Cowboys VS Indians

Within this gallery, the rowdiness and need for superiority of the typical western cowboy is contrasted and compared against the peace and resourceful finesse of the Native Americans in the Montana area. For each of his paintings he used canvas and old fashioned paint or watercolor if mentioned in the discription.

This image shows the ease at which the Indians maneuvered throughout the mountains and their connection to nature.
I enjoyed this image because it captures the scenic snow brushed Montana horizon.
This paintings displays the calm and patient demeanor of the Indians when hunting. I particularly enjoyed the chill of the snow in the image.
This watercolor painting shows the risks of hunting but still displays the simple methods by which the Indians hunted.
This painting displays the excitement of the hunt, and shows that the Indians hunted out of necessity rather than sport. Similarly, it showcases the finesse of the Indians' use of the bow
This painting showcases the rowdy and more sporting methods of hunting used by the cowboys.
This painting displays the crude and rowdy methods used by the cowboys to capture their horses and hunte.
Once again, this image shows the rowdy and crude methods utilized by the cowboys to get their work done.
This painting particularly appealed to me not only because of the snow but because I missed the entirety of elk hunting season this year.
This painting captures the horizon of eastern Montana or Wyoming.
Not only does this painting show the snow dusted mountainous skyline of Montana but it also demonstrates the resourceful of the Indians.
Similar to the last image, this painting showcases the resourcefulness of the Indians. However, this one also contains a clear Montana sunset against snowy mountains in the horizon.
This painting especially displays the need for superiority needed by the cowboys - notice the gun held by both cowboys versus the one being held by the Indian.
Within this watercolor painting, the white men show an obvious sense of defense again the peaceful Indian.
This painting displays the rowdiness of the cowboys and their crude actions they felt necessary to settle business.
Once again, this painting shows the complete rowdiness of the cowboys.
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