Nature at its finest 

My name is Loretta Troutman and my selected theme is color and nature. Nature consist of many colors,patterns and textures including animals,landscapes, and plants. My gallery showcases an array of sights on nature. The great thing about choosing nature and color for this gallery is that nature can be very vibrant or very bland.

This medieval style work of art called "The Fish" is pulled from the Museum of Fine Arts this work of reflects my theme because it uses natural colors with a hint of vibrancy.
This painting was created in the 1500's and reflects my theme because the color of the animals are what bring this picture together. There are a lot of natural undertones in this painting as well.
This work of art is visually relaxing because the color combination reflects the tone of the art work pulled from Yale Center for British Art created by John Wootton.
"The Lion and the Clever Rabbit" is a color painting done by Premola Ghose showing what appears to be animals conversing. I chose this because the colors used reflects my theme perfectly.
This art work create in the 1700's goes with my theme because of the lack color. The landscapes, people, and animals are true to their living persons therefore they are lacking color.
This is a more modern piece of work pulled from The International Museum of Children's Art and relates closes to my theme because the colors are very vibrant and the animals look both fiction and realistic.
I chose this wall art because it features pastels that make the piece of art pop. This was created in 2012, so it's really modern and also features these gray undertones that make the pastels seem more colorful.
This piece of art entitled "Nature" shows a village of some sort with people dressed in colorful garments. I chose this art work because both the nature and people feature neon colors correlating with the theme.
This like the first work of art I introduced features vibrant yet natural colors. This was created in the 1800's showing possibly a hiker and the vast valleys of nature.
Credits: All media
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