turkish War was a battle between Emperor Rudolph and his brother. Rudolph wanted Aachen to paint different allegory's of what happened during the time of the battle and this was one of the paintings where the brother defeated his army.
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