Human nature: Survival of the fittest

Humans by birth have the natural instinct to survive. It is those best adapted to the environment that continue to survive and pass their characteristics, feelings, and behaviors to generations to come.

The primal instincts of humans is to hunt and gather. This is used in means to survive.
Humans have the instinct to reproduce and have attraction.
In human nature, religion plays a major role in worship, values, and characteristics. Religion has helped keep morals, discipline, and sanity to humans since the dawn of time.
It is human instinct to worship and choose leaders to help them. Leaders are chosen to help mandate law and order.
Humans all go through stages of grief at times of loss. This is part of human nature because it allows us to cope with feelings of despair and move forward.
Women have the maternal instinct to take care and raise their child, just as a man has the instinct to protect his family.
Humans are born with the natural five senses to touch, hear, taste, see, and smell. It is with these senses that we maneuver throughout the world. There are many who do not have all five because of injury or illness.
It is human nature to adapt and live in new surroundings. Humans have changed throughout the centuries.
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