Urban City

Expression through street art:                                             This exhibition characterizes expression of ideas and opinions, with the artworks looking deeper into the culture of the world as a whole. The various artworks cover issues such as politics, self-expression and acceptance. While all being different, the artworks are based on some form of graffiti, whether the artwork is a painting a sculpture, an installation or a video. We are hoping to illustrate the fact that graffiti and street art is more then mindless tags and irrelevant pictures, that it can be art and have deeper meaning that is relevant and important, that the streets and walls can be an outlet for self-expression. The style of the exhibition is quite trendy and modern, but has themes of modern issues in our world. Artists such as Sofrenia, Julien Seth Mallant, and Nunca. All artworks are independent pieces from around the world.  For the full experience of the exhibition the Curators suggest you watch the video "White Walls Say Nothing" which is situated before the entry way to the exhibition, this gives a more detailed idea of what this exposition of artworks is all about. We hope that you enjoy this exhibition and appreciate the art within it. 

I believe the artwork "Oeure" characterizes the subjective frame. I think this artwork was intended to showcase the nature of human beings. That we can have a completely blank face, yet have a thousand things going through our minds. I quite like this piece, it doesn't really make me feel anything, though I don't think this particular artwork needs to.
I believe this artwork 'Untitled' characterizes the cultural frame. The subject matter of the piece is politics and gives the opinion of the artist, they are painting politicians in a negative light and are displaying the fact that as a global culture the wealthy men run everything, into the ground that is.
I believe the artwork "Untitled" characterizes the post-modern frame. The artwork is categorized as graffiti, and has been painted on the side of a building. A debate upon whether or not graffiti is art has divided artists around the globe, some could question the legality of the piece. Though more and more people have embraced graffiti as an art form, and it is progressively being excepted in the art world
I believe this artwork, 'Gentrification' characterizes the Structural Frame. The artwork uses white and black angular lines, the artist has used pops of red to accentuate the contrasting black and white.The piece has thick as well as thin lines, the people on the fore-front of the piece on top of the angular lines defines the background and the fore-front in the artwork.
Credits: All media
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