This gallery celebrates the different faces and backgrounds of black women who's contributions shaped the culture of our African American heritage. 

This portrait of Phillis Wheatley shows her creatively pondering over the text she is writing. Wheatley was the first African American to open the door for women to publish and profit from writing
Nubian Woman depicts the natural beauty of women of African decent. Black women today have learned to embrace every aspect of our beauty. From our natural thick lips to the kinky coils of our hair.
Aunt Betsy depicts the respected wisdom and love of a nursemaid who's job is to care for children. The wisdom of one who holds this position has been passed down forming strong bonds with children.
Bust of an African Woman represents the high regard of respect she earned for her position in society. Many black women today are placed on pedestals of respects for works they done for our culture.
Sojourner Truth depicts the power, strength, intelligence and spirituality of black women. Truth fought for the rights of woman equality that still stand strong empowering women today.
Sunday Morning depicts the sacrifice woman made to teach our children the bible. Today our mothers and grandmothers freely continue to instill the importance of a relationship with God.
This portrait of Pvt. Marguerite M. Chase shows how far black women have come. From slavery to the military black women have strived to become more than nannies and maids.
Marian Anderson’s portrait shows the dignity and pose of a talented singer whose gift triumphed over defeat. Despite obstacles of prejudice our culture has learned to have faith and patience.
A WOMAN’S PLACE IS IN THE STRUGGLE NOT BEHIND BARS, depicts the injustice of women being placed in jail for fighting for that which we believe is right, just and far for our men, women and children.
Cornrous Running Backwards depicts a cultural hairstyle as art. Cornrows and Braids may sound like a simple hairstyle but it is an art form that has become an historical part of our culture.
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