Armed With Art

This gallery is a collection of various pieces that reflect a visual representation of status, power and duty through the arms and armor found throughout history.

This spear was a weapon of the Vanuatu people of Oceania. It is comprised of bamboo, wood, bone and leaf. I chose this spear to represent the aesthetics that are often found in arms of the old world.
Tarbazin is a decorative axe head with inscriptions from the Koran. The axe has precious metal foils applied to the surface including silver and gold. This weapon embodies protection of one's faith.
The hilt of a Keris was often displayed just above the sash or belt in court dress by 17th century Sudanese. This weapon is one of many examples of formal armament for dress attire.
This armor, crafted by Myochin Muneharu, was a diplomatic gift from Tokugawa Iemochi to Queen Victoria. This armor represents England and Japan's unification through diplomacy.
King Erik XIV had this armor crafted in 1562. The grandiose plumage and inlay work on the armor is a clear display of the King's status. The armor is both functional and representational.
Minerva, clad in armor, is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Valuing intellect yet prepping her spear, Minerva represents the importance of keen intellect behind a sharpened blade.
Mars is a symbol of unfailing power as the god of war. Mars stands with his hand at his sword demonstrating readiness for combat at all times. Both statues represent key elements of a true warrior.
Vajra, a sanskrit term meaning lightning bolt is depicted a mythical weapon of various Hindu deities. Vajra is one depiction of holy or sacred weapons that shows conflict exists on all planes.
The tsuba is a cross-guard to protect the wielder from sliding his hand up the blade during combat. The tsuba evolved during the era of the samurai to become symbols of status for the noble warriors.
This katana was forged for Yuki Hideyasu, son of Tokugawa Hideyasu. It's tsuba displays a pair of strong oxen. The katana is the epitome of form and function as even the blade has artistic details.
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