Religious Movement

This art gallery represents the religious art of our past time, exploring movement and meaning. You will see different types of art from different eras like: The Renaissance, Gothic, Islamic and Christianity, how they were depicted thru paint and creativity. Exploring true artists like Leonardo Di Vinci and many more. 

This Art depicts the saint being held tie to a tree killed by the towns people, as a sacrifice let his blood drop on the ground. Has its happing the heavens open up to witness the unbearable sight of its' saint being murdered.
An art that shows compassion on the less fortunate, as the saint on his high horse gives the peasant his cloak. It shows love, understanding and selflessness on the saints behalf.
This art depicts as the Virgin Mary, Jesus's mother, holds her son while other small children gather around to show their presence by playing music the harp, flute and what appears to be a guitar.
This art represents the resurrection of our holy father Jesus Christ, as you see he arises from his tomb,with angels praying and giving true to his word that he was going to come back in three days time.
The artifact located in Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona; depicts Jesus on the cross, representing his triumph over death.
This drawing shows The Virgin Mary holding her son Jesus closely to her, shows love and compassion between mother and son.
This art depicts little baby Jesus cared for by two other individual, and a group of angels surrounding him looking in awe to see God's son.
This art depicted the Virgin Mary being informed by an angel that she will be conceiving God's son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
This art depicts copy of the Koran, Islam's sacred text, which contains revelations recited by the prophet Muhammad, this manuscript relies largely on the decorative properties of Arabic effect.
Credits: All media
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