art of war and the Christian religion

This exhibition will attempt to answer the question of how religion and war can be connected.  It shows how faith can be an important part of those in combat.  Many of these photos also show the importance of religious figures ministering to those in times of war.

This photo shows a French priest praying with an American soldier. I think it shows how there can be peaceful times amidst times of strife and chaos. Even when the body seems to cry out for attention, like the body of this soldier, there is a sense of necessity to address the spirit too. I also admire the dedication these men have, there seems to be so much else to worry about, yet they pray.
This photo shows an American General holding up a statue of the Blessed Mother after a Cathedral in Germany was damaged by Allied bombing. I get the sense of regret and remorse from this piece. I think it displays a sense of sadness that war must occur at all. This Cathedral should be a place of peace, but now it is damaged.
Here, a French Priest is shown celebrating mass for American troops. It shows how even in times of war faith is still a crucial part of humanity. I think it shows how goodness can still remain amidst the fear, suffering, and injustices done in combat.
This piece is a memorial to all those killed in the First World War who attended the Matheaneum school. It has the names of 183 students and faculty who were killed in the war. This piece shows the risen Christ atop the obelisk, I think that gives a hope for the Resurrection and the hope that death is not final.
This photograph shows a young Marine praying before combat during the Korean War. This picture shows how faith is a strong hold during times of distress. I appreciate how this piece shows a quiet and personal time between this Marine and God. Often combat is chaotic and panicked, but this piece seems to bring a sense of peace, silence, and stillness before combat. It gives a feeling of peace that is greater than any evil.
This manuscript shows Phillip of Burgundy and Charles VII of France about to do battle. The two armies are lined up, and the fighting will soon start, but King Charles is kneeling and looking up to Heaven in prayer. This piece shows how the King Charles is not after the death of others but of doing God's will. He is shown as a trusting and holy man. He is not depicted as an angry or sinful man, but as one who is prayerful and hopeful in God.
This image shows the Archangel Michael in battle with demons. This is also my counter piece, it shows a violence in religion compared to simply a peaceful view. I chose this image because it shows a religious figure using violence to achieve a good end. This image depicts the slaying of evil. I chose to present this image because it almost seems contrary to what people often think about religion, they often think of religion as totally peaceful and non-violent, but the truth is that many faiths allow for violence if it is for a good. In this case this image shows violence and hostility towards an evil figure, which should be our response to evil. This video shows how faith can help those in war and provide a different view on life. Having a strong faith in God can change one's life and give them comfort and trust in a thing greater than self.
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